Claimed by the Alphas

Claimed by the Alphas The Bestselling Claimed Serial She wanted to escape When Mila Foster stumbles across the opportunity to become an alpha wolf s mate she doesn t think twice about casting aside her lackluster life amo

  • Title: Claimed by the Alphas
  • Author: Viola Rivard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Bestselling Claimed Serial She wanted to escape When Mila Foster stumbles across the opportunity to become an alpha wolf s mate, she doesn t think twice about casting aside her lackluster life among humans He wanted a mate His whole life, Asch has been denying himself a mate and a family Now that his pack is stable and his territory is secure, he s ready to st The Bestselling Claimed SerialShe wanted to escape When Mila Foster stumbles across the opportunity to become an alpha wolf s mate, she doesn t think twice about casting aside her lackluster life among humans He wanted a mate His whole life, Asch has been denying himself a mate and a family Now that his pack is stable and his territory is secure, he s ready to stake his claim on Mila even if it means he ll have to fight his closest friend for the privilege of her fertile body He had no interest in human females Caim prefers the lean, taut females of his own kind women who can handle the aggressive mating he enjoys He has no desire for delicate human women with soft, curvaceous bodies or so he thinks Claimed by the Alphas is the story of Mila Foster and her efforts to hold her new pack together by accepting the claim of both of its alphas It contains sexual themes, m nage romance, and takes place beyond the confines of human society It is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.
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    • Heather says:

      Got part 1 as a freebie and enjoyed it so much I had to go out and buy the box set.In a nut shell this town offered a human female to mate with the alpha for protection against the other werewolves that are attacking and killing people. Mila volunteers and gets more than she bargined forAt first its fine she is attracted to Asch and assumes he's the alpha but soon finds out this pack is unique because they have two Alphas. Caim and Asch share the Alpha title and responsibilities. However when sh [...]

    • Shadi ***save your ratings use disclaimers** says:

      Not much to say. Lots of OW drama. H is surrounded by both of her H's ex fuck buddies. One H tries to have sex with one(OW) after being with the h and possessive. She said no and he admits later to himself he would have done it. Saw more caring from him to that OW so they should have ended up together. He never says he cares for the h and the other H seemed like a place filler. He was easy and sweet with not much character development mostly the story revolved around the h and the asshole wannab [...]

    • Racheal says:

      I thought this book was a pretty good read but not great. I liked the female character Mila although I would have liked her to have a little more confidence in herself. I don't really like when the woman character keeps comparing herself to all the other females. I really liked Asch he was sweet and caring towards Mila at all times even when he was upset with her. I just don't think that he and Mila had enough scenes together to really form the connection between the two like with Mila and Caim. [...]

    • Atalia • FMR Book Grind says:

      *ARC received in exchange for an honest review*Claimed By The Alphas is a sexy shifter serial about a human girl and her journey into the world of shifters. We follow Mila as she makes a life altering decision that’ll lead her to two alpha werewolves that will rock her world in more ways then one. As the story is told through multiple POVs, we get to different events through the perspective of all 3 main characters, which I loved! I love it when an author provides more than one POV because it [...]

    • Nickcole says:

      Stars: 4Overall: Mila volunteers to be claimed by an alpha wolf because secretly she has always dreamed about doing it and also she is saving another scared girl from having to do it. Asch and Caim are the Alphas of their pack and while Asch is ready to have a mate but Caim is not, that is until he sees and smells Mila. At first Mila is attracted to both men but favors Asch, but after she gets to know Caim better and they have sex, her feelings start to go down the middle. The book is about thei [...]

    • K.T. says:

      I haven't read a paranormal in a while and was craving a good one and when I bought this series I was taken right away! it was exactly what I was looking for. I loved the characters and the story line, out of all shifter books, I think this one was unique. well I haven't read one like this anyway! I also enjoyed how Mila didnt have a happy and perfect process, that not realistic (yes I know its about werewolves) instead Mila has troubles and difficulties and new mother issues! I love the series, [...]

