Flesh House

Flesh House Those who like their crime thrillers diamond hard but shot through with macabre humour need look no further than Stuart MacBride As Flesh House his latest once again proves he has few equals in th

  • Title: Flesh House
  • Author: Stuart MacBride
  • ISBN: 9780007244546
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Those who like their crime thrillers diamond hard but shot through with macabre humour need look no further than Stuart MacBride As Flesh House , his latest, once again proves, he has few equals in this area, and is than worthy of the ever growing legion of admirers he is gleaning His tough protagonist, Logan McRae, is once again negotiating the mean streets of AThose who like their crime thrillers diamond hard but shot through with macabre humour need look no further than Stuart MacBride As Flesh House , his latest, once again proves, he has few equals in this area, and is than worthy of the ever growing legion of admirers he is gleaning His tough protagonist, Logan McRae, is once again negotiating the mean streets of Aberdeen, with violence and threat forever at his elbow Those who have read Cold Granite , Dying Light and Broken Skin will know what to expect here and they ll be aware that they re not in for a comfortable ride.The city is in a state of fear Some 20 years ago, the Grampian police nailed a particularly vicious serial killer known as The Flesher, a monster who had claimed victims throughout the country But one of those frequent legal appeals which so often release dangerous criminals into the community has freed him, and when a container with human body parts appears at Aberdeen harbour, it looks like the stage is once again set for carnage on a massive scale DS Logan McRae along with his less experienced colleague, Chief Constable Mark Faulds from Birmingham who was on the original team tracking down The Flesher , finds himself in charge of one of the most ambitious manhunts city has ever seen And then members of the original team tracking down their serial killer prey whose real name is Ken Wiseman begin to disappear and human meat is making grisly appearances All of this is delivered with the requisite grasp of tension and characterisation that we have come to expect from Stuart MacBride There are those who will feel he has gone too far in Flesh House in confronting the less savoury aspects of human behaviour, but fans of uncompromising crime writing will be in their element Barry Forshaw
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    • Phrynne says:

      Stuart MacBride teeters on the edge of being totally gross with this one! I have seen several reviews where the writers advise not to eat whilst reading this book. I totally agree!Nevertheless it is an excellent book, so grim and dark and yet frequently laugh out loud funny. The police procedural aspects are very well done and I really enjoyed working out the killer's identity at the same time as the police did using the same clues. There was still a degree of surprise at the end but it was not [...]

    • Rachel the Book Harlot says:

      "DI Steel yawned, stretched, then said, 'What's green and smells of pork?'Logan didn't look up from the copy of yesterday's Evening Express he'd found on the back seat. 'No idea'.She grinned at him. 'Kermit's willy!' Pause for laughter. Nothing. 'Miserable sods.'"Logan and crew are back in Flesh House, the fourth installment of the Logan McRae series. This one was a lot darker and gorier than previous books (seriously, don’t eat while reading this), but it also contained a nice dose of humor, [...]

    • Siobhan says:

      The fourth Logan McRae novel, and Stuart MacBride is slowly working himself higher up my list of favourite authors.Since picking up the first Logan McRae novel, Cold Granite, I knew I was onto something good with Stuart MacBride. I love crime thrillers, adore police procedurals, and he was offering me all that I wanted and then some. He offers great mystery. He keeps you guessing throughout. There are plot twists. There are great characters. The humour is dark. The story is grizzly. He has it al [...]

    • Roy says:

      I'm really getting into these now. A serial killer from the past had just been released due to an appeal. Human bodies have just washed up in a shipping container. The past catches up to the group in Aberdeen in this episode. Gruesome fast paced and very funny. Im enjoying the characterisation as we now slowly learn more about each one. The growth of Logan is also really good, as he's now standing up for himself aand not holding back. Some scenes were a little horrific but thats what youd expect [...]

    • Neil says:

      This was book 4 in the Logan McRae series, and possibly not one for the squeamish. 20 years ago there was a spate of gruesome killings in Aberdeen. One man was arrested and imprisoned, now his appeals have been upheld and he has been released. The killings have started again, and Logan finds himself as part of the large task force engaged in capturing the Flesher. Had the right man been imprisoned originally, did he have an accomplice, or were they barking up the wrong tree the entire time. Then [...]

    • Michelle Sibley says:

      Gruesome is not the word for this book. At times i had to put it down it was so graphic and i havent ate meat the whole time i was reading it and im not sure ill ever be able too again so this book is for all those wanna be veggies out there - after reading this book your never eat meat again.Was a good book though and i was hooked from the start. Was nice to read a book where the local police were not super heros like they normally are. They came across as everyday people and the story lines on [...]

