The City of Gold and Lead

The City of Gold and Lead Will Henry and Beanpole have been living in the White Mountains with the last community of free people on Earth training to fight against the Tripods Now there is an opportunity for them to obtain

  • Title: The City of Gold and Lead
  • Author: John Christopher
  • ISBN: 9780020427001
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • Will, Henry, and Beanpole have been living in the White Mountains with the last community of free people on Earth, training to fight against the Tripods Now there is an opportunity for them to obtain vital information every year, young men come from all over to compete in a series of Games, and the winners are taken to the City of the Tripods Will intends to be one o Will, Henry, and Beanpole have been living in the White Mountains with the last community of free people on Earth, training to fight against the Tripods Now there is an opportunity for them to obtain vital information every year, young men come from all over to compete in a series of Games, and the winners are taken to the City of the Tripods Will intends to be one of them But although many enter the City, no one ever comes out How will he escape with what he must risk his life to learn
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    • Miriam says:

      Having by the skin of their teeth survived a cross-continental walk to freedom from the mind-control of the Tripods, Will and his friends now volunteer to risk their lives by joining those who enter the alien city as slaves of the Masters. First they must make another arduous journey and then triumph at an athletic competition designed to select the best and strongest specimens to serve the invaders. But getting into the city is the least horrible of the dangers that wait for the boys Tense and [...]

    • Ahmad Sharabiani says:

      ‭‎The city of gold and lead (The Tripods #2), John Christopherعنوان: شهر طلا و سرب، از مجموعه چهارگانه های جان کریستوفر؛ نوشته: جان کریستوفر؛ مترجم: عطاءالله نوریان؛ چاپ نخست، تهران، کانون پرورش فکری کودکان و نوجوانان، 1353؛ در 214 ص؛ عنوان: شهر طلا و سرب، از مجموعه چهارگانه های جان کریستوفر؛ نوشته: جان ک [...]

    • Kiri says:

      This was always my favorite from this trilogy. Maybe it's because the terror is so immediate and the danger is distilled to its essence. The aliens are terrifying and real, their city has a personality of its own, and Will remains a fascinating and flawed hero.

    • George K. says:

      "Η Πόλη του Χρυσού και του Μολύβδου", εκδόσεις Σίμωσι.Δεύτερο βιβλίο της εφηβικής σειράς επιστημονικής φαντασίας "Τρίποδες", με την ιστορία να ξεκινάει σχεδόν από το σημείο που τελείωσε η ιστορία του πρώτου βιβλίου της σειράς, με τον τίτλο "Τα Λευκά όρη". Πέρυσι τον Μάρτιο ξεκ [...]

    • Robert says:

      I have re-read these books several times over the years, and they have stood up quite well. They're quite suspenseful and interesting, without being over-the-top preachy, which a book like this easily could be. What stood out to me this time was their amazing economy. They're only around 100 pages each, yet they don't feel like slight books in any way.

    • پگاه says:

      خب خیلی خوب بود! واقعا «آی ریلی لایکد ایت»! کم‌بود هایی داشت که پنج ندادم بهش، ولی دوست داشتنی بود. شهر طلا و سرب، خوب و بدون باگ(لااقل بدون باگ واضح) ساخته شده بود. گرچه که یک وقت‌هایی فکر می‌کردم کاش یه جور بهتری کشف می‌کرد ویژگی‌هاش رو برای خواننده!

    • É O'Conghaile says:

      Instead of putting my notes into a nicely-organized review, I'll just post my notes. This book is horrible. Here's why.-continues to be disempowering toward children - particularly toward boys.-increases the victim-blaming, with the author repeatedly making the characters accept blaming themselves for the violence of others.-how are the capped still violent when the caps pacify all emotion and interest? Plothole to assure his creepy victim-blaming.-starting to feel repetitive, with how horribly [...]

    • Mohsen M.B says:

      تا نیمه‌ی اول کتاب با خودم می‌گفتم «وای این هم از اون مجموعه‌هاست که رو به کند شدن میره»ـخصوصا که ترجمه‌ی این جلد (مترجمش فرد دیگه‌ایه) نسبت به جلد قبل چندان جالب نبود اما از نیمه‌ی دوم کتاب ورق برگشتدوباره با اون زاویه دید جذابِ «از آینده به شکوه نابود شده‌ی گذشته» رو به ر [...]

