Beautifully Revealed

Beautifully Revealed In the conclusion of the Beautifully seriesIsabella Moss has to learn to heal and accept her new life as her past is revealed But when tragedy strikes will Liam and Ella be able to save their newly bl

  • Title: Beautifully Revealed
  • Author: Bethany Bazile
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the conclusion of the Beautifully seriesIsabella Moss has to learn to heal and accept her new life as her past is revealed.But when tragedy strikes will Liam and Ella be able to save their newly blossoming relationship The ups and downs of their relationship continue as Ella s past threatens her safety, and her sanity.This title is an erotic novel and is intended forIn the conclusion of the Beautifully seriesIsabella Moss has to learn to heal and accept her new life as her past is revealed.But when tragedy strikes will Liam and Ella be able to save their newly blossoming relationship The ups and downs of their relationship continue as Ella s past threatens her safety, and her sanity.This title is an erotic novel and is intended for adults due to language and explicit sexual content This is not a standalone novel It is the continuation to Beautifully Broken.
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    • ★★Sara Lizzy★★ says:

      5 stars. Before you read "Beautifully Revealed" you have to read "Beautifully Broken" (which is the 1st book in this series). In "Beautifully Revealed" we learn a lot more about Ella's history with her childhood "friend" Damon and her mother. The 1st half of this book there is a lot of heartbreak in Liam and Ella's relationship while they struggle to trust each other and Ella struggles with needing to tell Liam about her secrets of what happened with Damon. I was happy to see a HEA for Liam and [...]

    • Akanksha❤ Søren♰ says:

      What a perfect ending!! :D Loved this book & the serie.This duet series is so worth a read! ❤ Do give it a shot.Its steamy, with an overload of sex and has ann amazing story line and lovely characters.

    • Melissa Cannon says:

      *****Spoiler Alert*****Ok let me start out by saying I loved this booka perfect follow up! I've read so many series were the first one blows my mind and I can't wait for the next ones only to be disappointed. Bethany kept the story interesting and Liam and Ella had the same depths to their characters as the first book. The only disappointment was that we didn't get to read Liam and Ella consummate their marriage!!

    • Jamie says:

      Full Review Coming but I LOVED IT!!

    • Writer says:

      Liam and Ellaon the edge of rapture!, April 5, 2013 Verified PurchaseThis review is from: Beautifully Revealed (Beautifully #2) (Beautifully Series) (Kindle Edition)From start to finish this just simply took my breath away, I was filled with anxiety and excitement. I was constantly consumed with so many conflicting emotions, one minute I'm elated and excited next I'm dreadfully frightened Ella and Liam are heading towards complete destruction. Their unbridled passion for each other is so soul co [...]

    • Stephanie Morrow says:

      4.5 starsWhew, I thought that Liam was going to be the more messed up of the two; I sure was wrong. Ella had so much bottled up. Bazile did an amazing job of making you feel every emotion that Ella goes through. As the reader, I went through the happy phases and the sad ones as though I was Ella. There were so many messed up characters in this book, each one of them were faced with their own demons but some how found the ability to overcome them and be somewhat "normal." Each character dealt wit [...]

    • AlphaMaleLover says:

      i continued reading this series because i was very curious about Liam and Ellais book was better written and the story flowed better than in the first book. the sex in this book is hot. So Ella is still hiding her past from Liam ,but confides in Cayden more and more, although Liam still doesnt think Cayden is interested in her. Ella meets Luc in Las Vagas, but their trip ends sadly when Luc takes advantage of her. Anne dies and whilst at the hospital, Luc lets Liam know He had his hands in Ellas [...]

    • Jessica says:

      OMG!!!! OMG!!!! O!!!!!!!!!!!!M!!!!!!!!!!!!G!!!!!!!!!!!I couldn't put this book down. Lucas if I ever see you I will do some serious bodily harm to you. I won't kill you because you came around at the end, but you're still going to get a good licking!LiamLiamLiam*sighs* *stares off into space dreaming of Liam*Ella, girl! I like you. I really do, but darn it snap out of it. You can't trust anyone who hurts youPast, Present or in the future. *rolls eyes*The Epilogue was AMAZING!!!!!! I cried like a [...]

