A Date You Can't Refuse

A Date You Can t Refuse Serial dater and greeting card artist Wollie Shelley goes undercover in a media training company suspected of video piracy but when a dead body appears on the company s property she s caught up in a

  • Title: A Date You Can't Refuse
  • Author: Harley Jane Kozak
  • ISBN: 9780385518031
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Serial dater and greeting card artist Wollie Shelley goes undercover in a media training company suspected of video piracy, but when a dead body appears on the company s property, she s caught up in a conspiracy that goes way beyond some stolen DVDs.Wollie Shelley isn t happy about taking the job as a social coach at MediaRex, but the FBI makes her an offer she can t refSerial dater and greeting card artist Wollie Shelley goes undercover in a media training company suspected of video piracy, but when a dead body appears on the company s property, she s caught up in a conspiracy that goes way beyond some stolen DVDs.Wollie Shelley isn t happy about taking the job as a social coach at MediaRex, but the FBI makes her an offer she can t refuse If she agrees to infiltrate the company, they ll guarantee that her schizophrenic brother will have a home at the federally subsidized halfway house he s come to love So Wollie launches into teaching three foreign celebrities how to cope with the customs of Beverly Hills, improve their English, and become Oprah ready And when a coyote chewed corpse appears in the MediaRex compound, Wollie realizes that her colleagues are concealing some serious secrets of their own.
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      200 Harley Jane Kozak
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    • Katie says:

      Fun finale to this small series of mysteries. They were definitely more on the frivolous side, but I enjoyed the heroine so much and found her so relatable, I just had to keep picking up the next book in line.

    • Lorie says:

      A great vacation read. This is a fun, humorous series about a greeting card designer in Hollywood who gets herself into lots of predicaments with her pseudo detective work. If you like Janet Evanovich, try this series.

    • Suzanne says:

      My favorite so far of the Wollie mysteries. A cast of strange characters from Eastern Europe and several subplots keep the story lively.

    • Re says:

      Fantastic ! The BEST yet ! I've enjoyed all four of her books, and leading up to this one - - what a surprise !! GREAT fun read !!!

    • Sharon says:

      A fun, lighthearted read. I'll be reading more Wollie Shelley mysteries.

    • Laurie says:

      I love this series. I hope this isn't the last one!

    • Lisa says:

      Couldn't wait for this one to be released. It telegraphed a bit more than the other two books with a nice, neat little twist on the end.

    • Ann says:

      I have absolutely loved this mystery series and am sad she is done writing about Wollie and her antics. Smart and funny! Now if I could find my own Simon!

    • Cindi (cheesygiraffe) says:

      I enjoyed the characters in this book. I like Wollie a lot but I really liked Yuri and the group of people she was working with. And the murderer surprised me. I didn't want it to be any of them.

    • Lisa says:

      Kozak's books are always fun with interesting characters, and I do mean characters. Sure there are dead bodies and tension but things never get too dark.

    • Tori says:

      PLEASE tell me there's another one after this! Loved it!!~Tori

    • Ms says:

      As great as the first three, which is rare.

    • Jeanette says:

      I have finally finished this book. I don't like audio books. It took me two years to finish it. I enjoyed the story and I'm glad that I finished it.

    • Lynda Koenig says:

      Definitely my favorite so far in the series.

    • Karen Parker says:

      Interesting and different, but too long & also a bit improbable for what the heroine managed to accomplish. I do love a happy ending, but overall I was glad to finally reach the end.

    • David Kubicek says:

      A Date You Can’t Refuse is the fourth installment of Harley Jane Kozak’s mysteries involving Wollie Shelley, who is described on the back cover copy as a “serial dater,” presumably because she often ends up dating Mr. Wrong.Writing is a second career for Kozak, who grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her first career is in acting. Born Susan Jane Kozak she took her stage name from the motorcycle and began her career on a soap opera and eventually appeared in such A-list movies as Arachnophobia [...]

    • Imjussayin says:

      A Date You Can't Refuse is the final book in the Wollie Shelley series. It is a stand alone but please read the other books first, or this one will put you off the series.Our protagonist Wollie, after jury service, is offered a job by the acquitted defendant, Yuri Milos, an eastern European. The reason she accepts is the FBI! They blackmail her into taking the job so she could spy on Yuri for them. Her co-operation guarantees her schizophrenic brother a place at the federally subsidised halfway [...]

    • Coral says:

      I like this author's writing style, her quirky humour and heroine Wollie. Read the books in order.Extract:"Since you don't yet have a contract for this comic book project, it's not income-producing. Nor is your greeting card business giving you a living wage.""Yes, thank you for pointing that out.""You need a job. Have you any other prospects?""No. Work for some Belarusian entrepreneur with three wives and become a secret agent for you. That's it.""Cooperating witness.""Yes. CW," I said. "That's [...]

