The Complete Science Fiction Treasury of H.G. Wells

The Complete Science Fiction Treasury of H G Wells Preface by H G Wells In the Days of the Comet The Invisible Man The Island of Dr Moreau The Time Machine The War of the Worlds The First Men in the Moon The Food of the Gods

  • Title: The Complete Science Fiction Treasury of H.G. Wells
  • Author: H.G. Wells
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Preface by H.G Wells In the Days of the Comet The Invisible Man The Island of Dr Moreau The Time Machine The War of the Worlds The First Men in the Moon The Food of the Gods.
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    • Ellie says:

      This edition is sexy. Unlike another reviewer who said this is dated, that is just what is so lovely about H.G. Wells. Good vintage sci-fi not only tells a good story, but acts as a time capsule to reveal the views and concerns of a generation. Even the writing style is very revealing. So, if you do prefer to feel like you are sitting on the edge of your seat, Wells is not for you. If you weird enough to enjoy feeling like you are eavesdropping on your ancestors, this book is awesome. Did I ment [...]

    • Thomas says:

      After reading other readers review of this collection of 7 stories -- I am definitely in the minority with how I rate it. Yes, it was worth reading and I am glad I read the stories ("The Time Machine", "The Island of Dr. Moreau", "The Invisible Man", "The War of the Worlds", "The First Men in the Moon", "The Food of the Gods" and "In the Days of the Comet"). However, I did find Wells style very static and dated. Static in the way he does not introduce much dialogue in characters. Most of the sto [...]

    • Shad says:

      We love these books from Barnes and Noble.Time Machine - I think it was interesting and was surprised to read that this was the first instance of a time machine in a novel. The Island of Dr. Moreau - I don't mind the religious overtones, mostly since I don't believe they correlate with my own. I think the book is interesting and rewarding, offering insights and thought-provoking ideas.The Invisible Man - It is probably difficult to appreciate now how novel Wells' ideas really were at the time. I [...]

    • Smaug says:

      So my understanding is that this edition of this collection is out of print and because of that most people are selling it for about $100. I just found it from someone on Ebay for $34. They made a huge mistake or were just very nice. I don't care which.

    • Jana says:

      The Time Machine: 4*The Invisible Man: 4*The Island of Dr Moreau: 4*The War of the Worlds: 4.5*The First Men in the Moon: 4.5*The Food of the Gods: 4*In the Days of the Comet: 4*

    • Nathan says:

      I had only read a couple of HG Wells’s science fiction works in condensed versions as a child, but it is impossible to escape a certain awareness of at least four of them, as woven as they are into the fabric of our popular culture. 'The Time Machine,' 'The Island of Doctor Moreau,' 'The Invisible Man,' 'The War of the Worlds' – even if you haven’t read these novellas, you very likely know their essences. A big reason for this is the purity of their concepts. As a pioneer in speculative fi [...]

    • Zachary Lawson says:

      War of the Worlds - quintessential science fiction, one of the defining novels of the genre in the 19th century. [5/5]Time Machine - another absolute classic with imaginative speculation about the future and sophisticated thought into future societal structures. [5/5]Invisible Man - More of a social novel yet fantastic. [4.5/5]Island of Dr. Moreau - intriguing story with a great twist and plenty of fodder for bioethical debate. [4.7/5]First Men in the Moon - I like pre-1969 books about the Moon. [...]

    • Marika says:

      I'm actually reading the 1934 edition (first US printing) of this collection, set in a rather unusual two-column format. I don't know that I will read all seven stories, but classic Sci-fi just felt right for the first read of the summer. And it has been whispering to me from the shelf by the pool table triangle for so long now. Every evening when Chris and I play our usual cocktail hour best of three, it beckons me with its heft, its rough faded green binding and smoooooth tissue thin pages, it [...]

    • Kathryn says:

      I began reading this book as my bedtime reading (a chapter or so each night) back in February; I found it to be entertaining reading, especially as I knew the earlier books well, and the later ones not at all. (I will note that the original edition of this book, published in 1934, was titled Six Famous Novels of H. G. Wells; I had been wondering why a “complete science fiction treasury” would not include When The Sleeper Wakes. I did enjoy this collection, even though Wells had trouble in en [...]

