Bitter Poison

Bitter Poison The Colonel turns reluctant sleuth once when tragedy strikes at a Christmas party in Margaret Mayhew s latest atmospheric village mystery Frog End that most quintessential of English villages is pr

  • Title: Bitter Poison
  • Author: Margaret Mayhew
  • ISBN: 9780727885807
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Colonel turns reluctant sleuth once when tragedy strikes at a Christmas party, in Margaret Mayhew s latest atmospheric village mystery Frog End, that most quintessential of English villages, is preparing for its annual Christmas pantomime This year, it s Hans Christian Andersen s dark fairytale The Snow Queen Local busybody Marjorie Cuthbertson is on the hunt fThe Colonel turns reluctant sleuth once when tragedy strikes at a Christmas party, in Margaret Mayhew s latest atmospheric village mysteryFrog End, that most quintessential of English villages, is preparing for its annual Christmas pantomime This year, it s Hans Christian Andersen s dark fairytale The Snow Queen Local busybody Marjorie Cuthbertson is on the hunt for her leading lady and who better to play the icy queen than beautiful new resident, ex model Joan Dryden But as interested as they are in their new neighbours, the residents of Frog End remain wary of the Dryden family, considering them aloof Londoners.Mystery is about to engulf the village however when a cast member collapses and dies at a Christmas party, having consumed a rogue mince pie Was the death an accident or was it a malicious revenge strategy masked as an allergic reaction The Colonel makes it his business to find out.
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      427 Margaret Mayhew
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    • Judy Lesley says:

      I enjoy reading this English village series of mystery stories written by Margaret Mayhew. They are relaxing and give me that lovely feeling of the tiny English village of my imagination, probably not something that really exists at all in real life. The characters are all sufficiently developed so that I already feel as if I know them from previous novels in the series. The Major with his eye fixed firmly on the clock waiting for it to strike six in the evening so he can have that drink he's pi [...]

    • Lisa Morin says:

      This is the first time I've read anything by this author. I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my fair and honest review.I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. The Colonel is a private man and he is comfortable in his own surroundings. When he is asked to build a sled as a prop for the town's play, he doesn't expect there to be a murder and soon everyone is wondering who would do such a thing.The humor in this book was great and I enjoyed the colorful ca [...]

    • Jessie Acosta says:

      A Cozy ExperienceI enjoyed meeting the residence of Frog End. Hugh is a delight. This is not a clever murder mystery, but if you want to read about a quirky quiet little village this will suite.

    • Dutchbaby says:

      An engaging, cozy Christmas mystery.

    • Terri says:

      Very nice cozy mystery.

    • I. says:

      Enjoying this series of mysteries Won't go into the plot How the characters are well written and the books flows well Waiting for the next

    • Kristina says:

      Bitter Poison by Margaret Mayhew is An English Village Cosy. Frog End Players are preparing their Christmas offering (play) and Marjorie Cuthbertson is recruiting everyone to assist. They have decided to perform The Snow Queen. The only person who could play the part is newcomer Joan Dryden (who looks down on the villagers). The play is a hit and everyone retires to the after party. Joan suddenly is choking and her husband, Kenneth is calling for her Epi-pen. The Epi-pen cannot be found (it shou [...]

    • Carol says:

      I enjoyed this cozy little mystery - until I got to the end, that is. *Possible spoiler alert* I generally like mysteries to have an ending that brings resolution. This one didn't. The mystery was solved by the colonel, theoretically at least, but no one was brought to justice. In fact, I wasn't entirely convinced that the solution was correct. I was thinking about this whole situation after I finished the book, kind of wondering about my reaction. The person who was killed was not a good person [...]

    • Damaskcat says:

      The colonel is reluctantly dragged into investigating a death at a village Christmas celebration It could be a tragic accident or it could have been malice aforethought. He also finds that his new passion for woodwork has been noted by the village and he is asked to make a sledge for the Snow Queen in Frog End's Christmas performance. The Snow Queen was not a popular choice for the performance and nor is newcomer Joan Dryden's casting in the title role though she is perfect for the part.Village [...]

