It's All In My Head

It s All In My Head Avery Waldorf wakes up from a concussion to find a voice inside her head an adventurous male voice belonging to Marcus who doesn t know where he came from but has an opinion on everything about her

  • Title: It's All In My Head
  • Author: Kristen James
  • ISBN: 9781500686185
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • Avery Waldorf wakes up from a concussion to find a voice inside her head an adventurous male voice belonging to Marcus, who doesn t know where he came from, but has an opinion on everything about her life She just wants to work on her screenplay, go to her writing classes and flirt with the guy of her dreams, Nash, who is finally noticing her Marcus wants to get up at daAvery Waldorf wakes up from a concussion to find a voice inside her head an adventurous male voice belonging to Marcus, who doesn t know where he came from, but has an opinion on everything about her life She just wants to work on her screenplay, go to her writing classes and flirt with the guy of her dreams, Nash, who is finally noticing her Marcus wants to get up at dawn, run, snowboard, and basically take over her life, and even her body at times He thinks she s freaking hot and does not like Nash touching her Marcus may be smart, talented at snowboarding, drawing and playing the guitar, but he s not real When she needs help, she has to call Nash She can t tell anyone about Marcus without sounding like she s crazy Meanwhile Marcus doesn t know where he ll go if he leaves her mind Maybe she is losing it
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    • Alp says:

      The blurb made this book sound so promising and honestly, the plot was great. But after I finished reading this, it turned out to be a bit of a letdown.Avery crashed down the mountain while snowboarding. She woke up in a hospital bed, hearing the man's voice in her head. She found that he knew little about himself, only his name was Marcus and he knew what he liked, but didn't know where he came from. As he was stuck in her head, Avery tried to figure out whether she suffered from temporary schi [...]

    • ✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿ says:

      I CHANGED MY MIND!!! IT'S NOW PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 ADORABLE, ROMANTIC, CUTE, AMAZING STARS!!!!!!IT'S NOT INCOMPLETE NOW!!! Look at the epilogue here --> HERESoooooo looking forward to the sequel!!!!!---------------review a few hours ago4 YOU- CAN'T-JUST-END-IT-THERE STARS!!I was totally engrossed with this book. I finished it in under 3 hours. Those 3 hours are definitely worth it. The premise has a movie like quality to it. I kinda know what will happen in the end, but I held on be [...]

    • Deanna says:

      Rating: 4.25 /5 starsI love, love, love this book. I was skeptical on reading it, since it was a kindle freebie and there were so little reviews. Despite there being so little review on both and , everybody seemed to love it. So I had to see what was so great about it.And it was SPECTACULAR. Marcus, oh my stars! I love him. He was funny, sweet, swoon-worthy, and was a great guy.I loved Marcus, Avery, Jazz, and Nash. I didn't like Kristen or Kyle. Kyle can go to hell, and Kristen can totally win [...]

    • Sandie Grise says:

      This book made me laugh and it made me cry. The characters were fantastic and their conversations could be very we'll be real ones between two people. I loved the unconventional way these two characters fell in love. Where to startAvery is a smart young woman who knows where she wants to go in life, that is until she has a snowboard accident and gets a bonk on her head and a concussion. She wakes to find herself, um, not alone. And what ensues is a hilarious start to an unconventional relationsh [...]

    • T.S. Pagan says:

      I loved this one!!! It`s hilarious! I laughed from start to finish and could not put it down!Marcus is a sweetheart and you fall in love with him without knowing who he is or what he looks like.And it's amazing how erotic a scene can be when two people can`t actually hold or touch each other Love it! Oh! and for those who got mad at the abrupt end, apparently Kristen is writing a follow up. There's the first chapter of that on her website and I think next year we'll get book 2 Now we wait

    • Kate Martyn says:

      I’m sure every girl has dreamed of a guy who could read her mind well here he is, ladies.College student Avery Waldorf suffers concussion during a snowboarding accident. When she wakes up, there is someone else inside her head with her. A voice from who knows where, as confused and indignant as she is with the bizarre situation. A voice that turns out to named Marcus, with a strong personality and an appreciative eye for the ladies. The story revolves round Avery’s growing relationship with [...]

    • Emily says:

      I really LOVED this book! I have always enjoyed books and movies about switching bodies (Freaky Friday, It's A Boy Girl Thing, etc.) - this book is kind of similar. Except instead of a switch, it is two minds in one body.Avery wakes up from an accident with the voice of a guy in her head - he does not know really anything about himself other than his name. Over time, Ave and Marcus talk and get to know one another. Life becomes so awkward for her. The interactions between Ave and Marcus are just [...]

