Before Hadley

Before Hadley What s worse than a cocky new guy at school A cocky new guy with a killer body and the attention of every female at school Hadley can tell the minute she lays eyes on Caynan that he s someone to avoid

  • Title: Before Hadley
  • Author: J.Nathan
  • ISBN: 9781530354313
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • What s worse than a cocky new guy at school A cocky new guy with a killer body and the attention of every female at school Hadley can tell the minute she lays eyes on Caynan that he s someone to avoid He may have looks and charm, but he s also got heartbreak written all over his pretty face.Unfortunately for Hadley, Caynan has his sights set on her She s the one girl wWhat s worse than a cocky new guy at school A cocky new guy with a killer body and the attention of every female at school Hadley can tell the minute she lays eyes on Caynan that he s someone to avoid He may have looks and charm, but he s also got heartbreak written all over his pretty face.Unfortunately for Hadley, Caynan has his sights set on her She s the one girl who doesn t want him The one girl who s turned off by his charm The one girl who challenges him like no other And, though she couldn t possibly know the truth about him, she seems to be the one girl who really sees him But with Caynan, things aren t at all what they seem His secrets have secrets and everything out of his mouth straddles the line between truth and fiction He knows better than to get involved with anyone, especially with his time limited in the new town, but he just can t seem to get Hadley out of his mind Too bad for him, secrets never remain secrets for long.
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    • Dali says:

      Before Hadley is an amazing new adult romance. It has the precise blend of witty and flirty banter, sweet and oh so swoony moments that had me melting in a big puddle of goo, incredibly hot sexiness, and a beautiful story about finding oneself, hope, forgiveness and love. “You are the only person who has ever given me hope. The only person who has ever shown me love. The only person who has ever given me all of herself and made me want to do the same.”Hadley knows what she wants, she’s goi [...]

    • KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛ says:

      ༺**Complimentary Copy**༺ Provided by the author"J. Nathan" in exchange for an honest reviewThank you!!TITLE: Before HadleyAUTHOR: J. Nathan GENRE: Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE: March 14th, 2016 MY RATINGA modern day Romeo & JulietBEFORE HADLEY:is a slow burning romance, it's about love, deceit, betrayal, forgiveness and second chancesCayden the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks dating the detectives daughter HadleyShe's the one girl who doesn't want him. She's the one girl wh [...]

    • Maria... says:

      "4,5 Caynan stars""You silly girl. You. You're my dream."I FREAKING LOVED this book!I'm just gonna tell you one thing and you will understand how much I enjoyed this reading!In this book I found a few to none things I could complain about and it's been a long freaking time for this to happen peopleThat's me all complaining blahblahblahI'm gonna start with the review because I want to SHOUT OUT my love for Caynan!"I can't believe I made it through life without you."That above reflects my feelings [...]

    • Sybil aka Lala says:

      Caynan has learned four things in his eighteen years. How to mash a baseball. How to make friends. One very specific skill. And how to hide a secret. Caynan is the cocky player with the delicious English accent that has a swarm of girls ready to take the new guy in school at face value. But one girl seems to be immune to his charms and is about is about to overthrow his carefully planned out li(f)e.Hadley is used to being alone. She has her friends and she goes to all the parties but she usually [...]

    • Mandy says:

      3.5I liked this book but didn't love it. Caynan was not very likable for the first half of the book but I really liked him in the second half. I liked Hadley in the first half of the book but not as much in the second part. I wanted a little more chemistry between these two- I didn't really feel the love connection between them (especially during the 2nd part of their story.) I did find the story interesting and I love a reformed bad boy. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more by t [...]

    • S.J. Abbo says:

      “Hi! I'm what you call a bad boy. I'm 18, tall dark and handsome; have a fake British accent, live in a trailer and I move a lot. That is because I'm a thief (not by my choice), and must be one step in front of police. But I would like to stay in one place long enough to have friends, to play baseball, to be a normal teenager for once."“I needed friends, I needed girls, I needed sports to keep me sane in my insane world. “ Nice to meet you all…”CAYDEN aka Conner Oh, Cayden, it's Nice t [...]

    • Michelle says:

      ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review“Then I met Hadley, and bam, I shared my biggest heartache. And what were the odds she had to go and be the daughter of a fucking cop? Karma truly was a bitch.”In this revolving door called life, there are people who walk into our life and out for a reason. And for those few people, they can leave their mark. Some may stain and taint our heart and memories while others may leave a permanent tattoo on our heart, mind, body and soul. And i [...]

