Silently Still

Silently Still Everyone is entitled to making their own choices in life but a decision can make or break you For Jacinta Kelly hers came in the form of running away from everything that reminded her of her roots L

  • Title: Silently Still
  • Author: Julieanne Lynch
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everyone is entitled to making their own choices in life, but a decision can make or break you For Jacinta Kelly, hers came in the form of running away from everything that reminded her of her roots Living in rural Ireland was hard enough, but living with her mother s mental illness and her obsession with her garden took its toll One winter, the world as she knows it chEveryone is entitled to making their own choices in life, but a decision can make or break you For Jacinta Kelly, hers came in the form of running away from everything that reminded her of her roots Living in rural Ireland was hard enough, but living with her mother s mental illness and her obsession with her garden took its toll One winter, the world as she knows it changes Jacinta becomes aware of her own mortality, and how fragile her existence truly is Alone and frightened to live or die, the choice is hers.
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    • Sharon says:

      E-book gifted by the author in return for a reviewSilently Still is the story of Jacinta Kelly, a child who loses her father in an accident, then loses her childhood. With a mother who's grief over the loss of her husband turns her into a walking shadow of the woman she used to be, Jacinta is left to try and come to terms with her own feelings of grief. Her grandmother becomes her pillar of strength when things turn from bad to worse with her mother, but not even the love of a grandmother can re [...]

    • Stephenee says:

      * I received an ebook in exchange for an honest review. *I have been a fan of Julieanne's for awhile now and each book that she writes is better than the last.each one instantly becomes a new favorite and I mistakenly think to myself that she can't top it.This book is a hard book to read in the sense that Jacinta has been through so much and she has some unhealthy ways to cope with it. The author does an amazing job taking some very real, very intense things and making the reader understand the [...]

    • booklover says:

      WOW ! What an amazing story this was ! This is the first book i've read by this author and now i can't wait to read more.It tells the story of Jacinta a girl who's gone through so much hurt and pain she feels that what happens is fate. Then we travel back in time to where the catalyst for her pain starts. I had to put this book down several times as it was so emotional, you could literally feel her pain coming off the pages and pulling at your heart strings and opening the dam on your tear ducts [...]

    • Charlie✰ WLTB Blog ✰ says:

      This story is an emotional roller coaster, from happiness to sadness. The struggles that Jacinta has to face from losing her father, a mother with a mental illness, and bullies at school. All things that no child should go through.Such a great read and well Written Can't wait to read more of Julianne's books

    • Trinity says:

      ✧ I recieved a digital copy of this book free of cost for a read-to-review basis. ✧This was a beautiful story. I didn't think I was going to like this book at the first few chapters, I was honestly getting bored but then things started to pick up. This was very touching and really emotional, at least it was emotional for me. I can honestly say that I would read this a hundred times over and over again. It was a short book to read and boy was it a tear fest in my room. - JacintaI felt so bad [...]

    • Zoe says:

      I was honoured to read this before publication and it was such a gripping read. The build up and suspense makes all the heart wrenching drama worth it. If you like rollercoasters, then this is your thing.Through the eyes of Jacinta, we explore Ireland as we have never seen it before. Jacinta tells the story through flashbacks of her youth, a youth that has been dotted with pain, heartache, love and loss. This flows well with the ageing process, and how her family is. The story is dark and occasi [...]

    • Jessica says:

      In the beginning I was a bit confused what exactly the story was about and who the main character would be.But I soon found outJacinta Kelly is the main character. She endures tragedy after tragedy. In a moments notice her life keeps changing on her. So many emotions and feelings she doesn't know how to deal with them. She wants to explode!! But she keeps everything inside with a fake smile on the outside for the world to see.She has became a ghost of her former self. Feeling broken, the only th [...]

    • Summer Hedrick says:

      Julieanne has done it again! She never ceases to amaze me! This story is an emotional roller coaster, from happiness to sadness with a few more emotions thrown in the middle. The struggles that one girl has to face from losing her father, a mother with a mental illness, and bullies at school. All things that no child should go through. Julieanne makes it so easy to picture the characters and make them feel so real. You can almost feel yourself in the story with Jacinta. A must read that I will h [...]

    • Alyssa Sultana says:

      This book was a gift in exchange for an honest review.This book I have to say was one of the most raw emotional books I have read from this author. From page 1 to the finish line you are embraced with emotional turmoil of a little girl who lost her daddy to the sea, her mother to the emotional crazy side of losing her husband and babes. I have cried through each chapter my heart going out to Jacinta through every struggle she has gone through. I finished this book in one sitting, and it was very [...]

    • Jenn says:

      I was blessed to be able to get an ARC of this book. I laughed, I cried, I got mad, I fell in love with this story! This book does get dark in some parts so be prepared! I had to read it a few times in order to make sure I did not miss clues to the ending. It was that good! The author is amazing. I love her stories. I cannot wait until it is released and the whole world reads what a wonderful author and story teller she is!

    • Mary says:

      This is by far the most emotional book that I have ever read by Julieanne. This story will raise your hopes and then crush them and break your heart. A fabulous read for sure. Julieanne never fails to amaze me in the kinds of stories she writes. This book shows me that she could write just about anything and it would more than likely be wonderful. You can relate to about every character in this book whether it is good or bad. I will be definitely be recommending this one.

    • Shelly says:

      New fanA friend suggested this boo and I'm glad. There were a few twists and turns that I didn't see coming which made for a great read. There were characters that I liked and some that I didn't which kept it interesting.

    • Elaine says:

      I was given a copy of this to give my honest review. I was so amazed at how well written this book is. Jacinta goes through so much at a young age, losing her father then her mothers' mental issues and the bullying she has to face at school everyday, she decides the only way to be normal is to move away as soon as she turns 18. The trials Jacinta goes through with the help of her grandmother and uncle and her best friend get her through her school years. Just when she starts to feel normal with [...]