    • An Odd1 says:

      One foot follows another, steady, against gravity, hardship. Overall sad struggle for boy. Hero plods, writing does not. Friends, old and new, are killed by aliens. In few years, Earth will be converted to poison. Fate of mankind looks bleak. We suffer events to see impetuous boy grow patient, cross bridge for sequel. How else will we know if reckless lazy selfish child learns qualities demonstrated by fellows, matures? (Spoilers have another reason.)Will, trained as boxer, narrates being chosen [...]

    • D.M. Dutcher says:

      Second book of the Tripods trilogy, where the plot thickens in darker ways.For all their resistance, the people of the White Mountains barely know anything of the tripods. Who they are, what their plans are, and how they can fight them. So they devise a plan, win the annual games of the Capped, the games where Will lost Eloise to the tripods in the first place. Get taken, spy on them, and come back alive.Will, Beanpole, and a boy named Fritz are chosen, and after several dangers, they arrive at [...]

    • mlady_rebecca says:

      One enjoys friendship most when times are good, when the sun shines and the world is kind. But it is the sharing of adversity that knits men together. (p 164)Second book in the Tripod trilogy. Enjoyed this one as much as the first. Some interesting transitions. The first book was kind of vague on where we were - was it Earth or some alien Earth-like planet? The second book clears this up. Definitely Earth. The other big change was from seeing the tripods as this unknown quantity - were they inte [...]

    • J.M. Hushour says:

      This some badass, excellen' sci-fi, hee-ya. Book Two of the trilogy about a century from now when mankind is slave to the Tripods, giant war machines that control men through Caps which are ritualistically affixed to their skulls at adolescence. The three teenagers from the first book who make it to the White Mountains, where a small band of free people are trying to free the earth are at their zany hijinks again! This time they enter a pseudo-Olympics thing fake-Capped and get inside one of the [...]

    • Karissa says:

      This is the second installment in the Tripods trilogy. It is my favorite book of the trilogy and is still as much fun 20 years from when I first read it.Will, Beanpole, and Henry are training for the games in hopes that one of them will make it into a city of the Tripods and be able to escape to provide vital intelligence to the human resistance.The description of what happens in the Tripods city is amazing and interesting. I remember reading this when I was younger and finding it absolutely fas [...]

    • Scott Anderson says:

      The second in the Tripods series, this book follows Will and Beanpole as they leave their mountain home and try to win a competition of games that will allow them to enter the mysterious city of the tripods. While inside the city, they learn about their captors the Masters and look for a way to defeat them. Very imaginative, told in the style of Jules Verne with a particular knack for describing alien science and technology. It's a great story with a focus on the action, I loved these books as a [...]

    • Space says:

      The second in the White Mountains trilogy, this is the book where the rebel children must infiltrate the enemy complex and learn the aliens' weaknesses. Don't read this one without first having read The White Mountains, and likewise, don't read it without finishing the story off with The Pool of Fire. All three books are very important to the set. And you must read the set! This was one of the best sets of books I've ever read.

    • Ashley says:

      My favourite of the series. For me, it seemed the author was drawing a correlation between the aliens (called the Master's) and human beings. Very good character developement for a kids book. I liked that the protagonist was flawed and pointedly so - I thought that was unusual for a kids book OR for that matter an adult book.

    • Iris Penfield says:

      This book was even more satisfying than the first of the trilogy. I read through it very quickly. You get to find out what a tripod really is and my assumption was all wrong. This book brings out many emotions in the reader as the young teen boys go through cruel and demeaning treatment in the city of the tripods.

    • Anthony Ventrello says:

      Like "The White Mountains" this book grabs the reader from page one and and doesn't let go until the end. Even then, it doesn't let go as you will run to the nearest library or bookstore and want to get the next book.