    • Lisa says:

      This is another incredible book from Kristen James. It's different from her other books or anything else I've read lately. It's so refreshing to read something so different. The suspense continued through the whole book and I love the dialog between the characters. I highly recommend this book. I anxiously await the next book from this great author.

    • Jennifer says:

      This review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland2.5 starsAll in My Head was an interesting idea, but the execution wasn't my favorite. I didn't really see the connections between the characters and it just wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be.Avery has a snowboarding accident and wakes up from a concussion to find that she is hearing a voice in her head. The voice of Marcus. Marcus who doesn't remember anything about himself. He is quite opinionated right from the start about Avery and [...]

    • Liz says:

      Well, thank goodness this isn't really a cliffhanger. There's an HFM and a teaser for a sequel for this year, so let's hope there's an HEA for these two.I read this under the title "All in My Head" so I hope I'm reviewing the right book.This has a STRONG mystical, paranormal element to it, and I don't always love that, but it works if you keep reminding yourself that this is FICTION. Avery is in a snowboarding accident, gets a concussion and wakes up with an extra voice in her head. A male voice [...]

    • Alison Davies says:

      I received an ARC from the author for an honest review!!Wow!! This book blew me away, it gripped me from the start With such lovable characters. We meet Avery, after an accident on the slopes, she ends up with concussion and starts to her a voice in her head His name is Marcus Not sure of what's happening to her, she tries to ignore it But soon enough, it's apparent she can't ignore the beautiful voice. Kristen James takes you on a journey, I will warn you, you need tissuesThis story is written [...]

    • Marjorie says:

      Given To Me For An Honest ReviewKristen James has really done it and it's fantastic! This book is about Avery who has an accident snowboarding and ends up with a concussion. When she wakes up she has Marcus with her 24/7 and he's in her head. The antics and things that play out between them is something else. There is great dialog between the two and Kristen keeps the suspense going on throughout the entire story until the end. It's a real fun book to read. It's a page turner, a read in one sitt [...]

    • Becky says:

      I really enjoyed this book. Different then anything I was reading at the current time. Avery and Marcus go through a crazy ride. I love the different experiences that they have together. It kills me at the end but I won't give it away. I would love to see more of Marcus and Avery. It was definitely not your usual romance. I suggest everyone go and read this book.It's got laughs it's got cries it's got what the F it's got everything for you. :-)

    • Brianne Whitley says:

      What a great book! It keeps you wondering what happened and what's going to happen up until the very last page! I don't know how I would few of I were in Ava's shoes! I wouldn't know what to think about myself! This was a great book that kept you on your toes the whole time! I just love psychological thrillers and how they keep you guessing throughout! Great book!

    • Debbie says:

      oh what a book loved it , kristen give me this book as a gift as a thank you for reading so many ov her books, she choose this one and im so glad she did , what a lovly read , made me cry and laff lol but simply a lovly book ,,

    • Maggie says:

      Great storyfrom the first page I was hooked on this awesome book. I read this book in one sitting. I totally feel in love with Avery and Marcus. I'm sad that the story ended. I would love to read more about these two. I hope everyone feels the same ad I do about this book.

    • Sylvia says:

      Very different but wonderful story line I didn't want yo put this book down. Going through life with another voice in your head is freaky yet fascinating. Loved how the author put it all together.

    • Lina says:

      I must listen to my sister when she tells me to read a bookAll In My Head gave me all the feels. I loved it completely even when I got mad and wanted to hit someone. This book is funny and sweet and I don't know how is possible but Marcus says "babe" very different than any other book boyfriend. I must accept that I had to fight laughter during class and battle against some tears. So Avery is a college student that got in an accident and somehow after she hears a voice in her head, which wouldn' [...]

    • Lydia Ruth says:

      Surprised at how much I loved itOk so Avery wakes up from a concussion with Marcus in her head.I loved this book so much! I'm actually kind of surprised. I loved watching their relationship develop and how they dealt with it. There were several times when I was super frustrated with Avery, but that's probably because I would have been just as upset and frustrated as she was. Marcus was totally amazing and perfect. I loved him as the hero of the book. I really appreciated the scenes the author in [...]

    • Bookgyrl says:

      What a fun book and very original. Avery wakes up with a concussion after a fall. Suddenly she hears a voice, a male voice, in her head. Marcus is the name of the 'voice' and Avery at first thinks there is something really wrong with her. Marcus is with her all the time, comments on her love life, learns to use her hands to draw and play the guitar and they slowly fall in love.I read the book in a couple of hours as it was entertaining, well written and also funny sometimes. Having Marcus in her [...]