    • Crittermom says:

      Bitter Poison is a delightful British cozy that focuses on the quirky residents of Frog End. The murder is almost an afterthought, taking only a small portion towards the end of the novel. It isn't even certain that the murder is a murder, as there is no evidence. Bitter Poison will appeal most to those who enjoy British comedies depicting the small dramas, gossip and rivalries of village life. Margaret Mayhew imbues her characters with charm and just a touch of nostalgia.If you are looking for [...]

    • Grey853 says:

      I was seriously disappointed in this book for several reasons. It had a shifting point of view that was annoying. It took a while to even figure out who the main character might be. Several of the characters were very unlikable, such as the Major, his wife, the victim aka ex model, and her teen daughter to name a few. However, the worse offense is that in the end, the murderer isn't caught or brought to justice. One of the main reasons I read a mystery is that I like to see how a killer is both [...]

    • Susan says:

      While I really like this series, and enjoyed reading this, it's the second one in a row that seems to fall short as a mystery. The Colonel is coerced into helping the Frog End dramatic group with their Christmas play, which will star the beautiful newcomer Joan Dryden as the Snow Queen. At a party after the show, someone dies in a tragic accident. One of the Colonel's neighbors reveals something seen at the party that was disturbing; he confronts the suspect and is told that he's misreading the [...]

    • Claudia Cheyne says:

      This story centers around the annual Christmas program put on by The Frog End players. They decided to do "The Snow Queen" and Joan Dryden, a recent arrival to the village would be perfect for the part. It takes a lot of convincing but finally the former fashion model agrees to get involved. During a party following the final performance Joan suffers a reaction to nuts she did not realize were ingredients in mince pie. The Epi-pen she always carries in her purse is missing. By the time the emerg [...]

    • Lora says:

      Marjorie Cuthbertson has decided that the villagers of Frog End will be performing "The Snow Queen" for this year's Christmas play. New resident and former model, Joan Dryden, will be playing the lead and even the Colonel has been roped into helping. He will be showing off his woodworking skills by making a sleigh for the performances. When one of the cast members dies at a party, everyone wonders if it was an accident or murder. In this fifth book of the village mystery series featuring the Col [...]

    • Colored Ink says:

      I enjoyed this! Enough to want to go back and read the others in the series, even though it isn't necessary to understand this book. Some great characters, the 'perfect' traditional English village which is anything but, and an surprising, and surprisingly satisfying, ending Quick, easy, very pleasant read. Wouldn't mind knowing some of these people, or living there myself! A received an ARC , had completely forgotten about it, and am really glad I finally got around to reading it. Great, curl u [...]

    • Ann says:

      This is an English cozy complete with a retired Colonel, an amateur theater group and a gossip chain faster than the internet. The story builds the plot and characters with the murder not occurring until nearly the end of the book. With the police and the entire village convinced the star of the show died accidentally after eating peanuts at the after cast party, the Colonel can't stop wondering where the epi pen disappeared. A wonderfully written cozy of the highest caliber, I loved the entire [...]

    • Cheryl says:

      This cozy mystery is obviously part of a series since references were made to earlier murders, but this was not a problem and the story stands alone. I will say that I must now secure copies of the earlier titles because I am in love with the people of this village. No blood or gore, just a simple murder and a surprise murderer.

    • Carol says:

      Never much of a mystery in this cozy series, but the characters are appealing, the setting reminds me of English villages I've visited, and there are no gory details. A murder mystery you can read before bedtime!

    • Sharneel says:

      Cute little cosy murder mystery. Not heavy on intrigue or complexity, it still created a quaint, tight-knit country community in which the characters are simple and a bit eccentric. The murderer gets away with it, but no one seems any too put out by it.

    • Tamara says:

      Quite enjoyed this untile surprise ending

    • Caroline Ingvaldsen says:

      The fifth English village murder mystery featuring the Colonel is, like the first four, not too cozy and not all saccharine.

    • Ellen says:

      I really enjoyed it - now I have read all her "Colonel" myseries except the first, which I haven't found yet.

    • Elaine says:

      Cozy, cozy, cozy. Sweet, harmless, sensible characters. Escape daily worries!This story features an epipen and a still-famous retired model.

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