    • Black Butterfly says:


    • Heather Maxfield says:

      I thought her 2nd book really brought it! Kept me entertained & into the story! Liam Maddox was a hottie!! Loved Ella Moss too & was surprised at just how much she was hiding from her past! Great ending brought tears to my eyes. I so not want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read yet! Great read!

    • Ubon Inthongxay says:

      Elle was so frustrating in the beginning by not opening up to Liam, I just wanted to bust her upside her head at times! Lol but great ending and nice touch with the father daughter dance at her wedding, I had tears.

    • Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri says:

      Review to follow! Book two rocked.

    • Amanda says:

      WOW! i loved this series wish there was another book but the ending was perfect! loved liam :)

    • Lily says:

      Can You say LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!!!!!! Bethany Bazile sure did not disappoint us with "Beautifully Revealed" OMG!!! I literally couldn't put it down. I kept rereading the chapters just because I didn't want it to end. Liam Maddox and here I thought you couldn't be more resettable. I LOVE Liam Maddox and I want the world to know lol. OMG the way he opened up in this book how can you not love him. But enough about Liam for a second Isabella Moss you are the definition of a strong, most com [...]

    • Kay_doll says:

      *****~5 STAR~*****"IT'S AS IF YOUR LOVE BREATHES LIFE INTO MY LUNGS, IT PUMPS THE BLOOD INTO MY HEART. WITHOUT YOU I WOULD CEASE TO EXIST." - LIAMWhere to begin.After reading BEAUTIFULLY DAMAGED I knew I was in for a good book but this was beyond my expectation, there were so much emotions coming off the pages I couldn't keep up.Liam was absolutely one of my favorite book boyfriends, the way he open up himself in this book was just. BEAUTIFUL (especially the epilogue I was literally in tears).El [...]

    • Beth says:

      I heard the next SAT test is going to have a word problem about how many times Ella and Liam have sex. Good luck with that you math geniuses. Yes, there is a LOT I mean like "a train leaves Philadelphia at 5:00" A LOT. In the first book I did not have warm fuzzy feelings for Ella. I had her pegged as a ho. And lets be honeste was. But in this book, we get the back story and I liked her more. I felt she was much more sympathetic. You understand why she is the way she is. Liam is also more fleshed [...]

    • Leanne Gillings says:

      I really enjoyed this book and loved it even more than the first one as I felt I knew the charactors more! This book really got to me, I cried several time and felt so sad, really wrecked havoc on my heart! The epilogue was tears of happiness Just when you think u couldn't love Liam more he does the loveliest thing you can think of he is really just adorably romantic and SEXY! What a wow combination :) I really got into this story and a lot more happened in this book, I felt frustrated at Ella s [...]

    • Carly says:

      A strong 3.5 stars but I couldn't quite bring myself to give it another half. This was definitely a step up from the first book, and finally let us in on the background to the characters. There were a couple of things I would have liked tidied up a little more. the first being the relationship with Liam and his Dad. I kept wondering if maybe his mum's death was caused by his father (especially after Liam finding out the truth about his mother/father) and the thought was hinted at but never explo [...]

    • Elisabeth Cole says:

      This was a pretty good book. Like the first in the series there were tons of punctuation errors as well as switching from past to present tense mid-sentence but it wasn't too distracting for me. (I must be getting immune to that because it seems to happen more often than not in the books I read!) I think the author went way overboard on the sex scenes - towards the end of the book I started quickly skimming over them because they seemed to be happening every 3 or 4 pages! As in the first book th [...]

    • Lisa says:

      Holy cow, I wasn't sure I was going to make it through this book. Many times I had to take an emotional break from this book and just walk away to calm down. Ella and Liam went through so much in this book. Their pasts dictated their irrational behavior towards each other. I wasn't sure I was going to be happy with this ending at many different points in the story. As the story went on, both Ella and Liam grew independently of each other. Liam turned into an amazing manI was always Team Liam, bu [...]

