Jim Butcher's Dresden Files Welcome to the Jungle

Jim Butcher s Dresden Files Welcome to the Jungle When the supernatural world spins out of control when the police can t handle what goes bump in the night when monsters come screaming out of nightmares and into the mean streets there s just one m

Dresden Files Jim Butcher About the Series The Dresden Files are Jim s first published series, telling the story of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, Chicago s first and only Wizard P.I. Jim Butcher The Online Site For Everything Jim First, the news that everyone can take part in This Friday at pm ET, Jim will be doing a Reddit AMA on r books Fans will have the opportunity to submit questions for Jim and vote on Jim Butcher s The Dresden Files Omnibus Volume Jim Jim Butcher s The Dresden Files Omnibus Volume Jim Butcher, Mark Powers, Ardian Syaf, Chase Conley, Brett Booth on FREE shipping on qualifying offers When criminal investigations take a weird turn, the officers of the Chicago Police Department call in Harry Dresden A wizard and private investigator with formidable yet unrefined skills Jim Butcher s The Dresden Files War Cry This is the first comic issue in Jim Butcher s Dresden Files War Cry, a part mini series published by Dynamite Comics It s written by Jim Butcher Mark Powers, with pencils by Carlos Gomez, and takes place some four months after Dead Beat, the th novel in the Dresden Files series. The Dresden Files The Dresden Files is a series of contemporary fantasy mystery novels written by American author Jim Butcher.The first novel, Storm Front, was published in by Roc Books The books are written as a first person narrative from the perspective of the main character, private investigator and wizard Harry Dresden, as he recounts investigations into supernatural disturbances in modern day Chicago.

  • Title: Jim Butcher's Dresden Files Welcome to the Jungle
  • Author: Jim Butcher Ardian Syaf
  • ISBN: 9780345507464
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When the supernatural world spins out of control, when the police can t handle what goes bump in the night, when monsters come screaming out of nightmares and into the mean streets, there s just one man to call Harry Dresden, the only professional wizard in the Chicago phone book A police consultant and private investigator, Dresden has to walk the dangerous line betweenWhen the supernatural world spins out of control, when the police can t handle what goes bump in the night, when monsters come screaming out of nightmares and into the mean streets, there s just one man to call Harry Dresden, the only professional wizard in the Chicago phone book A police consultant and private investigator, Dresden has to walk the dangerous line between the world of night and the light of day.Now Harry Dresden is investigating a brutal mauling at the Lincoln Park Zoo that has left a security guard dead and many questions unanswered As an investigator of the supernatural, he senses that there s to this case than a simple animal attack, and as Dresden searches for clues to figure out who is really behind the crime, he finds himself next on the victim list, and being hunted by creatures that won t leave much than a stain if they catch him.Written exclusively for comics by Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files Welcome to the Jungle is a brand new story that s sure to enchant readers with a blend of gripping mystery and fantastic adventure.
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    • HBalikov says:

      I like the Harry Dresden novels by Jim Butcher. So when I saw that Butcher had written a graphic novel, I was interested in seeing how well the images that Butcher created in my head were represented with Adrian Syaf's artistry. Don't be put off by the dust jacket image (like I was). This is the only image that was not created by Syaf and it is way different from the well-crafted drawing that accompanies the story.The story, on the other hand, is something you may find Dresden-lite. Harry is bro [...]

    • Mario says:

      Not as good as the books, but still really fast and fun read! Only wish there was more Bob in it, but Dresden was hilarious as usual, so I couldn't give it any less than 5 stars.Would recommend to anyone who's fan of the series.

    • Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

      Wow. This was so fun to read. I am a fan of the Dresden Files urban fantasy series, and it's wonderful to get some visuals to go along with the prose. Butcher wrote the foreword, and he said he was very happy with the way Harry comes out, that he'd always visualized Harry Dresden in this medium, since he grew up as a huge comic book fan. I'd tend to agree. I think the artist did an excellent job of capturing Harry and also Karrin Murphy and Carmichael. He captures Harry's physicality as well as [...]

    • Kat says:

      Basic Plot: When bodies begin piling up at a zoo, it's up to Harry Dresden to figure out what supernatural beastie is responsible and stop it before things get worse.Graphic novels are definitely a different medium than traditional novels. When I first heard that these books were coming out I was worried that they wouldn't capture the characters and their attitudes effectively. This book definitely has the Harry Dresden sarcasm I know and love, though. Harry looks considerably less scruffy than [...]

