Part-time Princess

Part time Princess This is an ACE for ISBN Part Time Princess Ladies In Waiting Two Princes are in love with her Too bad she s an imposter Lucy Trabbicio s a down on her luck young cocktail waitress

  • Title: Part-time Princess
  • Author: Pamela DuMond
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an ACE for ISBN13 9781500709020 Part Time Princess Ladies In Waiting, 1Two Princes are in love with her Too bad she s an imposter Lucy Trabbicio s a down on her luck, young, cocktail waitress desperate to find a job to keep her uncle at Assisted Living Lady Elizabeth Billingsley hires Lucy to impersonate her to keep the attention of Crown Prince Cristoph of FreThis is an ACE for ISBN13 9781500709020 Part Time Princess Ladies In Waiting, 1Two Princes are in love with her Too bad she s an imposter Lucy Trabbicio s a down on her luck, young, cocktail waitress desperate to find a job to keep her uncle at Assisted Living Lady Elizabeth Billingsley hires Lucy to impersonate her to keep the attention of Crown Prince Cristoph of Fredonia while she completes her pressing personal business in the States In the mother of all makeovers, Elizabeth s people transform Lucy into a reluctant Lady and she travels to Fredonia for ten days tops What could possibly go wrong Sexy, bad boy Nick Fredonia s other Prince that s what goes wrong Nick has romantic history with Elizabeth and he wants to pick up the between the sheets action with her impersonator Lucy Even though Lucy s wildly attracted to him, she has to resist she can t lose this job Dreamy Nick s courting Lucy hot and heavy when Prince Cristoph proposes marriage What s an imposter girl to do Elizabeth insists that she ll make it back home in time for the wedding Lucy accepts Cristoph s proposal and is on the fast track to becoming a Princess when another glitch arises someone s trying to kill her Besides Nick, the only folks helping Lucy are her wild, party hard, take no prisoners Ladies in Waiting A modern day, sexy tale with romance, twists and turns, LOL moments, a few tears and a Happily Ever After Ending Just not the way you expected it
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    • LolaReviewer says:

      I wish I was a part-time princess…And get a--FREE!--makeover for the job. It would be like heaven.Lucy has all that. She doesn’t know impersonating Lady Elizabeth Billingsley would be her task when going to the interview.Or having to fly all alone to Fredonia.She’s not particularly happy to leave her best friend behind but she needs the money. Her uncle’s life and comfort depends on her and this job…since she just got fired from her previous one.The problem is…EVERYBODY knows Lady Bi [...]

    • Miranda says:

      4 cute starsI liked this book. It took some getting used to but I really enjoyed it by the end. The heroine, Lucy, seems quite a bit immature in the beginning of the story but slowly matures throughout the book. She's hired to do one job -- be someone else for a few weeks. Not just someone, but a famous someone. Here's where it takes your imagination to go with the book. Lucy doesn't look anything like the girl Elizabeth until she gets a super nice makeover. She learns to walk and talk like a pr [...]

    • Pamela says:

      I wrote it. I love it. But of course. I might be partial, yes?I can't wait to write the next one and stir up more trouble. And wait until you hear the Audio version narrated by Lesley Fogle. It is hilarious! And a huge thanks to Regina Wamba at Mae I Design for a freaking adorbs book cover.This book is just a little naughty but a whole lot of fun.

    • Olivia-Savannah Roach says:

      This review can originally be found on Olivia's Catastrophe: olivia-savannah/20*Thank you to the author for the review copy*If I had to compare this book to one other, it would definitely be the Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot… but then again, I like this book more than those!At first I found it hard to get into the style of writing. The book was written very much through the voice of the main character, called Lucy. And well, she seemed at first to have a childish way of thinking, but it was no [...]

    • Beth says:

      Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Lucy Trabbicio. She was down on her luck and really needed a job. You see, Lucy didn't take kindly to obnoxious men in a bar and dumped a pitch of water down drinks on a specifically nasty piece of works head. Leaving her in a quite a predicament. When a once in a lifetime chance comes up to save her financial situation, Lucy reluctantly jumps on board.You'll never guess what her part time job entails and she can't tell you because she's under cont [...]

    • twelvejan [Alexandria] says:

      2.5 stars.Entertaining, but unrealistic. A dozen unresolved issues. There's only so much rubbish I can take.

    • AndiG says:

      4 starsYou know those books where the MC annoys the hell out of you, and it makes the whole book sound like mouldy cheese? This was not one of these books.The MC Lucy, was one badass heroine in my books.A few nights ago, after I had finished Part-Time Princess, I googled "How to become a princess" and found a quiz on whether I'm a Princess on the inside or not. Apparently, I'm not really fit to be a Princess, but you know what, I was one of those kids that when they grew up, I wanted to be a gar [...]