    • Rebecca Martin says:

      I've read the first four books in this series in order, because the first one showed promise. Obviously, I have continued to read them. There are certain things that have bothered me throughout the series though and I have to say something at this point.1. I know that the Scottish legal system differs from that of England and, of course, they both differ from the American system. I know, in particular, that there are significant differences regarding search warrants. It is really starting to bug [...]

    • Mystereity Reviews says:

      Good, but an ordeal to finish. After awhile it seemed like the gore was inserted to make the book longer, but it didn't necessarily make it better.

    • Rabbit Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines! says:

      Need to be reviewed.

    • MadProfessah says:

      Wow! Definitely the goriest and most violent of the DS Logan McRae books to date.The story is based around cannibalism and police misconduct. Logan is still a great character although he does make some questionable decisions at the very end of the book.It's the most experimental of MacBride's mysteries to date, with the inclusion of tabloid inserts describing some of the action in the book.Plus there's the multiple hallucinations by one of the victims of the Flesher.DI Insch and DI Steel are maj [...]

    • Ellen says:

      Flesh House by Stuart MacBride.Alert: This book is not for the faint of heart.DS Logan McRae is on the trail of a serial killer known as The Flesher. He's not the only Detective that's been on this manhunt. It's been going on for over 20 years. Then the complications begin and they begin with Detective Inspector Insch. Apparently it's come to Logan's attention protocol has not been followed and that's putting it mildly. Has the wrong man been in prison for all these years because of a major foul [...]

    • Elizabeth Moffat says:

      This is the fourth book in the Logan McRae series, and has to be my favourite one so far. Twenty years ago, a serial killer known as The Flesher, terrorized Scotland by dismembering his victims and eating them. A man called Ken Wiseman was fingered for the murky deeds but escaped jail time on a technicality which has always infuriated Logan’s boss, Insch who played a major part in his conviction and trial. Fast forward to the present day where butchered human remains are found in food about to [...]

    • Helen says:

      Flesh House by Stuart MacBride is the fourth book in the “Cold Granite” series that focuses on DS Logan McRae. As an avid fan of crime books and even more so of crime series, it’s hard to find a writer that manages to write a series that not only sticks to characters but also allows them to grow and develop without completely destroying them. The characters are all down-to-earth as well as completely realistic through highlighting their failures but also how they work well together as a te [...]

    • comfort says:

      Once again Mr MacBride delves into his seriously weird mind and brings up the story of a seriel killer who is butchering people and adding their flesh to the food chain.Lots of false turns in this story and the killer is not evident until the very end.Logan is still a D.S. in Aberdeen but is offered the chance of becoming a D. I. in the Midlands, a new job which he decides is just what he needs, but things don't go to plan and he is once again stuck with D.I. Steele. D.I. Inch his other nemesis [...]

    • Andrew says:

      Book 4 of the series is perhaps the most stomach churning so far which does raise the question about why I find the books so readable and entertaining. I suspect it is that I have grown used to the slightly comic element to the writing with DS's Steel and Insch providing a curious double act and enjoy the characters .The only slight reservation is that sometimes the plot stretches credibility and the Aberdeen police force cannot surely be so incompetent as they are here portrayed. Still escapist [...]

    • Candace says:

      Well, well, what can I say? I obviously really liked this book, but it's not a story for everyoneI have a long medical background and it's a well known fact that we can talk about the grossest things while having a meal. MacBride is great at dark humor and easily makes a story about murder with cannibalism amusing in parts, primarily due to DI Steel. Vera but much, much ruder. I don't like stories with torture so, although these murders are creepy, death is quick. The rest of the story is quite [...]

    • Allan Nail says:

      So, I was going to do this tomorrow. I finished the book a little before ten, and was just going to go to bed. Do this tomorrow. But I was restless, wanted to start another book, but couldn't bring myself to do so without writing my little review. And so, here I sit, in my jammies, writing about one sick bastard. I'm looking at you, Stuart MacBride.There's got to be a point where description turns to pornography, right? A limit to the amount of glee a writer can take in describing the violence o [...]

    • Luca Lesi says:

      Gesù Cristo, fa freddo.Un serial killer, cannibale, un ispettore assassinato, una scia di morti, un colpevole che non lo è insomma gli ingredienti ci sono tutti ma è la scrittura esemplare di McBride a rendere avvincente e non scontato questo libro. Non decade mai nell'ovvio ma sfiora a tratti lo splatter, non concede un attimo di tregua ma non rinuncia a quell'umor noir che lo contraddistingue. Uno dei libri migliori, tutti intensi, dello scrittore scozzese di Aberdeen.Panic strikes the Gra [...]

