Earthquake in the Early Morning

Earthquake in the Early Morning Chinese and English bilingual edition of Magic Tree House Earthquake in the Early Morning

  • Title: Earthquake in the Early Morning
  • Author: Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca
  • ISBN: 9780679890706
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chinese and English bilingual edition of Magic Tree House 24 Earthquake in the Early Morning.
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      379 Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca
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      Posted by:Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca
      Published :2019-02-23T00:05:29+00:00

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    • Lisa says:

      WOW! Another really great book in the series. The kids loved this one, and so did I, only it was sooo touching that I was trying to cover up the fact that I was tearing up at certain spots. Of course my daughter caught me and outed me!!! Thanks, Mimi! Easily another five star offering from Mary Pope Osborne :)

    • Isabel Orama says:

      The book I read today was number 24 of the magic tree house. This book had action and other cool things in it. It was about a brother and sister named Jack and Annie. Morgan Le Fay always gives them missions to complete so they can become master librarians. They went to California. The year was 1906. When they found the book that had the word california on the cover Annie wished to go to to California. When they arrived they were dressed In different clothes. Annie had a blue and white dress and [...]

    • Olivia Lullie says:

      Summary: This story is about the characters Jack and Annie who travel to San Francisco, California back in 1906. They are on a mission to find a special piece of writing in order to save the kingdom, Camelot. While there, the characters experience the two earthquakes that struck in San Francisco in 1906. The characters are put in a position where they are challenged between helping those around them and working on their own personal task. Evaluation:This story merged a historical event with the [...]

    • Unicorn Wishes says:

      REALY LIKED IT!!!!! :) ;)

    • Sarah Little says:

      The Magic Treehouse is a great series for historical fiction books. This particular book is about the San Francisco earthquake that took place in 1906. Jack and Annie time travel back through their treehouse and find themselves in the middle of the earthquake. The book does a great job of depicting what the people in San Francisco were going through during this time. The author vividly describes the desolate city after the earthquake struck. The author also does a great job of describing how a f [...]

    • Gavin says:

      These Magic Tree House books are good for the younger reader. The premise is simple, two children (Jack and Annie) find a treehouse which can travel back in time as long as a book on the period is available. They then live part of the book they are using. Each one has easily digested facts about the time and place the two children travel to.The earthquake referenced in the title is the Great Quake of 1906 that hit San Francisco. Jack and Annie land in SF just before the quake starts, help a few [...]

    • Dolly says:

      This is a great story in the Magic Tree House series. Although it was a sad and terrible disaster, it was interesting to find out more about it, since none of us had ever really learned about what happened. It was a good ending the the four part mini-series where Annie and Jack had to get four special kinds of writing to save Camelot. The ending was less predictable than I thought it'd be and the four items were tied up together in a nice and inspiring theme. We've really enjoyed this series and [...]

    • Roua says:

      Very nice, I loved the sad stories, because I feel that I am with them in the story this really fun.

    • Nicole B. says:

      Earthquake in the Early Morningis one of the last books in Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House Series. Jack and Annie set out to help the librarian save Camelot by finding the last part of the special kind of writing, something to lend. The tree house lands in San Francisco in the year 1906. It was April 18, and the city was hit by one of the biggest earthquakes recorded, followed by fires that destroyed everything in their path. Jack and Annie end up in the aftermath, running from the fires, [...]

    • Ashlee Reed says:

      Genre: historical fiction/ fantasyAge: grades 2-5We followed Jack and Annie on their adventure to San Francisco. This is where they endured the earthquake of 1906. The moral of the story was not to lose hope. A good thing for kids to learn and pursue when times get tough. I liked how the book had a review on what happen in the first books and what is to come in this book. Then at the end it gave facts about earthquakes. Easy to read, and a fun series for kids to read and enjoy.

    • Steff says:

      I find that I enjoyed this book. For some reason it reminded me of Jack and Jill. So Annie and Jack have to go to San Francisco to find some words of wisdom to save Camelot. When they arrived in San Francisco they experienced the earthquake. Annie and Jack go in search to find the words and finally found it when they came along two boys. They went back into the tree house to go back to Frog Creek. They gave the King the words of wisdom so he can have hope to save Camelot.

    • Kristin Fisher says:

      Another good book in the Magic Tree House series. In this book, Jack and Annie get whisked back in time to 1906 in California. Jack and Annie have to try and find the final writing to help Morgan save Camelot. While they are there, the San Francisco earthquake hits. Jack and Annie have to try and find the final writing before San Francisco gets destroyed. Can Jack and Annie save San Francisco and Camelot? Find out in this fun, adventure filled book.

