Delusion A woman s world is turned upside down when new evidence frees a man she put in prison with her testimony years ago in this latest ingenious thriller from the author Twenty years ago Nell Jarreau witne

  • Title: Delusion
  • Author: Peter Abrahams
  • ISBN: 9780061137990
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A woman s world is turned upside down when new evidence frees a man she put in prison with her testimony years ago in this latest ingenious thriller from the author.Twenty years ago Nell Jarreau witnessed the murder of her boyfriend Her testimony put a man behind bars and led her to her husband, Clay, the gentle detective who solved the case They ve been happy ever sinceA woman s world is turned upside down when new evidence frees a man she put in prison with her testimony years ago in this latest ingenious thriller from the author.Twenty years ago Nell Jarreau witnessed the murder of her boyfriend Her testimony put a man behind bars and led her to her husband, Clay, the gentle detective who solved the case They ve been happy ever since and have raised a daughter together but then one phone call changes everything.New evidence has exonerated Alvin DuPree, aka Pirate the man Nell helped to convict and now he s a free man Nell is consumed by feelings of guilt, and for the first time in their marriage, Clay is no help The case is closed for him, this new turn of events a mistake, nothing , and Nell s attempts to talk to him about the situation are met with anger And to make matters worse, the whole ordeal is beginning to wear on her relationship with her daughter.Nell is determined to find the answers to her questions, though Is DuPree, now a much changed man, really innocent Could Nell have been wrong all those years ago Does her husband or her daughter know something about the case Nell doesn t But secrets buried for twenty years tend to grow roots, to burrow deep and they are not unearthed easily Every answer produces questions, and Nell s search eventually leads her to the one person she hasn t approached the freed man himself As the pieces fall into place, Nell realizes that the truth and very real danger could be much closer than she ever imagined.
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    • Tracy says:

      I'm all for an escapist read, but some standards need to be maintained. I mean reallyAt one point, a woman recalls having spoken to the police just after her boyfriend's murder, and she reflects that she babbled about inane things and probably would've even told them she was pregnant, except that she hadn't yet learned she was pregnant. Mere pages later, she says her boyfriend was delighted when she told him she was pregnant, and he probably died stepping in front of her to protect the child. Hu [...]

    • Adam says:

      Post listen review: This book was ok. It wasn't great. It's a case of mistaken identity that turns out to be more elaborate than that. The plot was essentially predictable but some of the characters were kind of interesting. I did get a bit annoyed at the main protaganist constantly saying, "I don't understand" when it was pretty obvious to all of us what was going on. There were a couple of twists and turns but nothing amazing. I kept thinking it was about to go in a really bad and dumb directi [...]

    • Desielkin says:

      I too often find the same problem with most crime novels. I enjoy the character development in the beginning, as the plot begins to unfold, slowly. But, about half way through I pretty much know that Professor Plum did it, in the library, with the candlestick. And let me be clear here, I can be kind of ditsy when it comes to figuring it all outwhich means watching cheesy crime drama shows and cliche suspense thriller movies are still entertaining to me. I guess I just want a little more original [...]

    • Emjay says:

      20 years ago Nell Jarreau witnessed the murder of her boyfriend. Justice for whites in LA was swift and her identification of Alvin DuPree, a black, sent him to a maximum security prison for life. But new evidence popped up proving DuPree's innocence. Now he's back and Nell realizes that she has identified the wrong man. Her reality is becoming more and more of a delusion. This was a "really liked it" until the contrived ending.

    • Papalodge says:

      I liked the characters.The results of the hypnosis didn't seem to add to the story. That was weird.Halfway through the story, maybe even earlier, I figured out what had happened. However, I felt obligated to finish reading to the end. Liked the ending. Didn't like the epilouge type of second ending.

    • Lois Duncan says:

      Peter Abrahams' books are "good reads." But I always come away feeling as if there are missing pieces, undeveloped characters, conflicting pieces of information. Things seldom seem to fall together properly. This doesn't mean that I don't intend to read more of his books, because I enjoy his writing, but it does mean I don't feel comfortable giving this book four stars. I wish I did.

    • Cecily says:

      I was disappointed by the ending. And I agree with the other review, highly predictable.

    • Andreagiesesweat says:

      Page-turnerINTENSE read, will keep you on the edge of your seat (or awake at night); but a bit predictable at times.

    • Roybot says:

      Alvin DuPree was sent to prison on the testimony of Nell Jarreau, who witnessed the murder of her young boyfriend. Two decades later, evidence turns up in the wake of a horrible flood that exonerates Dupree. Nell is forced to confront the horrifying possibility that she sent an innocent man to prison while trying to unravel what really happened that dark night, twenty years ago. Peter Abrahams' Delusion is a flawed book falling squarely in the camp "beach reads". One of the biggest faults of the [...]

