8 Plus 1

Plus Meet seventeen year old Mike who visits his grandmother s bedside and learns a family secret A divorced father who discovers only love not bribes can keep his daughter his on Thursdays And Jerry a

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  • Title: 8 Plus 1
  • Author: Robert Cormier
  • ISBN: 9780881030181
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet seventeen year old Mike, who visits his grandmother s bedside and learns a family secret.A divorced father who discovers only love, not bribes, can keep his daughter his on Thursdays.And Jerry, a young boy desperately looking for the missing Grover Cleveland card to complete his set of president cards.Here are nine stories by Robert Cormier, one of the most gifted wMeet seventeen year old Mike, who visits his grandmother s bedside and learns a family secret.A divorced father who discovers only love, not bribes, can keep his daughter his on Thursdays.And Jerry, a young boy desperately looking for the missing Grover Cleveland card to complete his set of president cards.Here are nine stories by Robert Cormier, one of the most gifted writers of young adult fiction today stories that are warm, touching, and intensely personal to be savored by readers of all ages.
    • ✓ 8 Plus 1 || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Robert Cormier
      392 Robert Cormier
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      Posted by:Robert Cormier
      Published :2018-07-06T07:29:47+00:00

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    • Shally Clark says:

      This book of short stories is full of interesting stories told from both a parent and a teenager's point of view. They are very realistic stories, keeping the reader intrigued. Many of the stories dealt with the parent and child relationship told through a variety of circumstances. Some of the issues pertaining to the book was time, divorce, dating, fear, loneliness, drugs, friends, death and more. My reaction:The short stories are complete enough that I didn't feel like I need anymore or any le [...]

    • Adriana Bradosche-pallares says:

      "EIGHT PLUS ONE: STORIES" written by Robert Cormier is about short stories which are vaguely related in a sense that they all have a similar moral or theme. Cormier is a writer that writes about dark things, and this is one of few novels that are not as dark. That is why this book has interesting short stories, theme and character description.A book with good and interesting short stories is "EIGHT PLUS ONE: STORIES" for these reasons. Firstly, as these are short stories, Cormier has to introduc [...]

    • Josiah says:

      "I have always pondered a tragic law of adolescence. (On second thought, the law probably applies to all ages to some extent). That law: People fall in love at the same time—often at the same stunning moment—but they fall out of love at different times. One is left sadly juggling the pieces of a fractured heart while the other has danced away." —8 Plus 1, P. 41 For the most part, great young-adult writers are commonly compared only to other young-adult writers, and even then usually only t [...]

    • Linda says:

      Picked this up because my daughter teaches high school English and is always recommending gems she finds in the young adult genre. I hoped to be able to return the favor for onced did I ever come across a winner! Perhaps it's because I'm "of a certain age" and the author's time setting was right in the ballpark for me. Or perhaps it's simply that these nine short stories are well-written, thought provoking and ever so true to life. I can see why some of these are included in textbooks; it's easy [...]

    • Niki says:

      I'm on my way through a Cormier fest. I guess this counts as historical fiction because the stories are set during the Great Depression, and there is a lot of detail about the French Canadian immigrant community in Massachusetts in which the narrator lives. The cool thing about these is that you get an introduction from the author for each story. It's a good choice for young writers (and old ones) and especially so because these are short stories. The stories are also tailor made for an author s [...]

    • Denise says:

      A great, well-rounded collection of short stories that include a small introduction from the author for each (thanks, Robert!). Some are told from an adult's point of view and others from a child's. But all take place in the same French-Canadian Catholic side of a town in Massachusettes. My favorite quote is from "Protestants Cry, Too" when young Jerry comments on his ignorance of Protestants: "Sister Angela assured us that Protestants could get to heaven, but she implied that this was allowed b [...]

    • Steph says:

      At first I was surprised to see relatively low ratings on this collection. But I guess it makes sense; most people aren't sentimentality-junkies like I am. I enjoyed the complex emotions within these stories, as well as the themes of 1960s/1970s family life.This year I fell in love with Cormier's work. And it was this book that made me really appreciate the human behind his bleak novels. Every wonderfully oversentimental short story is prefaced by a few pages of context and reflection from Cormi [...]

    • Steve says:

      An entertaining, well-written group of short stories written for the Young Adult. Perhaps more appealing to adults as they are time dated (great depression, WWII, and 1950s eras), nostalgic, lacking in the action and adventure elements that are probably more appealing to today's youth, and reflective of life, chances taken and not taken, and regrets. In these ways probably more a pleasant, sedate, reflective easy read for adults even if classified as YA.

    • Hayley says:

      Love. Love Love. I read this almost ten years ago and still vividly remember moments and phrases like, "a big white birthday cake of a house" and "a constellation of acne." I remember Laura Kincaid's blonde hair and Mike looking into the mirror and sadly noting the crumpled expression on his face--the same one he'd seen his father wear earlier that day. What a great writer.

    • Apreim says:

      This is my first time reading Robert Cormier and I can't believe what I have been missing out on. Just nine short stories and each one of them beautifully done, striking, haunting, just amazing writing. Warning: Divorce, some stealing and some violence.

    • Dawn Napier says:

      It reminded me a lot of Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. It has the same smooth flavor of nostalgia, thought the settings and stories are very different.

    • Kezia says:

      didn't like this one much.

    • Mckinley says:

      Different sorts of stories from his typical.

    • Jessica says:

      A bit tamer than his normal fare. Not my cuppa, but that doesn't erase the fact that he's an enormous talent.

    • Amy Y says:

      Very good. Short stories that make you think and feel. If you want stories that are tied up in the end with a bow, this isn't for you. I recommend it!

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