    • Emma says:

      After the earthquake fires were put out, people from all over the world sent help to San Francisco. The brave citizens of the city never gave up hope. Many even wore badges that said, "Let's rebuild at once." In less than ten years, San Francisco was once again one of the loveliest cities in the United States.

    • Julie Buchanan says:

      This book is a quick read for early readers who love learning about history. The earthquake takes place in San Francisco where the largest earthquake in US history took place in the early 1900s. While the writer keeps the reading entertaining for young minds, it also includes true historical facts that give the reader some history while keeping the book interesting.

    • Zack Brady says:

      jack was in bed at ferit. at that moment he put on his clothes and rayedst down stairs.jack and ainne got to san frsisco then an earthquake happened. they got away. i like this book because thre are lots of firere stuff.

    • Kenzie says:

      Jack and Annie end up in San Fransisco to save a message from that time for Merlin and Morgan Le Fay. But there's a huge earthquake and everything burns. Jack and Annie try to save precious artifacts but it doesn't happen.So now they have to get a message from the burning city how will they do it?

    • Daphne Kim says:

      My daughter and I are continuing this page-turning series. I loved the idea that Hope can save.

    • Laura says:

      Another great Magic Tree House story"I liked this book because I learned about earthquakes. I also really liked the ending." (From the 4 year old this was read to)

    • Pam says:

      I like the adventures in these books.

    • Ashlyn Stelmach says:

      This was also really good! I'm glad I listened to this. I would definitely highly recommend The Magic Treehouse books to any kids interested!

    • Sarah Guyette says:

      Has lots of facts. A quick and short read. I didn't realize how damageful the earthquake was till I read this book. Lots of homes were destroyed. And it was very early in the morning

    • Lisa says:

      I didn't realize fires followed earthquakes. I also liked that they finally visited Morgan's elusive library in this one and met King Arthur!

    • Hannah Jane says:

      This book is nice. Its good for us to read especially for those student . We will learn more in this book.And there are more intense events. Because of the coming earthquake. And the two siblings, jack and annie were showing their good manner to others. They help the people that they met, because of dangerous situation. My lesson learned is to sacrifice ourselves to help other people and being a good person.

    • Kariata Toure says:

      I like the book Earthquake in the Early Morning because alot of facts and it was adventures."He opened his research book and read:San Francisco was the biggest city on the west coast of United State.It had a population of half a million people.It was also one the the loveliest cities in the country."#12 Another fact I learn was "People tried to save special things.But they did not always succeed.Rare books from a library were moved to the Pavilion building caught fire,all the books burned.The bu [...]

    • Micah says:

      Jack and Annie were going to the tree house. THey saw a book near all the others based in California. They always wanted to be in that state. When they got there, it was a quiet town that they entered. There were little trolleys going down the hill. Annie said it was a beautiful place. Then, they heard some shaking. Jack read about it. It was an earthquake. Then he noticed that the book said there were many earthquakes in California. THere was one huge crack that was made in the earthquake that [...]

    • Melissa Namba says:

      a nice wrap up for that quartet. I like that the messages were for king Arthur to give him hope. the San Francisco earthquake portion could have been more interesting, but I'm sure kids will still enjoy it.

    • Braden Wells says:

      it was okay. Annie is a MC. Jack is a MC. They go back to 1906. They went San Francisco.

    • Sam says:

      The year is 1906, the place is San Francisco. Annie and her brother, Jack, have just traveled here in their magic tree house, on a mission from Morgan le Fay, the mysterious magical librarian from King Arthur's time. In an effort to save Camelot, the children have already found three special kinds of writing for Morgan's library: something to follow (Civil War on Sunday), something to send (Revolutionary War on Wednesday), and something to learn (Twister on Tuesday). Now it's time to find "somet [...]

    • Sarah Sammis says:

      I'm a second generation Californian. My roots here only go back as far as the end of WWII but it's enough to have a solid respect for earthquakes in my blood. Having lived in the Bay Area now for more than a decade, Mary Pope Osborne's book Earthquake in the Early Morning instantly brings to mind just what it should: the San Francisco earthquake that struck just before dawn on April 18, 1906.Although there are only a handful of survivors left (and all of them were infants), the earthquake is sti [...]

    • Maya Orama says:

      This book is about a brother and sister named jack and Annie. It was early in the morning. jack woke up early and woke up his sister early also. they both went down the staircase in their house and went out side in the woods. jack found the tree house and went up the ladder with his sister. they both went in the tree house, then Annie found a book then opened it. She then wished that she was there with here brother jack. then the tree house spun and spun until every thing was quite. Then jack an [...]

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