My Sister Rosa

My Sister Rosa What if the most terrifying person you know is your ten year old sister Seventeen year old Aussie Che Taylor loves his younger sister Rosa But he s also certain that she s a psychopath clinically th

  • Title: My Sister Rosa
  • Author: Justine Larbalestier
  • ISBN: 9781760112226
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • What if the most terrifying person you know is your ten year old sister Seventeen year old Aussie Che Taylor loves his younger sister, Rosa But he s also certain that she s a psychopath clinically, threateningly, dangerously Recently Rosa has been making trouble, hurting things Che is the only one who knows he s the only one his sister trusts Rosa is smart, talented,What if the most terrifying person you know is your ten year old sister Seventeen year old Aussie Che Taylor loves his younger sister, Rosa But he s also certain that she s a psychopath clinically, threateningly, dangerously Recently Rosa has been making trouble, hurting things Che is the only one who knows he s the only one his sister trusts Rosa is smart, talented, pretty, and very good at hiding what she is and the manipulation she s capable of.Their parents, whose business takes the family from place to place, brush off the warning signs as Rosa s acting out Now that they have moved again from Bangkok to New York City their new hometown provides far too many opportunities for Rosa to play her increasingly complex and disturbing games Che s always been Rosa s rock, protecting her from the world Now, the world might need protection from her.
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    • Catriona (LittleBookOwl) says:

      4.5 stars!! Maybe a 4.75, I don't know, I'm still reeling from the ending.This was phenomenal. Rosa is so twisted, creepy and scary. I would be terrified if I had a sister like her!Despite all she has done to him, and put him through, Che still cares deeply for Rosa, even if he too is a little scared of her. He was a wonderful protagonist. Probably one of the most realistic teenage male characters I have ever come across. The way he has so many conflicting emotions, his decisions, his voice, it [...]

    • ❄️Nani❄️ says:

      3.75⭐️“Rosa is a ticking bomb. I don’t think it matters what you call it: psychopathy, sociopathy, antisocial personality disorder, evil, or the devil within. What matters is how to prevent the bomb from exploding.”Pheeeww, where to beginThe story's told from the first person POV of Che and as much as I dislike first-person narratives with a passion, surprisingly, I didn’t seem to mind it here because it's a coming of age story in which Che reaches many of the important benchmarks of [...]

    • Cait (Paper Fury) says:

      Okayum, WOW FREAKING WOW. This book was amazing. I had this gargantuan feeling that I would like this book because a) boxing (!!) and b) psychopaths. I am intensely interested in brain thingies and mental thingies (aren't I also eloquent?) and I just sooooo knew this would be a good book. AND I WAS NOT WRONG. OKAY, HOLY WOW. WHERE DO I EVEN START?!??Lists. Obviously. Liiiiiists. (But first, the story is basically about a boy who's little sister is an undiagnosed psychopath and he's basically rei [...]

    • Emma Giordano says:

      4.5 stars!!! I really enjoyed this book and my issues with it that took away a half star were very very minimal. I would totally recommend! I may add a better review to this later, and I'm thinking of filming a video review if anyone is interested?

    • Adam Silvera says:

      This is one of my favorite books of 2016 and I will continue talking it up at all my future events. The majority of thrillers I read are on the adult side, and I'll tell you now that although MY SISTER ROSA is so different content-wise from GONE GIRL/THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, it's equally addicting. When the premise of a book is a 17-year-old is trying to protect from the world from his 10-year-old psychopathic sister, you just know there's no happily ever after to expect. I knew it was going to be [...]

    • Taneika says:

      I had high expectations going into this book, and all of them were met!My Sister Rosa is the story of a boy named Che, who moves from Sydney to New York with his mother, father and 10 year old sister, Rosa, who also happens to be a psychopath. Nobody except Che knows Rosa is a psychopath and if they do have some sort of idea, they deny it completely.I read this book almost solely because the premise sounded absolutely awesome, and Justine Larbalestier delivered exactly that, and then some. This [...]

    • ☘Misericordia☘⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ❂❤❣ says:

      Q: ‘We’ve done an excellent job with our children, don’t you think?' (c) A number on them, more like it. Q:Rosa was a toddler when I first made her promise not to kill. (c)Q: I want to scream at them that I’m their seventeen-year-old son, not Rosa’s co-parent. But I am, even if they’ll never admit it. (c)Bizarre, underresearched and overrated. Most of characters might want to try to get their heads out of their respective asses. It might miraculously cure them of their numerous condi [...]

    • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) says:

      Underwhelming tbh. I was expecting a twisted thriller about a creepy little sister and instead I got a book about a guy that is obsessed with boxing that happens to have a strange little sister. There was also A LOT of discussion about religion, which is so not my thing. Probably wouldn't have picked this up if I had known about that. Either way though this was just pretty meh for me. Meh meh meh.

    • Suzanne says:

      What an awful little girl. But that terrible little creature made for a fascinating read. This was an interesting short book that was a little less creepy than I was hoping for but was still a very entertaining read. It is predictable and some of it is not as accurate as many will hope in terms of the psychology aspects but its a fiction book so I do not niche pick. Overall though I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

    • Laurie Anderson says:

      Starts out as a fun YA w terrific characters and then gets really scary in a wonderful, creepy, horrifying way. Stunning conclusion. I really loved this book!

    • Natalie Monroe says:

      "The flight is long: Rosa will get bored, she'll look for ways to make trouble without Sally and David, our parents, finding out. That's the game she plays. My job is to stop her."Question: do you like contemporary romances and books about mundane everyday life?If you do, then congrats. Stop reading this review right now and buy My Sister Rosa. It has spades of diversity, a male protagonist dealing with everyday problems, and a creepy sister for that extra kick.But if you're like me and went in [...]

    • Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

      3.5 but I'll round it up!Imagine having an adorable and brilliant 10yo sister… but what if she was a psychopath?The premise of this book really intrigue me and I had to read it! You're following a 17yo boy who tries to keep his sister under control while trying to live his own life.I enjoyed the book - it slowed down a bit in the middle then picked up again. With that said, I think I would have enjoyed it more as an adult book than YA. It’s definitely creepy and worth the read!

    • Tammie says:

      I loved this very dark and disturbing book. The book centers around 17 year old Che and his life that revolves around his creepy little sister Rosa- who he strongly believes is a psychopath. It's a little on the slower side but well worth the read. The twist at the end- never saw it coming!!!!!

    • Tatiana says:

      What is good: suspense and dread and fascinating conversations with a 10-year old (alleged) psychopath who doesn't really understand how human emotions work and wants to learn how to pass for a normal person. What is not: perfect in every way teen romance that is incredibly boring; equally boring descriptions of boxing; even more boring pages and pages of boring texting. I respect that Larbalestier is such a socially conscientious and earnest writer (just check out her blog), but very often her [...]

    • Emily Mead says:

      How do I even BEGIN to talk about this book? It was brilliant. Terrifying. Diverse. Gripping (read it in one sitting). There was so much going on and it was so TWISTED. Gah. If this is what 2016 promises in terms of YA, I am ridiculously excited.Full review to come!_____________________________________ After reading this book, you’ll think everyone’s a psychopath. Seriously.But of course, that’ll come AFTER you get over the shock of this book, because let me tell you, it is a wild ride.I h [...]

    • Cheryl says:

      Seventeen year old Che Taylor is tired of moving around from country to country. As he sits in the plane next to his ten year old sister, Rosa, he wishes he could go back to Australia. His parents are planning to settle in New York City where friends have found an apartment for them. For awhile now, Che has felt uneasy about his little sister. She is adorable—so many people have commented about how much she resembles Shirley Temple with her blonde hair, huge blue eyes, and dimpled smile. But C [...]

    • Jeann (Happy Indulgence) says:

      This review appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews! Have you ever met a psychopath? Although they represent less than 2% of the world’s population, how would you know if you’ve encountered, talked to or grew up with one?That’s what makes My Sister Rosa absolutely terrifying. Che talks about his experience looking after his 10 year old sister from birth, who is also a psychopath. She can’t feel empathy, and takes pleasure in causing pain on others. Her emotionless word [...]

    • Rebecca T says:

      Actual rating: 4.5Duuuuuuuude. You all know I love morally grey characters, but Rosa is like above and beyond that. She's not morally gray, she's a legitimate psychopath. I love the way her character was dealt with though. She wasn't a typical, horror character. She was real, which makes her even freaking creepier. Because people like her really do exist. Che was a super interesting character. I loved seeing things from his POV and finding things out alongside with him as shit went down.The stor [...]

    • Ursula Uriarte says:

      Wow just wow!! One of the best psychological thrillers I've ever read! Highly recommend it!

    • Aimee says:

      I received a copy of My Sister Rosa from Allen and Unwin New Zealand to review. I’ve never read a book by Justine Larbalestier before but as soon as I read the synopsis for this I wanted to read it.I don’t even know where to start this review. I’ve never read a book like this before and I was hooked from the first chapter. This book and Rosa are so disturbing. Rosa wasn’t made out to be a scary psychopath like the ones out of movies and TV shows, Justine made her human and that’s what [...]

