Before the Storm

Before the Storm Six years earlier Trina Grissom disappeared on the run for her life Now living under an assumed identity as Samantha Marsh she still struggles with the dark secret she harbors and the fear she might

  • Title: Before the Storm
  • Author: Leslie Tentler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Six years earlier, Trina Grissom disappeared, on the run for her life Now living under an assumed identity as Samantha Marsh she still struggles with the dark secret she harbors and the fear she might one day be found When she moves to the coastal town of Rarity Cove, South Carolina, to open a caf , a handsome widower begins to chip away at the walls she s built to proteSix years earlier, Trina Grissom disappeared, on the run for her life Now living under an assumed identity as Samantha Marsh she still struggles with the dark secret she harbors and the fear she might one day be found When she moves to the coastal town of Rarity Cove, South Carolina, to open a caf , a handsome widower begins to chip away at the walls she s built to protect herself Mark St Clair lost his wife two years ago in a tragic accident Head of the grand St Clair resort, he distracts himself from his lingering grief by running the family business and caring for his troubled young daughteruntil a beautiful restaurateur sets up shop in town Before meeting Samantha, Mark was convinced he could never be drawn to another woman But as his attraction to Samantha grows, the mystery surrounding her deepens As the two begin a hesitant courtship, double perils emerge Someone from Samantha s lurid past comes calling, threatening to expose her And a powerful hurricane is forming in the Atlantic with the small beach town in its path Trapped in the storm by the brutal man who wants vengeance on Samantha, she and Mark must fight for their lives.
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    • Baba says:

      2 stars. DNF @49%. Review posted September 19, 2015.I liked the cover and the premise of Before the Storm. I also thought it started off rather decent but, unfortunately, took a turn into boring no-man's-land fast."Just tell me you'll think about slowing things down.""There's nothing to slow down."Seriously. It was extremely slow already. If they had slowed things down even more, they would have come to a standstill. I love me a slow-burning romance, but give me at least some sizzling hot chemis [...]

    • Jonetta says:

      Originally posted on The Book NymphoSamantha Marsh ran from her old life six years ago and completely reinvented herself. She's a chef and owns a gourmet café in Rarity Cove, South Carolina. When hotel owner Mark St. Clair and his adorable daughter happen into her life, she resists what may be the relationship she's always dreamed of, for their sakes. Fear of her past coming back to haunt them is the basis for that resistance but Mark's persistence takes her under. I really loved this story sta [...]

    • Sarah says:

      (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Barclay Publicity and NetGalley.)“When she closed her eyes, she was back in that Memphis apartment again – shivering, shards of cobalt glass around her, her hands stained with blood.”This was an okay adult contemporary romance, but the pace was a little slow for me.I felt quite sorry for Mark in the way he was struggling to raise his daughter after his wife’s death, but I found it a little bit h [...]

    • Judy Collins says:

      Top 50 Books of 2015. "Best New Romantic Suspense Series."TalentedLeslie Tentlerreturns following her smashing crime thriller,Fallen, landing on myTop 30 Book List of 2014, with a riveting new series, (Rarity Cove #1),set in a small coastal southern resort town on the outskirts of Charleston, SC — in Rarity Cove with BEFORE THE STORM.A solid drama,from deep human emotions, mystery, danger, crime, and romantic suspense rolled into page–turner, as the past rears its ugly head, at the most inop [...]

    • Anne OK says:

      This go-round we get something a little different from one of my favorite romantic suspense authors. Under a new identity, Samantha Marsh tries to escape the mistakes of her past in a new place. Mark St. Clair is a single dad raising his small daughter and running the family business. Both of these characters have resisted any romantic involvements – until Samantha arrives in Rarity Cove. The romance and suspense are well blended.Of course, secrets never stay hidden and the past eventually fin [...]

    • Linda Strong says:

      Leslie Tentler is not a new author to me. I have read her Chasing Evil series. I knew what I would find with her latest book and I wasn't disappointed.Samantha has a secret. Samantha isn't even her real name and she's been on the run for 7 years. She has a secret past and she left a dead man behind, taking with her only an old ragged teddy bear that was given to her as a child and her mother's cameo locket.Mark is a good looking widower with a 4 year old daughter to take care of. His daughter h [...]

