Winter Rose

Winter Rose A dark and haunting tale of a young girl trapped in Winter longing to be free When Rose and her sister are left to fend for themselves and an ailing mother they must fight both nature and the darkne

  • Title: Winter Rose
  • Author: Rachel A. Marks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A dark and haunting tale of a young girl trapped in Winter, longing to be free When Rose and her sister are left to fend for themselves and an ailing mother, they must fight both nature and the darkness of the soul to survive And perhaps, along the way, they will find the strength to love.
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      195 Rachel A. Marks
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    • ♡Karlyn P♡ says:

      Great freebie read! I love it when a novella reads more like a full size story, and the writing is so good you can't help but get sucked in. This was NOT a fluffy cowboy romance. It was an emotionally charged, gritty American-historical romance that painted a vivid landscape of the hard-times faced during the deep winter months of late 1800's America. Did I mention that the writing was seriously GOOD?! Ms Marks is an author-to-watch. I'll need to check her out. Written in first-person POV (point [...]

    • Kenneth Kao says:

      I was taken aback by this piece. It was beautifully written, the rhythm and language of the author's word choice was something akin to a stake being pounded into your heart. And yet through the pain, you love it. At first I was bothered by the predictable storyline, the superficial bad guys, the heavy personal conflicts that didn't changebut then the writing swept me in and I forgot all the other similar stories I've read because as I was reading, there was only this story. These characters. Thi [...]

    • Krista Ashe says:

      Wowjust WOW!! This was an AMAZEBALLS novella!! The writing is breathtakingly beautiful with it's lyrical figurative style and aching quality. I felt transported right into the harsh winter of Rose's life. The story itself at times had me gripping my kindle tighter and tighter as I feared for Rose, wept with her, and my heart broke for her and her sister. Lukeoh man, what do I say about Luke? He can be my hero and protector anydaybut what I loved the most is how unconventional their meeting is an [...]

    • CharlotteBlack says:

      There are some tales told that finish up too sugar coated for their own good, and there are stories like Winter Rose that have you fixed on every word and every sentence by its powerful yet gritty writing.The tale of Rose, her sister Becca and their mother is chilling, raw and bitter. Just like the cold winter on the mountain where they live in a cabin to fend for themselves after their drunken father abandons them. Both daughters have harrowing histories with their father, they hope he doesn't [...]

    • Deanna Rittinger says:

      I adored this short story! The prose style is lyrical without getting in the way, meaning that it pulls you into the story instead of throwing you out of it. Though the plot doesn't twist, the characters build enough tention that it's an emotionally satisfying resolution. It's a read-in-one-sitting, can't-put-it-down sort of book, so don't pick it up unless you have an hour or two available!Rose and her sister, through rough circumstances, find themselves alone and vulnerable to abuse from the m [...]

    • Michelle Valentine says:

      Loved this one!!!!!

    • Kristi says:

      With a beginning as heart rending as its ending is heart warming, Winter Rose, is a must read. Though its very nature (a novella) makes it a quick read, it is not light on content.Rose has had to face many traumatic events, but there's an inner strength to her that refuses to give up. Her mother's illness, her father's abuse and abandonment, and her sister's subsequent prostitution to feed their family have all culminated into a rage that drives Rose to the brink of destruction. Rose is eventual [...]

    • Katie Ashley says:

      Beautiful and haunting. The way Rachel Marks weaves her world and characters makes any writer jealous!! A story of strength, perseverance, and love!! Who could ask for anything moreexcept for it to be made into a full novel!!

    • Hayley says:

      Absolutely beautiful!

    • Jennifer Walkup says:

      Loved this story so much! So much well done emotion. There was terror, hearthache, fear, revulsion, and at the heart a hopefulness and love. Really a great read!

    • Melissa Hayden says:

      This is such a short read/listen and I can't believe how emotional I got with it. That says a lot for Rachel and Starla. The perfect words and the exact voice for the characters. Wow. I kept tearing up at the end. It's a slow gradual change, but it's there. Such great growth at the right pacing for Rose. I'm blown away at the tremendous journey in such a short frame, yet it didn't feel as though we were making huge leaps. The growth was done with a gentle progression with the perfect moments in [...]

    • MountainKat says:

      This was just ok for me. I read it because I needed a season in the title for a challenge and I found this in my calibre library - I must have picked it up at some point. I think it was the writing style that didn't really work for me, between that and the length there were many unanswered questions. The story had potential, but it isn't very happy. There starts to be some light and that is where I started thinking it might be ok. Then a little more darkness before an abrupt, but happier, ending [...]

