Restoring Grace

Restoring Grace Grace Soudley s life is coming apart at the seams Recently divorced she is still living in the beautiful yet crumbling old house her godmother left her but unless she can find a fortune the house w

  • Title: Restoring Grace
  • Author: Katie Fforde
  • ISBN: 9780312358778
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Grace Soudley s life is coming apart at the seams Recently divorced, she is still living in the beautiful yet crumbling old house her godmother left her, but unless she can find a fortune, the house will disintegrate around her Artist Ellie Summers life is unraveling too She s pregnant, but her boyfriend is less than enthusiastic about parenthood, and her parents are nGrace Soudley s life is coming apart at the seams Recently divorced, she is still living in the beautiful yet crumbling old house her godmother left her, but unless she can find a fortune, the house will disintegrate around her Artist Ellie Summers life is unraveling too She s pregnant, but her boyfriend is less than enthusiastic about parenthood, and her parents are not exactly inviting her to move back home She has to come up with a new plan Fast Ellie needs a place to stay Grace needs a lodger Each of them needs a friend, and together they begin the work of fixing up the house But then an unexpected and disconcertingly handsome man arrives on the scene, apparently determined to help And when Grace discovers some beautiful and potentially valuable paintings hidden behind the tattered dining room curtains, the whole business of restoration starts to get serious This fresh, funny romance from bestselling novelist Katie Fforde offers charm, wit, and restorative new beginnings for all.
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    • Dale Harcombe says:

      Sometimes you just want a book that will be light reading and entertain you for a while. If that is the case, you might like this one. It is the story of Grace Soundly, recently divorced and struggling to maintain the stately but derelict old house left to her by her godmother. Her sister and brother are just as determined she should sell it and split the proceeds from the sale with them. But Grace cannot bear to part with Luckenham House. Then to her door comes Ellie Summers, an artist who love [...]

    • Garnette says:

      Please only read Katie Fforde in the summer and two years apart. She can write at a good pace, the plots are ok, the settings great - the Cotswolds. Some of the author's ethical decisions are admirable. In Grace the restoration of the gardens, the mockery of the millionaire and model terrific, the resolution just right -- but too much like a lemon souffle. I think there's an old word that applies 'air headed' -- Not terrrible, but surfacey. I'm not being crabby, I enjoyed Restoring Grace, just d [...]

    • Sheila says:

      This was another of Katie Fforde's easy read romances great escapist reads especially when one is feeling down in the depths of winter.Divorcee, Grace Soudley owns an old 17th century house, left to her by her great aunt. Ellie Summers is an artist who is struck by the house's beauty and paints it. As a result she meets Grace and comes to lodge with her along with Grace's ex-stepdaughter, Demi or Demeter. In the course of restoring the house a set of old painting are discovered and Ellie signs o [...]

    • Lucy says:

      Divorcee Grace has inherited a family mansion with no furniture. (Her brother and sister inherited the furniture, and her ex-husband took his with him.) Pregnant artist Ellie Summers needs a place to stay after leaving her loser artist boyfriend. Ellie and Grace instantly become the best of friends and are good for each other. Unfortunately, the house is old and needs expensive repairs and Grace's brother and sister are pushing her to sell it. Then Grace's former stepdaughter shows up, unable to [...]

    • Limau Nipis says:

      Hmm, I used to love Katie Fforde's writings.But this one, this one, it makes me feel draggy all over. I was thinking, when would the action happens? When will be the climax?None.Because the author keep writing and writing at a snail pace rate, that I was like OK, Grace's story is like THISSSSSSSSSSS, and Ellie's story is like THATTTTTTTTT Notice the longgggggggggg word, because I feel draggy all over. GAH!I am giving this up after more than 60% progressing.Seriously, this book can be jam packed [...]

    • Lisa says:

      I feel bad doing it but I can't give this more than one star. I didn't enjoy anything about it. I gave it almost 150 pages before I started to speed read because I was terribly bored.I tend to only speed read when something is just not working for me. If the writing is good, I savour it. If the book is entertaining, I take my time. This will work for some people but didn't for me. The plot sounded promising enough but it didn't deliver. I wouldn't call myself a huge fan of chick lit but I'm open [...]

