Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire Nothing ignites a fire like the perfect match Anna Weber is every inch the proper librarian old fashioned conservatively dressed right down to her tightly clipped flaming red hair She s just moved to

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  • Title: Playing With Fire
  • Author: Alison Bliss
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nothing ignites a fire like the perfect match Anna Weber is every inch the proper librarian old fashioned, conservatively dressed right down to her tightly clipped flaming red hair She s just moved to a small Texas town, and is determined to spend time with her friend before she has to disappear Relationships aren t easy for her She knows too well what it means to be bNothing ignites a fire like the perfect match Anna Weber is every inch the proper librarian old fashioned, conservatively dressed right down to her tightly clipped flaming red hair She s just moved to a small Texas town, and is determined to spend time with her friend before she has to disappear Relationships aren t easy for her She knows too well what it means to be burned And the last thing she ever wants to do is fall in love Especially not with a fireman who s hot enough to set the entire state of Texas on fire.Cowboy can t resist the fiery little librarian, and he s determined to make her his Beneath that prim and proper exterior is a woman he very much wants to know if she d let him She ll test his patience His control Hell, his very sanity And for the first time, Cowboy wonders if he s found the one fire he can t control
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      161 Alison Bliss
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    • Samantha says:

      This book was literally EVERYTHING! Just saying that I loved it is not enough because this book was too good. The first book in this series, Rules of Protection, is one of my all-time favorite books and Playing with Fire was just as amazing, if not better! Alison Bliss delivered another fantastic romance that was equal parts funny and suspenseful and kept my interest from the very first page.When Cowboy was first introduced in the previous installment, I instantly fell in love with him and I lov [...]

    • Aisling Zena says:

      2.5 starsIt's all my fault, I admit it. I saw librarian and a red head and got too excited. I have to check my impulses next time.I noticed that the male characters name was Cowboy but I thought it was a nickname. Surely his actual name would be used as well as his nickname. But no, you go through the whole book with "Cowboy". What sort of nickname is Cowboy? And unless his christened name is Millicent I can't see the reason for his hiding even his identification papers over it. It took me almos [...]

    • Julie says:

      This is the second novel in the Tangled in Texas series and since I absolutely adored the first, I had super high expectations for this one. The lovely Ms. Alison Bliss shot me an email last month and said she didn't know if I would have the time to read Playing With Fire but she wanted to offer it to me. I mean, come on. I immediately said yes!! I had no idea what this one was even about but I knew that I had to read it. It's by Bliss, so I knew it would be exceptional. Needless to say, I wasn' [...]

    • Billie Helms says:

      ********I received this ARC for an honest review*******I LOVE THIS BOOK!! ~ PLAYING WITH FIRE ~ The second book in The Tangled In Texas Series. Both, Rule's Of Protection, and Playing With Fire, can be read as standalone's.Another Excellent Read by Author Alison Bliss!COWBOY DISCLAIMER WARNING:Appendage's of this Virile Male Are Under Constant Pressure.Prolonged exposure to him may result in Rash Behavior, Absurdity, Coarse language, Doses Of Immaturity, and occasional Fainting.This man may not [...]

    • Brittany B says:

      Playing With Fire is the second book in Alison Bliss' Tangled in Texas series and I absolutely loved it!This can be read as a standalone but follows the story of Cowboy, who we met (and loved) in Rules of Protection.When I heard Cowboy was getting his own story I was excited. I also thought is there any girl in the world that can tame the man?Anna is the heroine in PWF and I absolutely adored her. Anna is soft but she definitely speaks her mind when she has to and she's so brave. I found her cha [...]

    • Karie says:

      Wow! Cowboy's character in Rules of protection was your loveable playboy type, so that is what I was expecting in Playing with Fire. Don't get me wrong, he can still get the female population all hot and bothered with his sexy smirk or his flirting. The one main difference is, he has met his match with Anna the new librarian. It's positively delightful that someone is immune to his come ons. I laughed throughout this whole book, between Cowboy's attempts trying to win Anna over and Anna finding [...]

    • Dana says:

      Alison Bliss has done it again!!!Alison's debut, Rules Of Protection was one of my top reads last year and this follow up and second book in the Tangled In Texas series is just as amazing! We met Cowboy in the first book and I have been eagerly awaiting his story ever since. The consummate play boy, we get to see a different side of this character in Playing With Fire. Anna, the timid and damaged librarian is Cowboys complete opposite and perfect complement :). I loved these two characters toget [...]

    • Barbara Campbell says:

      Alison Bliss wrote another 5 star book This book brings out laughter crying and WTH just happened Cowboy makes his debut in Rules of Protection but you don't need to read that first ( both are stand alone books ) but this book is all about him and Anna which I love. Anna is conservative librarian but is also a firecracker Cowboy a ladies man will the two come together and find each other find out yourself.

