Beggars Banquet

Beggars Banquet Beggar s Banquet is a new collection of short stories from Ian Rankin In he was awarded the Macallan Gold Dagger for Fiction for Black and Blue His subsequent Rebus novels have all been internati

  • Title: Beggars Banquet
  • Author: Ian Rankin
  • ISBN: 9780752852386
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beggar s Banquet is a new collection of short stories from Ian Rankin In 1997 he was awarded the Macallan Gold Dagger for Fiction for Black and Blue His subsequent Rebus novels have all been international bestsellers.
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    • Karl says:

      This hardcover copy is signed by Ian Rankin

    • Miriam Smith says:

      Ian Rankin has been one of my all time favourite authors for many years now and I still enjoy reading old Rebus stories today. "Beggars Banquet" is a delightful collection of short stories, eight featuring Rebus that keep you thoroughly entertained and I found were fun, intriguing and compelling.

    • Yanper says:

      Μικρές ιστορίες με έναν αγνώριστο Ρέμπους

    • Fiay says:

      Beggars Banquet is a collection of short stories written by Ian Rankin and published in various magazines from 1991 to 2000. To me it was a bit disappointing because I loved A Good Hanging and Other Short Stories so much but this one felt like something was missing. The 21 short stories lacked a little bit of suspense as crime stories. However, I love the diversity of topics and writing styles Rankin has offered in this one. Rankin has an interesting way of describing things and that is probably [...]

    • Sooharris says:

      Not one of his best ones!!

    • Ching-Bing-Ping says:

      I am not a fan of short stories. But, I also agree that a good short story can provide a lot more thrill than a long drawn novel. It’s almost like a tequila shot, instead a mug of beer. The sensation is strong sharp, and it’s easily forgotten once the next shot comes in hand.But, for this sensation to happen, there are two basic points according to me, which must be present,1. The story must be well defined. There is always a restriction on the quantity of words, so the story must contain al [...]

    • Gavin says:

      Short stories from the creator of Inspector Banks, later Chief Inspector Banks. Some concern Banks, probably around half and are collected elsewhere, such as in 'A Good Hanging and Other Stories, but the really interesting short stories are ones without Banks in them.Ian Rankin, in his introduction, has some good advice for aspiring short story writers and he shows with the quality of the stories that follow that he has heeded his own counsel.I would recommend this to fans of good short stories [...]

    • Daniel Weir says:

      Rankin treats the reader to a good bit Rebus, including a novella that sheds more light on Rebus's life before the SAS. The other stories, ranging from one about Edinburgh in the 1790s to a very spooky one about a hired killer and a carnival fortune, prove that Rankin isn't a one-character wonder. All his characters ring true and his plots have twists and turns that are utterly believable.

    • Margaret says:

      Wonderful book of short stories by Ian Rankin.Many of them were Rebus stories, but there were a lot of them that were not. The best was set in 18th century Edinburgh. The character of Cully would be wonderful in his own series of books. Cully and Gisborne were a great pairing and it was a fantastic story.Four stars for that story alone.

    • Louise says:


    • Russio says:

      Hit and miss compendium of 22 stories, including one novella. 8 are Rebus stories, which I had expected to be the stronger ones, but interestingly I found that some of the others appealed more than these.The novella itself runs over enough time to allow the setting and character to inhabit the story, so it is effective. Of the other Rebus stories, all more slight, the only one that registered strongly was Castle Dangerous, with its interesting set-up and missing character. Slightly predictable o [...]

    • Gita Madhu says:

      A very British read

    • Eva Praskova says:

      I like short stories. I have to say I do not understand people who dislike them. This was a nice collection of crime stories. Some I liked less, some more, but all in all very well worth the read.

    • Kathy says:

      Finally finished! I guess short stories aren't really my thing. Some were very good, others so-so.I prefer a story I can get into and can't put down!

    • Chrystyna says:

      Haven't read much by Ian Rankin so far, just a couple of Rebus novels & I gather they weren't really representative of his work. So this is a collection of short stories, and I'm enjoying the mix of different viewpoints and the various twists in the tale (some of them feature Rebus, but not all). It's keeping me nicely entertained without stretching me too much - after some of the books I've read recently, that's a nice change. Also enjoying the humour - I don't remember much in the way of h [...]

    • Jen says:

      I'm not a fan of short stories but this collection is in fact very good and despite my prejudice against this format I did enjoy a number of them. I find generally that I'm left wanting to know more when I read short stories which is disappointing, this was the case with several of the stories in Beggars Banquet but that is far from a criticism of the author or style it's simply a personal preference. Many of the stories had a "Tales of the Unexpected" feel to them which was engaging and intrigu [...]

