Henny Penny

Henny Penny Convinced the sky is falling Henny Penny and a band of gullible friends march off to tell the king only to meet their end at the hands of a wily fox

  • Title: Henny Penny
  • Author: Paul Galdone
  • ISBN: 9780899192253
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • Convinced the sky is falling, Henny Penny and a band of gullible friends march off to tell the king, only to meet their end at the hands of a wily fox.
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    • John Yelverton says:

      This book and it's crazy rhyming was one of my favorites as a child.

    • Shiyun li says:

      A very cute nursery tale with somewhat sad endingThe story starts with Henny Penny hit bey an fallen acorn. She thought the sky is falling and she set off to tell the king. Along the way she met many friends, until they went to the foxy Loxy's cave and never seen again.

    • Sharon Barrow Wilfong says:

      A fun book to read and a real tongue twister.Henny Penny feels an acorn drop on her head and concludes that the sky is falling. She rushes off to tell the King. On the way she meets many friends who join her in her quest. She then meets a fox.The ending is a little dark, but maybe intended as a lesson against foolish conclusions, believing rumors without proof or trusting people without knowing their true character.

    • Shelli says:

      I’m not quite sure why I picked up this book from the new arrivals shelf at the public library to share with my nearly 13 year old daughter, except for the fact that I grab all the new arrival books. We have a different version of Henny Penny that we would read again and again when my daughter was younger, that is very similar to this one by Paul Galdone. When we were reading this last night my daughter interrupted to say very curtly “This book needs some pronouns.” I giggled so hard over [...]

    • Gnweiss says:

      Henny Penny a famous children's book is retold and illustrated by Paul Galdone. This version of Henny Penny's setting has vivid art work, done in watercolor and pen and ink. Each of the character's names rhymes,Ducky Lucky , Turkey Lurkey and the list goes on. They are all flat characters with the exception of Foxy Loxy, he is a very rounded character. The plot is suspenseful and has a closed ending. The theme is not preachy but implies caution and trust of each other. The author uses anthropomo [...]

    • Crissy says:

      Love the artwork.

    • Kristen says:

      Folk Literature Summary:This is a classic Chicken Little, aka the sky is falling story that will delight children. The names throughout the book are rhyming: Henny Penny, Turkey Lurkey, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey, etc. Henny Penny gets hit in the head by an acorn and thinks the sky is falling. She tells everyone she meets. Eventually, they come across Foxy Loxy who tricks all of the characters and feasts on them.Evaluation: The simple repetition and rhyming scheme of the names is helpful for stu [...]

    • Amanda Case says:

      Henny Penny thinks that the sky is falling when an acorn falls on her head. She meets many new people on her way to see the king to tell him that the sky is falling. However, they get tricked by a fox and eaten.

    • Anna says:

      I haven't found a better version of "Henny Penny" than the classic Galdone.

    • Aik Kielch says:

      This book has got the best rhymes and rhythms. It is an absolute delight to read. The whole concept of the fox feast is a little difficult to explain to a three year old!

    • Lissa says:

      I enjoyed reliving my childhood through this story. I still remember saying the sky is falling and all the characters names, but was a little surprised of the ending which I guess I forgot. I love all the rhyming names of the animals; Henny Penny, Cocky Locky,Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey, Turkey Lurkey, and Foxy Loxy. Using the rhyming names is a very clever way to keep you involved with the story. The illustrations show lots of expression and you can tell the animals are talking to each other. Th [...]

    • Michelle Daut says:

      I chose to read Henny Penny because they lady at Barnes and Noble told me it was a version of Chicken Little. Henny Penny thinks the sky is falling so she ventures out to tell the king. Along the way she runs into Turkey Lurkey, Goosey Loosey, Ducky Lucky, Cocky Lock and Foxy Loxy. When the group runs into Foxy Loxy, he tells them he has a short cut to the kings and instead leads them to his cave and eats them. I was in such shock when that happened because it was such a plot twist especially fo [...]

    • Luisa Knight says:

      An old proverb and an old tale put into story-form. Children will stay engaged by the repetition as one by one, various fowl follow Henny Penny who is on her way to tell the King the sky is falling. A good story that can lead to a discussion on stopping to think and not being tricked. I love Galdone's imagery! Ages 4+Cleanliness: Henny Penny says "Goodness gracious."**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too. These reports give a complete break-down of everythin [...]

    • Brianna J says:

      I read this for one of my traditional literature genre. This story follows a chicken name Henny Penny who thinks the sky is falling because an acorn fell on her head. On her journey to the king, she meets other birds and a rotten fox that wanted to "help." This book has no content concerns unless a parent does not want their child exposed to a fox eating the birds. This book can be used to teach rhyming. It can also be used to teach a moral lesson like "don't turn a mountain into a mole hill." A [...]

    • Heather says:

      Oh, I had a lot of fun with this one. It's so very similar to Chicken Little that the kids kept saying, "it's Chicken Little, not Henny Penny" and wanted to know when Chicken Little would show up.Well, darlings, it is a different story but does have many of the same characters. And the ending is not so nice as Chicken Little. Not nice at all. In a funny way.My kids totally loved it once they figured out what was going on. Nice old-fashioned looking illustrations with few colors. The repetition o [...]