    • Angela Bee Bee says:

      Really good, similar to stark trilogy and blackstone affair. Really enjoyed liam. I never felt like he was treating her like 'his whore', like i felt with up in the air. All the sex is worshipful, respectful. Dialogue isnt awkward, it all flows nicely.So glad the grammar problem was better (although not fixed) in the second book or i might have had an aneurysm.Loved the epilogue, the tuxedo, the surprise, and also the music references throughout.Ok people, worse is a comparison. 'The grammar in [...]

    • Jeannie says:

      The conclusion of Isabella Moss & Liam Maddox's story they continue life in Florida, and then it all changes when Ella goes to Vegas with Lucas and Lucas tries to put the moves on her and tells Liam about it. The two split, coming together only for sex and then falling apart after that. We find out more about Ella's past and it brings them closer, and the reader then understands why Ella is the way she is, it didn't mean I liked her much either in this book.Anyway, I skipped the sex scenes a [...]

    • Ana says:

      I give this book strong 4.5 stars. Throughout the constant chaos two broken people fight for something that may already be lost, but they never actually give up. I loved the tension that kept me chewing on my nails, but I got annoyed with Isabella and her lasting denial. I don't think I've ever "met" a more self-destructive character in a book before, and at times I just wanted to smack her and tell her to get a grip. I have to say I am disappointed the story is over cause I'd like to hear more [...]

    • Kate says:

      What a great wrap up to a wonderful duet of books. The secrets are revealed and they are doozies! Poor Isabella, she really went through hell. What I loved most was that Liam and Isabella really healed together. Through all the crap they went through, and all the people that tried to block their path, they somehow found a way not just to love each other, but to heal and deal with their own demons. Also perfect was the final gift Liam gave Isabella, that pushed me to tears! I can't wait to read m [...]

    • Ria -Reading Is Our Satisfaction says:

      Liam and Elle will they survive????In book 2 of the Beautifully Series Elle's past comes back to haunt her.A trip to Las Vegas may destroy any happiness there is for Liam and Elle.Once again this book is a beautiful read right through to the very end.The sex throughout I'd mind blowing.Bethany Bazile has written a novel that lets all of your emotions come into play.You'll be angry, sad, joyful, frustrated but most of all you'll feel love.Definitely a 5***** star read.

    • Gloria Elena says:

      This is the conclusion to Beautifully Broken and boy it doesn't disappoint NOT AT ALL. I LOVED THIS BOOK; It is hot, steamy and so romantic too.In this book we get to better understand Isabella (Ella) and we get to discover her secrets and why she is so broken. We also get a more uber jealous/possessive Liam (YUM)This was a quick read and a wonderful end to the books. LOVED THEM!! I can't wait to read more books from this author!

    • Ruthvika says:

      4.5 stars One of the BEST books I read so far!!Story was just perfect. No bullshit and no nonsense kind of story.Only problem I had was with the girl. At one point I felt her character was like some street hooker. At least she's not some dumb bitch! HOT SEX !!! But it was never too much.Ending was so touching. Em crying that I finished this book so quickly. Too emotional for me.

    • Meek says:

      damn Ella brought a lot of baggage to this relationship, shit I"ll take Liam passiveness over her baggages, at least she have Liam now to protect her. I really don't understand why she feel guilty over the situation with Damon shoot he had it coming, it kind of strange reading a book where the heroine is the one with the baggages and the guy is all sweet and mushy lol. After all she went through, Ella deserve the happy ending and Liam was freaking awesome in this book.

    • Jodi Nichols says:

      Loved this series and definitely loved Liam!! He came off as such a jerk in the beginning but u learned to love him. Liam and Isabella were perfect for each other with all the tests they put themselves through! Very happy with outcome of story and wish there was more even if it was a small epilogue ( well another one at least) :)

    • Jyoti Achameesing says:

      Beautifully written where emotions floats like heady champagne . Passion, love , sadness and happiness. Liam works out his trusts issues and discovers Ella broken past. Ella is gradually opening and is ready to move on in life. However her past gets entangled with her present. A perfect start for both lovers.

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