    • Karen says:

      A banquet indeed--loads of short stories, and a surprising number of gems. Even the few somewhat clicheed and cheesy stories are executed far better than most entries in this genre. Rankin has an excellent sense of setting, interesting characters, and usually good plotting. He doesn't usually experiment with writing style or different ways of presenting the story--just straightforward story-telling.About a third of the stories (NOT arranged in chronological order) feature a recurring character i [...]

    • Richard says:

      I enjoyed this book, even though I'm not a fan of crime fiction. Because I'm not used to the genre, I found some of the content to be confronting. But this is more than balanced out, even with a good humoured "Christmas" story to leave the reader with a sweet taste at the end. The author is a powerful writer and delivers a strong message. He shows the tough side to his home town. In every story, its the psychology that's the most important aspect. As a coincidence, the day that I picked up the b [...]

    • Sarah says:

      I am a big Rebus fan, but I'm finding this Ian Rankin collection rather difficult to finish. Many of the stories have disappointed me; perhaps short stories just aren't my cup of tea, although I really enjoyed the Colin Dexter short stories collection I read recently. Ploughing on, nevertheless I'm so sorry, Mr Rankin, but I had to give up at 30%; I just couldn't take any more. I understand that you started off as a short-story writer. I think you did very well indeed to become a novelist!!

    • Michele Brenton says:

      Didn't enjoy this one. It's okay and compared with some other anthologies by other writers it is fairly good. But it isn't as much fun to read as A Good Hanging the other short story collection from Ian Rankin. However as a 'completist' I needed to have this book to put in my collection and I don't regret the purchase. I wouldn't recommend this as a starting point to get into Rankin's writing. There's nothing wrong with it but it doesn't fizz and sparkle like his other works. There are of course [...]

    • John Pye says:

      I love short stories (and long ones for that matter) Rankin's skills in this quarter are wonderful. The book contains about 22 brilliant and captivating stories of which about 9 are Rebus. As I recall each story is super and classic Rankin at his enthusiastic best. If you haven't read any Rebus (or Rankin) for that matter this book is a great way of getting into his style.

    • Dianne says:

      I picked up this book as I have been recommended Ian Rankin by other people. Unfortunately I was in a hurry and skimmed over the blurb. I personally, prefer a novel to short stories. However if you do enjoy short stories then I am sure you will enjoy this book. I will certainly try another Ian Rankin book with a longer story!

    • Debbie Jolley says:

      Collection of short stories - some fairly short and others a little longer - several centred around Inspector Rebus.A couple of the stories, in my opinion, could quite easily have been dropped as they weren't very good - but generally a good representative set of stories - and a good introduction to Rebus for anyone new to Rankin's work

    • T100martin says:

      I picked it up in a hurry, not realising it was a collection of short stories.But I was very impressed by the completeness of each story. Many authors would be tempted to make a novel out of the simple ideas like those contained in these stories, but Rankin delivers each of them as a neat, self-contained package that is thoroughly engaging and entertaining.

    • Marian says:

      I've read novels by Rankin before but never stories. His Inspector Rebus appears in many of them and in some ways the stories become more interesting because the plots are less intricate and you get more of Rebus and the other characters. The Edinburgh setting doesn't hurt the appeal either. If you like detective novels, you might like this for a very slight change of pace.

    • Nicholas Whyte says:

      nwhytevejournal/1908210ml The stories in this collection varyin in length from full novella (a variation on the opening of Dead Souls) to a few pages; about half of them have Rebus solving a mystery, and the weaker stories tend to be from the other half. Generally good and entertaining stuff, though.

    • Debbie Mortimer says:

      Collection of short stories. Highly entertaining. Always find short stories harder to get through as content just to read one at a time and not carry out to next chapter to find out what is going to happen next.

    • Joanne Parkington says:

      Ohh it's all gone a bit 'Tales of the Unexpected' apart from the Rebus one's that i thought really didn't do the character justice, i enjoyed most off these stories although, this book is a filler and has set me up nicely for my next batch of 'real' read's no offence .

    • Nick Duretta says:

      I prefer Rankin's longer fiction, but these stories (many of which feature his regular, Inspector Rebus of the Edinburgh police) contain many of the same elements--the Scottish locale, colorful underworld characters, surprising plot twists. A quick, entertaining read.

    • Andrew Uys says:

      One of the best collections of crime stories around, it has also been a great help as I try to tighten my own writing style. Definitely made me want to read further Inspector Rebus novels. Can't recommend this book highly enough.

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