Flight Hot off the publication of Bones the winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel Jan Burke explodes onto the suspense scene with Flight featuring the hard edged Detective Frank Harriman husband of Ja

  • Title: Flight
  • Author: Jan Burke
  • ISBN: 9780743439770
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hot off the publication of Bones, the winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel, Jan Burke explodes onto the suspense scene with Flight, featuring the hard edged Detective Frank Harriman, husband of Jan s beloved series heroine Irene Kelly A family is found murdered In a cruel twist, one of the Las Piernas Police Department s own, Philip Lefebvre, is suspected of killHot off the publication of Bones, the winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel, Jan Burke explodes onto the suspense scene with Flight, featuring the hard edged Detective Frank Harriman, husband of Jan s beloved series heroine Irene Kelly A family is found murdered In a cruel twist, one of the Las Piernas Police Department s own, Philip Lefebvre, is suspected of killing the only witness When that detective disappears, a crime boss goes free And the LPPD is forever changed.Called in to investigate the wreckage of the missing detective s plane, Frank Harriman is given a set of cold cases that have suddenly become white hot Detective Harriman s conviction that the LPPD tagged the wrong murder suspect is wildly unpopular Alone, his instincts and integrity questioned at every turn, Harriman must stop the killer before hundreds of lives, including Harriman s own, are lost Flight is a heart pounding marriage of Jan Burke s intricate plotting Washington Times , chilling suspense Clive Cussler , and trademark crisp, crackling prose Library Journal that will thrill newcomers and veteran Burke fans, cover to cover.
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    • Cupcakencorset says:

      Taut, well-written, involving. You’ll want to read straight thru without pausing, which could be a problem, as it’s 530 pages long! Thank goodness for days off. I’ll be hitting for other novels by this author, as it turns out that the main character has been in other novels written and taking place earlier than this.

    • Nolan says:

      In my most private, insecure, questioning moments, I can’t help but wonder whether the prologue is a technique too often used these days. It may well be, but in this book’s case, Burke puts the technique to fabulous use.We are transported to the lives of a teenage brother and sister on a boat that belongs to their politician father. The two are cleaning up the boat in preparation to return to the home of their mother. The dialogue between these two as they work together is wonderfully snappy [...]

    • el_quijote says:

      Flight by Jan BurkeThis is my first foray into a Jan Burke novel. Burke is an award winning author of a number of suspense and mystery stories. Although her favorite protagonist, Irene Kelly is a character is this police mystery, the main character is a savvy homicide detective.If you like straight forward, well written mysteries that hold your attention then this book is for you. There is none of the CIA delta force, secret, techno-babble that so many authors have become so dependent on to supp [...]

    • Robin says:

      I don't know why I waited so long to read this one, when I absolutely loved Bones, not the first Irene Kelly mystery, but the first "crossover" into thriller-land. I think it's because this one features Irene Kelly's husband as the protaganist, and I wasn't sure I'd be into it as much. Boy, was I ever wrong. What a great read! Superb mystery. Kept me guessing. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Loved the cast of characters. Loved the story of an old investigation coming to life again in the hands o [...]

    • Anita says:

      I think I found a new author to read! A 10 year old murder thought to be solved. A loner detective accused of killing a child survivor of a boat massacre and running off with money and evidence. 10 years later, another loner detective, figures out the pieces of the puzzle don't quite fit as people would like them to fit.

    • Sandy says:

      I had trouble putting this book down. It was very complex and interesting.

    • Gevera Bert says:

      Good, solid, contemporary police-based mystery.

    • Terri says:

      I love a good mystery.

    • Joyce Tay says:

      This was the book that got me hooked to Jan Burke and since then I have been faithfully reading all her books. Highly recommend this book

    • Maa says:

      Pleasantly surprised by how good this book was! Picked it up for an easy read and ended up enthralled.

    • Penney Kolb says:

      Good premise, good characters and plotting, moved right along. I really like her writing and particularly liked this one!

    • LJ says:

      Flight - VGBurke, Jan - 8th in seriesDiscovery of the wreckage of a Cessna in the mountain underbrush reopens old wounds and a cold case. The pilot's remains are identified as those of Detective Philip Lefebvre of the Las Piernas Police Department, reviled ten years earlier for taking a payoff and killing the sole witness to a family's murder before disappearing, along with the material evidence that would have taken a major crime lord off the streets. As he investigates, Detective Frank Harrima [...]

    • Teena in Toronto says:

      This is the eighth book in the series of eleven (as of 2011) I'm rereading the series. The book begins ten years ago with Lefebvre's story the murders of Trent Randolph and his daughter, Amanda, and Lefebvre's bonding with Trent's son, Seth, who survives the attack. When Seth is murdered and Lefebvre disappears, everyone assumes he took a payoff from Whitey Dane to kill Seth.Jump ahead ten years and Lefebvre's plane is discovered along with his bones in the forest. It's up to Frank to investig [...]