    • Graeme Wyllie says:

      Ok, wow! I've always known that scottish meat is something nasty, a pale grey mass that is boiled till all flavor is gone and then boiled some more but this book pretty much guarantees that next time I'm in Scotland, I'll be going vegetarian. This is the 4th in the Logan McCrae series and part of my ongoing series reread. It's tartan noir, set in Aberdeen Scotland where DI McCrae gets involved in the reappearance of a truly disturbing serial killer called the Flesher who not only butchers his vi [...]

    • Eadie says:

      Book DescriptionThe 4th thriller in the Number One bestselling crime series from the award-winning Stuart MacBride. Panic grips The Granite City as DS Logan McRae heads up a manhunt for 18The Flesher 19 13 one of the UK 19s most notorious serial killers.The case was closed. Until the killer walked free 26When an offshore container turns up at Aberdeen Harbour full of human meat, it kicks off the largest manhunt in the Granite City 19s history.Twenty years ago 18The Flesher 19 was butchering peop [...]

    • LJ says:

      FLESH HOUSE (Pol. Proc-DS Logan McRae-Scotland-Cont) - GoodMacBride, Stuart – 4th in seriesHarperCollins Publishers, 2008, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9780007244546First Sentence: ‘No, you listen to me: if my six year old son isn’t back here in ten minutes I’m going to come round there and rip you a new arsehole, are we clear?’ Twenty years ago, there was a serial killer knows as “The Flesher” who was purported to kill people and eat them. Now, seven years after the killer has been rele [...]

    • Paul Wardman says:

      I was less than impressed with the third book in the series and said in my review I hoped this one knocked it out of the park. It certainly did. This book was gross. Incredibly gross. Don't read while you're having lunch gross (which I did) and I really liked it. What attracted me to Macbride's books was how dark they could be and this fit the criteria perfectly. It was a welcome change for him to have grown a backbone and started standing up for himself against Insch (slightly) and especially S [...]

    • Michael says:

      Aberdeen is being terrorized by a cannibalistic serial killer who dismembers corpses and also has the unfortunate habit of somehow getting human body parts into the food chain. Not surprisingly, considerable pressure is brought upon the police, including DS Logan McCrae, to solve the grisly crimes committed by "The Flesher." Little is know about him except that he wears a Margaret Thatcher mask, is exceptionally cunning and frightening deadly, and may not be the person who was convicted of the c [...]

    • Karen says:

      Not read a book in this series for a while so took me a while to get into it and remember past characters and relationships. But have to say this is a gritty read due to the nature of the crimes. Well paced, detailed, the main characters struggling to solve it along with there relationship issues. Once I got into it I just didn't want to put it down. In the end sat and read for about 3 hours solid. Even the TV was switched off. Looking forward to see how the next book in the series.

    • Ian Mapp says:

      I think on the fourth of the series I finally get Stuart Macbride.He constantly paints the police as failures - not really know what they are doing and bungling raids and the investigations.He also writes such over the top violence (and sometimes sex) that he must be out just to shock the people that read these crime series.And I bet they love him for it. After they complain at how disgusting it all is.Usualy characters - bungling copper with home issues, over the top head who contantly explodes [...]

    • Ili Anuar says:

      It was such a frustrating read. It seems like Logan is the only sensible cop who actually knows how to do his job. Everybody else is either too busy whining or doing something annoying. At some point, I thought, are these people really cops? Are they even qualified to be cops? They let too many people die that in the end I didn't even know how many people were actually murdered throughout the book. Some parts are disturbing with very gruesome and violent scenes. And the ending left me frustrated [...]

    • Nick Davies says:

      Though even darker than his previous books, this was very enjoyable. It's a measure of a good book how keen I was to continue reading (I was up late for several nights in a row determined to read just one or two more chapters, despite being cream crackered!). Though parts of it were stomach-churningly unpleasant, and despite aspects of it being a little confusing (some parts seemingly weren't resolved fully), this was my favourite Stuart MacBride so far.

    • Caroline says:

      Well-written tartan noir police procedural set in gritty, rainy Aberdeen, Scotland. Overall, the writing was strong, although the plot did bog down several times. Because this story involves a serial killer who butchers his victims, the description of the violence, involving meat packing plants and "fleshers" (a term for butchers),is extremely graphic and grisly. If you aren't a vegetarian at the start of this novel, you may well be one by the end.

    • Neil says:

      Stuart MacBride goes too far overboard with the gore with a confusingly plotted thriller that left me ultimately cold. The humour that made his previous novels so distinct is dialled down and even characters I'd enjoyed before felt two dimensional and flat. A thriller-by-numbers that falls short of his own standards.

    • Amanda says:

      The storyline was good but hard to follow some of the narrative as it was written with a scottish accent. The ending was quite disappointing. Not a book for everyone as it is a bit gruesome in places.

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