    • Margaux Espinosa says:

      *Received copy in return for honest review* This book was incredibly charming, witty, and fun! Pamela DuMond is an incredibly talented writer, and I am so glad I got a chance to read this book. The plot was great, the writing perfect and the characters were hilarious! I couldn't have been more please, from the very first page I was hooked in and fell in love with Lucy.Lucy is bold, outspoken, self reliant and always getting herself into situations that aren't ideal. She loses her job, because sh [...]

    • Becky says:

      *I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*Part-time Princess is a story about Lucy, one of the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful girls you have ever met. Life hasn't always given her an easy ride and now to top it all off she has lost her job and is in desperate need of a new one.Cue a vague add on Daveslist, the oddest interview ever, and a couple of weeks of training for the new job. To impersonate Lady Elizabeth Billingsley for a couple of weeks until she can tie up [...]

    • Nadine says:

      Oh dear, what was this? A young woman, desperate to make money (to pay for her I think grandfather's nursing home bills) signs up to impersonate a princess from a small European country who had lived in the USA for a while. To her closest family and the press. Nobody suspects anything even though she blurts out a telling faux-pas in nearly every second sentence.The writing on the cover spoils a major surprise, which really sucked. I t all seemed so designed to appeal to the not so smart (sorry). [...]

    • LadyTechie says:

      Very fun and hilarious story.

    • Sorcha O'Dowd says:

      Part-Time Princess is the perfect feel-good book! 5 stars! Full review will be posted on my blog on the 24th September for my stop on the 'Part-Time Princess' Blog Tour: oldvictorianquill.wordpresedit. Full review‘Part-time Princess’ is the perfect feel-good book! There was just something about it that ticked all the boxes for the perfect fun, exciting and intriguing New Adult book, and I honestly felt so light after finishing it, that it was like I was walking on air for a week after, as I [...]

    • Michelle says:

      **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs** Part-Time Princess is a romantic comedy that is part Princess Diaries and part imposter story, (an example is slipping my mind). It was a very cute, very funny and overall very fun read. It is just the kind of light read that you can escape into for a couple of hours and come out the other end feeling happy. It wasn't perfect, but it was a lot of fun. And sometimes that is just what I am looking for in a book.I loved the main [...]

    • Liliana Diaconescu says:

      I received the book in exchange of an honest review.I absolutely loved "Part-time princess", it is a bubbly, witty, enchanting story who keeps the reader hooked from the first page to the last one, for me was a 2 day read, as I had troubles letting it go once that I started reading it.Lucy is a sweet 21 year old part-time working girl, while following nursing studies, she is in charge of her only living family, an uncle who had a nervous breakdown (when Lucy's parents died in a bike accident) li [...]

    • Sophie says:

      >>> I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.<<< We follow the story of Lucy, a young girl who, in her need to find money, accepted the job that someone offered to her. Elizabeth is a young lady from a european country, who's currently at the States and needs someone, who looks like her, to impersonate her for a couple of days weeks. She needs Lucy in order to maintain Prince's Christoph interest on her, while she's still in USA. So, Lucy after a make ove [...]

    • S. J. Y. C. says:

      5 STARSPart-Time Princess by Pamela DuMond is the first book in the Ladies In Waiting series.As a reader, I have an addiction to all things royal and princess-y. I love those Cinderella themed stories that just put a smile on your face and brighten your day when you read them. Part-Time Princess was one of those stories.I absolutely loved everything about this book! I loved Lucy's wit and humor and how she went from a struggling waitress to a lady royal in a few mere weeks! The love triangle bet [...]

    • Josie says:

      Looking for a fun summer read that is sure to make you swoon and melt your heart? Look no further! Pamela DuMond introduces a new smashing series that is sure to win your heart with Part-Time Princess (Ladies in Waiting: #1)! Royalty, makeovers and two princes fighting over one girl?! Sign me up! PTP is a fairly quick read that will keep you up all night wondering which frog will turn into the prince of Lucy's heart! I was initially drawn to this one based on the topic. I am a sucker for a roman [...]

    • Dana Hartman says:

      I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review:Part-time Princess is the story of Lucy, a slightly down and out gal from the Southside of Chicago who just lost her job as a waitress at a biker bar and is searching for a new job to help pay for her uncles living expenses. He is her only living relative and depends on her to stay in a nice place instead of the county psych ward. Lucy is a very lovable character: self-deprecating, funny, she lacks a filter which I personally a [...]

    • Tiffany Marie says:

      My Rating: 5 starsA light-hearted, romantic comedy that leaves you wishing you were royal!Lucy Trabbicio is an imposter! An all-American girl hired to impersonate Lady Elizabeth, royalty from Fredonia, while she is on a "business trip" to Chicago. What could possibly go wrong in their situation? Apparently a lot!Lucy is immediately immersed in the world of royalty & finds herself being swooned by not just one prince, but two! First she meets Prince Nick, on her airplane trip from Chicago to [...]