    • Dawn says:

      A Southern California family is brutally murdered, and the local police detective and hero is suspected of the crime. Ten years later, Detective Frank Harriman is assigned the cold case from inside the same department, where no one speaks well of the suspect and coworkers resent him for looking into other leads. Author Jan Burke spins another novel of intrigue and deceit in her ninth installment in the Irene Kelly mystery series, this time as a spin-off. Instead of taking Irene's perspective, re [...]

    • Ed says:

      #8 in the Irene Kelly series. "Finalist 2002 Anthony Award for Best Mystery; Finalist 2002 Nero Award" Irene Kelly series - In Las Piernas, Calif newspaper reporter Irene Kelly, Burke's series heroine, takes backseat to her husband, prickly, tenacious homicide detective Frank Harriman. Ten years earlier, when brilliant police detective Philip Lefebvre disappeared in the middle of a triple homicide investigation, the cops believed he'd sold out to the suspected killer, drug lord Whitey Dane. When [...]

    • George says:

      Another good book in the Irene Kelly Southern California newspaper reporter series. This one isn't really an Irene Kelly novel as it focuses upon her husband police detective Frank Harriman so Irene is more a back ground figure.The story starts with a case ten years ago involving a dectective held responsible for murder and being bought off by a crime king pin. Ten years laters, Harriman, who was not part of the police department then, is given the case to try to find a solution. The plotline is [...]

    • Mary Follis says:

      Irene's husband is working a cold case; he is the main character in this book but Irene is certainly a part of the story. There is a really bad antagonist, lots of suspense, more background info, and a compelling story. This is now my favorite of the Irene Kelly mysteries, and it isn't even labeled an Irene Kelly mystery. Please note: This story would not be as good if the reader didn't have the benefit of the books preceding it: Irene's world just gets richer with each installment. The cast of [...]

    • Courtney Johnson says:

      This was an okay book. I certainly wasn't "holding onto my armrests" the entire book, as the quote the front would suggest. There was a lot of people in here, and at times I had a hard time distinguishing one from the other. I was in suspense during the fire and the explosion near the end. I liked the character of Seth and how he loved a dad he had never met. I felt like the killer wasn't even a major part of the police department until the very end. Also, they were trying to get information off [...]

    • Peggy Walker says:

      I am not a Jan Burke reader, so I was not already familiar with the Irene Kelly series. This book actually focuses on her husband, police detective Frank Harriman. The story is very complex. Probably much more complex than it needs to be. I found it difficult to believe that an entire police department would have automatically assumed that one of their most successful detectives had gone bad and murdered someone for money. It was absorbing, but I'll have to read another of her books to decide if [...]

    • Mary Sue says:

      This was a great read. I haven't read any of the other Irene books and while she is in this one she is not the important character. Told in two parts with ten years between this was a cold case story. Good character definition and the plot moved along quickly. I will now have to go back and read some of the earlier ones in the series.

    • Patsy says:

      10 yrs ago a young survivor of a family murder is killed and a police detective goes missing.Fast forward to current and the detective is found in the wreckage of his plane. The case is assigned to a new detective who is open to the possibility that the dead detective was not guilty of the murder, but was in fact targeted to be murdered himself.

    • Wenonah says:

      Great addition to the Irene Kelly series. I love finally getting to read Frank's opinion on things. I would have liked a bit more of him talking with Irene like she does in her books but it was still good.

    • Fredrick Danysh says:

      When a family is found murdered Policeman Philip Lefebvre of the Las Piernas Police Department is suspected of killing the only witness to the crime. Detective Frank Harriman is given a load of cold cases but believes that the police have the wrong suspect.

    • Cathy says:

      i got to disc 12 of 15 before calling it quits! cop corruption but i couldn't keep up with the characters and didn't carearted out with a bang. father and 2 kids killed, cop lefavre on the hunt. then it went to kahkah!

    • Joe O'Connor says:

      Excellent; Continuing character: Irene Kelly; this time the focus is on Kelly's husband, Detective Harriman, who is making many enemies because of his pursuit of an old case that a supposed crooked cop had been blamed for.

    • Debby says:

      If you've never read anything by Jan Burke, I highly recommend this Irneen Kelly series. Flight is a change of pace as it involves her detective husband as the main character this time. Very good story and I didn't figure out the "whodunit"! I like when that happens!

    • Connie says:

      This was more about Frank and his getting a 10 year old case to solve. It was a very good and fast suspenseful read. You really didn't know who the bad guy until close to the end. Frank and Irene both got banged up in this one, but saved a little boy and his mother from disgrace.

    • Dee says:

      Irene Kelly series. Always entertaining this time we were invited to follow Frank Harriman and the case centered on him but Irene was always involved. Frank is asked to investigate an department case that has divided the LPPD. I good book with a lot of action.

    • Holly says:

      Solid entertaining mystery. I lost a few hours of sleep while reading the first part because I couldn't put it down. Towards the middle and end I felt like some chapters could easily have been cut out to make it shorter and tighter - but I felt that way about Gone Girl too.

    • Kiminmiki says:

      this is the first jan burke book i read, very good :) nice some nice twists

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