Wolf's Brother

Wolf s Brother NA

  • Title: Wolf's Brother
  • Author: Megan Lindholm
  • ISBN: 9780007425433
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • NA
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      392 Megan Lindholm
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    • Connie53 says:

      Dit vervolg op Het rendiervolk beviel me al veel beter. Ik wilde echt weten wat er zou gaan gebeuren met Tillu, Kerlew en Heckram. Gelukkig worden alle losse eindjes netjes afgewerkt en ik ben blij dat ik deze serie gelezen heb.

    • Tim says:

      I may have added a bit too many spoiler tags. ;-) Oh wellThis book continues where The Reindeer People left off. No, really. It's like it was originally one big story, but for marketing reasons the publisher wanted it cut into two parts. Why? As Robin Hobb, she can write thick novels all she wants. Or was it custom back then and now (big novels being "in" / hip / )?Anyway, I ended my review of the first book (see here) with some questions:Will it shed more light on Carp's influence on Kerlew?(vi [...]

    • Ronja says:

      It was ok, an interesting read, Not as good as her later work but still worth reading.

    • Rob says:

      This reread was an interesting experience for me. I can't really remember disliking so many things about this novel. Wolf's Brother is still a decent read but the climax of the novel is so full of melodrama that it's hard to take it serious. Although endings do not appear to be Lindholm's, and most certainly not Hobb's, forte, I felt this one was probably the weakest she has delivered. My reaction to this novel caught me by surprise. The first book in this duology was more or less what I remembe [...]

    • Miquela says:

      I enjoyed this conclusion to the Reindeer People. The attention to detail and the culture were really fascinating, and I love how the author (whom I know better as "Robin Hobb) does not "fix" all relationships at the end of stories. Just because people come through hardships together, just because they have victories, they do not necessarily gain understanding of one another. The characters' prejudices (and ours) are generally too set to change in most cases. Very true to life.However, this part [...]

    • Matthew Barnes says:

      Wonderful short seriesoksmjb/2016/08/reindee

    • Kenny says:

      OK, a fantastic book - helped by the fact that the previous book was mainly a setup for this (almost whole book) climax.So Kerlew and his Mum Tillu have joined the Reindeer folk, but have been joined by the evil shaman Carp who chased them all the way across the forests. The book is filled with tension as Carp (and his new minion Joboam) spread their evil influence and cause suffering for TilluThere is a fantastic climax when they reach the ice-cliffs and Kerlew finally puts all the puzzle piece [...]

    • Wies de Ruiter says:

      Solid ending, quite satisfied with this duology.

    • Neil says:

      This book I was about to put down 60% into it. As is usual with Robin Hobb the characters are absolutely awesome. That is what really draws me into her books. But nothing seems to happen.And that was exactly the case with this book. It just seemed to be plodding along a little bit. There was a lot of navel-gazing with the characters and reflection. Luckily the characters are so likeable I kept reading. By the time I got to 85% in the action was non stop. And really well executed conclusion. All [...]

    • Monia Sommer says:

      les-lectures-de-ice-queenAyant vraiment adoré le premier tome, j’avais hâte de retrouver cet univers. Je me suis donc lancée dans la lecture du second opus juste après celle du premier.Tillu et Kerleu décident finalement de suivre le peuple des Rennes dans sa migration estivale vers le Cataclysme. Un lieu où les bêtes et les hommes peuvent passer l’été sans craindre les nuées de moustiques et les maladies qu’ils apportent. Tillu pense ainsi avoir l’opportunité future de tenter [...]

    • CJ says:

      This was an odd experience for me. The final in a two-book cycle, Wolf's Brother in its entirety felt like a conclusion. And because I'm god-awful at explaining things, let's see if I can do better: Reindeer People and Wolf's Brother combined are like a hill - the first book is the climb up, and the second is like the climb down. I'm used to books having a short introductory period (about 15-20% of the book, depending, or more if it's part of a series), a much more sprawling conflict-n-problems [...]

    • Althea Ann says:

      I like Robin Hobb's books a lot, so when I found out she has also published a bunch under 'Megan Lindholm' of course I had to go get them! These were the first I read under this name. It's really one story, that was originally divided in two by the publisher, and later pout out as an omnibus called "The Saga of the Reindeer People."I'm not sure why she uses two different names. The style of writing was recognizably the same, although this story is somewhat darker than many of her epic 'Robin Hob [...]

    • Jeremy Howell says:

      I've slowly been working my way through the Lindholm archive as I've found them available. It isn't easy to get a hold of this book in the US.Of all her novels, The Reindeer People are the books I looked forward to reading the least. Nothing about the premise or setting interested me. I didn't want to read about - as I perceived it - a bunch of Eskimos. But I wanted a nice Wintry book to read for the season, and landed here.These books blew me away.I am stunned at how hooking this story was. It [...]

