A Heart So Wild

A Heart So Wild Courtney Harte is certain her missing father is a alive lost somewhere deep in Indian territory But she needs a guide to lead her safely through this dangerous unfamiliar country someone as wild an

  • Title: A Heart So Wild
  • Author: Johanna Lindsey
  • ISBN: 9780062106537
  • Page: 361
  • Format: ebook
  • Courtney Harte is certain her missing father is a alive, lost somewhere deep in Indian territory But she needs a guide to lead her safely through this dangerous, unfamiliar country, someone as wild and unpredictable as the land itself And that man is the gunslinger they call Chandos.Courtney fears this enigmatic loner whose dark secrets torture his soul, yet whose eyes,Courtney Harte is certain her missing father is a alive, lost somewhere deep in Indian territory But she needs a guide to lead her safely through this dangerous, unfamiliar country, someone as wild and unpredictable as the land itself And that man is the gunslinger they call Chandos.Courtney fears this enigmatic loner whose dark secrets torture his soul, yet whose eyes, bluer than the frontier sky, enflame the innocent, determined lady with wanton desires But on the treacherous path they have chosen they have no one to trust but each other as shared perils to their lives and hearts unleash turbulent, unbridled, passions that only love can tame.
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    • Zeek says:

      Guilty Pleasure #1His Native American family brutally murdered during an unwarranted attack, Chandos encounters a young woman staying with the man known to be one of the murderers. Her life in his hands, he nevertheless sets her free, intuitively sensing her innocence. Four years later and he’s still hunting down the rest of the men involved that day- and Courtney Hart once again has managed to cross his path. However she has no idea the history they have together and though he wants nothing o [...]

    • Zairobe25 says:

      3,5★ Mi debut con esta autora y me ha gustado mucho, sin duda leeré más de sus historias.

    • Duchess Nicole says:

      A great example of why Lindsey is such an amazing Historical romance author.her heroes are typical of the bodice rippers, but not quite as brutal. Her romance takes center stage but the secondary plot is engaging as well. It's a wild trek through a wild land. A somewhat innocent heroine, a savage and untamed Indian. He's a chest beater, she's got a stubborn streak and is on a mission. Great choice!

    • Lelyana says:

      Love the bookLove the hero and herointu lagi pahlawan yang seru dan seksiChandos a.k.a Kane StrantonDiawali dengan kejadian sadis, yang mengingatkan saya pada kasus yg saya tangani sendiri pada tahun 1993 di Bandung, dimana terjadi pembunuhan terhadap satu keluarga dan perkosaan dan pembunuhan terhadap gadis kecil usia 9 tahun ! Dan saya yg harus meng-otopsi si gadis kecil. [image error]Gadis kecil itu baru berusia 10 tahun waktu di perkosa berkali-kali lalu mati mengenaskan di tangan para cowbo [...]

    • Laura V. says:

      Wow, una de mis primeras novelas de romance histórico, y después me preguntan de donde viene mi obsesión con lo western, solo miren a Chandos, mamita querida, que muchacho *-*Sí, han pasado muchos años desde que lo leí, pero who cares, ¿y qué si no me pareció tan romántico como la primera vez? ¿Y qué si Courtney me había parecido más listilla y menos orientada al lado dramático y chillón de la vida? ¿y qué con que se amen con tanta pasión y yo no vea de qué o donde salió tan [...]

    • MBR says:

      I remember reading a book by Johanna Lindsey a very long time back. And though I don't actively pursue each and every book that she writes, nevertheless I remember Ms. Lindsey to have the ability to spin a good historical romance with enough passion between the characters to stir up one's insides. A Heart So Wild is a romance that gets recommended quite often on discussion forums and I finally decided to find out what makes this book of the American-Westeran genre a favorite of so many romance [...]

    • Cassandra Dexter Colby says:

      Nuestra reseña en el blog alacamaconunlibro

    • Floripiquita says:

      Tenía este libro por casa desde hace un montón y nunca le había dado una oportunidad. Ahora lo he hecho y no me arrepiento. Me ha gustado bastante la historia y la relación entre Chandos y Courtney. Quizá el final sea algo precipitado, pero en general es una lectura muy entretenida.

    • Kathleen says:

      A classic in Native American historical romance genre. Why isn't it available via Audible? Duh! I'd like a male narrator: Petkoff, Griffith, etc

    • Chumchum_88 says:

      Recently one of my friends in GoodReads recommended Johanna Lindsey To me, and this is my first novel by her, and I have to say I liked it ^^Honestly, at first I got confused because the first couple of chapters didn't involve the main characters much, for a bit I was like "Am I reading the right book?" But then I started to understand, when events started to explain themselves.I liked the main characters, Courtney "Cat eyes" started off timidly at first, but during the journey and 24/7 presence [...]

    • Susan says:

      Wow - what a story! This is truly one of those 'old school' romances we all grew up with and love so well! It had alot of action, adventure and was quite gritty in some parts. You don't see that much with all the Regency romances around. Made for a nice change.The heroine was an innocent at the beginning, though pretty smart and logical, but by book end she was really able to stand on her own two feet and express just how she felt about everything.The hero was damaged, one of those angst kinda g [...]

    • Pamela(AllHoney) says:

      One of Ms. Lindsey's better reads. I can't really put my finger on why I loved it. I just did. It has the alpha, protective hero and the "helpless" heroine. Not that helpless is good. It's not, really, but she was a city girl out of her element so I forgive her.

    • ❆ Crystal ❆ says:

      If you can get past the first 2 chapters this is an amazing book. There is some seriously tragic events in the beginning but you need to know to understand the characters. I would highly recommend this book and the book that follows.

    • Juuli says:

      Well, I liked and at the same time didn't like the story. It was interesting to follow Courtney's growth as a person but the hero of the story was despicable. I didn't like his way of thinking and the way he treated Courtney was awful. He was a mean bully.