    • Jan says:

      I have always liked Henny Penny as a good example of the foolishness of assuming that news broadcasts are accurate, which is an especially good lesson in today's world. This particular edition is the variation of the story in which [warning: spoiler ahead, hee hee] Henny Penny and her friends are eaten by Foxy Loxy and his family. I was not impressed with Paul Galdone's illustrations. The sketchy style of the pen and ink details and the quick strokes of brush color give it an air of being hastil [...]

    • The Reading Countess says:

      When I read this to my first graders over twenty years ago, I read it with gusto and loved it.It's good, don't get me wrong.But in an attempt to fill the traditional literature hole that my youngest son seems to have grown (thanks, in large part, to his birth order), I read it to him. And then it wasn't as good.The sky is falling, the sky is falling.A traditional story with strong elements of the genre, I simply must not have been in the right frame of mind to treasure this oldie but goodie.

    • Rene says:

      My daughter loved this book so much, she read it twice in a row. She thought it was hysterical and picked up on the message immediately. She also knew right away that it was another version of Chicken Little. We actually like the art, the colors, the expressions. Reading through the reviews I just don't get other people…seriously, no offense, but how do you NOT pick up on the moral of this story?! And what is so horrible about animals being eaten by a family of animals? And why are people crit [...]

    • Mandy Couch says:

      I adored this book!! I think this is an excellent children's book. It is engaging, interesting and easy to follow. Children love to participate and the repetitiveness helps children remember and retell a story. And we all know this helps children learn to read and read more!!Activity:I would read the story and then as a class together we would put on a play using all the characters from the book. I would have the children make costumes, have music, and put on their own version of the book from t [...]

    • Florence says:

      It's one of those seemingly innocent stories with sing-song rhyme and animal characters - but which have a macabre ending! I have always found myself very sympathetic of poor henny penny & her friends. On another note, this is an excellent book for use in interactive read-alouds with young children. While being engaging, with cute-sy animal characters, there is enough complexity in the interplay of characters' intentions and actions, that requires the reader to make predictions and inference [...]

    • Heidi-Marie says:

      Once I started reading the book, I recognized the rhyming names. I didn't quite remember the ending, though I had a suspicion where the story was headed once we met the first non-fowl character (who turned out to be quite fowl!). The illustrations were nice. As the book description says--"clear and concise." Nothing too elaborate. For an early reader it can help remind them who all is being spoken off. The constant repeat is also good for a beginning reader, and could be good for use in a storyt [...]

    • Nadya says:

      Review: This book has a lot of repetition and the names rhyme (Henny Penny, Cocky Locky). I did not like the ended of this story, because the characters were eaten by Foxy Loxy. No child wants to hear that the characters were eaten at the end of the adventure. The illustrations are great and they go along with the story. Learning Experience: This would be a great story to use puppets! The moral of the story is hard for children to understand and grasp. Reacting the story will help the children c [...]

    • Paul Candeias says:

      I have to say this is not a book I would use in a classroom setting or even at home for my own children. The concept of the animals coming together to talk the king was good and could be used to help teach companionship, but the fact that the fox eats everyone is a bit inappropriate.Lesson: I wouldn't use this book but if I had to teach a lesson I would try and tie it into the food chain and use that for a thematic unit, explaining the concepts of herbivore and carnivore and the food chain.

    • Leah Puckett says:

      I was shocked by the ending of this book. I do not think I would ever read this to my class. I’m not sure that I see this as being appropriate for young children. This book maybe would be ok to read to a second grade class. This book does use names to rhyme. I wouldn’t read this book to young children.Learning Experience:I would not do a learning experience with this book because I would not read this book to my class.

    • Jocelin says:

      This has always been a favorite story of mine. This story is a classic example of what can happen when you don't have the correct facts. Story my frighten kids younger than 5. My favorite episode of The Golden Girls is "Henny Penny Straight No Chaser"; this episode is based off this book. The song that Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose sing at the end of the show is hilarious.

    • Ronda says:

      I tried this as a read-aloud today and was met with the Kindergarten equivalent of dead-silence-with-lone-cricket-chirping. It just fell flat--especially when the kids realized that the fox family ate all the birds. I tried it with Kinders b/c of the repetition and the rhyming names. If I try this one as a read-aloud again, I'll try it with older students.

    • Mercedes Biggs says:

      This book is a really funny book about henny penny who walks in the farmyard and something hits her on top of her head she then begans to run and tell the king that the sky is falling but on her way there she bumped into some friends and told them, after all she discovered it was just an appleLearning Experience- Have the kids act out the role of the book.

    • Jess says:

      Henny Penny gets conked on the head by an acorn and sets off to tell the king that the sky is falling.Oh my gosh the repetition. I've never been so happy for a chicken (and her five friends) to enter a cave with a fox. (the retelling is fine, just pushes the repetition a bit)

    • Mrs Bond says:

      The sky is falling! Henny Penny manages to convince several other birds that they need to inform the king of the danger. The meet Foxy Loxy and are never heard from again. Foxy's family is introduced. Great illustrations.

    • Amanda Funnell says:

      Although the storyline is a bit lacking, I can see this book being a great discussion-starter as we talk about what we can or cannot believe when people tell us things. Also, the story is repel entities enough that even non-readers could "read" along with us as they became familiar with the words.

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