    • Nicole says:

      First read 28 December, 2009. Re-read 28 January, 2012. (The 28s are just a coincidence.) Re-read 31 October, 2013--the last few years, I like to celebrate Halloween with some Harry D. Happy birthday, pal.A 4 star read in terms of graphic novels, although very simple and streamlined in comparison to any of the regular Dresden novels. A fun, quick read.Turns out Butcher was inspired to write Harry in part by his love of comic books and characters like Peter Parker. It makes sense. This is a nice [...]

    • Chris says:

      It was very cool to get this episode of the Dresden Files in graphic novel comic form. The art was fantastic, really bringing Harry and Murphy (and Bob and Mister) to life.I'm also glad that Butcher wrote the story himself. The voice was right. So often a graphic interpretation loses the author's special touch.And of course, this cool little story of the wizard named Harry makes me want to pick up the next Dresden Files novel.Nicely done, Jim.

    • Arnis says:


    • The Flooze says:

      Welcome to the Jungle is a prequel story to the Dresden Files, showing one of Harry’s earlier cases for Murph. The story is a little thin, but interesting nonetheless. The illustrations of Harry and the other characters are in line with my own imaginings, although the wizard is a little sterner-looking than he might be. There were also a few continuity issues (a missing staff here, missing glasses there). What I found most distracting were the boxes detailing Harry’s inner monologue. Since t [...]

    • Ivy says:

      5 starsAwesome comic book. Nice to see a story in the world of The Dresden Files in comic book form. Hags look very creepy. Glad Harry was able to stop them. Wonder if Will will show up again later in the series. Law of the Jungle always prevails. Also glad that Moe didn't die and was able to back with his family. RIP Dr. Reese and others. Very weird comic book too. Would be scary if the supernatural world existed. Can't wait to read more books in the Dresden Files series!!!!!

    • Anne says:

      I'm not sure if this would really have been all that great if I wasn't such a huge fan of the Dresden Files. But I am. So it was. In other words, don't trust my rating, because I'm not sure if it was any good or not. That's how much I love Harry.

    • Patricia says:

      This could be either a teen or adult graphic novel, since the Dresden Files fiction titles are considered to be adult titles. But if you are a fan, you will want to read this first graphic novel of the Dresden Files, particularly since it's an original story that takes place before his first title Storm Front. Although there is a lot of violence, it is not very explicit, which makes it more acceptable for teen readers. Since I am an avid fan of the series, I enjoyed it, and particularly liked Bu [...]

    • Erin Reilly-Sanders says:

      Not bad, but not really as engaging to me as the rest of the series. The story is good, the portrayal of the characters is acceptable- i.e. nothing wrong but tough to compare with the images in my head- and the art decent. I like my version of Murphy a litle better- a little rounder in the face, smaller, more compact, with shorter hair- which makes the contrast with some of her attitudes greater and thus more fun. But in all cases, none of the characters are blatantly wrong, such as sticking a h [...]

    • Rumana Nasrin says:

      Wow!! Wow! Dresden is exactly the way I'v pictured him! It was really a good read.

    • Giovanni Gelati says:

      Right off the bat I want to say how much I enjoyed this graphic novel. It opened a door for me that I didn’t expect to go through. I have heard of Jim Butcher and seen his novels on the NYT Bestseller Lists but had not given any of them a chance. What a big mistake. The graphic novel straightened all misconceptions of his characters and his writing style out for me. I am now a huge fan. Ardian Syaf did the artwork and is an awesome collaboration.The main character, for the uninitiated like mys [...]

    • Julianna says:

      Reviewed for THC ReviewsWelcome to the Jungle was another enjoyable short story in the Dresden Files series, this time in graphic novel format. I rarely read graphic novels, but have to say that this one was quite fun. It was kind of like reading a movie or watching a book.:-) The illustrations were very appealing and complimented the text perfectly. They also expressed the emotion and action of the scenes quite well. The illustrator, Ardian Syaf is billed as a rising star in the comic book worl [...]

    • Mike says:

      I recently decided to start reading through the "essential" graphic novels, mostly because I was getting a little bored with the novel I was reading and was looking for a break. While looking for a different title at the library, I came across Welcome to the Jungle. Being a big Dresden fan, I had heard of the novel before, but I had never read it. In fact, I think it's the only published Dresden literature that I had not read I had to pick it up.The bottom line, Welcome to the Jungle plays out v [...]

