The Devil's Due

The Devil s Due Print version in Enthralled anthology An Irish lass only now realizing her breed genetics now also carries the proof of a little known breed phenomena called genetic flaming A fever that literally pu

  • Title: The Devil's Due
  • Author: Lora Leigh Brianna Bronte
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Print version in Enthralled anthology.An Irish lass only now realizing her breed genetics now also carries the proof of a little known breed phenomena, called genetic flaming A fever that literally pulls recessed breed genetics from hiding.She s discovered in the worse of places, in Europe, where breeds are now required to submit to testing facilities or forced to thosePrint version in Enthralled anthology.An Irish lass only now realizing her breed genetics now also carries the proof of a little known breed phenomena, called genetic flaming A fever that literally pulls recessed breed genetics from hiding.She s discovered in the worse of places, in Europe, where breeds are now required to submit to testing facilities or forced to those facilities once found But breeds rarely leave the same way they enter.If Kathleen Katy O Sullivan doesn t find a miracle than no one can save her, even her adored Da, Barrett O Sullivan Northern Ireland s Chief Constable can save her from the fate her country would order her to.Rescue comes in the form of the famed, Devil Black, a former Breed Rogue Executioner and now, her mate.
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      151 Lora Leigh Brianna Bronte
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    • Sophia Triad says:

      Breeds 28Wolf Breeds 10Featured Couple: Devil Black (Wolf) & Kathleen ‘Katy’ O’Sullivan (Wolf)Although this is a short novella it is well packed with a lot of details (really important for future books) and facts about Breeds:FACTS ABOUT BREEDS1. Breeds in Europe do NOT have a good life. Once they are discovered, they return willingly/forced to research facilities.2. Some Breeds from Europe are trying very hard to escape in USA where the situation for Breeds is more tolerable and digni [...]

    • ᴥ Irena ᴥ says:

      A recessive Wolf Breed is revealed and she has to hide from almost everyone. Those against the Breeds want her dissected and checked since she passed all the tests which were supposed to show she is a Breed. None of those tests were successful until the fever hit and she found out she is, after all, not human. Those who are not against the Breeds see the benefits of having her. This is a standard Breed story minus the arguing common to other Breed stories.I was more interested in the parts of th [...]

    • Pete says:

      The Devil’s Dueis book 28 in the Breeds series, byLora Leigh . This is a short Breed book with a lot of convoluted plots, genetic manipulations, andSteamy Scenesas only Lora Leigh can do. The book seems to contain preludes to other books with so many characters being introduced.I did like Katie and Devil bonding. :P

    • Silkeeeeee says:

      As I said in my status update, there is really only one reason people have such an addiction to The New Breed series for 27 books. That's the sex. There is nothing hotter than sex written by Lora Leigh. No one comes close to her ability to make you read 30 solid minutes of one sex scene. It's the reason she almost always gets a 4 or 5 star rating from me. If you are a breed addict, this can be found in Audible form and is well worth listening to. For those not familiar with the New Breed series, [...]

    • April says:

      I have been reading this series for awhile now. There are books that I love and ones I could have skipped. The stories are all connected and hints/clues are peppered through everything, so you really do have to read the whole series in order.Every time it comes to a novella, I feel rushed. There is so much more that could be in the stories. I really liked Katie and yummy Devil. This book could have been so much more. Plenty of other hints dropped about future books, we will see if they are reall [...]

    • Carolyn F. says:

      Part of anthology EnthralledFor a Breed book, the "romance" was watered down, which I actually enjoyed. The series got to the point where it was a sexual hunger that almost hurt and the sex didn't seem to feel any better, especially for the women. This one was a nice story about a Breed that thought he'd never find love and the woman that was rejected when her DNA was found out. Good story. 3-1/2 stars.

    • Netanella says:

      Lora Leigh writes good sex. Other than that redeeming factoid, I do believe this series has gotten stale beyond that loaf of bread I forgot about in the kitchen cupboard.

    • Lindap says:

      2.50 / 2 StarsI had to reread the beginning a couple of times to catch who was who was a bit confusing. LL brought in an Irish contingency, which was okay. The only big thing was at the end Gideon realizes who his mate is. It did like that Katie didn't go back and forth with her emotions on the mating thing.

    • Kathleen says:

      SSDD Same $h1t, different day. It's getting to the point in these shorts that there is little story and the same tired sex scenes. This is the last one I'll read. I'm on to Rule Breaker later this month and I can only hope with all my might that there's a story in there because I'm sick to death of the same sex scenes over and over and over. I loved the first dozen or so books but now the sex make me cringe, and the stories grow weak and are poorly edited. I did not/could not finish this one. Si [...]