    • Megan~The Never Ending Book Basket says:

      Let me start this review by saying that not only was this book utterly fabulous, I know for a fact that it’ll be one of my top reads of this year because it was that good. To say that I loved Playing With Fire is putting it very mildly, and the fantasticness of this book is nowhere near mild. This book was enrapturing, vibrant, and so full of the best amount of humor, feelings and emotions, and fierce connection that will have your heart feeling so much. Playing With Fire had it all, and Aliso [...]

    • Bette Hansen says:

      Anna Weber is the new librarian in town and she fits the role perfectly. Conservative dress, quiet, old fashioned, but there's something about her that draws the attention of one very sexy Cowboy! Problem is, Anna has secrets. Those secrets make letting anyone get too close impossible. Cowboy is outgoing, fun, with a personality and reputation as big as Texas itself. He's determined to get to know Anna and he want's to know everything! Can she be the one woman who could tame this wild Cowboy or [...]

    • ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆ says:

      This one is a bit of a disappointment after such a hilarious first book.Overall rating: 3 starsWriting style: 4 starsStory: 3 starsFlow of the story: 3 starsCharacter development: 3 starsHero: 4 starsHeroine: 3 starsTone/mood of the book: 3 starsEmotion evoking: 3 starsOriginality: 3 starsEnjoyment: 3 starsEffect on me: 3 stars

    • Dawn says:

      Playing with Fire is book 2 in the Tangled in Texas series.Cowboy is a firefighter hes hot and sexy and is the towns womaniser he doesn’t want relationships or commitments fun is the name of the game with Cowboy until he sets his sights on timid Anna.Anna is on the run,never feeling she can settle down shes moved to a small texas town to spend time with her best friend Billie Jo knowing she will eventually be moving on.Billie Jo gets her a job at the local library and this is where she first s [...]

    • Shelly says:

      Another great one by Ms. Bliss, could not put the book down until the end.

    • Red Cheeks Reads says:

      “I was going to say you looked like an angel. But that’s not quite right. With your fiery red hair, deep blue eyes, and that rebellious little pout, I think you look more like . . . a fallen angel.”I absolutely ADORDED Rules Of Protection so when I saw Playing With Fire up for review I got giddy with anticipation. Boy was I right to be excited because Playing With Fire blew me away and proved once again that Alison Bliss can deliver a perfect fun and exciting story. Everywhere Anna goes a [...]

    • Between My BookEndz says:

      Meet Anna, the staid, eyeglass-wearing librarian. Enter Cowboy, our “favorite” lothario and fireman. Mix these two together, and watch the chemistry flair up! If there ever was an example to “never judge a book by it’s cover,” it’s this couple!In Alison Bliss’s second book in her “Tangled in Texas,” Cowboy the fireman gets the spotlight. Cowboy is known for loving the ladies; cocky, handsome and all so available to them all, Cowboy is the strutting definition of a “manwhore. [...]

    • MsChris1161 says:

      Oh my goodness! PLAYING WITH FIRE is scorching hot and sexy read! I expected nothing less about the legend that was Cowboy from author Alison Bliss as a follow-up to her debut book, Rules of Protection, and nothing less than excellence is what she gives her readers. Again. The plot is sexy and romantic, yet mysterious with a dash of danger. The characters have fun, yet realistic, well-developed personalities and the dialogue is charming with just the right amount of wit and snark. The core group [...]

    • Dawn Altieri says:

      Playing with Fire is the follow-up to Alison Bliss' debut, Rules of Protection. For the most part, you can read it as a standalone with no problem, but why would you want to miss out? Do yourself a favor and read Rules of Protection, 'cause that one's awesome, too!Anna is hiding from something, but we're not sure what it is at first, all we know is she's terrified of fire and the simmering feelings she's had for Cowboy for roughly ten years. When she somehow manages to catch the playboy's attent [...]

    • Kristin ~ Book Lovers Obsession says:

      Playing With Fire is book 2 in the Tangled in Texas series and is Cowboy's story. We met Cowboy in Rules of Protection and we know he's a bit of a playboy. He's sexy, quick witted, and loyal. He's also a member of the fire department and is investigating a couple of unsolved fires, including the one responsible for the death of his fire Chief. Anna is the new town librarian. She is quiet, proper, and shy. She has a past that links her to members of her current home town but she can't stay long. [...]

    • Ann Meemken says:

      Playing with Fire is book #2 in the Tangled in Texas series. O my gosh Alison you have done it again! I loved this story! We met Cowboy in Rules of Protection. I was excited when I heard he was going to have his own book. Cowboy is sexy, fun loving, and a real ladies man. Is there a lady out there that can tame this playboy firefighter?Anna moves to town to hideout from her past and takes a job at the local library. At first glance she is shy and reserved but in the end she is a fiesty red-head [...]