    • Tory says:

      Cheesy but kind of endearing all the same, this book. It seems a recurring theme with this author, women who are sweet and complete push-overs meet someone they want to tell off all the time (but can’t figure out why they are acting like this! It's so out of character!) and that’s it, they are in love. They have come upon their soul-mate! And are living happily ever after. If this author was on to something, and being in love is just the ability to give the other person a good bollocking, th [...]

    • Charlotte says:

      Restoring Grace was the first book by Katie Fforde that I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ms. Fforde wrote a charming novel set in a quiet England village. Her main characters, Grace, Ellie & Remi are all charming, sweet characters that have noticeable personal growth. Some of the peripheral characters are written in such a way that I wanted to reach through the pages and kick her butt (Allegra, I *am* talking about you)arlotteswebofbooks.

    • Pam says:

      Restoring Grace by Katie FfordeRATING: 4.5/B+GENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Fiction/2005/338 pgsTIME/PLACE: Present/Bath, UKCHARACTERS: Grace/owner of Luckenham HouseCOMMENTS: Have enjoyed all Fforde's books, Grace is divorced & living in a big old house she inherited. It's from the 17th century & needs a lot of work, she has been a loner since her divorce but meets an art grad who is pregnant & on her own who becomes a lodger. Then her ex-step-daughter needs a place to live. The 3 bond &a [...]

    • Anum says:

      In parts very funny and very witty, I think this book is a good read if you are looking for something light to readHowever, if you are looking for something a little deep and with point-making capacity, stay as far away from this one as possible!

    • Gina says:

      Like some other reviewers, I had a hard time getting into this book. I gave it 160+ pages, but just couldn't find any depth in the characters or the plot. I will rarely give up on a book, but just couldn't force myself to finish this one.

    • Becca says:

      Disappointing. It was really predictable and I did not like either of the two main characters.

    • Katharine Holden says:

      Chick lit in the extreme. Hard to believe plot developments. Convenient characterizations. Rather silly.

    • Helena says:

      Silly book.

    • Mulva? says:

      crap. hated it. people BUGGED me.

    • Nicole says:

      Katie Fforde's books used to make nice beach reading. Now each feels like a factory effort of just turning them out and wrapping things up neatly as quickly as possible.

    • Orma says:

      Alle volte ci vuole, una lettura disimpegnata, rosa senza essere per forza sdolcinata e melensa, da divano+caminetto+copertina+micio insomma Sempre la solita Katie Fforde, in effetti: donne e uomini assai civili, spiritosi in ogni frangente, non sempre perfettamente british e attentissimi a cibi e bevande (in realtà ogni libro è strapieno, di cibi e bevande!) al punto che iniziarne uno significa tuffarsi nel ricordo dei precedenti, Ma che importa; se uno per un pomeriggio ha soltanto voglia di [...]

    • Fiona says:

      Ellie discovering she is pregnant and living with a no hoper of a boyfriend manages to befriend Grace. Grace has got divorced and is living in a mansion falling apart that was bequeathed to her from her Godmother. It makes sense that Ellie moves in with Grace and despite little furnishing or heat for that matter they form a great friendship. On discovering some old paintings in the house and a lot of dry rot the friends decide to see if the paintings are worth anything in order to pay for the tr [...]

    • Priya Kamlesh says:

      The story revolves around Grace Soudners and Ellie Summers, both of whom discover a new friendship pretty much by chance and out of dire need for a friend. While Grace is broke and needs a lodger, Ellie who is pregnant from an ex-boyfriend, moves in with her. When the curtains fall down, Grace and Ellie discover some valuable paintings that can help Grace. But ofcourse, there are a lot of other people and issues that threaten this from happening.That's it. It is all about their life. But the pro [...]

    • Oanh says:

      Oh dear, it appears I read this already back in 2007, probably when I bought it for my sister when she was about to spend months in hospital. I picked it up again at my sister's house, wanting an engaging, easy read for the long drive from BNE to MEL. I couldn't remember whether I'd read it and it all seemed familiar, but all KF's books follow the same pattern and I read, simultaneously enjoying and castigating myself, the ideas, the underlying assumptions, the clear link between relationships, [...]

