Cowboy Endings

Cowboy Endings Join your favourite Australian couples for one last goodbye Life is wrought with ups and downs and if we are lucky we will have the one we love to relish the joys and to navigate the rough waters of

  • Title: Cowboy Endings
  • Author: Kasey Millstead
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  • Page: 221
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  • Join your favourite Australian couples for one last goodbye Life is wrought with ups and downs, and if we are lucky, we will have the one we love to relish the joys and to navigate the rough waters of heartache Cowboy Endings takes place ten years after the end of Cowboy Redemption and comprises of six novellas There will be joy, heartache, laughter, sorrow and love froJoin your favourite Australian couples for one last goodbye Life is wrought with ups and downs, and if we are lucky, we will have the one we love to relish the joys and to navigate the rough waters of heartache Cowboy Endings takes place ten years after the end of Cowboy Redemption and comprises of six novellas There will be joy, heartache, laughter, sorrow and love from your favourite Australian couples, as they deal with issues that plague many marriages Join Jackson Edie, Jeremy Ava, Clay Jules, Luke Laura, Zeke Sienna, and Kye Kennedy one last time before they say goodbye Cowboy Endings should be read as the final book in the Down Under Cowboy Series It is not intended to be read as a standalone
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      221 Kasey Millstead
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    • Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog says:

      4.5 Stars!Are you ready to go down under one last time? Who is your favorite Jackson & Edie, Jeremy & Ava, Clay & Jules, Luke & Laura, Zeke & Sienna, OR Kye & Kennedy? Well now you get a chance to jump forward with them and see what happened years later after they each found their happy ending. It won't be easy for some and it can be challenging, but in the end it was always worth it. You are going to laugh. You are going to smile. You are going to swoon. You are going to [...]

    • She Hearts Books says:

      What a fantastic ending to this sexy sweet series. I both loved it and hated that it was over. I loved catching up with everyone years later and seeing how strong and sizzling these couples still are as they navigate real life problems along the way. I give Cowboy Endings 4 hearts!

    • Kurstie says:

      When is this out? And why do you have 2 series with the same name

    • Shonda Franks says:

      This is the 7th book in the Down Under Cowboy series. It is a "wrap up" of all the stories and relationships. It consists of short stories of all the relationships as of now. This book is strange to me. Ok we read the entire series and everyone lives happily ever afteror so we think. Fast-forward about 15-20 years and every single one of these guys go through some traumatic, life-changing, ordeal. I was not a fan of this book at all. Why did every one of the guys go through some drama? I guess I [...]

    • Heather andrews says:

      Part 1 - Eden & JacksonJackson is always ready for his woman, “mmm, got the place to ourselves tonight.” He rubs his crotch against my arse suggestively. “Maybe I’ll eff you against the kitchen wall for old time’s sake,” It was great seeing these two again and all they accomplished.Part 2 - Ava & JeremyAva she brought her 'A' game she was strong for her man, “having a weak moment doesn’t mean you are weak. It takes a strong man to admit when he is down. A weak man wouldn [...]

    • Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog says:

      4.5 starIf you have not already I would recommend reading the below books in this series first:Cowboy Town (Down Under Cowboy Series Book 1) - (Edie & Jackson story)Sky Cowboy (Down Under Cowboy Series Book 2) - (Ava & Jeremy story)Cowboy Dreams (Down Under Cowboy Series Book 3) - (Jules & Clay story)Tatted Cowboy (Down Under Cowboys #4) – (Laura & Luke story)Rogue Cowboy (Down Under Cowboys #5) – (Sienna & Zeke story)Cowboy Redemption (Down Under Cowboys #6) – (Kennedy [...]

    • Rebecca says:

      I'll never be ready to say goodbye to my favorite alpha Aussie Cowboys and their kickass women, but if it's time to move on then I'm glad Kasey Millstead gives readers final look into their lives, their love, and the friendships that have lasted decades.Eden and Jackson will always be my favorite couple because they're the ones who started the series and brought readers into this tight knit community, but the rest of the twosomes added their own brand of steam, romance and drama, which kept us c [...]

    • Wednesday Stanley says:

      So I'm never quite sure how to write these reviews when there's several novellas or stories involved. But I will say this incase you missed it but this is a book of six of novellas of all of the characters in the Down Under Cowboys series. So if you've never read any of those books you'll probably be confused to what is going on in these short stories.I have to say I have enjoyed reading all of the stories in this series and it was nice to have one more chance to see these characters. This book [...]

    • Linda Wager says:

      Incredible endings. I loved this book.I'm so glad Kasey wrote this book. So many times we read a series that get so involved in the characters lives that we feel like we're a part of them. At the end of the series we just have to guess at what happens in their life after the book is over. Writing the novellas for the future of the characters is such a great way for closure and to see that they all have every day problems, and every day issues that most of us have as well. Seeing how all of the c [...]