    • Stacey says:

      the complete collection of claimed by the alpha Claimed part one review Caim and Asch run a pack as alphas but Asch wants a human woman to join the pack so their pack can grown but in doing so both men alphas may have to fight for Mila who left her human existence to mate with an Alpha but she gets more than she bargains for the question is will Caim and Asch want to share her or will they fight and then the victor wins Mila or can Mila change their minds to not fight find this and more out wh [...]

    • Cassandra says:

      Remember I share how much I enjoyed a story with my reviews, and I tend to read what I know I will like otherwise what is the point. Everyone enjoys different things, so while I highly recommend this serial to my friends who love steamy wolfy ménage stories, I do so because I think everyone will find some enjoyment in this series who is a shifter fanatic such as myself :)Part OneI picked up the boxed set yesterday as well as what is out of the Bound series (which I loved!!). I really liked the [...]

    • Charlie Torres says:

      This work is the complete edition of the six previously released serials. I read every single one of the books in the series and OMG they were all great. Ms. Rivard had me completely hooked after book 1. I waited patiently for the release of every single one of the books and pounced on them when they were released. The main characters are Mila, Asch and Caim. Not only has Mila had the fortune (or misfortune she feels at times) of finding one mate, but she ends up with two hot male alphas as her [...]

    • Toya Valentine says:

      I gave this a generous 4 stars because I struggled through this series at times and at times I could not stop. It was un-put-downable. I enjoyed most of the characters. It is amazing how the author made some of them seem depthless on the surface but complex at the same time, especially Caim. I read Bound to the Alpha right before this and was a little confused about Caim’s upbringing. Since that is the only other shifter novel I read from Viola Rivard I am not sure if there is a story for Caim [...]

    • Racy says:

      I always love a good werewolf love story book. I had bought the audio of this book. I did find it interesting that the author did include 2 alphas of the same pack in this book. Though I normally prefer a female narrator, I do feel the narrator did an amazing job reading the book.Mila, who at a young age had a fascination with werewolves, now as a young adult did not hesitate to volunteer to be given to the Lazarus pack as a mate. Mila was not aware that the Lazarus pack was run by 2 Alpha who w [...]

    • Danielle (Danniegurl) says:

      3 starsAs a serial at the beginning the books were ok, often leaving off at weird places. At first they were interesting and a different take on the whole werewolf shifter thing. They live in dens with no running water, or electricity. This particular pack has 2 alpha's which isn't the norm. Eventually though the books back just ok. Firstly I hated hated how they would tell Mila basically "don't worry your pretty little head" about what was going on in the pack. Her only job basically was to get [...]

    • Annie says:

      Good for a quick, salacious readI just finished a fairly intense novel, so I was looking for something lighter and uber sexy. This series completely fit the bill. The action and plot were interesting and well done and I really like Rivard's writing style. I found the characters interesting and liked how their personalities and multiple relationships within the pack evolved and were shortly unveiled to the reader. The downside was I found it a bit predictable/repetitive or lagging at times, and I [...]

    • Lorie says:

      Okay readGood writing style but not much on the intrigued. Too predictable and got boring in the end. Confusing too somewhat on how the lead female thought of hurting both males on how she was going to take the baby away. But then all of a sudden it wasn't mentioned again. The ending was a bit too fast after she had the baby. It would have helped having an epilogue to close out everything maybe to talk about how her life became after having a few children. It felt ike there really was no ending [...]

    • Janna says:

      I'm addicted to these books by Viola Rivard. I just can't go without the next part of the series. I have to say it gets better and better and there are differences between the books. That's nice, they don't share the same exact plot even though the stories are a bit similar. I loved this book, it was very well detailed and there was some awesome hot scenes that didn't leave me unaffected. ;) I truly recommend this for everybody who enjoys wolf stories. This isn't really your popular and common w [...]

    • zoegrl says:

      I enjoyed this twist to the Shifter theme. How Mila came to be with Caim & Asch, the mating thrall, how they live, threats to them are all very different from the usual Shifter stories. The Alpha's are gorgeous, the hierarchy is there & of course they are wolves! That's where the similarities end. I loved it!! Ms. Rivard has an interesting way of writing & we learn about how each main character is thinking. In the beginning I wasn't sure if I liked it, so I kept reading. Before I kne [...]