    • Philip says:

      Always wanted to read the original Time Machine novel.More of a short story really in essence. More or less what I expected, but the film was in my mind throughout.Indeed the film was better than the book in this case. None of the World Wars or the apocalyptic stuff in here. Nor indeed the 'Filbey' connection. All told in retrospect.Disappointing, but considering it was written over 100 years ago, historically of interest.The second novel, The Island of Dr Moreau wasn't bad and this time I hadn' [...]

    • James says:

      A great collection of classic science fiction written by HG Wells and put together in a B&N Leather* bound edition. The seven included stories are, The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds, The First Men in the Moon, The Food of the Gods and In the Days of the Comet. Many of these have been made into movies (and subsequently remakes of those movies and in a few cases remakes of the remakes of the remakes – real original Hollywood).The cover seems [...]

    • Jeanne Lombardo says:

      It takes a certain adjustment of the literary ear to appreciate fiction written a century ago, but H. G. Wells never disappoints. Wry, comical, irreverent, the book skewers the narrowness of English village life and the failings and unforeseen consequences of the scientific empirical mindset in this tale of the invention of a new super food and its effect on the countryside surrounding Hickleybrow in Kent (Wells's birthplace). Dubbed "Herakleophorbia IV," the food is put, by its creators, under [...]

    • John says:

      I always wanted to read HG Wells' major novels, and I'm glad I finally did. This B&N edition is a fine addition to anyone's bookshelf, and the novels within are, for the most part, fun to read. I give 4 stars to the collection as a whole, but individually, this is how I would rate them:The Time Machine - 4 starsThe Island of Dr Moreau - 3 starsThe Invisible Man - 4 starsThe War of the Worlds - 5 starsThe First Men in the Moon - 3 starsThe Food of the Gods - 3 starsIn The Days of the Comet - [...]

    • J.f. Dargon says:

      H. G. Wells is definitely my favorite science fiction writer. He was clearly ahead of his time in the manner in which he interpreted and proposed the scientific theories of his time. For me, I found his short story, "The Time Machine" to be the most intriguing and thought provoking of all his writings. I greatly enjoyed "The War of the Worlds", and found "The Island of Dr. Moreau" to be almost prescient in its depiction of medical science gone mad, a la the Nazi Dr.Joseph Mengele. Had NASA not l [...]

    • Mia (Parentheses Enthusiast) says:

      Yep, I had to abort my Wells mission. I only wound up reading three of the stories in this collection, and got halfway through The War of the Worlds before ditching it out of boredom and disappointment. Seriously, I wanted more Martians and less, "The field was dark. The sky was clear. Soldiers were milling about. I could see my house. I was suddenly very angry. Then my anger passed, and I became elated. That, too, passed, and I returned to staring at my house. Oh, by the way, Martians invaded B [...]

    • Jeremy says:

      Island of Dr. Moreau: Sci-Fi book that dealt with scientific prowess and the (un)intentional consequences of humanity. It was a short, interesting read that really made me think about science and ethics. The War of the Worlds: Wells' book took aim at the elites of Britain and their idea of an immortal empire. Wells sought to remind his readers that empires rise and fall frequently, often overnight. From the time of the Babylonians to the swift, rise of Imperial Japanese, empires move upward freq [...]

    • John Montagne says:

      H.G. is a fantastic science fiction writer, and viewed as one of the founding fathers - and rightfully so. Some of his work verges on prophetic in regard to advances in the future. His writing may be considered a little dry in comparison to contemporary works of science fiction, but I personally don't think so - especially considering the time it was written - ground breaking. For detailed descriptions and lengthy critiques, I'd suggest readers look him up elsewhere. I'd like to mention though, [...]