    • Jill Bratcher says:

      The fourth installment of series featuring Wollie Shelley, off-beat greeting card designer left me angry with Harley Jane Kozak! You know it must be good when the reader gets that emotionally involved, right? I was mad because I knew there wasn't another Wollie book forthcoming I the near future because I read that Harley is writing an international political thriller at the moment. And she left us (and Wollie)hanging!This time out, we find Wollie sort of living with G-man Simon in his extravaga [...]

    • Heather says:

      A Date You Can't Refuse is the fourth book in the series about greeting card entrepreneur, Wollie Shelley. Although this can be a stand-alone book, I recommend reading the other three first just to get the background, and because they're pretty good. This one was by far my favorite of the series so far.Wollie takes a job as a "social coach" for up-and-coming stars from other countries, although she's actually cooperating with the FBI spying on the agency she works for. She soon realizes that the [...]

    • Jessica says:

      A Date you Can't Refuse is about a graphic artist named Wollie Shelley who is innocently serving jury duty when she gets recruited into a questionable business opportunity. Yuri Milos is the head of this operation and is quite insistent that Wollie be the one he hire. Meanwhile the FBI is requesting that she work for them as a cooperating witness so they may find out more about this questionable business. Let me start by saying that I'm not a big mystery fan but decided to pick up this book base [...]

    • Marlyn says:

      The fourth Wollie Shelley mystery finds our heroine taking a job as a spy. No, really.It all begins with jury duty. After the trial, the defendant offers Wollie a job as a "social coach" for foreign celebrities. Although she feels uncomfortable with the whole concept, she accepts because the salary is exceptional and she needs the money. Then an FBI colleague of Simon's asks her to spy on her new employer, and she can't think of a way to say "no".When she finds out that the previous "social coac [...]

    • Amber says:

      An interesting selection by my book club this month. I'd never heard of the author/series beforehand, so I went into this with no expectations. All in all, it was a fun, light, easy read. No heavy thinking required. The characters are well-defined and unique, which I enjoyed. I didn't enjoy the plot, though - the lead character seems to happen into peculiar situations as opposed to being an actual sleuth. Like, when someone writes a message in Russian in your lip pencil on a mirror, don't you ru [...]

    • Susan says:

      As usual, I feel guilty about how I rate the books in this series, but they are very funny. Greeting-card artist Wollie Shelley isn’t happy about taking a job as a “social coach” at a media-training company run by a suspicious group of Eastern Europeans, but the FBI makes her an offer she can’t refuse. So she agrees to go undercover teaching foreign celebrities American dating customs. However, when a dead body is found on the company’s property, she’s caught up in a conspiracy that [...]

    • Nikki says:

      Harley Jane Kozak's Wollie Shelley series keeps getting better and better. A DATE YOU CAN'T REFUSE, the latest installment in the dating adventures of greeting-card artist Wollie Shelley, is the best yet. The humor and Tinseltown atmosphere are still there, but Kozak has added elements of espionage, a little Ludlumesque paranoia, and further developments in Wollie's personal life. This was a true page-turner for me and I devoutly hope we haven't really seen Wollie ride off into the sunset, as su [...]

    • Denise says:

      This was my favorite book in the series. I enjoyed it so much that I'm disappointed it's the last one. Wollie gets herself involved with some funny characters in this story, and the ending came as a complete surprise to me.

    • Rebecca says:

      Book four of Wollie's story. As usual, Wollie is in way over her head and manages to surprise everyone with her tenacity! This time she is a coach to foreign stars and the heavyweight boxer is my favorite.ough he ends up unconscious alot of the time thanks to Wollie. That's my girl. The mystery is top notch and kept me guessing the whole way through. The tie up with Wollie and Simon is the only thing I wasn't keen onfelt forced. But a minor blip on this great series.Fans of Stephanie Plum will l [...]

    • Julia says:

      Wollie Shelley, fresh from jury duty, is approached by the defendant for a job as a social coach to help with media relations for Eastern Eurpeans new to the US. Yuri Milos is very convincing about the help she can provide to the people of MediasRex, and the pay's not too bad either. Turns out Yuri is being watched by the FBI, and she's also approached by them, to help in their investigation of MediasRex by being their man on the inside. Wollie agrees, and the story meanders into a couple differ [...]

    • Jessica says:

      Picked this up of the mystery table at the library. It was a fun idea: girl who is desperate for a job is asked to help famous immigrants transition into American society by being a "date" for them. She is also asked by the FBI to spy on her employers. I liked the main character but felt like the whole book was spent driving around the city, and losing people. Overall there were no plot twists and turns and it was a disappointment.

    • Susan says:

      Mild mannered greeting card designer Wollie Shelley doesn't want to accept a job offered to her by charismatic East European Yuri, but the FBI blackmails her into it. Now, in addition to keeping her romance with FBI undercover agent Simon under wraps, she also has to keep Simon in the dark about her job. And why is Yuri's large, complex family under investigation anyway--Wollie doesn't think they're doing anything wrong. Until she finds out what they are doing

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