    • Kathleen Valentine says:

      I'm not going to rate this because I didn't finish it. I found it so relentlessly depressing and bleak that I just couldn't keep reading. It starts off with violence, abuse ("when he tore into my clothes, called me names I can't even bare [sic] to think of")and incest, progresses to rape and forced sexual slavery, goes on to murder with an ax I am hoping it got better but I couldn't keep going.To be fair the writer is skillful but if the first 25% of a book is nothing but misery I am not incline [...]

    • Erika M says:

      I don't think that it was advertised as a Kindle Single, but it is equivalent to about 52 print pages. It is a love story and a story of survival. The product descriptions states, "A dark and haunting tale of a young girl trapped in Winter, longing to be free. When Rose and her sister are left to fend for themselves and an ailing mother, they must fight both nature and the darkness of the soul to survive." I can't describe it any better without giving away what occurs. The story is extremely wel [...]

    • Melanie says:

      Holy crap. Soooooooooo good. The writing was spectacular and I didn't put the book down from the first word to the last. A beautiful story with an intricate mix of beautiful and dark elements that had me completely riveted from one page to the next. The array of emotions running through me as I read were never ending. I was exhausted by the roller coaster ride that had me up and down, slithering into dark tunnels where it seemed as if there were no escape only to burst back into light that wore [...]

    • Tui Allen says:

      A gripping readIt moved fast and held my attention from start to finish. The story was like the arrival of spring, as the protagonist thawed from ice to warm flesh and blood. There was non stop action and plenty of weird emotion. It ended nicely too. I always like a story with a satisfying ending that seems complete. And this one did. I could believe this story might really happen. I think of it as suitable for mature teens and young adults and yet it is no children's book. Unusual, gritty, terr [...]

    • Kat Heckenbach says:

      I can't say the plot is terribly unique, but the writing truly makes that not matter. Rachel Marks has voice. And her writing is smooth. I had a complete grasp of the setting and main character from the first paragraphs and the characterization only got stronger as the story continued. I'm very much looking forward to reading a full novel by Marks and seeing what she's capable of when given the space to write an even deeper story.

    • Steven says:

      For my taste, I actually give it a 3.5 stars. It was a nice and quick read. It’s like your 21st century fairy tale. A story of a girl who struggles through physical and emotional turmoil ends with her prince charming. I picked this book up to read between books and I'm glad I did. I recommend it if you are looking for a quick read for the day or two.

    • Stephani says:

      It was a short story that was well written. Loved it and thought it was very easy to read. Really good story line, really scary, not in a monster go boo thing, but scary. Great story!!!! Must read and recommended!!!!

    • Christine says:

      Very well written. My only issue is that I feel that I am not sure if Luke was first interested in Rose's sister, Becca, before her. The scenes when he was sitting/resting next to Becca to console her and where Rose was noticing Becca and Luke's "link"t sure how I felt about that.

    • Dawn ♥ romance says:

      A rather depressing short story but it grabbed me in. It starts with a father walking out on his two daughters and sick wife, taking all their food, leaving them in a shack on a snow covered mountain and it gets worse. The little romance between Rose and Luke is near the end.

    • Becky Pierce says:

      My only complaint ended too soon!!

    • Kelly says:

      I picked this up as a freebie off earlier this year.This was a great novella. There was a lot packed in a small space. I did cry Twice Which is usually unheard of, for me.

    • Susan West Campbell says:

      Great short story! proof of living past your demons

    • Cindy says:

      A well written novella!

    • KimberSullivan says:

      Winter Rose was one of those rare stories that stayed with me long after I finished it. Heart breaking yet redeeming. It was so beautifully written, I couldn't believe it was free.

    • Meagan says:

      Quick read, I wasn't sure at first if I would like it but it was good.

    • Morgan Busse says:

      Dark but really good. I loved the imagery and feeling in the book :)

    • Lesa says:

      This was a short book. Finished it in one day. It was ok. It didn't come across as a completed story. 2 sisters abandoned on a snowy mountain top by their father, who sends miners to them to trade their bodies for supplies they need to survive. He wins the worst dad of the year award. But despite their struggles, it does have a happy ending (sort of) Don't recommend this book unless you just want something to take up a few hours.

    • Desiree Boils says:

      I enjoyed this book because the character's seemed to get so much deeper as the story went on, you hated the Miners and when one finally showed that the wasn't scum of the earth you flat out loved him and rooted for the two to get together and really be together, it's just a sad ending.

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