Fall with Me

Fall with Me Jill Freyss Charon is just trying to get through the year After losing her father in a horrific car accident she is eager to return to her summer job at a horse ranch where she knows everything will

  • Title: Fall with Me
  • Author: Bella Forrest
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jill Freyss Charon is just trying to get through the year After losing her father in a horrific car accident, she is eager to return to her summer job at a horse ranch where she knows everything will be just as it always is each summer But when a tanned young man washes up on the beach outside her tent one night, half drowned and begging to be given shelter until morningJill Freyss Charon is just trying to get through the year After losing her father in a horrific car accident, she is eager to return to her summer job at a horse ranch where she knows everything will be just as it always is each summer But when a tanned young man washes up on the beach outside her tent one night, half drowned and begging to be given shelter until morning, any hope of normality immediately vanishes Jill has dated Griffin Alexander s type before, and soon regrets taking him in when he decides to stay on at the ranch She finds she is repelled by him, and doesn t believe his crazy story about being kidnapped and held to ransom until three words escape his lips that send her head into a tailspin Three words that threaten to unravel her painful past and bring her closer to this man she is trying to avoid which will put her in danger than either realizes.
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    • Sylvia says:

      Bella Forrest is becoming one of those authors who can have her hand in many genres and tell a great story with many amazing characters. And that's what she has done with Fall With Me. It's captivating from the very first page and I felt instantly drawn into the lives of both Jill and Griffin. I wanted to know more about them and experience the story through their eyes, and that is exactly what happened. Instant connection is always the best kind of experience for a reader and by having that I w [...]

    • Carol [Goodreads Addict] says:

      I am so disappointed to not have loved this book. I loved Bella Forrest's Shade series and had such high hopes for Fall With Me. The synopsis seemed so interesting but the whole book just never really clicked for me. Griffin is the son of a very rich business man. He has pretty much wasted his life so far partying all over the world, drinking, taking drugs and enjoying different women every night. Then, he finds himself kidnapped on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. The kidnappers are asking h [...]

    • Amber says:

      From page one I was totally lost in this story. I became an addict wanting to know what happened and needing more and more. I was able to read this in one evening. There is something about Bella Forrest's books. I love every one I have read and I say that honestly. I finished and now I'm left kind of sad because I want more lol. Anyway you have Griffin who is like a rich party boy who cares about nobody but himself and Jill who is dealing with the horrific car crash that took her fathers life an [...]

    • Erin says:

      Something happened, though, right around the time I turned thirteen. Maybe it's because I grew taller than him, or because my voice got deeper than his, or any number of things, but one day it seemed like Dad woke up and decided he just didn't like me anymore. ~ Griffin, p.37 Jill was just going through the motions of life ever since she lost her father and her mother was left hanging on by a thread. My heart went out to her immediately, I mean she was really struggling to not get sucked under b [...]

    • CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD says:

      3.5 or 4, I am debating. I love the story. I wish it was longer though the book is long enough, longer in a way on what counts in the story, it went quite fast near the end. Jill started off real bitter with everything reasonably so and Griffin's character stayed true through and through he is hot and pretty cool. The idea of the story is hot, and I wish there was more to it on this book but I guess we'll have to wait for the next book it is not a cliffhanger, but the story continues which, of c [...]

    • Fawa says:

      2.5 Stars

    • Ava Guinto says:

      I love this book!I like reading a book with the boy and girl's point of view. And Bella has written a masterpiece! :)

    • Meganm922 says:

      I’m a huge fan of Bella Forrest and her YA vampire romance series, so I was excited to check out her New Adult contemporary romance title. Fall With Me was enjoyable and sweet, with a down to earth heroine.Jill was definitely likeable. She had a good head on her shoulders and wasn’t afraid to work hard. She dealt with quite a bit since her father’s death and was just trying to get through the summer without any more life altering changes. Griffin, on the other hand, was the kind of charact [...]

