Saltos De Arrasar

Saltos De Arrasar Ruby Delisantro nunca fica envergonhada mas depois de ser alvo do olhar sedutor do irritante Callum West ela est mais vermelha que um glac de morango Desde o momento em que o convers vel de Callum co

  • Title: Saltos De Arrasar
  • Author: Heidi Rice
  • ISBN: 9788539804191
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ruby Delisantro nunca fica envergonhada mas depois de ser alvo do olhar sedutor do irritante Callum West, ela est mais vermelha que um glac de morango Desde o momento em que o convers vel de Callum colidiu em seu carro, seu corpo soube que sua vida nunca mais seria a mesma Ruby estava acostumada a assumir a dire o de todos os seus relacionamentos, mas alRuby Delisantro nunca fica envergonhada mas depois de ser alvo do olhar sedutor do irritante Callum West, ela est mais vermelha que um glac de morango Desde o momento em que o convers vel de Callum colidiu em seu carro, seu corpo soube que sua vida nunca mais seria a mesma Ruby estava acostumada a assumir a dire o de todos os seus relacionamentos, mas alguma coisa dizia que Callum sabia muito bem o que ela desejava enquanto dan avam salsa Pela primeira vez, Ruby est a ponto de perder o controle e se entregar ao ritmo de uma nova paix o
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      281 Heidi Rice
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    • Nicola Marsh says:

      I haven't read too many category romances this year but the ones I've been lucky enough to pick up have been crackers!This one is no exception.Heidi Rice has a fabulously snappy voice and the heat between her characters Ruby and Callum is amazing! Sparks galore. A seriously sexy read.I love a feisty, strong-willed heroine and Ruby delivers in spades, more than a match for the alpha Cal.Really enjoyed this.

    • Saly says:

      Pretty average and I was left with a feeling that the book had no conflict, story and was all about the sexy times. The heroine is a major flirt, getting her make-up on when the hero hits her car, they flirt, he gets back to her. She is trying to expand her cupcake business, hero is anti-love since he witnessed first hand the disaster of his parents(his father was a cheater and used the hero as an alibi), they both have a fling which become more than one night when the hero takes her to his sist [...]

    • Alex is The Romance Fox says:

      I love reading series, where we get to read characters that we met in previous books, stories.This is the 2nd book in the fabulous Heidi Rice’s Brothers & Sisters series and here we have Cal, Maddy’s brother from book #1 (Surf, Sea And A Sexy Stranger), which I loved /book/show/98Cal Westmore is a total alpha-male, gorgeous, rich, witty, an amazing salsa dancer and despite him being British (I’m not totally mad about these Brit heroes normally), I fell in love with him right from the s [...]

    • RLA says:

      I have been a big fan of Heidi's books for a while, I find her writing is always full of quick wit, sparky characters, as well as having a very modern feel. To me her books are like the love-child of 'Sex and the City' and 'Bridget Jones', which can only be a good thing! This one is her first for the new RIVA line, her previous were released on the Modern Extra/Heat imprint, which has now been replace by RIVA, and it fits this new imprint perfectly like a designer shoe! If you have read any of h [...]

    • Doris O'Connor says:

      Heidi had me hooked from the first sentence Take a chill pill pal. This is a make up emergency. When fiery Ruby Delisantro meets Callum Westmore QC in a fender bender, the mutual attraction is instant and explosive. As the two of them start to explore each other, it is obvious to the reader how much they belong together, but needless to say it takes them the rest of the book to figure it out.Callum is a Hero to die for, who has more than met his match in Ruby and I enjoyed their verbal sparring [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      Heidi Rice is another new to me author who I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I will definitely be looking for her next release. The witty banter between Ruby and Callum had me turning the pages. Ruby is independent and says what she thinks making her the perfect match for Callum. However, never of them is looking for the perfect match. Each has to work their family history to overcome what’s holding them back. It’s a bumpy ride at times that makes you want to shake some sense into them. The endi [...]

    • Bridie Coleman says:

      What can I say other than FABULOUS! Only book I can honestly say I read three times in a row one after another. Loved the characters of Ruby and Cal - sparks flew!Read this - best book I have read in a very long time.

    • Chris Coulson says:

      Enjoyable read

    • Louise Rose-Innes says:

      I bought Cupcakes and Killer Heels, written by romantic novelist, Heidi Rice, on a whim, because the title sounded fun and frivolous – which matched my current mood.I was surprised to discover that the main characters, the hero in particular, apart from being drop-dead gorgeous, are also fairly flawed, which adds a depth that is seldom found in category romance these days. Emotional issues stemming from challenging childhoods, in both the case of the hero and the heroine, add profoundly to the [...]