    • Brittany says:

      This book was so good! The beginning caught your attention right away and dived right into the main plot of the story. I loved that Julieanne created such a strong female lead Jacinta. She went through so much in her life especially at the beginning of the story. She had to grow up on her own with no one there to help her. Her mother was broken and the rest of her family was too busy trying to fix her mother. All Jacinta wanted was to be loved and for the longest time didn't realize who the true [...]

    • Christoph Fischer says:

      "Silently Still" by Julianne Lynch is a very moving story. Told with jumps in the time line Lynch tells us the story of Jacinta Kelly, a young woman with a lot on her plate. Can she live in a small community in rural Ireland, can she cope with her mother's illness, what is it she really wants? In that respect the book serves also as a well thought through character study. A coming of age story of of loss and bravery, reflective and thoughtful, this is written with great sensitivity and insight i [...]

    • Debbie Poole says:

      This suspense and heart aching story is well worth reading.This story is told as Jacinta remembers her youth, which changes one stormy night. Her mother changed it even more. She suffers pain, loss, and heartache, but she also discovers love, and what family means. The story is heart wrenching and will make you cry ugly tears, but you will need to finish it to see if Jacinta get her happy ending?I'm not going to give any spoilers, so if you want to find out moreYou will have to read thus fantast [...]

    • Brandy Stuart says:

      I was graciously gifted an advance copy for an honest review. Climb in and buckle up for an emotional roller coaster like no other. This book was amazing from start to finish, I couldn't put it down. It was so well written I felt the pain and anguish as if it were my own. Another amazing tale from J.A Lynch!!

    • Frances says:

      julieanne lynch is awesome! silently still is a great book about this girl name Jacinta. She has an emotional life that has brought her sadness and pain, but through it all she come through it with the people in her life.This story will have you crying like a baby, it's beautiful written and Julieanne should be proud of her self. 5+☆

    • Manda Michelle says:

      This book is incredible. I started and finished it in one night. I simply could not put it down. The story is dramatic, intense, yet filled with love and hope. Julieanne Lynch does it again

    • Paul Bowler says:

      This'll put your emotions through a grinder, but it's well worth it.

    • Katie says:

      *I received an e-book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*3.5 StarsI've read few young adult books that deal with as many dark subjects as this one did and Julianne Lynch handled these subjects perfectly! Silently Still tells the story of our main character Jacinta, a young Irish girl trying to cope with the death of her father and a mental and abusive mother. The beginning of the book seemed a little slow to me, but once it got going it was hard to put down. It was so difficu [...]

    • Tracey says:

      This book starts off with Jacinta in danger, then goes back in time to tell you of her difficult and heartbreaking childhood.Jacinta's story is based in Ireland and I loved how the local dialect was used, it transported me to the place the book is based.Some people have a tough life, Jacinta's most definitely is, she suffers tragedy early on in life which pushes her unstable mother over the edge. Jac does a great job in caring for her mother with strange ways and flip flopping moods. It all take [...]

    • Melissa says:

      --I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review—This story really makes you go through a range of emotions. Love, sadness, loss, anger… It’s all there. After a few chapters, I became hooked and didn’t want to put it down. The story is from the point of view of girl named Jacinta Kelly. It starts off with Jacinta coming back to Ireland after being gone for 6 years due to the death of her mother. Then, through a series of flashbacks to different key points in her li [...]

    • Ronda says:

      OMG This book has become a favorite of mine. I will recommend this to anyone 15 and older. I have read a few of Julieanne Lynch's books before and I am a huge fan, but this book here has made me an even bigger fan! It is an emotional roller coaster and it will make you cry at some point. It takes a lot for a book to make me cry & this brought tears to my eyes during some parts & then there was the two times that those tears escaped and I fully cried. Well written & I love the fact th [...]

    • Andrea Trenary says:

      This was a very good book.It made me cry in parts, with/for Kevin, with Michael.I will say the Irish dialect (not sure if that's the right where to word it) made it a little hard to get into to start with, I feel like saying we were in Ireland would have been good enough, it didn't need to be that way all thru it.I could relate with a lot of her loss, having experienced a great deal in my own life as well. So some parts of that dredged up emotions and feelings in myself, specially around the los [...]

    • Michelle says:

      Such a beautiful story. This is my first book by this author, and I'm already moving on to the next book. So delicately crafted, like a fine lace, it was a joy to read. Lynch is like the most instinctive seamstress, weaving new threads into a story that is already full of suspense and pain. Jacinta is a great character, her pain and hollowness after her father's death is evident. It becomes a living breathing force made real by the beautiful and heartfelt writing. An absolutely fantastic read. I [...]

    • Jodi Mcfeaters says:

      Just finished "Silently Still" by Julieanne Lynch. I was pleasantly surprised by this book! At first it started out slow and I was afraid I wouldn't like it but I kept reading and I'm glad I did! I really like the main character Jacinta and I felt like she was pretty down to earth and her character traits were believable. I wish the author would've gone more in depth with story, mostly so the book would've been longer. This was a quick read but I enjoyed it! Also, after reading the book descript [...]

    • Boundless Book Reviews says:

      Line one grabbed me and from there I was hooked. This book was very powerful. I can't tell you that it was a happy book because it was filled with so much pain that it brought me to tears countless times. I can say that this book was great. It was written well and in many ways was relatable. This young girl fights her way through countless tragedies and still in the end her salvation is found in an unlikely soul.This writer is one that I have never heard of but am so glad that I found her. This [...]

    • Sabrina says:

      WOW! What an emotional book. Full review to come soon.

    • Sarah Robinson says:

      Thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish. Excellent story telling just made me want to keep reading

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