Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits A mother and daughter at home in Australia around the time of World War are baking Anzac biscuits and the mother is explaining their history This is interspersed with scenes and reports of what it w

  • Title: Anzac Biscuits
  • Author: Phil Cummings
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • A mother and daughter at home in Australia around the time of World War 1 are baking Anzac biscuits and the mother is explaining their history This is interspersed with scenes and reports of what it was like to be a young soldier the child s father at the battle site Strong emotional impact , understandable and useful for approx 5 12 year olds.
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    • Jess says:

      Australian author Phil Cummings has teamed up with illustrator Owen Swan to create a unique and special ANZAC story for young children.Unlike many books which focus only on the war experience of the solider fighting on the front line, this picture book is told through the perspective of a child (Rachel) and her mother as they bake ANZAC biscuits to send to her father who is away fighting the war. However this happy little tale is broken up every second double page spread by the story of Rachel's [...]

    • Angela says:

      Emotionally engaging , impact is strong. As there is already plenty of non fiction available on World War 1, Anzac Day, Gallipoli, this is the sort of book I buy now.Australian experience in this book is so close to New Zealand it is very useful.Illustrations in muted browns, golds, give a feeling of being in another time, a certain reverence I guess:not exactly realistic but links to many of the photos of the time.A pity there isn't a recipe for Anzac biscuits at the end of the book: maybe it w [...]

    • Get Ahead Kids says:

      Rachel is young girl at home in the kitchen with her mum; she misses her father who is in the cold muddy trenches of war, which seems a world away. Rachel's mum suggests they bake ANZAC biscuits and send them to her dad, to warm not only their kitchen but also his spirit.This book is a touching story of a family separated by war, but due to the love and compassion from the home-front and a care package of ANZAC biscuits they don't seem that far apart after all.This book is a great story of Austr [...]

    • Malvina says:

      A beautifully drawn story, about a mother and her little daughter baking Anzac biscuits for their soldier husband/father, fighting in the trenches. The story flashes in between the warm, safe kitchen and the cold, fearful war happening so far away. And yet, their love unites them. This book is deceptively simple in both storyline and illustrations but has maximum emotional impact. One for the heart.

    • Donna says:

      Checkered endpapers reminiscent of a tablecloth frame this poignant story of a girl making ANZAC biscuits while her father fights in the trenches. Sombre toned water-colour illustrations capture the warmth of the kitchen, and bleak starkness of the battlefield. It is almost eerie how the actions and sounds of kitchen are then mirrored by what the soldier endures. The baking of biscuits somehow diminishes the distance between the family and brings them together again.

    • Sally906 says:

      A picture book that tells the story of a mum baking Anzac biscuits in their warm home for her husband - their activities, putting on an apron with flowers, banging pots, gently falling flour are all linked to an alternative story of a young man fighting in a war in Europe - flowers in the battle field, bombs exploding, snow falling. Powerful images explains the Anzac story.

    • Pat says:

      With humour and sensitivity Cummings has written a beautiful book that is ideal for Anzac Day.

    • D.peabody says:

      A lovely story contrasting a young girl at home thinking of her father as she makes biscuits and the father on the battle fields.

    • Melinda Mcnaughton says:

      Excellent story. Great way to explain Anzac Day and its significance to children.

    • Sarah says:

      Read to a pre-primary class as a prelude to cooking ANZAC biscuits. Excellent juxtaposition between the mother and daughter cooking ANZAC biscuits in Australia to the young father away at war. Plenty of discussion points to have with the class.

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