The Mulligan

The Mulligan The Mulligan is a unique story about a common man Rich in emotion and filled with unforgettable characters The Mulligan winds it s way across America s heartland as master storyteller Nathan Jorgenson

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  • Title: The Mulligan
  • Author: Nathan Jorgenson
  • ISBN: 9780974637020
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mulligan is a unique story about a common man Rich in emotion and filled with unforgettable characters,The Mulligan winds it s way across America s heartland as master storyteller Nathan Jorgenson uses the life of Joe Mix to weave a tapestry colored with laughter, pain, and redemption.After investing much of his life in an unhappy marriage and an unfulfilling career, The Mulligan is a unique story about a common man Rich in emotion and filled with unforgettable characters,The Mulligan winds it s way across America s heartland as master storyteller Nathan Jorgenson uses the life of Joe Mix to weave a tapestry colored with laughter, pain, and redemption.After investing much of his life in an unhappy marriage and an unfulfilling career, Dr Joe Mix realizes that he made most of the important decisions of his life in order to please others, not himself He married a woman he never loved because she had a stronger will than him He chose a career that he wasn t interested in because he knew it was what his father expected of him.When the consequences of his wrong decisions threaten to smother him, Joe Mix finally snaps and decides to forsake all that he has done, and set out to reclaim the life he feels he should have chosen.The ensuing odyssey carries him to his childhood home in South Dakota, a cattle ranch in Montana, and ultimately to the end of the road the banks of a trout stream on an Indian Reservation.We all wonder what our lives could have been, Joe Mix went looking for his life.
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      235 Nathan Jorgenson
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    791 Comment

    • Karle says:

      Excellent, I could not put it down. Best understood by anyone over 40, however it does teach that your goals in life can change, and that it is only yourself you have to live with, either happily or not. Up to you. GREAT book.

    • Annette says:

      Depressing start but storytelling improves when he gets out of town. Some quotable lines and quirky characters.

    • Benjamin says:

      Dr Joe Mix is in a job he hates and in a love less marriage. He is a dentist, but he never wanted to be a dentist, he just wanted to be a cowboy like his father. He has a beautiful wife, but she loves the luxury life style his profession affords, but not him. So one day he decides to walk on on his present life, and make a fresh start, leaving everything to his wife.We follow Joe Mix as he comes to this momentous decision, and has he subsequently tries to find his way, and in the process, himsel [...]

    • Cindy says:

      Great book! Minnesota writer

    • Lisa says:

      I didn't like this book nearly as much as the other book I read by this author (Waiting for White Horses).

    • Ted Knudson says:

      It moves along nicely. Compelling characters, good story and surprises. "Master" story teller may be a bit of a stretch (hence the 4) but the author is worthy of the read, certainly.

    • Jennifer says:

      Ok, I didn't actually finish this book. This book was chosen for one of the book clubs I am in. I read about 3/4 of the book. I would've probably finished it, if I had more time, but the book was due back. It is not a book I would've chosen myself to read. I felt there were a lot of "life lessons" in this book and I could relate to certain things the main character was thinking. However, this was kind of a sad book, and perhaps it was just the mood I was in that it was more difficult for me to r [...]

    • Nicole Denekamp says:

      This book had many good life lessons to learn from and really makes you think about what you want to do in life and what you want to be known for. It's very interesting to read a man's point of view as he looks back on his life. There are many people who feel like the main character, Joe, did, but no one I know has ever taken the measures he did to change his life. This book leads itself to many good discussions. The things that made the book drag for me though were the length of it (probably co [...]

    • Tim Owens says:

      Living a life of quite desperation, Joe Mix takes a mulligan (a restart) and leaves his wife and successful dentistry practice of 25 years for nothing in particular. He just wants to get away. The reader gets to go along on his journey of rediscovery of himself. The journey takes him from Minn. to Montana. He meets a real cast of characters, which for me is the strength of the story. Joe is basically looking for happiness and to bring meaning to his life. He learns that the rich man ain’t the [...]

