The Renegades

The Renegades A catastrophic earthquake ravages Afghanistan and American troops rush to deliver aid among them Afghan Air Force adviser Lieutenant Colonel Michael Parson and his interpreter Sergeant Major Sophi

  • Title: The Renegades
  • Author: TomYoung
  • ISBN: 9780399158469
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A catastrophic earthquake ravages Afghanistan, and American troops rush to deliver aid, among them Afghan Air Force adviser Lieutenant Colonel Michael Parson, and his interpreter, Sergeant Major Sophia Gold The devastation facing them is like nothing they ve ever seen, however and it s about to get worse.A Taliban splinter group, Black Crescent, is conducting its own campA catastrophic earthquake ravages Afghanistan, and American troops rush to deliver aid, among them Afghan Air Force adviser Lieutenant Colonel Michael Parson, and his interpreter, Sergeant Major Sophia Gold The devastation facing them is like nothing they ve ever seen, however and it s about to get worse.A Taliban splinter group, Black Crescent, is conducting its own campaign shooting medical workers, downing helicopters, slaughtering anyone who dares to accept aid With the U.S drawing down and coalition forces spread thin, it is up to Parson, Gold, and Parson s Afghan aircrews to try to figure out how to strike back But they re short of supplies, men, experience, and information and meanwhile the terrorists seem to be nowhere and everywhere.
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    • Jeffrey says:

      An excellent war novel set in Afghanistan. It is a sequel apparently to a previous novel featuring the likable Lieutenant Colonel Michael Parson, who is an advisor to the Afghans training their helicopter pilots and his subordinate, Sergeant Major Sophia Gold, who is both his translator and a airborne veteran with parachuting experience.Young plunges the reader right into the thick of the Afghan conflict, where villages are threatened by Taliban fighters, and friend and foe are not easy to perce [...]

    • Shaun says:

      This is my first Tom Young book, and all in all everything about it was just okay. The big, big flaw in my opinion is that I just don’t care about the characters. I won’t say that they aren’t developed, because they do have backstories, but… I just don’t like them very much. This runs into the next issue, and that’s that the book is pretty much all A) helicopters B) war. A big thing I’m learning is that action in books isn’t as interesting as character development. I see a few ot [...]

    • Craig says:

      * First reads ARC*I'd actually have to rate The Renegades by Tom Young as a 3.5 star book. I can't really put my finger on it, but I found the story lacking some intangible quality that would elevate it to where I would place books by Brad Thor, James Rollins and Vince Flynn. I honestly wish I could be more specific. I suppose I found the story to be a bit formulaic. To me, there was a lot of instances where the author could have fleshed out the scenes, allowing the reader to fully immerse thems [...]

    • Tom says:

      I received this book as an ARC from First Reads program.I could've sworn I had written a review for this book already, but oh well. The book is a sequel, though you don't really need to read the work preceding this to understand what is going on. It's a very gritty, realistic book. You can picture the scenes as people are shooting, or the weariness felt by the main characters as they try and foil terrorists and make it back to base alive. I liked the characters a lot, and found myself rooting f [...]

    • Henri Moreaux says:

      The Renegades is an excellent war novel set in present day (well, circa 2012) Afghanistan. I seem to have a knack for picking up parts of a series out of order, this is another of those situations being book #3 in a series, nonetheless, The Renegades is still a great stand alone story. The plot of The Renegades revolves around a splinter ground of Taliban who decide to start using child soldiers obtained via kidnapping and an Air Force Liaison, Michael Parson with his Army Translator sidekick, S [...]

    • LAWonder10 says:

      This was very well-written and the story was a tribute to those who suffer so much for the rest of the world's freedom.However, it contained too much detail. It was very graphic, as the reality of this war truly is, but way too much for the average person to digest.I know many feel they have to resort to profanity -probably not totally educated in a vocabulary that can express themselves without it - but the use of profanity by the main character was excessive, especially since he is suppose to [...]

    • George says:

      Plot revolves around a splinter ground of Taliban who decide to start using child soldiers obtained via kidnapping and an Air Force Liaison, Michael Parson with his Army Translator sidekick, Sophia Gold get involved. The book is a sequel, #3 in the list. Author does a great job explaining the action and absolute horror of the war. However, those not enamored of military jargon and ethics might not get it.

    • Jack Stubblefield says:

      I don't know how else to put it, but the characters felt 'lived in.' The author imbued them with a past history and complexity of emotion to the point where I started to wonder who Mr. Young was basing these characters on. He has lived and knows the basic subject matter of this book. Easy read that moves at a comfortable pace. If I find more of the Parson and Gold series, I will definitely pick them up. Good stuff, Maynard.