    • Lyn says:

      Twenty years ago Nell Jarreau witnessed the murder of her fiancé, Johnny Blanton. Alvin DuPree was convicted of the killing on her testimony and spent the next nineteen years in prison. But after a hurricane destroys much of the small southern town of Bell View, a videotape is found exonerating him.At first Nell is sure the evidence will be found fraudulent. When that doesn't happen she struggles to understand how she could have made such a horrible mistake. What really happened? Nell is marrie [...]

    • JBradford says:

      Peter Abrahams has written at least 20 novels and is cited by Stephen King as his favorite American suspense novelist, but this, so far as I recall, is the first thing I have ever read by him. I found it a remarkably complex novel for so simple a basic plot, made more intense by having the point of view oscillate back and forth between the protagonist, a young woman who 20 years ago served as the eyewitness accuser of her lover’s murderer, and the antagonist, the low-life who was put in prison [...]

    • Trish says:

      Overall an entertaining Abrahams yarn, but not his best. What the novel lacks, I think, is a competent protagonist. The central character, Nell, wants to figure out what happened 20 years ago when her fiance was stabbed (and when she identified the wrong man as the killer) but Nell is naive and obtuse. I think her confusion and ineptitude are realistically drawn, but it makes narrative progress, especially in the final pages, haphazard. The only character who is intelligently, doggedly trying t [...]

    • Shonna Froebel says:

      This novel of suspense takes place when events that happened twenty years ago are called into question. Back then, Nell and her boyfriend Johnny Blanton were surprised one evening by an attacker who killed Johnny. Nell was the only witness and a culprit was soon identified, convicted and sent to jail. Later, Nell married the policeman who handled the case, Clay Jarreau, and he adopted her child by Johnny, Norah.Now a video has come to the surface that gives an alibi to the convicted man. Nell is [...]

    • Taylor says:

      I really wish I could say I liked this book a lot more but I can't.First this story has the exact same plot as abrahams book, Bullet Point. The endings are the exact same. The only difference was he tweeked the characters so the story's would seem a lot more different. That just bugs me. GrrrSecond: it was kinda obvious who did it or who was involved right at the beginning (Spoiler: it basically gives some of it away on the description of the book lol) It's disappointing because I really like hi [...]

    • Tyler says:

      Synopsis: Nell Jarreau witnessed the murder of her boyfriend and was able to finger the killer from a police lineup and he was sent to spend his life in prison. After twenty years, additional evidence surfaces that exonerates the convicted killer Alvin DuPree. Nell can hardly live with the guilt of sending an innocent man to prison and her sweet, caring husband is no help as he was the detective in the original case and has no desire to unearth the past.My Review: The story was based on an inter [...]

    • Diane says:

      This was a somewhat predictable mystery. The character of Nell is somewhat wishy washy in most situations. Twenty years prior she had been the only witness in the murder of her boyfriend but she sent the wrong person to jail. She just didn't seem to have a backbone till maybe the end of the book.Her daughter, Nora, I just wanted to slap silly. She gets in trouble in College comes home with a major attitude but won't talk to anyone about what is the problem. OK, a teenager. However, all of a sudd [...]

    • Lighthearted says:

      20 years ago Nell witnessed the murder of her boyfriend---her testimony led to the conviction/imprisonment of Alvin DuPree. A recently-discovered videotape now proves that DuPree was elsewhere at the time of the murder. As Nell tries to determine how she could have made such a mistake, she turns to her husband of 18 years for help (he was the lead detective from the case at the time)---but his increasingly odd behavior has her wondering if he knew of DuPree's innocence all along . . . .Intriguin [...]

    • Amy Rumler says:

      I picked this book up as a result of a challenge I gave myself to find new to me authors in my local library. I must say, I did enjoy the story. Although there was a few plot points that the editor neglected to catch (pregnancy timeframe and a truck suddenly becoming a police cruiser). But, regardless, it was a good story. I thought I knew the ending about halfway through, but I was about 3/4 through when I realized I may be wrong and started to realize there were other possiblities. The action [...]

    • Laren says:

      Many years ago, Nell witnessed the murder of her fiance, and her testimony put a man in prison for life. Now new evidence proves he couldn't have been at the murder scene at the time it was taking place, so he is released from prison. Could she really have been wrong about who did it, or did they just release a murderer back into society?This book is told through multiple points of view, and the author does a fantastic job of making those voices different and distinct from each other while keepi [...]