    • Rebekah says:

      One time is a plot, twice is coincidence, the third time would be a pattern. Thankfully Katie Fforde seems to change up the plot points somewhat In Restoring Grace. This time we have two females who have to get their lives back on track and seem to fall into each other to do just that. Grace inherited a house and much later lost her husband and has to find a way to fix up the house or at least keep some level of maintenance on it. Ellie has got her head on her shoulders, but she has a slacker, l [...]

    • Denise Prewett says:

      Grace has been divorced for 2 years, but still has feeling for her ex. Ella is pregnant and her boyfriend doesn't want the baby. Grace lives in an old home that she inherited from a great aunt that was also her gomotherher sister and brother got the furniture and are presuring her to sell her home so they can get more money. Grace has decided to hold wine tastings in her home to earn money, she befriends Ella and offers her a home and then Grace's ex-step-daughter wants to move in. Flynn a frien [...]

    • Michele says:

      I really enjoy Katie Fforde's books. She writes about quirky yet lovable, intelligent women. They are endearing, sometimes prickly, sometimes exasperating, but they all fit together in the plot of the stories. The women characters usually have some personal trials to overcome, finally able to see themselves as the confident, capable individuals they aree men are not portrayed as buffoons or idiots, but their less than spectacular qualities are clearly shown. Somehow, she manages to get the point [...]

    • Margherita Dolcevita says:

      Mi duole dirlo ma l'ho trovato meno emozionante e avvincente dei precedenti. Mi ha preso decisamente meno, è risultato nel complesso molto meccanico e poco naturale e spontaneo, mi ha un po' deluso. In particolare ho trovato estremamente automatica la scintilla che scocca per lei da lui e anche la fine un po' troppo sospesa che lascia adito a un seguito, di solito non è da lei. E dire che contavo moltissimo su questo romanzo, lo attendevo con ansia e aspettative spropositate. Mi dispiace che n [...]

    • Heidi says:

      Cute, light and funny. This one had a little of everything- romance, mystery, family drama, sex. I picked it up on a whim from the library while I was browsing the stacks one day. I recognized the author from another novel of hers that I wanted to read. The best part of this one was the setting the author created. I could sooooooo totally picture myself in that big, old romantic house. It's kind of the same reason why I read "Wuthering Heights" over and over again. I love to be taken back to Hea [...]

    • Briana says:

      For some reason been doing a lot of chick lit lately. Still can't get myself to face that they are romance. :) It has a good plot and the story develops well. I only wish Grace had been a slightly stronger character I know she was suppose to grow through the book and she did somewhat but really had hoped for with her character. Also think there is a great opportunity for other stories featuring wine. I wish like often times books gives recipes that this book would have given the list of wine. OO [...]

    • Tomiri says:

      Ho letto parecchi libri di Katie Fforde e questo è uno tra i migliori. La storia è vivace, scorrevole anche se a tratti la conclusione era facilmente deducibile. I personaggi sono ben caratterizzati, invece del solo e unico 'tipo' ci sono caratteri diametralmente opposti ed estremamemte ben fatti.Unica nota dolente forse è la caratterizzazione della casa, non so se sia colpa della mia traduzione, ma il none Luckenham house compare solo dopo un bel po'. Tutto sommato una bella lettura, anche s [...]

    • Karen says:

      I liked this Katie Fforde much better than the one I just finished (which is newer), "Wedding Season." In this book, Fforde takes the time to flesh out her characters a bit and give them distinct personalities. Having read many Ffordes now, I have come to the reluctant conclusion that all of her male characters are pretty much interchangeable, but oh well. This was an enjoyable, light read, with a bit of a mystery included that helped to keep the plot interesting.

    • Susan says:

      I always enjoy Katie Fforde’s books, and Restoring Grace is no exception. I like the way the different characters’ lives are weaved in, each bringing a different thread to the story. I enjoyed learning a little about the painstaking work that goes into the restoration of paintings, house restoration and also understanding what goes into a wine-tasting evening.This is a fun and enjoyable read.

    • Sharon says:

      I read this a year or two ago, but as Fforde's books are rather similar to each other, I didn't recognize it from the jacket blurb. However, I didn't mind re-reading it. What I like most about her books is that she catches her characters after they have made their big mistakes and are in the process of turning their lives around. There's something refreshing about following someone's healing road. I love her take on female friendship. A tea-drinking kind of book.

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