    • aNneMarLi - Chatterbooks Book Blog says:

      5.0FEISTY + PLAYERSTARS!!! Too bad I didn’t do relationships. What sensible eighteen-year-old guy did? Especially when he switched area codes like he did boxers.Oh damn! This book is soooo good! Jen Nathan just delivered a fast paced and enjoyable read about friendship acceptancergivenessnding oneselfloved second chances.Before Hadley follows the story of Caynana cocky new guy with an accent and can mash a baseball like no one's business."He was the type of guy my father warned me about. The t [...]

    • Julie says:

      I found J. Nathan last year when I read Since Drew. Which was amazing, by the way and you need to read it or you'll be cursed with reading bad books for a decade. This is a real thing. Believe me. Before I gush over this book and the author for a few paragraphs, let's have a moment of silence for this cover. For the love of everything holy, please let every single book from J. Nathan have a cover as amazing as this one. Amen.I'm starting to see a trend with J. Nathan's books and it's not just th [...]

    • Samantha says:

      4.5 I love you enough for the both of us right now stars. I was expecting some emotional stuff because J. Nathan's first book Since Drew made me cry and ripped apart my heart. This book is in that same fashion but instead of ripping out my heart, it tore shredded it. Hadley and Caynan have such a tragically beautiful love story and this book is their story. It confused me, overwhelmed me, shocked me but most of all it made me fall in love. The book is separated into two parts, before Caynan got [...]

    • Natalie The Biblioholic says:

      This is my first book from this author and it was a great introduction to her work. Before Hadley follows the typical new adult romance trope with a twist.We are introduced to Hadley. She's the daughter of a socialite and a police detective. Her father being a cop intimidates most people from interacting with her. Along comes Caynan and he has no problem pushing all of her buttons, finding his way in despite her father's career and the walls she's erected to deter people from getting too close. [...]

    • Anne OK says:

      This is the first of three back-to-back books from J. Nathan that I recently read. Sadly, I found them a little repetitious in their plotting scenarios. I like the author's writing style and the premise of the stories. But, again I found way too much redundancy in the dialogues, particularly in the direct interactions between the two main protagonists. It was a bit disappointing. So I decided to do one review that covers all three books. And this is it - there's no need to say more. They weren't [...]

    • Red Cheeks Reads says:

      God, I am so mad at myself. Why do you ask? Because usually when I am reading a book I highlight and make a million notes about what is going on and my favorite parts so that I can write my review easily. And, you know what? I didn't highlight or take a single note and here is why! I was in this story. I mean, seriously glued to it like a crazy person. Not one single note. Not one single highlight. Gah! I am really mad at myself but all I can say to the author is "Way to go J. Nathan, you made m [...]

    • Deserie williams says:

      self note : not for me

    • Sarah says:

      He threw his head and laughed, low and deep. When he laughed like that, his accent was non-existent. And as much as I wanted to deny it, I liked his laugh.What????

    • ChuCha says:

      Purchase Link Link: Caynan was an irresistible force to everyone in school. He’s the new guy with a swoon-worthy body and a killer English-accent. Hadley knew he was nothing but trouble, and but he was making it hard for her since she caught his attention.Unlike any other girls, Hadley seemed to be immune to his charms. She doesn’t want him, but she’s also the girl who challenges him and makes him forget every problem he has with their banters.But Caynan has secrets of his own, and it wasn [...]

    • Kat DM says:

      ★★★★★ 5-Second Chance Romance ★★★★★copy provided by author in exchanged for an honest reviewIt's been three years since he was arrested, three long years since after she turned him in. Now that he's out of prison, his only mission is to win her back, win back the one that got away. No matter what it takes? Feeling betrayed and lied to, will the heroine be able to move past the hurt caused by him? She knows deep down that there is a connection between them. That somehow they'l [...]

    • Wit & Wonder Books says:

      ** ARC provided by the Author for an honest review ** Before and After once you have lived through the before The after well it can either be painful or beautiful. When your life consists of two instances that define you as an individual, every choice you make sets forth a chain of events that has the power to heal or destroy. J. Nathan wove such a tale that at the end of this read I was left teary eyed and reeling. I simply did not want this story to end. Caynan will forever be one of my favo [...]

    • Shannon says:

      4.5*Ahhh, this book! Equal parts funny, sweet, sexy, heartbreaking, and stomach-clenching. Add in a snarky, fiesty, sarcastic heroine, a troubled, cocky, arrogant hero and you've got the perfect recipe for an engaging New Adult novel. Hadley and Caynan are 2 fantastic characters, I loved them as individuals and as a couple they made my heart smile. I adored Hadley. It's always so refreshing to read a female character who's not weak, who can give as good as she gets, who stands up for herself. "Y [...]