    • Clintington Clintington says:

      I'm not a big fan of a couple of these novels. I do enjoy "The Time Machine," "In the Days of the Comet," The Island of Dr. Mareau," "The War of the Worlds," and the "Invisible Man." The writing can appear to be a bit dated, but Wells is not one to carry on (there are seven novels in one volume, so.). I appreciate the invention he creates within each story--not just the science he creates but the adventures that he sets his people up with and into. "The Time Machine" is my favorite. It has a fai [...]

    • Alexander Little says:

      Praise for H.G.Wells!This has to be one of my favourite books of all time. With beautiful leather bound "old school" War of the worlds cover with silver tinted thin pages, this book is beautiful not only in content but in looks.The Seven Novels include:The Invisible Man.The Island Of Dr Moreau.War Of The Worlds.The Time Machine.The First Men In The Moon.In the Days Of The Comet.The Food Of The Gods.The Majority of these books are a MUST read. Days of the Comet and Food of the Gods are a little d [...]

    • Mary says:

      Imagine my joy in inheriting this from my sister. I first read H G Wells in Sunderland library after listening to the Space Opera War of the Worlds. It started a life-long love of scifi I think I was around nine years old and had recently got an adult library card. I used to go to the library and get an Asimov and a Wells, then I went through the entire fiction section reading every book that looked like it was scifi alphabetically, but always checking the W section in case there was a Wells o [...]

    • Brian says:

      It may have been the late hour I paused in the middle of The Time Machine, flipping back to the preface of this anthology, but the book quickly gained value to me after reading that introduction. In it H.G. Wells observes the selections, suggesting they be read out of their chronological order. I encountered his wit and charm in what felt a very honest and personable account of his writings and their place in time, carrying that prescience by commentary so reputed in his novels. I instantly wish [...]

    • Cody says:

      So far I've read The Time Machine and The Island of Doctor Moreau and have loved them both. I'm currently in The Invisible Man, and there are some turns of phrase in here that I just laugh out loud at. These books are so good! It was split down the middle for me. I loved The Time Machine and The Food of the Gods, and enjoyed The Island of Doctor Moreau for a time, but I wasn't a fan of the others. I didn't even make it through In the Days of the Comet. I made it to the third chapter or so and ju [...]

    • Kathryn says:

      When I think science fiction, I think H.G. Wells. What a creative man. My dad and I were at the bookstore one day, and I came across this collection, my dad told me I would probably enjoy it. ManWas he right. Each story is so different, interesting, and a masterpiece in their own right. If you read science fiction, you have to read this collection. This is a book you buy, and keep, reas it, and pass it down. Just awesome. So glad I still have my copy proudly on my bookshelf.

    • Mary says:

      H.G. Wells is one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time. This collection; which includes The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds, The First Men in the Moon, The Food of the Gods, and In the Days of the Comet; are masterpieces. My favorite stories are The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds, probably because these were some of the first science fiction that I had seen and then read.

    • Paul says:

      This is a huge volume containing 7 science fiction novels. The famous ones are famous for good reason, although the science hasn't aged as well as the fiction. The last couple of novels, and In the Days of the Comet in particular, are not very well thought out and meander to pointless finishes.

    • Nathanielk says:

      HG Wells was way ahead of his time. Very little that is bad in this book, except may Year of the Comet. Food of the Gods is a very well written book. Time Machine is ground-breaking. War of the Worlds and Island of Doctor Moreau are better than their movies. From Earth to the Moon is almost prophetic of Apollo in many of its details.

    • Miss says: of them were scary at all. Though I can see how they would have freaked out people of that time. I really appreciated the observations on human kind included in each story. And the whole 'pick one impossibility and see where it goes' version of sci-fi.

    • Josh says:

      The Time Machine: 5 starsThe Island of Dr. Moreau: 5 starsThe Invisible Man: 3 starsThe First Men in the Moon: 4 starsThe Food of the Gods: 4 starsIn the Days of the Comet: 3 starsThe War of the Worlds: 4 stars

    • Carly says:

      I haven't finished all of these yet, but I just adore H.G. Wells and the cover for this volume is phenomenal.

    • Atman says:

      gave up. I guess I just wasn't in the mood right now for this. I might come back to this later.

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