    • Book Riot Community says:

      A YA novel about a boy who is the only person in his family to recognize his ten-year-old sister, Rosa, for what she is: a psychopath. It sounds like the premise of an episode of Law & Order (and probably is), but this book really avoids the sensationalism of prime time TV. It looks at the nuances of psychopathic behavior, how that manifests in children, how it should be addressed by family members and therapists, and the nuances of living with such an unusual family dynamic. That being said [...]

    • Justine says:

      An absolutely chilling account of a teenager struggling to live with his ten year old psychopathic sister, and to protect the world from her.The characters are fabulous, from the main character Che, to his array of friends, to the icy little sister Rosa, whom almost no one suspects of being a monster disguised as Shirley Temple. I felt nothing but compassion for Che and the stress he has to live under. It's a great story of a good person trying desperately to survive in a situation where he has [...]

    • Erin says:

      Well DAMN!! This book is CRAZY!!! My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier is about a teenage boy's suspicion that his 10 year old sister Rosa is a psychopath. The book starts off slow and I wasn't really into it but once the plot really kicks in it sucks you in and won't let you go. I was chilled to my bones reading this book and I am now more certain than ever that I don't not ever want to have children. This book is terrifying in such a low key way that you don't even realize it until later. I [...]

    • RavenclawReadingRoom says:

      4.5 stars. This book waswowsers. It was compelling and creepy and messed up and I COULDN'T STOP READING IT. I mean, a story about a 17 year old guy who's concerned that his 10 year old sister is a psychopath was never going to be the easiest of reads, but holy hell. What I loved- The diversity. Not only does this book spend a lot of time dealing with characters who aren't neurotypical, but the love interest is a dark-skinned African-American girl with two mothers, one of whom is a preacher and t [...]

    • Ylenia says:

      ★ 2016 AtY Reading Challenge ★: A book published in 2016 THE FUCK AM I GOING TO REVIEW THIS BOOK?!I'm so sick and not one but five flies are torturing me while I'm writing this review. Yeah, it's October and there are still flies around. Absurd, right?My main problem is that this novel should have been two separate books: one with the contemporary-coming-of-age type of story and one with the psychotic-crazy-ass-sister story. Together these two plot lines didn't work well for me and one of th [...]

    • Madison says:

      OH MYYYYYYY GOOOoOOooSH.How do I even begin to explain this story? Damn, the first half of the book was mild but the second half HOLY HELL.Everything went to hell and my heart is shattered to a million pieces all because of a little girl.Rosa likes to kill and force her friends to kill small animals and I have seen quite a few murder documentaries and all of the murderers killed small animals when they were Rosa's age.So let's just say Rosa freaks me the hell out. Che is the main character and h [...]

    • Fadwa (Word Wonders) says:

      Full review originally posted on my blog: Word WondersThis book was NOT what I expected, I expected a wild ride, full of big plot points and scary scenes but it wasn’t that. It was sneaky, it made me think nothing too bad would happen, that it’s all going to be fine, but NOOO, everything went downhill and nothing was fine. I was set on 3 stars but, the last few chapters snatched that 4th star from me and I could do nothing about it, because that ending was good. Mind-blowing. It went in a di [...]

    • Sarah says:

      My Sister Rosa starts off as a slow build, showcasing the world and characters, giving you a chance to fully immerse yourself before the second half begins to speed up, leaving you with a few twists and turns. There's so many things I loved about this book, from the characters to the story itself, and there were some things I didn't much appreciate. What I loved-1. Characters: The characters in this book felt real and relatable. You have Che, who is just doing his best to live day by day, get a [...]

    • Trisha says:

      "Set it on fire and watch it burn." A wonderful twisted story. About a brother and sister - and how the brother knows his sister is a monster. She doesn't seem to have a conscience or regret or even real feelings. She mimics those around her and just uses emotions to manipulate others into doing what she wants at the moment. He watches her like a hawk and makes her promise things - like not to kill anyone or make anyone kill anyone else. This is Che's world.It's dark and twisted and fascinating. [...]

    • Kenya (ReviewsMayVary) says:

      I give myself approximately 1 week to forget most of the stuff in this book. There is just so much to it. My goal is to do a review this week so that I can process the whole thing. The main story is of a 10 year old socio-path. And the other is about her 17 year old brother who's been trying to keep her from killing anyone. But the supporting characters are the best part. I've already forgotten exactly how it ends. Damn it!Related Outbox post:bookedupandbossy/

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