    • Kate's Corner says:

      I started this book and somewhere along the way I lost interest but most likely is that I realised that this is a common plot and has been done a thousand times. I need something new to keep me entertained because that is why I read. DNF 32% this book was on hold to begin with so I guess it was just a matter of term. Please note this is is my personal opinion. It might be a unpopular review but I can't change it.Book given in exchange for an honest review from Barclay Publicity via Netgalley.

    • Kjen says:

      4 Stars Tentler writes excellent romantic suspense, and this is no exception. Samantha and Mark are a very likable couple. Throw in a tortured past, some evil bad guys, and a hurricane, and you've got a recipe for a good read!

    • Emmeline (The Book Herald) says:

      I kindly receive this ARC from Barclay Publicity, Left Field Press via NG in return for an honest review!Rating- 4.5 stars"Devin had the smile of a snake, and his lean, hard frame appeared ready to strike. Trina already knew the full extent of his bite. His poison."My goodness! This book was awesome but so suspenseful I scarcely could breathe! Alright, alright, let's hope straight to the plot! Trina Grissom died 6 years ago, Samantha Marsh was born. On the run, hopeless yet hopeful, fearful of h [...]

    • Coral says:

      Plot: 4/5Characterisation: 3/5Prose: 3/5How much I enjoyed it: 4/5

    • Catherine (The Sassy Bookster) says:

      I absolutely love BEFORE THE STORM! It's well written, with an engaging plot, suspenseful and will have you experiencing a variety of emotions - from anticipation to terror and everything in between - alongside the characters! Samantha Marsh has not had an easy life but Rarity Cove, South Carolina is her chance to start over and make something of her life, and her business Café Bella is it. Her secrets are so dangerous and sordid that she has chosen a lifetime of solitude over dragging any man [...]

    • Petra says:

      Before The Storm is an impeccably written romantic suspense novel with a good mix of love story and thriller.Samantha aka Trina has recently opened a little shop in South Carolina where she lives under an assumed identity after escaping a harrowing ordeal. She meets and falls for Mark, a widower with a young daughter who hasn't spoken since her mother died in a car crash. Both cautious due to their pasts and their responsibilities, Samantha and Mark slowly establish a relationship, but then Sama [...]

    • Crina (Reading Addict) says:

      Romance, thriller, mystery, hm. I enjoy these genres, especially thriller and mystery, but I have expectations too. And in this case I was disappointed and after 28% I fell asleep on my kindle after my eyeballs rolled so hard that they rolled under the bed. How can you say that a slow placed book like this, with flat characters, that are so cliche and common, with a writing style that is boring and wooden, with a plot so cliche and boring is mystery thriller. How?! Is not even a cosy and easy, l [...]

    • Abbie says:

      (I received a copy from Netgalley, In exchange for an honest review.)I felt quite sorry for both Samantha and Mark in this. Mark was going through a lot, and Samantha went through life looking over her shoulder, which can't have been nice. This was an okay read, but I found the pacing to be slow, so the story dragged at times.Overall, An okay read.

    • Amanda says:

      This book was interesting and enjoyable. I thought the characters were interesting. The storylines where romance mixed with mystery. I though Samantha's backstory was very sad and I am glad things worked out for her in the end.

    • Elaine says:

      My review for this will be posted on my blog at splashesintobooks.wordpress as part of the Blog Tour promotion for this book. I'll copy it here after that!

    • Anita says:

      With the slow start and some over-dramatic moments between characters throughout the beginning of the book, I had started getting wary of how the rest of the story would play out.  There was the potential for a love triangle, a frustratingly childish sibling rivalry, and one of those rich and snooty high society mothers who is just mean because she can be.Meanwhile, most of the book felt a little dragged out since the main suspense conflict was simply floating around in the background.  We spe [...]

    • Roses R Blue says:

      Reviewed at Roses Are Blue: wp/p3QRh4-fgAt seventeen years old, orphaned Trina Grissom has had enough of her cruel grandmother’s abuse and runs away. While Trina may have escaped her grandmother, she has no means of support, and finds herself on the street, hungry and alone. When Devin Leary takes her in, feeds her, and lets her sleep on his couch, she thinks she’s found a hero. However, it isn’t long before she’s sleeping in his bed, dancing at his strip club, and enduring his beatings [...]