    • Bobbi says:

      *I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*Lucy is now out of a job after being fired from her cocktail waitress gig at Mad Dog's biker bar. After combing through the help wanted ads she accepts a part-time gig to impersonate Lady Bilingsly who is being pursued by a prince only for political reasons. While she tries so hard to pull of this epic switcheroo and keep her true identity a secret, she meets someone and falls in love. Unfortunately he isn't the man [...]

    • Mitsy says:

      Love it! The ending has me laughing so hard, I'm near tears! I'm so happy with Lucy's story! :) Lucy is 21, and a waitress at a biker bar - until she's fired. Funny scene #1. lol :-) Funny scene #2 is Lucy looking for a job on the internet. Lol :-) Then she reads an ad that's intriguing. She goes for an interview. Funny scene #3. lol :-) From there Lucy signs a contract to impersonate a royal Princessd the laughs continue. Lucy is strong, smart, kind, loyal and loves American football. However, [...]

    • Amy says:

      I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewPart-time Princesswas a fun, easy read that had me laughing out loud and enjoying every minute of the story.Lucy is a young woman who has recently lost her job and is struggling to find money to pay for the care of her only living relative when she responds to an intriguing job ad it leads her on a crazy adventure to the country of Fredonia where she finds herself impersonating Lady Elizabeth Billings. Throw in a two handsome pr [...]

    • Kimberly Morris says:

      I received a copy of this book for my honest review.When I came across this book and read the description I was intrigued. It sounded like it would be interesting. It was! It was cute and funny and just sorta a feel good read. It is however VERY unbelievable but hey its fiction. All my complaints would be in the unbelievability of MANY things throughout the story but I'm not sure if that was the point or not so I don't really want to complain if they were meant to be unrealistic.I would recommen [...]

    • Jessica Zelkovich says:

      3.5 stars for me. This is a very light read and humorous. I really want to say young adult genre would be perfect but it would need to cut a few "tusk" comments, "romps" and the f-bombs. For an adult read, it was really unbelievable and a bit under-developed for my tastes. We meet Lucy who accepts a part-time gig to impersonate a Lady who is being pursued by a prince for political reasons. While she navigates this new life to hide her true identity, she meets someone she falls in love with. Unfo [...]

    • Orinthia Lee says:

      *I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*And now I want to get a part-time job as a princess just like Lucy! Well, who wouldn't?After got fired from her last job because she was defending her co-worker, Lucy got to find another job so she can still pay for her uncle's life comfort. And then she got this job vacancy, called for an interview in a luxury hotel, and then she got the job! She had no idea that she got to impersonate Lady Elisabeth from Fredonia. And her stru [...]

    • Carole says:

      I really liked this book. It's a smart and funny rom-com. And let's face it, what female doesn't dream of being a princess and swept off her feet by a handsome prince. PART-TIME PRINCESS has heart and sass and romance. Pamela DuMond's characters are likeable. Lucy is hysterical as the 'acting' princess who finds herself in one tangled mess after another. And Nick is just what any girl could want in a handsome hunk who always shows up in time to rescue our hapless heroine. I especially got quite [...]

    • Chrissie says:

      When you suddenly start tearing up at the end of the book, you know it was worth the read. Man, this truly was a great romance, with just the right amount of humor in it not to bore me. And since I am so not a big fan of romance novels, I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. This was a story with true heart, real friendships, hard choices and unconditional love The writing is great and easy to read.Now, Lucy, the main protagonist, was a wonderful and real person, whom you ca [...]

    • Jo-Anne says:

      What's a girl to do when a man is being an asshat? She dumps a pitcher of beer over his head, of course. But when you are a waitress and do that to a customer, you are suddenly not a waitress anymore.Lucy, the ex-waitress, needed money to keep her uncle in an assisted living center so she took a part-time job impersonating Lady Elizabeth Billingsley of Fedonia. Lady Elizabeth had to be away on urgent private business. Not wanting anybody to know, she hired Lucy to fill in for her. Lucy also had [...]

    • Ariella says:

      Lucy was hired to impersonate Lady Elizabeth because of how much they resembled each other. However, Lucy's 10 day gig, lasted a lot longer than planned as Lady Elizabeth courted her new boyfriend.As the rouse worked in Elizabeth's favor , the prince believed Lucy was Lady Elizabeth, only Lucy met another man on a flight to find Lady Elizabeth. Poor Lucy, just wanted to go home , found herself on the marriage alter, betrothed to the Prince.As Lucy couldn't stand the betrayal to her newLove nick [...]

    • Isha Coleman says:

      Class and sass equal out to pizzazzLucy is an imaginative and fiesty character. She's a scrapper. Not afraid of hard work, but despite her station in life, she never loses her sense of humor. I love this character. Modern meets and delivers age old. Easy to love. Hard to forget.

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