    • SaraHarlequinJunkie says:

      My Reviews: HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews Fabulous!Heidi Rice never fails to deliver an entertaining story with a great plot and multifaceted characters. This book was fast paced and Hot! Hot! Hot! The writing was sharp and witty, just what I have come to expect from Heidi Rice.Heidi had me reeled in from the first lines of the book “Take a Chill pill Pal, This is a makeup emergency”. I love a confident, feisty & spunky heroine and Ruby was all that and more. The chemistry between Cal [...]

    • Jean Barrett says:

      Heidi Rice nailed it for me with this. I loved the characters. I lived vicariously through them on every page. I enjoyed the spark they had, they way they both thought they were in control of their lives, when in fact Cupid had them both firmly in his sights. I loved seeing the story slowly unfold, until it was obvious to the reader that Ruby and Callum were made for each other. It took them longer to realise that small fact. Callum's reason for not wanting to commit has stayed with me even afte [...]

    • Tracie says:

      A story with a different tone than the usual Harelquin Presents. First off I love the title. It makes the book stand out.Ruby, the heroine, was sassy and full of spunk. I loved her fearless attitude. Cal was a hot hero. The two together sizzled. In no time at all they are heating things up.Both H & h are trying so hard to not let their fling turn into anything more. That is always a foreshadowing of how hard they will fall towards the end. I was so looking forward to that moment. Thankfully [...]

    • Teresa says:

      This is the first of Heidi Rice's I've read and it didn't disappoint. It starts off fast paced and sexy, and this Riva goes all the way. The writing is sassy, sharp, and witty and her characters were explosively sexy. Sparks fly with Ruby and Callum, and boy, does Callum Westmore knows a thing or two! Personally, I wasn't sure if the epilogue was necessary. It's Mills and Boon, of course it's going to have a happy ending and the heroine is going to get what she wants! I never doubted that for th [...]

    • Melissa Maxwell says:

      I have never found a book by Heidi that I have not just loved and this one is no exception. I love Ruby and Callum both head strong and determined the other is completely wrong for the other. I love how the relationship developed over a short period of time but you could see the connection. I wonder if there is Maddie and Rye's story and if there could be Ella (Ruby's business partner/BFF) and Ruby's estranged brother Nick's stories later on.

    • Ana says:

      This was fun!!!

    • Glynda Roy says:

      Very good romance.

    • Nina Harrington says:

      Heidi Rice has created another wonderful RIVA line novel with two contemporary and well motivated characters. A terrific read.

    • Hina says:

      4.5 Stars!

    • Harlequin Books says:

      Miniseries: Men Who Won't Be TamedCategory: Classic Romance

    • Modesty_b says:

      it started of soo good but lost it in the middle when the H started being a jerk the h was good and no ones doormat.but in the end there is this not so miraculous change of H coz he just wanted the h and all other things are just gravy and what really bothered me was , there was not much character building sure there was back ground and tragedy in the past retold, but we don't really see much into the character, what makes them tic, how are their work life's generally, no funny anecdotes :( the [...]

    • Marj says:

      i like this book. both characters were flawed. both had a good reason to be scared of commitment but im glad that they were both mature enough (cal more than ruby) to talk about their issues head on so there werent a lot of micommunication (except for that time when ruby marched over to callum's office and made a scene i knew it was payment for the damages too). but the relationship was just too fast. they spent 3 days together and 3 weeks of not seeing each other ruby realizes she loves him? th [...]

    • Ms_prue says:

      Came with 'Sex, Gossip and Rock and Roll' as a 2-in-1. The blurb looked promising, but I got less than five pages in and gave up. The heroine is an idiot who gets rear-ended because she's parked in the middle of the road trying to fix up her make-up. The hero is a jerk who rear-ends the selfish cow taking up the quiet country road. They both get out of their cars and have the most implausible road-rage dialogue ever while struggling in the throes of Insta-Lust(TM).If you would like to read a sto [...]

    • Marleen says:

      Het is natuurlijk ook mijn genre niet, maar voordat je je een mening over een genre kan vormen, moet je er iets van gelezen hebben, dus vandaar dat ik dit Harlequinboekje eens gelezen heb. Nou, interessant. Maar toch niet echt voor herhaling vatbaar, al was het maar vanwege het hoge heterogehalte.

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