    • Lisa Johnson says:

      Title: RenegadesAuthor: Tom YoungPages: 336Year: 2012Publisher: Putnam AdultNote: The content within this book contains foul language which maybe offensive, no sexual content is in the novel. Other reviews can be seen at seekingwithallyurheartspoRenegades is a novel I won on Library Thing websites in the early reviewers giveaways. While normally not a book I would choose to review or purchase, I read this one as it interested one of my sons. As I went through the novel, whiting out the foul lang [...]

    • Mason says:

      Listening to a book by author Tom Young stirs strong emotions. While it is a story of fiction, the author’s extensive military background gives credibility to what he writes. The pain, suffering, torture, loss of life and dedication have elements of truth to them.Having said that and the fact that I’m not big on war-theme stories, I do highly recommend THE RENEGADES.Narrator Scott Brick brings the story, people and setting to life. His deep throaty voice gives depth to Young’s words. Brick [...]

    • Ethan says:

      As we have seen, especially in recent years, when nature decides to throw a natural disaster our way, there is nothing for us to do but watch it happen and work quickly to recover. In his latest novel, "The Renegades", Tom Young presents a natural disaster, complicated by the human disaster of war.The horrors of the war in Afghanistan are elevated when a large earthquake strikes the area. In the immediate aftermath, US Lt. Col. Michael Parson is called in to assist with the recovery efforts. Ass [...]

    • Ronald Roseborough says:

      Tom Young previously wrote under the name Thomas W. Young. (The Mullah's Storm and Silent Enemy) His stories are becoming more tightly written as is his name. His characters are becoming less stiff and more lifelike. His stories continue to evolve with more effective action scenes and greater character depth. The Renegades presents two sides of the warrior's dilemma.The book recounts the soldier's desire to fight, to lash out, to end the conflict by crushing the enemy. This is best personified i [...]

    • Elliot says:

      An earthquake has struck whole sections of Afghanistan and the countryside is left in rubble. Thousands who were already suffering from being homeless,starving and living in constant fear need some kind of help. We meet U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Michael Parson, a combat veteran working as a liaison and trainer with the Afghan Air Force. Parson is working with a Capt. Rashid and his crew flying older but sturdy Soviet-built Mi-17 helicopters. Parson gets help from an old collegue, Sgt. Maj. Sophia [...]

    • Michael says:

      There is an earthquake measuring 7.2 that hits Afghanistan. U.S. military are among the first responders.Lt. Col. Michael Parson is in Afghanistan as an advisor to the Afghan Air Force. When his translator, Sgt. Maj. Sophia Gold arrives from the states, they travel to a village called Ghandaki. This village was hard hit by the quake and with some specialized equipment, they are able to save a number of villagers who were buried in the rubble.From the distance, members of a renegade Taliban group [...]

    • Ed says:

      #3 in the Michael Parson & Sophia Gold series. Author Young has moved the action to relief efforts in Afghanistan after a major earthquake and Taliban efforts to subvert those efforts. Young's larger than life heroes stand in for real heroes in many parts of the conflict and this detracts from their believability and slightly from the novel's readability although not from its message.Michael Parson & Sophia Gold - Air Force Lt. Col. Michael Parson, now an adviser to a helicopter unit in [...]

    • Dan says:

      I received this Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) through LibraryThing. I liked this book a lot; in fact, since I read a few Tom Clancy books, Tom Young writes similarly. The last 50 pages of "Renegades" starting from Chapter 24 were the best part of the book; I couldn't turn the pages fast enough; it was riveting and it put the reader on the bench in a C-130 transport plane, sitting next to the other parachutists waiting their turn to jump. I felt the adreneline rush as the finale was unfolding. The a [...]

    • Lorrie says:

      I love the nonstop action in this series. This one did not disappoint.

    • Cynthia says:

      I really like this author! I think he's actually improving in his writing, his story telling, descriptions, plot lines, characterswith each book! This is the 3rd in a series following a couple of military officers& their assignments/tasks/calls of duty. I think it's quite evident that the author has an inside knowledge about what he's writing about, it's very realistic. Action, action, action!!!I actually won this book as an ARC from First-Reads giveaway program. year, & got behind in m [...]

    • Robert Enzenauer says:

      Tom Young has quickly moved into my "must read" author list. Young has returned with his two protagonists - Air Force Lt Col Parson and Army Command Sergeant Major Gold - in a remarkable novel combining terrorism and natural disaster in Afghanistan. The characters are well developed, and the reader really cares about them. The military actions and heroic medical intervention by Air Forces PJs are very realistic and exciting to read. The pace of this latest book is incredible, making it REALLY HA [...]