    • Teresa Albrecht says:

      This is the second book from Nathan Jorgenson,the first "Waiting For White Horses" was absolutely wonderful. My expectations for "The Mulligan" were very high after reading the first novel. It did not disappoint. Story centers around a mid-life crisis of a MN dentist who realizes there's more to life than wealth and prestige - sets off on a personal journey to find himself. Very insightful, pulls you in from the start and doesn't let go. My only ques - why haven't his books been turned into movi [...]

    • Jane says:

      I liked this one a little more than Waiting for White Horses. I think the main character was a little more likable for me. And maybe a bit more believable. Waiting for White Horses took the reader into the world bird hunting while this book takes into the world of fishing; big river trout fishing. It also ventures into the world of golf. Not sure why I was told this is a trilogy. There is no connection between this book and Waiting for White Horses. They are both stand alone books.

    • Elise says:

      This book reminded me of Eat, Pray, Love in its themes, although it is a much easier read. The author's imaginative abilities are really remarkable -- there's one scene about a balloon that I swear I will always think of when I hear the word, "balloon." When it was over, I missed going on to the next adventure. Minnesota author, some of the book was set in Minnesota.

    • Alicia says:

      Finished my first book of 2016! This book is a bit wordy, it could be a lot shorter but it was very good, lots of life lessons to be learned. I don't normally skim through any parts of a book but the whole golf/fishing parts were a bit long and detailed. If you would like to learn more about golf and/or fishing this would be a good book to read.

    • Heather says:

      This book was longer than it needed to be author seems to write just to prove he knows what he's talking about (goes into lenthy descriptions of fly fishing which I didn't feel added anything to the story). But that being said, I did like the book. I needed to finish it to find out where this man finally finds his peace.

    • Lona Schuett says:

      excellent book about fishing but I still enjoyed the story. No murders or crime just a good ole fashioned story abut life of a man who gave up a rich life to do something he enjoyed.Borrowed this book from Kim Knutson

    • Jackie says:

      Have not been able to read this book. I am not interested in finishing the book either. I am sure that it is a good book, if you are in the mood for it, but I am not into it at all. What really turned me off was the five plus pages talking about FISHING!

    • Amanda Wilhelm says:

      The first 100 pages were a bit slow. But it turned out to be one of my favorite books. We read it for book club, so glad someone picked it! Very encouraging to read about someone so "well off" that just said "screw it" my life and self-worth are worth more than material things.

    • Jane says:

      Read this one--and am not sure why I connected with this 500+ page book. Because of local author? guy out to "find" himself, rediscover his child self? Liked the voice, learning about fly fishing. Gentle and sensitive.

    • Terri says:

      My husband really enjoyed this book because he is a golfer

    • Sarah Bedal says:

      Really enjoyed this book, once the main character made the decision I knew was coming, it made for a great read. The kind of world and story telling you fall into each time.

    • Jana says:

      Enjoyed this.

    • Humkeb says:


    • Olga Mosner says:

      Loved it. He is an amazing writer.

    • Katie Sumner says:

      If I could give it a zero, I would. This is one ridiculous read written by a narcissistic mysogynist.

    • Denita says:

      Loved itlove, love, love this author! Excellent book!

    • Therese says:

      Book was long but found the adventures we want to visit a ranch and try fly fishing.

    • Stan says:

      Starts out a little clumsilybut the book warms to a charm as it goes along. Very comfortable read.

    • Angie says:

      I loved this book.I enjoyed it from beginning to end! Made me think about a lot of things

    • Marie Talley says:

      Nice read that keeps your attention. Makes you think about life.

    • Wendy says:

      Sherry is reading this one now! Update 2/2015: Sherry let me borrow the book to read. Between 2 bible study books and a book club book each month, I hope I find time to read it soon!

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