Elmer in the Snow

Elmer in the Snow In this delightful adventure of Elmer the patchwork elephant find out how Elmer shows his friends that hot and cold are only relative and both can be fun

  • Title: Elmer in the Snow
  • Author: David McKee
  • ISBN: 9780060752408
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this delightful adventure of Elmer the patchwork elephant, find out how Elmer shows his friends that hot and cold are only relative and both can be fun
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    • Joan says:

      Elmer, the patchwork elephant, meets a group of unhappy elephants. They are cold. Elmer takes them for a walk to a place where the trees are different and they find the ground covered with . . . snow! The elephants, who have never seen snow, have a great time playing in the snow and sliding on the ice. But when Elmer disappears, what will the elephants do? Will they be able to find their missing friend?Elmer’s adventure will delight young and old alike as he teaches his complaining friends a g [...]

    • Liz says:

      When Elmer's friends complain about the cold he takes them someplace way colder and they have plenty of fun; a nice lesson. Elmer is a patchwork elephant but that doesn't have much to do with the story, just makes the illustrations that much more playful. Apparently there are a bunch of Elmer stories - I'll be looking.

    • Kristin says:

      I like how clever Elmer is in this book and how he and the author can teach a lesson without preaching it. The kindergartners caught the lesson (some of them did anyway) and liked the story of Elmer and his friends playing in the snow.

    • Khalida wahid says:

      This is a very fun book and takes us on another adventure with Elmer the elephant. Elmer’s friends are not happy about the cooler weather they are experiencing – so Elmer takes them on an adventure to help them to see how to have fun in the cold. Elmer leads his friends on a long walk and helps them to see how walking can help to get them warm and then he leads them to an area in the jungle full of snow. The elephants have a great time playing in the snow and also sliding on the frozen water [...]

    • Storywraps says:

      Elmer is in the midst of a complaint-fest by his friends who are finding the weather too chilly for their liking. Elmer takes the herd on a journey where they discover perhaps they are better off than they think. He guides his friends up a mountain in search of colder temperatures. As they proceed they find the trees changing, the climb accelerating giving them extra warmth, and on the mountain top, a whole load of fun just waiting to be unleashed. The elephants romp in the snow, have a snowball [...]

    • Wendy says:

      This is a story about Elmer and the other elephants. Some of the elephants are cold. Elmer takes them up the mountain where it is colder and it has snow. The elephants play in the snow and have fun. When they go back down the mountain (where they were cold before) they are too warm.This book can be used in a science lesson to talk about weather and climate. It shows how the weather and climate can be different in different places. One of the things students have to learn is that just because it [...]

    • Beth says:

      This is another trialed and tested book which I have used in preparation to be a primary school teacher. The particular version I was reading involved the CD and this was great for one of the children to pretend to be a teacher and turn the pages as the audio read. It also gave myself some time to do something else. The man's voice on the CD was spellbinding.This was another great book for the Elmer series but it will never beat the original.

    • Julie says:

      If you like Elmer, the patchwork elephant then you will enjoy this story of how he leads the other elephants to the top of the mountain to play in the snow! It is a cute story and will be a nice addition to storytime.

    • Nadine says:

      I read this today to my Grade 1's and they loved it. They are a big fan of Elmer. We were able to have good conversation about the story without them interrupting to ask a bunch of questions or point things out. The librarian at my school recommended this one to me.

    • Ietrio says:

      This is a rudimentary non-story book. I mean this is not a story. This is some words associated with some not so inspired drawings.

    • Jennifer Heise says:

      My first-grade level reader (about 6) brought this home as his chosen reading assignment and really enjoyed reading about the elephants in their winter activities.

    • Amie says:

      Cute story about an elephant who plays with others in the snow. Goodwill purchase from Grandma.

    • Angela Randall says:

      Elmer has a good sense of humour. :)

    • Korcia says:

      Świetna książeczka dla maluchów!korcimnieczytanie

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