    • Marina Skinner says:

      I loved the way Kasey has given us a glimpse into the future lives of the Cowboys series characters!I think a lot of the time whilst reading, my heart was in my throat at what certain couples went through! One being similar to something that happened to me! It was eerie!I have really missed the whole gang! I love the whole sense of family in that town and the way they are all there for each other in difficult times! Seriously want to find this town and go move there!! Great work as ever Kasey! Y [...]

    • Lauren Campbell says:

      This novel is made up of 6 novellas – one for each couple we love from the Down Under Cowboys Series. I love everything I have read by Kasey Millstead but I admit during a couple of novellas I really really disliked her for breaking my heart so much! Ava and Jeremy’s novella destroyed me with their pain, strength and love for each other. Kennedy’s story was also heart wrenching to read. That said all the novellas were beautifully written and captivating the whole time, and I loved catching [...]

    • CatherineWright (Cat's Guilty Pleasure) says:

      I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.It's ten years down the road and we get a look at all the lives of each couple to see where they are and how they are doing. I love that we got to see where they are, I enjoyed this book and hate to see this series end. I loved each and every couple, they each had their own unique love story. It is not a stand alone, you would have to read each of their books and I highly recommend you do that.Review done by Cat for Cat's Guilty Pleasure

    • Erin says:

      Wow!Cowboy endings wraps up of the down under cowboy series by re visiting all the couples 10 years onI love how in this book the couples deal with problems that could happen to anyone and it shows that they are not Immune to it. I had a lot of emotions while reading even brought tears to my eyes and had my heart racing I'm going to miss this seriesARC provided by the Author in return for an honest review

    • Lara Petterson says:

      Loved this book ! Kasey did a great job of giving up a look at all 6 couples in their everyday lives. In each story their was a real angst filled situation and you got to see how the couples and often times their friends and family handle it . I'm hoping we get more of "the parents " in the their "kids" books . Do not read this unless you ve read all 6 books would be a super spolier for you !!! If youve read the series you must read this book !!!

    • Donna Porter says:

      These are short novella's about all the couples in the Down Under Cowboy series. This book is actually ten years later and lets you join in on whats happening to them now. This is not a stand alone it is a look at the couples in the book. Jackson and Eden, Jeremy and Ava, Clay and Jules, Luke and Laura, Zeke and Sienna, and Kye and Kennedy. If you have read this series of books you will love a look at their lives now.

    • Alanna Baker says:

      I liked that we got to see how everyone was doing after the end of each of their respective books.What annoyed me was that some of the subjects broached needed more than a couple of chapters as they are things have long lasting effects in anybodies lives so felt there was more unanswered questions as a result of thisHopefully these questions will be answered when the children get there own books!

    • Traci says:

      This was short and sweet, and you got to see how the couples were years later and i loved that. It had real life type situations and showed you that things happen in life, even in romance novels and how you get through and shine on and an individual and a couplethis was a good series and i would definitely recommend it

    • Chrys says:

      BOOKS NEVER ENDThank you Kasey Milstead for this novella about our favourite couples.Some tough but important topics to be made aware of and that they can touch any and everyone of us.These beautiful group of friends in the form of your characters will never end because books can always be reread.

    • Diane says:

      Get your tissues ready for this book! I applaud Kasey for broaching some topics that would go unnoticed especially in the bush and remote areas. Depression, croc bites, pregnancy, kidnapping and trust issues all come up. This book has brought all the characters together and shown how much they are family. I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review - Naughty Book Eden

    • Suzi (Obsessive Reading Disorder) says:

      I'm a fan of epilogues and this was one grand ending to the series. 10 years in the future, catching up with each couple in the series. Some heart breaking moments but very nice goodbye to all the Aussie Cowboys! :)

    • Tersea says:

      I haven't cried in a book for a while and I cried, laughed, smiled I had all the feels!!The stories of each couple is what so many people go through in everyday life. You did awesome Kasey It was a perfect ending to a incredible series!

    • Penny Lisle says:

      This series by Kasey Millstead is fantastic. It had me captivated from book 1 right through to the last book!!! The way this series finished I LOVED every minute of it (apart from the sad parts). Job well done Kasey!!

    • Gemma Longworth says:

      love this cowboy ending as its great to catch up on what there up to, I hope Jacksons ex doesn't show up again, and Jeremy is well again must be awful feeling depressed.

    • Emily Gould says:

      It was great to read what has happened in the lives of everyone from Pine Creek.

    • Marika says:

      Great ending. Plenty of emotions and I loved reading about each couple as they live their lives and solve the problems they encounter along the way.

    • Lynette says:

      Fantastic end to this series. Can't wait for the next generation to get there story.

    • Tracey says:

      Love these aussie boys!!! Get them all. One of the best series out there

    • Lucy says:

      *** Four and a Half Stars ***Great way to finish the Down Under Cowboys series!

    • Ruth Evans says:

      Wonderful ending to an awesome seriesThis has been my favorite series of any book I've read so far. Looking forward to reading about the new generation of their children's lives

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