    • Mohammad Baghbani Pourvahid says:

      بهترين كتابي آخرالزمانيه كه خوندم جدا كارش عالي بود ولي إز حق نگذريم يه كپي تَر تميز از اچ جي ولز زده بود ولي خوب بعدش عناصره به داستان اضافه شد كه باعث شد از حالت كپي در بياد و به يه اثر زيبا تبديل شه حتما اگه طرفدار كتاباي آخر الزماني هستيد اينو بخونيد

    • Daniel says:

      I've read this book multiple times, and every time, it make me feel like my life is easy compared to the main character's, and that if he can rise up to his challenges, I should be able to rise up to my own. Very motivating. This series is worth reading.

    • KatHooper says:

      reviewing soon at fantasyliterature

    • Lavendersbluegreen says:

      I just reread this trilogy after many years and wow it was better than ever! Apparently there is even another book… so I will have to check it out too.

    • David B says:

      Three young men seek entry to one of the strongholds of the extraterrestrial Masters who have conquered the earth. Two are successful, and they strive to learn as much as possible about the enemy so that they may report back to the last existing colony of free humans. I preferred this novel to the previous one, "The White Mountains." Both novels share the same deficiency, a tendency to relate certain events too sketchily and a failure to develop key characters, in this case the German boy, Fritz [...]

    • Myles says:

      I could cut a long review short: The Tripod Trilogy is a terrific sf series for the young ones, the darkest revelation of a post-tripod-conquest world is, obviously, that women don't matter at all. Where does that leave all the young men? I read these books when I was 11 or 12 at the same time as other juvenile genre pieces from C.S. Lewis to Tamora Pierce, and I can't remember if I noticed the lack of girls then. I possibly was too busy having a crush on the strong-but-silent Fritz.The story be [...]

    • Celeste M says:

      The story is about these two boys named Beanpole and Henry who managed to escape the Tripods. The males are turned into slaves while the females are killed and preserved for Masters to admire. Will and his companions are hopeful to enter the city so they can get information about the Tripods. During Fritz, abusing from his master, Will finds out more stuff about the aliens from his Master. The theme that I gathered from reading this book was that it doesn't hurt you to try new things because onc [...]

    • Laura says:

      The second book of the Tripods Trilogy, The City of Gold and Lead continues the science fiction adventure that began with The White Mountains. The world has been taken over by aliens who rule in large, three-legged machines. Humans are controlled by metal caps, which are melded to their skulls at the age of 14. Will, the main character, is a young man who is part of a small group of free men, who have escaped the capping process and live secretly in the mountains. In The City of Gold and Lead, W [...]

    • Geoff Bottone says:

      In the sequel to the White Mountains, Will and random new character Fritz compete in the Great Games to win the "honor" of serving the Tripods in their enclosed city. Once inside, they poke around and learn as much as they can about the Tripods so that they have a hope of beating them. In this book, we finally come face-to-face with the Masters, pyramid-shaped, three-legged, three-eyed, tentacled monstrosities who are the driving force behind the Tripod invasion.I enjoyed this book a lot more th [...]

    • Philippa Dowding says:

      The cover of this book still makes me shivery with fear and delight. I found the entire trilogy at the bottom of a bookshelf in a recent office clear-out, the originals from my childhood. They're first editions too, which made me briefly think I shouldn't be reading them which I quickly dismissed, what are books for if not to be read and enjoyed? Anyway, I remember this book even more clearly than the first one, The White Mountains (review link at bottom), because the terror and fascination of t [...]

    • Bob Redmond says:

      The second installment (or third, if you are counting the prequel) in John Christopher's late-60's "Tripods" trilogy has our erstwhile hero Will undercover in the city of the aliens. The "city" is really a huge biosphere set up on earth, where the aliens--the Masters--have subdued the populace with nefarious intent.Christopher's spare writing style comes right out of Strunk and White--nothing wasted, everything moving the story forward. (Contemporary writers, with infinite hard drive space and a [...]

    • Stenwjohnson says:

      “The City of Gold and Lead” (1968) is the second novel in John Christopher’s Tripods trilogy, the post-apocalyptic story a young resistance movement confronting an invading alien race. Christopher’s young adult series is distinguished by its introspection, elegantly literary prose and tense, engaging storyline; still, “The City of Gold and Lead” inevitably loses some of the mystique of the first installment “The White Mountains.” The mystery of the sinister mechanical tripods is [...]

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