    • Angela says:

      Amazing!!! I have been dying to read Cowboy's story and it was everything I was expecting and more! This book really had it all for me. There were some great, typical Ms Bliss, laugh out loud moments which were just as well written as the heartfelt heartbreaking moments. And as far as steam level goes, it pretty much burned up my Kindle! The characters were really well developed, I felt almost personally connected to them by the time I was done. I really enjoyed peeling back the layers of Cowboy [...]

    • Lynn Brooks says:

      Great read! There's hot sex, lots of intrigue as you try to figure out what Anna's secrets are as well as what's going on around the town. Really good characters!Anna Weber is new to Liberty, TX. She has come to town to take a librarian position and be close to her friend Bobbie Jo for a bit. She plans to move on in a few months.Cowboy is an ornery, cocky cowboy, but boy is he adorable! I can just imagine that grin on his face every time it's mentioned. He's got quite the reputation around town [...]

    • Zuray yaruz7 says:

      Yesssss Alison Bliss did it again!!!! This was so good. I remember when I finished reading Rules of Protection and wanting nothing more but to read about Cowboy falling hard in his ass so I was so happy when she told me the next book was about him. And is here . And I just read it. And it was amazing. She did not disappoint I freaking loved it. I totally adore Anna she was vulnerable but she knew how to speak her mind and most of the time with no filter which I love. And Cowboy well what can I s [...]

    • Maureen says:

      In August 2014 I read the first book in the Tangled in Texas series ‘Rules of Protection’ by Alison Bliss. Not only did I completely fell in love with her writing and this series, I also became a part of her street team. Soon I not only was a big fan of ‘Rules of Protection’, but also came to know Alison Bliss a little more. Not only is she a great author but she’s also a very kind person who really cares for her fans. So when her new book ‘Playing With Fire’, the second book in th [...]

    • Gina Roberts says:

      I received an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) of this book in exchange for an honest review.Have you ever read a book in a series where the author spends so much time introducing a new character or re-introducing old ones that you lose the plot and interest?Well, this is NOT one of those books!I have anxiously awaited the release of this book since reading the first in the series and am happy to say the wait was not in vain.From the very beginning, the characters--new and old--are brought in as if yo [...]

    • Mandy says:

      Anna is the new librarian in town. She's quiet and conservative, she dresses like a grandma and doesn't want attention. Cowboy is a sexy fireman, he can get any woman he wants and when the quiet librarian doesn't return his advances, she catches his interest. I am really torn on my review of this book. I really loved this authors first book but this one missed the mark a little for me. I liked the mystery and suspense in this story. There were some twists and turns I didn't see coming. I liked t [...]

    • Julianna says:

      Move over Jake because Cowboy has the reins! Whoo! I absolutely love this story. I spent all day coming back to Cowboy and Anna’s story. Every chance I got you’d find me with my kindle and a huge grin. You’ll be laughing right along with these characters. 
Cowboy is not only a fire fighter but the Captain. He’s a smooth talker, player and definitely one you need to be on the lookout for. Even though he’s known as a player he's a sweet caring man that just wants more out of his relati [...]

    • Tarsha says:

      **ARC provided by publisher for an honest review***This is my first book by Alison Bliss and it was a good choice for me. This book seems to be a standalone from the first book. Which I will be reading in the near future. I was able to read this book and not feel lost at all. The two main characters, Cowboy and Anna were awesome. I love seeing Anna resist his charms as he is use to getting any female he wants. Well Cowboy has met his match in Anna. She always seemed to find away to resist his ch [...]

    • Catherine (The Sassy Bookster) says:

      Cowboy is a man who loves women, is skilled at picking them up and has the reputation to prove it. But you wouldn't know this by Anna Weber's reaction to him. He just can't seem to wow her with his considerable charm and that's something that has never happened to him before. The sweet librarian is a challenge he can't resist and is determined to break down her barriers but he's in for a tough time because she will test his patience and control in every way possible.Anna Weber is hiding out in L [...]

    • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends) says:

      Today seems to be the day for middle of the road booksA librarian and a fire fighter, yes please, sign me upturns out I should have skipped the signing!!I really liked book one in this series, alas book two was a disappointment. :(Cowboy is a manwhore (of course he is), he's slept with every woman in town, and probably a few farm animals. How do I know this, because it is repeated ad nauseum through THE WHOLE FRIGGING BOOK! Not a chapter goes by without us having someone remind us of his horn do [...]

    • Jamie Scott says:

      I received an arc for an honest review.Alison has done it again – written a raging hot romance with all of the fun and drama you could want.Anna is the epitome of what you think of when you imagine a librarian – she is super conservative in both her clothing and her demeanor. Yet there is something about her that seems to speak to Cowboy (whom we met in Rules of Protection). Cowboy is everything that Anna should not want – a smoking hot firefighter with the reputation of being a ladies man [...]

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