    • Shawnie Nicole says:

      I'm waiting for Cass's book

    • Laura Beth says:

      The beginning of this book is very confusing and I think it is because there is a typo with the first two characters introduced names. I read the prologue twice every time trying to figure out the names and which character is the father of which girl. One girl is the heroine of this book the other becomes a minor character in the next couple of books and is implied to be important in an upcoming story. Only two stars because of the confusion, the quickness of the story, the shortness of the stor [...]

    • Kadisha says:

      Found this book to be short and sweet. I entirely loved that Katie did not resist the mating at any time, she embraced her attraction to Devil from the start and that was different to most of the females who have to fight through emotional barriers. Devil also embraced his attraction to her and once realising she was his mate he did not pull back. I am very curious to find out more about Khileen and cant wait til we get more information on her!

    • Fran Alsaud says:

      Por fin acabé esta saga, no quería dejarla a medias, muy pocas historias disfruté, las demás fueron relleno para mi. Aún me falta leer la historia de Judd. Admito que deseo que la autora publique la historia de Cassie y no me decepcione.

    • Kathy says:

      Devil’s Due by Lora LeighSetting: lab in European mountains; Irish home; Reever Ranch, new Mexico:Theme: security; Breed rights; finding love;Characters:Barrett ‘Bar’ and Kella O’Sullivan: couldn’t have children… gave sperm ova… told it was incompatible… 7 years later find out Bar’s father used their cells in lab, added wolf dna, and Katie born… grandfather made sure Bar knew about her, and she is rescued – adopted (to protect her true identity) by her parents, and raised w [...]

    • Bea says:

      Its more of a novella short intro into the series. It had lots of elements that I look for in a fantasy-paranormal read. The intrigue, protagonists/antagonists, romance, etc. The pace and quality of the characters was good as well though a little more depth to them might have turned this read into 5 stars. I'm definitely going to check out others by Lora Leigh. Brianna Bronte's narration was great!

    • Sam~Alpha Male Addict~ Woodley Duenas says:

      Slightly better than the last but still wasn't enough to keep me interested enough to finish the book. I'm getting sad, I love this series but the past few books were just horrible. What happened?? I loved the earlier books! Coyote's Mate, Mercury's War, etc. were so awesome now I just don't feel anything for the new main characters!!! And it sucks cuz Katie's a redhead i love redheads but why couldn't I finish reading the book? Hopefully Rule and Gideon will fix this awful spell!!!

    • Theresa says:

      Interesting little story even without the hot, can’t-stop sex. Of course I haven’t read any of the rest of series so don’t understand it all. But enough info was given to understand what was going on. Ended very abruptly though without finishing story lines.Fave scenes: escaping Ireland and Kate taking down her kidnapper.

    • Lyly says:

      There is a reason I don't consider novellas stories, they are so short and confusing it leaves you wondering what exactly did you read. This was very confusing, I've heard the name Graeme before but I just can't remember what story it was from and the talk of finding Jorn let's just say I'm left with so many questions that I'm not even sure will be answered in the books to come.

    • Michelle Tempted By Books says:

      Sadly this was way too formatted and thus extremely boring. I am rather tired of reading about Cassie and not just getting her story as well. I feel as though she is being forced into stories. Actually many characters feel forced at this point.

    • Ruth Ellen says:

      Enjoyed Devil's story. Really need to know more about him.Kate's genetics have kicked in. To keep her safe she is whisked away to Lobo's Ranch. The breed who has her safety is Devil Black. It is apparent they are attracted and soon mate. See how this turns out.

    • Erika says:

      I honestly have no idea how Lora Leigh continues to write more of these and still manage to make me care about the characters. A lot of it is the same story idea, but the people within still manage to captivate me.

    • Barbara says:

      An Irish lass only now realizing her breed genetics now also carries the proof of a little known breed phenomena, called ‘genetic flaming’. A fever that literally pulls recessed breed genetics from hiding. Good read. Stands alone but highlights other characters in the Breeds Series.

    • Oceans says:

      A short story with Wolf Breed Devil and well known mating heat which is quick and instant. There was one insight into another story which was a bit confusing but I guess it was opening to another one.

    • Biate says:

      Just a real quick read. I liked reading more about Cassie. Can't wait for her to get her own story. Oh and Dane!!

    • Liska De Freitas says:

      Me gustó mucho que este libro a pesar de corto, despejó muchas interrogantes que quedaron pendientes en el libro anterior.

    • Deanna Against Censorship says:

      I love the Breeds! This novella seems to point to more stories with other Breeds involved including European Breeds. Bring it on! Do not read if you have never read about the Breeds.

    • Greeneyes Belle28 says:

      It was excellent

    • Angel says:

      Short story about wolf breeds, genetic manipulation, hot, hot sex , love and belonging to the one you love and the one who loves you back.

    • Angel Martin says:

      Read in the Enthralled anthology

    • Aria says:

      You don't fall in love in seconds and sex is not the only way to show love.

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