    • Stéphanie says:

      This is the second half of the Saga of the Reindeer People (after The Reindeer People).After vicious Carp has found her again, Tillu agrees to join the reindeer people and become their healer during their migration to the Cataclysm. She takes Kari, the herdlord’s daughter, as apprentice.But soon the herdlord and his family fall ill with the plague. When his son Rolke dies, Joboam, the local bully and lick-spittle, blames Tillu.Meanwhile, Kerlew is all but snatched by Carp, who imposes himself [...]

    • Loraine says:

      I am glad Robin Hobb has written under her maiden name, or . . . began writing under her maiden name. I have found, however, that these titles are hard to find. No public library in my home state held either The Reindeer People or Wolf's Brother, but thanks to my ILL service, I've enjoyed the entire story from beginning to end. Again, the ecological and environmental reality of an Ice Age people are well described, as is a northern culture. Carp, like so many of our religious leaders today was m [...]

    • miha ha says:

      Uohoaaa, kašn konc prov vse se je zapletlo, neznana bolezen se pojav v taboru, Kerlew spet izgine, potem Carp umre - ga potepta čreda severnih jelenov, izkaže se da je Joboam ta drugi ki mi je bil najmanj všeč v knjigi) kriv za vso nesrečo, on je bolezen razširu, on je Kerlewa poslav kar nekam v gozd da se je zgubil, on je reku nesrečni sovini punci ki so ji določili moža da je bolje umret kot a bit prisiljena v poroko- in se je potem vrgla dol s stene Na koncu se s Hacramom na smrt st [...]

    • Kurtbg says:

      This book picks up where the Reindeer People left off. The politics of survival in a primitive society pits the strong of mind, the strong of muscle, and the unknown powers of the mystic.The two primary characters are multidimensional. The author explores the variations of the connected relationships as they struggle to do what they believe is right and what they wish they could do.This is a straight forward, bare-boned telling of characters stuck in circumstances and trying to find their ways t [...]

    • Dawn says:

      The concluding second book of the 'Reindeer People' story.I was surprised that this book was shorter than the first one, but then I read somewhere that originally she wrote both of these as one book - and that her publisher said it was too long.Anyway I enjoyed it - perhaps marginally less than the first one.The only adverse thing I have to say, is that I thought the ending happened all too quickly. But maybe I just think that because I would have loved the book to have been a bit longer!Definit [...]

    • Clare Farrelly says:

      Somehow I never got into this book and found the characters uninteresting, and having read a few of her other earlier books which were so fast paced and page turning I expected this to be a lot better. I did get through the whole thing though. I had also hoped that content wise this book might be better as it is under her maiden name Megan Lindholm rather than Robin Hobb. I can't say there were any redeeming qualities about this book. I don't want to read about how much to characters love one an [...]

    • Yehudit says:

      3.5 stars.This book was weird and delightful, and a very good continuation for the first part which I had read a while ago. While I liked it, my main complaint centers around the fact that the end was a bit underwhelming; I was expecting something quite horrific to happen when everything came to a head - and it did, to a certain extent, but it all seemed to settle down quite fast and in a way that felt a bit too good, too convenient. Even so, it was an entertaining, dark read.

    • Minette Visser says:

      It's no secret, I'm a fan. I finished the book last night then spent the whole night dreaming about it again. So brilliant. The back of the book doesn't really explain what it's about, they allude to Tillu's running but the books are really about her integration with the Reindeer people.

    • Melissa says:

      Well, I read this book and the other, called Reindeer People I believe. I read them because I love Robin Hobb's (pen name) books, and I've been trying to read all of the older writings of Megan Lindholm.

    • Richelle says:

      I'm glad this one ended the way it did. Mostly. There's one thing I wish hadn't happened. But sometimes there must be sacrifices.This story did round out the tale, which began with The Reindeer People, quite well. It feels finished, which is nice.3 stars out of 5.

    • I Read says:

      Bought as it matched the other book I was buying at the time along with the mention of wolves (my favourite animals). I found I didn't enjoy this as much as the other Megan Lindholm book I read. I know this is the 2nd book in a series so I wonder if that impacted on my appreciation of the story.

    • Beverly says:

      not quite as good as book one, but still really enjoyable.

    • Fantastisk Fiktion says:


    • Martijn Onderwater says:

      Not special, but still fun for a few hours.

    • Jurgen says:

      Just perfect

    • Ronnie says:

      Would give this a 4 and a half stars if it was one novel (Reindeer People and Wolf's Brother) instead of two.

    • Tracy says:

      Another great book of characters

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