    • Kristan Billups says:

      Avery is an ordinary girl living an ordinary life, until she wakes up from a concussion to find she's not alone inside her head anymore. A guy by the name of Marcus has joined her inside her mind, with no memories of his past life or how he got there.She thought she was going crazy, one step away from the loony bin, until she realized that there was no way she could fabricate another person inside her mind that knew how to do things that she couldn't and speak languages she had never learnt.When [...]

    • Laura Rendler says:

      I'm sorry, but someone has to say it!!! THAT'S IT REALLY???? Omg the lead up to them finding each other is great and I couldn't wait until they were reunited and were able to hold each other, kiss, really look into each others eyes and do everything they talked about doing and all I got was a "I don't know who you are" and then a "I love you" the end. Seriously wtf! I need a follow up, a novella something. Threw a girl a bone here. Yes, the story was really good, but it doesn't feel finished and [...]

    • Evgenia says:

      It's so rare when you feel a book by your soul. This is one of those. I enjoyed it so much. I liked the communication between Ave and Marcus, they are pure fun. They feel each other, it's so good when you can do this with another person who care. I would like to have such easyness in communication in real life. This book is different, it's something new for me, it's refreshing and it was real pleasure to read it. I would like to thank the author for this wonderful story about love And I'm waitin [...]

    • Carrie says:

      This is a really unique story, and I enjoyed it a lot! There is a bit of a triangle for a while - the boy Avery's liked all year finally notices her & is giving out interested signals, and she's got Marcus in her head! The way each character is written is done pretty well. I love the banter between Avery & Marcus! I did have a couple issues - there are a couple plots that end rather abruptly, as well as the ending to the story itself being really abrupt. If there had been one more chapte [...]

    • WiLoveBooks says:

      This is a new adult romance with a twist. Avery wakes up from a concussion with a voice in her head. Marcus doesn't know how he got there but he doesn't want to be there. He has a real life somewhere, he just can't remember it. Avery tries to go on with her life like normal, but having Marcus in her head makes things difficult. Especially dating. Things get particularly complicated when she starts wishing she could date Marcus. They both struggle with the fact that he only exists inside her head [...]

    • Diana Reeves says:

      Really greatEver wonder what happens in the mind of someone who has a concussion or is in a coma? Ever wonder if they hear everything? In this story Avery has a skiing accident and ends up in the hospital with a concussion. Marcus is a famous snowboarder who is in a coma but when Avery awakes from her concussion, the voice of Marcus is in her head, which leads her to believe she's gone crazy. There's great banter between the two, they share personal experiences and are drawn to each other but ho [...]

    • MrsMurphy says:

      Just wowI just devoured this book. It's 2am, I'm exhausted (more emotionally than physically) and I can't stop stalking Kristen James and finding out everything I can about the next book. Because OMG, I'm so in love. This genre tends to recycle the same storyline again and again, and All In My Head was just the breath of fresh air I was looking for. I'm not going to rehash the storyline, because the blurb gives you enough. Just read it. One click RIGHT NOW and read this book immediately. I absol [...]

    • Miriam Rivera says:

      Loved it!There are times you read a book and you don't want it to end, because you know you will have a hard time finding something like it again. This is how I felt with this book, thus is the first book from this author and it will not be the last. Drama, romance, some mystery, throw in voices in your head and you have an amazing book. The relationship between Marcus and Avery was funny, sweet and sometimes you wanted to scream at both of them to hurry up and get it right. A thrilling ride tha [...]

    • Tenisha Brown says:

      while this book was different. the way it ended annoyed the crap out of me. I mean hello don't we deserve to know how the make it, if they make it, them being physically together. not just those last words. I hope the author didn't put HEA, because I was not. Without that drama it was a good read and funny at times. the heroine was just weak and naive a lot. Marcus made the book. I just wanted the finished stories to all of the drama 3.5 the ending killed it stars

    • Mare says:

      Definitely different. Avery gets a concussion and wakes up with a voice in her head, a male voice named Marcus. Marcus doesn't know why he's in her head or who he is but he's sure he's not a ghost. having a voice add commentary to all your thoughts & actions is driving Avery crazy but the more time they spend together the closer they become and the more Marcus remembersW I'm dying for book #2!!THANK YOU for adding the epilogue on-line!!!

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