    • Amanda says:

      two male alphas in one pack.r knew it can happen but it worked for them. The story is basically what the title entails, a human female to be a mate for an alpha. Since there can only be one alpha in the pack; usually a fight to death as the victor will lead as alpha in the pack, the female human suggested to have both the alpha males claim her as mate to avoid such a fight as they are best friends.

    • Frances P. Foster says:

      Love the wolvesthis was a good box set if you like alphas. which their were 2. I would have liked more but the author didn't babble and stuck straight to the story. I didn't like the way Caim tried to be Mr tough guy and would have like it if he trusted his heart more to tell Mila that he did have feelings for her and the "favorites " can just jump off a cliff together. but it was a good read.

    • Angela says:

      This book was okay. I read the Part 1 and really enjoyed it. But after reading the entire set, I think this is a book that you would have to read in installments. I was excited after the first part and bought the rest of the series. I was very disappointed there wasn't much plot or story it was just the same thing over and over again. Honestly very boring. I probably only recommend this to a lonely housewife. It had potential but hook if you like sex with no story here you go.

    • Salima Queen says:

      The beginning was really HOT!!! Then it kinda fizzled out for me. I found the lead character Mila, to be annoying and childish at times. Being 25 years, you would think she would have a bit more self esteem, but she was to whinny and didn't like to talk or work things out with her alphas. I really enjoyed the difference between the two alphas, that was a great contrast. An epilogue would have been nice to read, to find out if they did have more kids. Overall, it was okay.

    • Kyra Dunst says:

      This was a very sweet, undeniably sensual MFM ménage romance. Caim is strong and sexy and alpha to the extreme, but he lacks the finesse that his best friend and partner alpha Asch masters well. Mila is a bit impulsive when she decides to offer herself up as a mate for the Lazarus pack, and soon finds herself in an impossible situation. She doesn't want the pack torn apart by mating issues, and comes up with a dangerous plan. I would read more from this author.

    • Michelle says:

      Read the first as a freebie. I felt the need to know more.I'm actually not sure how I feel about this bundle. I found Mila to be annoying more times than not. And I think that Asch got the short of the stick. Would I recommend this? Eh, not really sure.

    • Lois Gosline-Pomeroy says:

      Claimed by the AlphasI truly found this set of books different and exciting. To be the mate of two Alphas gave problems that are hard too believe and a lot of fun to see the answers.

    • M says:

      I was very happy with these books. They put a refreshing twist on all shifter stories. These were NOT your traditional were books. They were soooo good. And just to let you know-Im actually hoping the last novella is a cliffhanger!

    • A. Cook says:

      Okay, I liked this serial much more than I expected. Liked the characters, storyline and the way the author worked out the story to a happy ending. Only thing that I did not care for much is that the female lead did not become the strong character she had the potential to become.

    • Antoinette says:

      Enjoyed this series very much!!!Enjoyed this series very much!!!Caim and Asch are on my favorite alpha's list. Just two great guys with their own unique love love them!!!!!!

    • Cora says:

      It was ok, but Caim's instant shift from "I hate you and am in no way attracted to you" to "You are mine and I will kill my best friend for the rights to your body" was way too abrupt. Also, I would have liked to have gotten more details of each character's back story.

    • Leah Gablenz says:

      Oh my goodness. I was so addicted to this book. I work the night shift and I had to take my e reader to work with me, so I could continue to read it. Wow. I can't wait to read the next one

    • Kristy says:

      Loved this series. This is a story about 2 alpha werewolves who compliment each other, are friends and decide to share a mate. Many love scenes, but it is also about pack life and family. 5 stars.

    • Tasha says:

      Six books in one… but they are not normal stories they are werewolf stories, one of my many favorites. I did not have this series marked To-Read but when I was browsing one day I couldn’t resist knowing what possibilities I might find in these books. This was my first time reading a book by this author and I was not disappointed… she made me more intrigued in reading her other stories later on…. I could tell after reading the first page that the details were going to be spot on… if som [...]

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