    • Kathy Davie says:

      This is one I read over and over again for its romance and the Western flavor.

    • Nisha says:

      I am coming to the realization that I really like JL's western romances. This series (pair of books, really), I read out of order, but it didn't really matter. It was highly satisfying.The story takes place from Kansas to Texas (which made it even more enjoyable since I live in Texas and pass by Waco all the time). The beginning is tragic as we witness the rape and murder of a peaceful Comanche tribe. My heart was bleeding at this point. When our hero and the other men return to the camp to see [...]

    • Mary B. says:

      Way too bodice-rippery for my taste. Characters were flat. A thoroughly grunting/possessive hero and a ridiculously immature heroine. Can't even give a two-star for courtesy. I stopped reading in earnest at about 60% through and skimmed the rest.

    • Yola NY says:

      i love CHANDOS!!! (a.k.a Kane Straton) ^^

    • LIbros en FAMILIA says:

      Esta autora me gusta muchísimo porque sabe como meterme de lleno en la historia, por muy sencilla que sea. En este caso está ambientada en el oeste y aunque cae en tópicos con los protagonistas, Johanna le da ese puntito personal que los hace diferente a todos. Además no creo que los tópicos sean negativos, en este caso quería una historia que me enganchara al instante y me evadiera y lo ha conseguido totalmente.Si no habéis leído nada de la autora este es un buen libro para comenzar, pa [...]

    • Eva Navarro says:

      Relectura 😍

    • Desi says:

      Leído en Agosto 2012 Me gustó muucho!! los prota me encantaron

    • Kim says:

      This book was an entertaining read, where the plot was simple, but beautifully and effortlessly written. The story tells us about a young girl, who was lost her father, the only person she loved in the entire world, due to very unfortunate circumstances. Alone, lost, and burdened with a stepmom (oh the irony), she takes up a shit job as a hotel maid with pay so low that should she be in this current world, she would have been labelled as unemployed. Four years later, she stumbles across her fath [...]

    • Regan Walker says:

      This is the first of two novels about the Stratton family in 19th century Texas. At that time, Texas was a rough place bringing together gunmen, cowboys, ranchers and Indians. Many who had lived through the destruction of the Civil War looked to the West for a better life. Courtney Harte's father, a doctor and a Southerner (who ended up on the North's side), was one of them. Now disillusioned, he decides to move to Texas. On the way there, in Kansas, they are attacked by Comanches seeking vengea [...]

    • Win says:

      1 lagi cerita ttg indian n kulit putih*lama2 bosen sama tema JL yg itu2 saja*Courtney si mata kucing kehilang ibu ny saat beusia 9 thn.dia menjadi anak yg tertutup n mudah merasa curiga karena dia mengira bhw ayah ny tidak menyayangi ny*so lebay alasan ny*pada usia 15thn, Courtney n kel nya bermaksud pindah ke Wacodi tengah perjalanan mereka menginap di rumah seorg petani*ternyt petani tersebut berperan dlm memberantas indian* so. indian datang utk membalas demdamCourt n inu tiri ny selamat dari [...]

    • Susan says:

      just re-read this and snickered and giggled and rolled my eyes a lot."That angelic-looking killer is going to rape me and you ask me what's wrong?" -- snickerShe decided that "God Sakes" (always double capitalized) was a good Western/Ladylike curse and that's what Courtney says. A LOT. rolls eyes. Until near the end she decides she can let slip an occasional "goddam" Chandos (whose White name is Kane Straton and whose Comanche name we never learn) insists on calling Courney "cateyes" and even th [...]

    • Alexa Ayana says:

      Baca buku ini untuk kedua kalinya pendapatku tetap konsisten. Chandos adalah pilihanmu kalau suka tipe hero mie instan. Silent, calm, strong. Dia garing dan butuh di komporin terus menerus baru jadi seksi dan hot mempesona hohoho. Courtney agak terlalu berjiwa bebas dan keras kepala untuk seleraku, tapi dia juga tipe strong heroine. Mereka berdua termasuk karakter yang memorable dari sekian banyak buku JL.Tarik ulur mereka penuh tensi dan pergolakan emosi. Mereka berjuang keras untuk cinta merek [...]

    • Karen says:

      Courtney must be the unluckiest woman around. She was timid from constant criticism craving father's attention, constantly had her life threatened, kidnapped a few times, several attempted rapes & she fell for a mean gunslinger who only had room for revenge in his heart.Chandos was estranged from his father, angry at the brutality of his mother, sister and adoptive family's deaths and made it his life mission to avenge their murders.This is not an easy read as drunken louts set off a cascade [...]

    • Mayu says:

      Me apetecía mucho volver a leer esta novela, y me he quedado muy sorprendida. La primera vez que la leí me encantó, y tiempo después la dejé de lado. Ahora que la he releído ha sido como descubrirla con unos nuevos ojos. Y me ha gustado mucho. =). Corazón Indómito es una novela muy, muy bonita, y da gusto leerla. Es diferente, apasionada, y adictiva. Y aquí Johanna Lindsey destaca por su maravillosa, sencilla y sensual forma de escribir. mayuamoraprimeravista

    • Janet Gaspar says:

      Reseña completa en mi blog janetgaspar/2014/0Éste libro lo leí porque mi hermana lo compro y le gusto mucho, a decir verdad es un libro vaquero pero más gordo (si alguien se ha leído libros vaqueros me entendera), chica muy guapa, vaquero forajido, sexo explicitoNo es un libro que quede en la memoria, pero entretiene bastante, eso sí.

    • Lucie "a heart so wild" says:

      This book has everything I need and imagine in a most romantic romanceeeSimply THE BEST of all

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