    • Danielle Gypsy Soul says:

      Before the Storm is the first Book in Lenslie Tentler's Rarity Cove. I have previously read her Chasing Evil books and like her writing style. However, this book is quite different from her Chasing Evil books. I still liked the book but it was a much slower paced book. This book centers around Samantha who ran from her previous life and created a whole new identity to escape her past and a secret that could destroy her whole life. She opens a cafe in Rarity Cove and while she may be a little lon [...]

    • Hailey says:

      This book left me incredibly conflicted. I couldn’t stop reading it, it was less than 24 hours, but, I’m not sure what the last book was that I had so many problems with. I leave annotations when I find issues, I actually had to stop at one point because there was just so many. It was a cute romance and the characters were likeable enough; it’s a great fluffy little romance to wrap up yourself up in with a blanket and tea on a cool autumn night. I think this book is good for its targeted a [...]

    • Mignon Mykel says:

      Received a copy of the title in exchange for an honest review.Let me get the pun out of the way: This book took me by storm.Ok, now that that's done.I had a feeling I'd like this book. One, I loved the cover. I think it's dark, broody, and quite frankly, gorgeous. It's a little bit different (ok, a whole gender different) than typical romance books but I was drawn to the cover from the moment I saw it.Now, there can be bad books with pretty covers, but this was not the case. As this was my first [...]

    • Jen says:

      Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ARC was provided by Barclay Publicity in exchange for an honest review.Before the Storm is a romantic suspense novel from author Leslie Tentler and is set in the fictional coastal town of Rarity Cove in South Carolina. Trina Grissom is a woman who thinks she has escaped her tortuous past by creating a totally new identity for herself. As Samantha Marsh, she's living the kind of life that she's dreamed of for years. Falling in love w [...]

    • Romance Readers Retreat says:

      WOW! This book had me hooked from the start and wanting to know what the hell was going to happen. The story is told from Trina Grissom aka Samantha's POV and Mark and a few others have a chapter in there. Sam has had a hard life and you get to understand why she changed her name and disappeared from the first page and from then it flows well through the whole book. She is a great main female lead and Mark is strong but serious, he's a St Clair, a well known family in the small town that Sam mov [...]

    • Cathy Geha says:

      The past, secrets, fears and reservations play a big part in this story. Samantha and Mark feel attraction for one another from their first meeting but with the pasts they both have are not willing to move forward easily or quickly. There is hesitation and family interference along with personal indecision to contend with. Add to this some very bad characters and a hurricane and the plot thickens. I enjoyed the story, though it is somewhat familiar, and would like to say it was very well written [...]

    • Melanie says:

      Via Netgalley for honest review.I loved Mark and Samantha. Each running from their past and trying to live day by day. The suspense in this story keeps your attention and the love story keeps your heart on edge. My only disappointment with this book was lack of sexiness, lust and hunger from Mark and Sam. Also loved how Luther protected Sam. Good read and totally recommend.

    • EroticaAfterDark (Lilith) says:

      Absolutely not interested in this possible snoozefest.Saved by Baba. Here's the review.

    • Laura Johnson says:

      Good romantic suspense. Solid plot and character development. Kept me on the edge of my seat. If you like romantic suspense novels then I think you will enjoy this one.

    • Luli says:

      No he conseguido conectar con esta historia en ningún aspecto.Un suspense romántico donde el suspense es predecible, vago y poco original y el romance un caso de atracción física a primera vista donde no he encontrado ni química, ni atracción, ni muchísimo menos, romance.La historia va dejándonos ver mediante flas-backs el pasado tan complicado (y poco original) de la protagonista, que se mete en un lío de campeonato detrás de otro porque es TSTL, sinceramente. Durante los primero cap [...]

    • Kathy says:

      A good summer read.

    • Angela says:

      When I started I wasn't sure what to expect but it turned out to be a really good story and I plan to look into reading the other books that the author has written.

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