    • T. Gilbert says:

      This is not as good as his Perfect Crime book but the characters are well-written. I like the little things Peter Abrahams does that help give you an insight into the person's character. The story was okay but I had it figured out about halfway through. Another reviewer pointed out there were inconsistencies in the plot such as the main character not knowing she was pregnant until after the baby's father's death but later she says she told the father about it. Huh? Don't expect glaring errors li [...]

    • Jack Heath says:

      4 Stars. I wasn't sure about this one, but it was surprisingly enjoyable. A young woman and her boyfriend, soon to be her husband, are out for an evening walk, and he gets attacked and murdered. The police investigate; she identifies who she saw and a man is sent to prison for the crime. Yet years later a video tape emerges which puts the convicted murderer kilometres away at the key time. Was there a police cover-up? The book's only flaw is that the likely suspect becomes apparent earlier than [...]

    • Doug says:

      After 20 years in prision Alvin DuPree was freed after being wrongly accused of murdering Nell Jarreau's boyfriend on the strength of Nell's testimony. Nell is determined to find out why when something was so crystal clear she made an error in identifying the killer. Good story but the most interesting part was Dupree's time in prison reading the book of Job in the Bible. While he identified with Job his interpretation probably was no theologically correct which in the end may have caused his de [...]

    • Becky says:

      Nell Jarreau witnessed the murder of her boyfriend. Her testimony sent the killer to jail. Twenty years later, he is sent free when proof of his alibi mysteriously resurfaces.Nell's world is turned upside down, but she is determined to find answers. Regardless of which direction she turns, more questions arise as to what she really saw and what really happened that night.Good story although it felt a bit rushed. Underdeveloped secondary characters became distractiing especially Nell's daughter, [...]

    • Jackie says:

      Fans of Peter Abrahams will not be disappointed with his new offering. Delusion tells the story of Nell Jarreau whose testimony 20 years ago sent a man to jail for life. But a legal defense fund takes on his case and gets him releasedthanks to a tape that washes up after a hurricane. This is a book in complex shades of gray--good guys, bad guys, justice and love all have a multidimensionality in this book that makes it hard to put down. The many twists and turns of the plot keep it engrossing to [...]

    • Sue says:

      I was disappointed after reading a glowing review of this book. It has a promising plot, and setting the story in the aftermath of a Katrina-like hurricane offers endless possibilities for intrigue and mystery. But the dialogue often seemed to get in the way and drag the story on and on. When the subtitle is "A Novel of Suspense" you set your self up for a real thriller, not a book that has you thinking "come on with it, already." I also found the ending quite unsatisfying -- I suppose it's mean [...]

    • Nette says:

      I like Peter Abrahams' thrillers because they're well-written and quirky, but my problem with "Delusion" was that I figured out who done it about 75 pages before the end. And I NEVER figure out who done it! I'm the ideal mystery reader, because I fall for every red herring flung my way. "Ooh, that gardener with the muddy boots, it must be him. No, wait! It's gotta be the mayor's slutty secretary, because she has the most to lose." And then it turns out to be the Orthodox rabbi with the internet [...]

    • Prajna says:

      This was billed on the cover as "A Novel of Suspense", but I didn't think it delivered. I figured out the whole thing half way through the book. I did like the writing style and the different character's perspectives, especially Pirate's. The first few chapters were very gripping and drew me in quickly. I was just disappointed that it fell a bit flat in the end. Also, there were a few inconsistencies as well. This was my first time reading a book by this author, so maybe I'll try another one. I [...]

    • Mark Soone says:

      Another fine read from Abrahams who is quickly rising up on my list of favorite authors (I can say with confidence that he is clearly in my top 500 at the very least!).This was IMHO not as good as pressure drop or crying wolf but still managed to warrant 5 stars from me.4 would be as low as I would go (I wish we had a 10 point rating systemI would likely go 9).Again the characters and plot were very enjoyable and well developed. Their was plenty of action and suspense making wait to see what wou [...]

    • Gossymotto says:

      I Liked this one better than Oblivion but still not really that great. I'm still wondering what the fuss is about Abraham's writing. I find that there are to many things in his books (at least the two that I have read) that rely heavily on coincidence. It's a big city story, but the way everyone happens to someone know everyone else, suggests that they all live in a place like Dog River.One more try with "The Tudor" and if it's not any better than I'm giving up on Peter.

    • Teri says:

      Abrahams is one of my favorite suspense novelists. I appreciate not knowing what's coming - maybe suspecting - but not knowing. Abrahams doesn't write "down" to his readers - he assumes we're smart and I like that. The premise of this book is that life can turn around in a heartbeat - what we think we know, what we believe to be true can fall apart like a house of cards. I definitely recommend this author and this book!

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