    • Diane Howland says:

      When a catastrophic earthquake hits Afghanistan, American troops rush to deliver aid, among them Afghan Air Force adviser Lieutenant Colonel Michael Parson and his interpreter, Sergeant Major Sophia Gold. The devastation is like nothing they've ever seen.It's about to get even worse.A Taliban splinter group, Black Crescent, has begun shooting medical workers, downing helicopters, and slaughtering anyone who dares to accept Western aid. With coalition forces already spread thin, Parson, Gold, and [...]

    • Kathy says:

      I have enjoyed ALL of Tom Young's novels; but this might be my favorite. Just hold on to your seat and enjoy the ride. I especially like how Gold and Parsons "play off each other." By that I mean Gold is more self controlled and Parsons is more "hot headed." I relate to Parsons and sometimes get frustrated with Gold. At times I wondered who would make it to the end of this book. It is always interesting to learn about what and how things happen during this Afghanistan/Middle Eastern war. My trus [...]

    • Dan says:

      This military fiction deals with the Americans trying to train the Afghanistan Army is defending themselves. But within the Taliban there is an extremist group that will go to any means to stop them, including kidnapping young boys to make them soldiers or worse; human bombs.The story started off slow for me, but after a while I got to understand the premise and the character’s relationships with one another. It was a good story with great characters and an interesting plot but I I couldn’t [...]

    • Amy says:

      Excellent book! This truly had me at the edge of my seat and left me wanting more. What an amazing fictional book that gives us a glimpse into the life of our military men and women in Afghanistan and the Afghanistan people. I don't think you could have a more authentic book unless it was an autobiography (which it almost is based on the writer's experiences). Tom Young should be a literary house hold name like Clancy!**Just found out on Young's website that The Warrior featuring Parson and Gold [...]

    • Sheila says:

      I have not read the first two novels with Lieutenant Parson and Sergeant Major Gold, but I don't think there is any issue with that. There are comments throughout the novel about other missions they've done. Not knowing anything about military, I appreciated "The Story Behind" chapter at the end of the book detailing roles. There are a lot of acronyms to keep track of. There is profanity and some graphic detail of death. There is also the uncertainty of war, of trying to communicate without know [...]

    • Michael Sears says:

      This is not a genre I would normally read, but I met Tom and tried his first book. Now I have just finished his third. Great stuff. I get hooked from the start and can't put them down. The insights into both the military mind (through his protagonist Parsons and others) and the Afghan culture (through Parson's sometime military interpreter, Gold) make for good tension and lots to learn. It is easy to see why Afghan has become such a difficult problem for us -- and the world. I look forward to hi [...]

    • Robert says:

      Parsons and Gold are back in action, this time in Afghanistan working relief aid after a major earthquake. When a splinter group of terrorists, using the earthquake as a catalyst, raises its ugly head the fight is on. Tom Young is spot on for any fan of the military thriller. I really cannot say enough good about this guy. He is one of those authors that has been there and done that. He also has a talent for telling a great story as well. So I would say if it looks interesting give it a go, I am [...]

    • Paul says:

      This was a very enjoyable, quick read. It's not a change-your-life kind of book, but nonetheless captivating and full of energy and image. It takes place on the current-day battlefield of Afghanistan, in the upheaval of war and modern weapons. The author is obviously well versed in the technology and procedures of war, and it was fun to be a proverbial fly on the wall as they execute orders, fly about in rotating and fixed-wing aircraft, saving the world from the Taliban and worse.

    • Fredrick Danysh says:

      Young produces another excellent military adventure featuring Air Force LtCol Parsons and Army Sergeant Major Sofia Gold. Returning to Afghanistan as an advisor to the Afghan Air Force, Parsons needs an interpreter and calls for Gold's aid. After a major earthquake the pair become aware of a new terrorist group that in addition to committing wholesale slaughter is kidnapping young boys to use as weapons. A timely read in light of the terror war in the Middle East today.

    • Michelle says:

      The Renegades is a fast-moving, action-packed whirl of a story. Young takes an action-laden storyline yet develops the characters in a way that the reader feels entwined with the story. This is not normally my type of book but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters in the story were so real and the story believable that I was hooked from the first couple pages. Thanks to for providing my copy.

    • Mom says:

      War/adventure story with unrealistic super warriors prevailing over evil Taliban brigands who are stealing kids for suicide bombers. It would have been a lot more interesting if the crazy scheme of the pretty little girl soldier played out realistically and she was held hostage and beheaded on video or the cause of death and destruction in the failed rescue attempt, but no, she saves the day and we all hold hands and sing kumbaya.

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