    • Jen says:

      Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ARC was provided by Patchwork Press Cooperative in exchange for an honest review.I can't really get too much into the story because giving details would clue in those who have yet to read the book to what secrets Caynan is keeping from Hadley. What I will say, though, is that J. Nathan has given readers yet another story that has at least one main character dealing with complicated circumstances and how different their life becomes [...]

    • Christine says:

      2.5 StarsI really liked the beginning, but then at PART 2, the story lost me. (view spoiler)[The heroine is with OM. I did not need to hear how she got "lost" when she was with the new guy she was dating. Jake kissing Hadley's neck to her ear Save it! I don't need details. I get it. After Cayman, you dated other guys. (Loc 73%) (hide spoiler)]I am tired of hearing how beautiful the heroine is. After awhile I am not sure what made her so beautiful. She got on my nerves. She seemed to be going thr [...]

    • Judy Miracle says:

      I thought J Nathans first book Since Drew was an emotional read and dont get me wrong it completely is but now he have Before Hadley and HOLY moley this one shredded my heart. This book gives it all to you and you will be hooked from the beginning and not wanting to put it down. You get friendship, love, second chances, forgiveness and a whole lot more. Caynan is the cocky new guy with an accent. Hadley is a cops daughter and feisty as all get out. throughout this book you are on a roller coaste [...]

    • Lorie says:

      4.5 STARS If that cover doesn’t capture your attention, the words between the pages sure will!I’ve read J. Nathan before so I expected something good, but not THIS good! In fact, it’s fabulous! This one really came out of left field and surprised the hell out of me. The beginning captured me. The middle kept me wanting more. The ending wasn’t overdone. it was damn near perfect. And, that epilogue… had to be one of THE best epilogues ever. If you haven’t read J. Nathan, you have no id [...]

    • VioletMusonda Winchester says:

      Great book. Loved the character development the most with this story. Kept me reading and I couldn't put the book down. Didn't expect it to be the way it was which was awesome. Kept me guessing half the time. :)

    • Kendall Book Crazy says:

      4.5 stars!I had been wanting to read one of this author's books for awhile now! I've been on a few Cover Reveal and Release Day Blitz's for her books, but I'd yet to actually read one of them! I then really wanted to read a book set in high school, and this book seemed to fit the bill lol, so I decided to start with this one! I really enjoyed this book! It did take until round about the 60% mark to really grip me and keep me desperate to read one! This book was also sort of split into two parts [...]

    • Bookmafia says:

      Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary RomanceAge: 18+Recommendation: No, but you should read the review to decide for yourself.Type: Stand-aloneSummary: This story really irked me in some ways and in others caught my attention. + good female lead -predictable -unrealistic plotSynopsis:What’s worse than a cocky new guy at school? A cocky new guy with a killer body and the attention of every female around. Hadley can tell the minute she lays eyes on Caynan that he’s someone to avoid. He may have lo [...]

    • Melissa Mendoza says:

      Title: Before HadleyAuthor: J. NathanRelease Date:March 14, 2016Genre(s):NA RomancePage Count:247Heat Level:4flames out of 5Rating:4 stars out of 5Blurb:What's worse than a cocky new guy at school? A cocky new guy with a killer body and the attention of every female at school. Hadley can tell the minute she lays eyes on Caynan that he's someone to avoid. He may have looks and charm, but he's also got heartbreak written all over his pretty face.Unfortunately for Hadley, Caynan has his sights set [...]

    • Sanaa☆ Sanaa's Book Blog ☆ says:

      FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED:4.5 stars! At first, I was wary of going into this book because it's been a while since I read a romance that was set in high school and they're usually the same. But again, I was wrong and I will tell you that don't make the mistake that I did. Because this book turned out to be a hell of a lot better than I could have ever expected.The writing was fantastic, the characters were likable even though they frustrated me at times, the plot was also great and yet very differen [...]

    • LorenaGarcia -- Brittany's Book Blog says:

      **Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**Heartwarming, heartfelt and different emotions that had me all over the place. I was really shocked to read such a great book that left me teary eyed and wondering before I got to the end if there was going to be a HEA or not!Two people from completely two different worlds. It wasn't that Hadley was playing hard to get with Caynan but she saw how he was with the girls and she knew that he was a player and she just didn't do players (literally)! [...]

    • Melissa Damiao-medeiros says:

      * I received an ARC of this book through its publishers on Netgalley* I LOVED this book! I wasn't sure what to expect from it other than the fact that the synopsis caught my attention and it was my first J. Nathan novel. Boy oh boy, J. Nathan has a fan for LIFE! In Becoming Hadley, she brings us the story of a beautiful, sassy, confident girl, who's an artist and who has a cop for a father. She knows what she wants, and what her future holds, and it doesn't include a cocky, overconfident, player [...]

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