    • Corina says:

      Fall With MeOh my god where has Griffin been all my life?!?Bella, chica, you’re trying to drown me in hotness aren’t you? Don’t lie; I know your tricks. ;) Fall With Me by Bella Forrest is amazing and exactly the kind of book I enjoy reading on a sweltering summer day. Fall With Me follows 22-year-old Jill Freyss-Charon as she attempts to cope with a horrific tragedy that left her Mother in a wheelchair and her Father dead.Jill’s entire life is on big clusterfuck and she’s hoping that [...]

    • April says:

      Fall with Me was a little hard for me to "fall" into. It was a slow read until about 40% of the book. I found it a little hard to feel the chemistry between Jill and Griffin. In the beginning, we find out that Griffin was kidnapped, and escaped to a Beach in Cali. He is a man-whore, spoiled rich kid who parties a lot, drink, do drugs and have plenty of sex. Kinda typical in books nowadays. I do; however, love a redeemed man-whore though. Jill lost her dad in a car accident a year ago, and it lef [...]

    • Krizna says:

      Ok, here goesI love how Bella developed her characters. But maybe it has something to do with the story being slow and fast at the same time.It has a tendency to stray away, you can't help but be, "er right, next?"at the same time, I think that the later part was so abrupt. I mean(view spoiler)[ To, Griffin's dad, WHO WOULD IN THEIR FUCKING RIGHT MIND WOULD JUST CHOKE A GIRL TO DEATH??You're a billionaire for Christ sake's, so there should be a brain in there somewhere. It's not like she already [...]

    • PaulaPhillips says:

      The past year for Jill has been very difficult with her father dying in a car crash , her mother being paralyzed and in a wheelchair and she had to put a hold on graduating and of course just to top it off she has a ex-boyfriend who won't leave her alone. To get away for the summer she has been offered to work at her family friend's ranch for their Summer camp. Griffin is a party boy and viewed as the slacker for his family. The novel starts with Griffin, being kidnapped and held for $7.2 Millio [...]

    • Anna Lenhart says:

      This was an well plotted romance between Jenna, whose fiance left her and became engaged to her best friend, and Sutton, the best friends older brother. Their relationship happens really fast, (almost too fast for me), and both set out to save his sister from similar pain. I found the conflict at the end of the book to be a little juvenile and I agree with other reviewers that it felt a little too high school for me. Not really my cup of tea, but i am sure many will enjoy.I was given a free copy [...]

    • Katie Huscroft says:

      Another great book from Bella.I loved the storyline and could relate a lot to Jill's character. Griffin`s character is a really cheeky and I think we all know someone like him.I only gave it 4 stars as I struggled to get into the storyline to begin with but once I got into it it was worth the read. I didn't see the twist coming which was brilliant. I look forward to seeing what happens next.I would definitely recommend this book so keep them coming Bella.

    • Tammy says:

      Quick easy chick lite book, that looks like there will be a continuation. No vampires this time around. Just a little too short, I looked at the page numbers and there is a lot less than I realized. I guess that leaves me wanting more in the next book. I liked the characters and how the story came together.

    • Kate says:

      The book was long but the story was not. What I mean by this is that the story line was rather drawn out without being as fleshed out as I wanted it to be. This book had all the ingredients of an amazing read but in the end it didn't quite hit it's mark. Solid effort though.

    • Kyles says:

      This was a very enjoyable read.Loved Griffin and how he changes his life for the better.My only frustration was that there are so many unanswered questions and we have to wait for the next book to hopefully find out those answers.

    • Aimee Rogers says:

      Great book. Read it start to finish today. Had to keep reading. great way to spend my Saturday. Thank You for writing such great books!!!

    • Kali Forster says:

      I'd give this a 4.5.

    • Nicolette (FallingOverBooks) says:

      eh. I thought it was gonna be better, but it was still good. I'm curious to see if there will be a second book.

    • Tracey says:

      2.5 Stars. I found it had to get into this contemporary, mystery romance for New Adults. The concept was ok but the characters lacked chemistry and maturity.

    • Anna De Matos says:

      Where can I get this book from? It's not on or any other website?

    • Tina Marcum Montuoro says:

      I liked the book but the endingjust wonder is there a second book.

    • Livia says:

      2.5 Stars

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