Rule of Thieves

Rule of Thieves EXTRA VALUE Get book of this series Magic of Thieves FREE today Returning home Ilan finds nothing is as she left it After a year of peace Skeltai raiders are once again threatening the province e

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  • Title: Rule of Thieves
  • Author: C. Greenwood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • EXTRA VALUE Get book 1 of this series Magic of Thieves FREE today Returning home, Ilan finds nothing is as she left it After a year of peace, Skeltai raiders are once again threatening the province, even as the Dimmingwood thieves find themselves betrayed by the praetor From within the castle in Selbius Ilan must guard against an unknown enemy plotting her assassinaEXTRA VALUE Get book 1 of this series Magic of Thieves FREE today Returning home, Ilan finds nothing is as she left it After a year of peace, Skeltai raiders are once again threatening the province, even as the Dimmingwood thieves find themselves betrayed by the praetor From within the castle in Selbius Ilan must guard against an unknown enemy plotting her assassination, while uncovering a mage s secret that could help her protect the province When old friends turn against her, will a new alliance prove powerful enough to defend against the dark magic of the enemy Or will the coming battle be Ilan s last Also in the LEGENDS OF DIMMINGWOOD series Magic of Thieves Book I Betrayal of Thieves Book II Circle of Thieves Book III Redemption of Thieves Book IV Journey of Thieves Book V Rule of Thieves Book VI
    • ✓ Rule of Thieves || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ C. Greenwood
      460 C. Greenwood
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      Posted by:C. Greenwood
      Published :2018-05-02T11:47:49+00:00

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    • Orit Kleinfeld says:

      I decided to read all six books before giving a proper review. I enjoyed them immensely; they were a fun and easy read. Unlike many reviewers, I didn't have a problem that they came in small bite-sizes, mostly because they came out one after the other so it made no difference with the flow of the reading.I did, though, have a problem with the ending which seemed to be in a bit of a rush to get there. The bit about the attempted murder on Ilan was there in order to put another plot into the mix, [...]

    • Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ says:

      My traditional style of reviewing isn't going to work for this book. What a fantastic ending to The Legend of Dimmingwood Series. I've loved Ilan's character since her introduction in Magic of Thieves. She's my type of character strong female that isn't afraid of her male counter parts. Ilan's journey hasn't been an easy one though at times it seemed like it at some points in the series. I'm so happy with the ending of this series I can't find enough words to express this happiness. I look forwa [...]

    • Heidi says:

      This is where we end our journey with Ilan of Dimmingwood. It has been a wild ride and I am going to miss her and her friends. I really enjoy C Greenwood's writing and I have read everything she has written. I have been lucky enough to be included in her ARC group for many of her books. I was in love with these characters from the beginning, and though it hasn't all been peaches and cream I have enjoyed following along on these adventures with them. I liked the way the author has concluded this [...]

    • Stephen says:

      What an ending for the series. The writing and characters in this series made it for a great and enjoyable read. I highly recommend you read this and also the 3 book series that tells the story of Red Hand. These 2 series go hand in hand. I really enjoyed myself reading both of these and I believe you will also. If you don't your loss. Great Reading Everyone!!!!

    • Barbara "Cookie" Serfaty Williams says:

      Rule of Thieves (Legends of Dimmjngwood Book 6)A great war, love find, the death of the old Praetor, an assassination attempt, and all after Ilan return. An she win her love or will all be lost? Great story, even better fight scenes.

    • Kerry Dillenburg says:

      Extremely satisfyingIt is a rare treat that a series ends with me happy and accepting of the author's conclusions. C. Greenwood is to be commended not only for that but for a masterful ability to create a journey the reader is anxious to join. I truly enjoyed the entire trip.

    • Stacey says:

      Good book Great seriesRule of thieves is the culmination of an entertaining and fun to read series. The ending does justice to the whole!

    • David says:

      Yes, what a great way to end this six book series. I highly recommend it, nothing was left open ended. Thank you!

    • Tessi Greniewicki says:

      Addicting Couldn't put this series down. Loved the ending. A must read for anyone who loves fantasy magic. A wonderful series

    • Daniel Casey says:

      I liked that I could enter this story without having read the previous books. Rather than worry about the who/what/why from the stories before, I just leapt in & let it wash over me. It worked well enough. That said, I have zero interest in these characters and this world. Neither poorly nor poorly executed, the characters, plot, world, etc all work well and are accomplished. I just couldn't get pulled in & I think that's an entirely subjective stance. Also, had I begun with the series f [...]

    • MEG Munro says:

      Great story telling. WONDERFUL characters!!!!!I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading these books. "Legends of Dimmingwood" is a great 6 book adventure that I hope anyone that reads fantasy books takes time out to read this story.Ilan is the main character but after you start reading, after the introduction, you'll see how many different characters she comes to know. Some are good and some are bad as usual, but the author creates such a wonderful background and sense of love for his characters, that I feel y [...]

    • Julie Powell says:

      A fabulous conclusion to an excellent fantasy series, where Ilan battles old and new enemies and is forced to make difficult choices.It's not easy to say much without spoilers, but will say that this story is steeped in adventure, enchantment, love, loss, betrayal and loyalty; it also is filled with suspense, surprises and legend.Highly recommended!

    • Sarah Ashwood says:

      Fantastic, exciting end to the series. Great plot twists. Hated to see Ilan's story end; however, loved the way it ended. You can't miss this series or its fantastic ending. Perfect for all teens and adults.

    • williamGoodrow says:

      Rule of ThievesI enjoyed this book in t Dimmingwood series very much. Well written and with lots of adventure. Looking forward to more entertainment from this author.

    • Jesse Burk says:

      Wow!!! This last book was my absolute favorite out of the whole series. The story wrapped itself up so well in that last chapter and it is a bit of a shame to see the series finished.

    • BridgetT says:

      A very satisfying conclusion to this extremely pleasant and enjoyable series.

    • Kevin E. Holder says:

      Rule of thievesVery good series. Story line and characters were well developed and moved quickly. Looking forward to reading more from C. Greenwood

    • Theo says:

      The end has come. I can not say I didn't enjoy this series, I just didn't love it. I'm glad it has come to an end.

    • Thomas Bieber says:

      Great storyThe story of Ilan and Terrac is wrapped up nicely in this final book. This is a very good book for young readers interested in science fiction.

    • Danielle says:

      Great continuation of the storyline. Still leaves me wanting more

    • Bernardo Santos says:

      Good closure for the series but there is a feeling of something lacking, mostly in secondary character development.

    • Laurel says:

      Overall, I think this was an okay series. There was a lot of strong bonds between friendship, love, family and allies. There was a few unexpected events but that did keep the book interesting.

    • Tommy J Champion says:

      Great endingThis series was fun to read. I was happy to find this series by accident. I hope everyone has the chance to follow this author.

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