    • lynne naranek says:

      Jim Butcher admits in the introduction that in his head, Harry Dresden plays out in comic book / graphic novel form, and so he's really excited about the opportunity to "translate" his books into this medium. "Welcome to the Jungle" is a made-for-graphic-novel prequel to Storm Front, in celebration -- and anticipation of -- the books ebing converted into graphic novel form. I don't appreciate this medium as much as I do a regular, good old book, I admit. However, it doesn't detract from an all-t [...]

    • Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

      I wish I'd never set eyes on this piece of rubbish. Any fan of Harry should stay very far away from this graphic novel (more like a graphic short story). The story is terrible and boring, the illustrations awkward and Harry is embarrassing, there's nothing adorable or vulnerable about him. His self-deprecating just sounds like a lie. There is no subtext, no using your imagination and little even looks as it is described in the books. But worst of all, it's ultra sexist. Disgusting. It's like the [...]

    • Anthony says:

      Eh, for 4 issues I figured that there would be more story. The art is great and the story is original, but I was expecting more

    • Mandy | books_tea_and_owls says:

      The art work is beautiful and very colorful; the story - very engaging!Wish I read this before ‘Storm Front’, but this graphic novel was pretty on point with how I imagined the characters while reading the book. This graphic novel makes me want to go back to continue reading the books.

    • Gina says:

      I love me some Dresden Files and this did not disappoint!! I loved the artwork and all the characters were awesome!!

    • Shaun Duke says:

      I'm familiar with Butcher's Dresden Files, but I've never read any of the books. Reading the graphic novel, thus, became my first Dresden experience, and it's a bit of a mixed bag.Welcome to the Jungle follows none other than the infamous Harry Dresden, sorcerer extraordinaire turned mystical detective, as he takes on yet another case: a brutal murder at the Chicago zoo with too many unanswered questions for the poor Chicago PD to handle; that's why they've called Dresden, because his specialty [...]

    • Chris says:

      I am quickly becoming a big fan of the Dresden Files and when I found this graphic novel I had to pick it up and give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this. The story of course was wonderfully entertaining. Jim Butcher does an amazing job writing an entertaining story in such a short venue. I also enjoyed reading his introduction he says he is a fan of comics and Graphic novels and jumped at the chance to work on this project. He just hadn't any idea how hard it would be. [...]

    • John says:

      Though I am not a connoisseur of graphic novels (more commonly called comic books when I was a child) I picked this up on the strength of the author's reputation. I was not dissappointed. Once again Mr. Butcher provides a witty, fast-paced, spell-binding (no pun intended) story that grips the reader and won't let him go. Butcher collaborated with an up-and-coming artist on the actual flavor of the books, so we got a good look at what Dresden looks like in Butcher's mind. The only surprise there [...]

    • Scott says:

      I was somewhat doubtful going in to this that Butcher's Dresden novels would translate well in graphic novel form, but this really worked! Butcher himself states in the introduction that he has always envisioned his novels as comics when writing them, and here Butcher does a great job of continuing the curt dry humor and crisp dialogue of the books as well as the creepy noir setting. This didn't feel like a watered down version of the novels, in fact it is a new story / investigation set in Harr [...]

    • Yodamom says:

      I love the visual view of Harry's world. I read the introduction by Jim Butcher and was thrilled to see that he thinks this Harry is dead on what he see's him looking like. he looks very close to what was in my head as well.The art work is very well done. Harry is beautiful and strong. Mister is huge ! Murphy was a bit more angry then I pictured her, but hey this book was in the very early stages of their relationship. Kudos to the artist, everything was very emotional.Harry is hired to find a k [...]

    • Sarah says:

      Timeline wise, this would fit in to the earlier part of the Dresden Files series. Dresden is called in to investigate an odd murder at a zoo, and of course, things go downhill as only they can when he is involved. More murder, mayhem and magic ensue. Well illustrated - I thought the graphics were spot on for the characters - and a good story. Well worth the read.

    • Chris says:

      So that sexism that lurks under the Dresden novels, at least the later ones, is in full force here. The evil chick is the one who is taller than Harry and whose clothes actually fit correctly.(Honestly, the funny bit was were Dresden was described as an everyman in the back. Once true, sadly no longer).

    • Aki Tman says:

      I love the dresden files, I really do. But this graphic novel is just OK, to give it 4 or 5 stars would be to say it's of the same level as Saga or the wicked + the divine (which i consider to be a 4 star series) and it's just not. 3 stars because its not bad, but it's not good either.

    • Alesia says:

      I've missed Harry Dresden. This was a great read, and the artwork is gorgeous. Looking forward to more graphic novel adventures with Chicago's Own Wizard.

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