Hills End

Hills End Stranded by a sudden violent storm in a remote Australian village with only their ailing schoolmistress seven children struggle to learn the tricks of survival

  • Title: Hills End
  • Author: Ivan Southall
  • ISBN: 9780027861204
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Stranded by a sudden, violent storm in a remote Australian village with only their ailing schoolmistress, seven children struggle to learn the tricks of survival.
    • ☆ Hills End || ☆ PDF Read by Å Ivan Southall
      276 Ivan Southall
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Hills End || ☆ PDF Read by Å Ivan Southall
      Posted by:Ivan Southall
      Published :2019-02-11T04:21:27+00:00

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    • Gisoo says:

      کتابی بسیار خوب و مناسب برای تقویت اعتماد به نفس، امید، حس همکاری و فعالیت گروهی در گروه سنی مخاطبش، هر چند که داستانش در واقعیت غیرممکن باشه(زمان ما سریالش هم در برنامه کودک پخش شد.)

    • Jess Tait says:

      A great yarn, and I'm always a fan of a story where the kids are left to fend for themselves. However, Felix and I were unimpressed with the end. In his words, 'that was a crappy ending!' ;)

    • Sharon Buxton says:

      C+. children's fiction, grade 6, Australia, adventure, Mom's stash, discard

    • Helia Shahmiri says:

      بهترین کتاب بچگیم

    • Rebecca Rouillard says:

      A classic children's adventure story.

    • Heather Gallagher says:

      I read this when I was a kid and remember really enjoying it and was far from disappointed when I returned again. What a nail-biting, exciting and gruelling tale about a bunch of kids battling a natural disaster in the form of a flood. The first chapter was a little dated as characters were blatantly introduced - obviously the show don't tell rule wasn't hammered so much in Southall's day. However, once we got into the main action of the story I found this book pretty unputdownable. I felt the c [...]

    • Bookista says:

      Meh. This should've been a good adventure/survival story about a group of boys and girls forced to cope alone with the aftermath of a huge flood but the ham-handed writing was annoying (every time a character was about to do something he would be written up as thinking something like, "BUT I'M JUST A BOY. NOT YET A MAN. I FEEL UNABLE TO TAKE ON THESE TASKS"). Also some revolting patriarchalism, like forcing children to apologize to another father who was a bully and a jerk because they didn't sh [...]

    • Alison Condliffe says:

      A book of its time. Quite a good adventure story but definetly belongs to Australia of the 1960s. Girls couldn't be leaders but can do all the cooking for king and country as good little Britons. Would not recommend for pre teens unless they are accomplished readers, who have read alot and would like to do a comparison between books of different eras.

    • Sherry Mccourt says:

      A book I would have enjoyed more as a preteen, but even then would only have given it 3/5. The topic of how children would survive without an adult has been treated far better in other books such as Tomorrow When The War Began. Not enough character development for me - I didn't have any emotional involvement to their plight and that was part of the disappointment.

    • Daisy says:

      A forgotten classic. This should be essential reading for Australian children. It would make a fantastic film : ) Real life adventure, classic remote Australian setting, and the menacing presence of a bull make for a fantastic page turner.

    • Nanette Kinslow says:

      When I was a child in school a teacher read this book to the class. From the release date it must have been a new novel at the time. I never forgot it. Now that I have grandchildren the age I was at that time I will buy it for them to enjoy.

    • Melinda says:

      Tale of survival under desperate circumstances and the bravery of 7 children as they learn to work together. Read on openlibrary

    • Eleanor says:

      I honestly love this book,even now. Although my copy is heavily battered since it was my mum's book. Would have loved this even more if i found it at 10 or 11.

    • James Sablinskis says:

      One of my most favourite and memorable books from when I was 11. A fantastic adventure book that was a very warming read.

    • در جستجوی نام خویش says:

      از معدود کتاب هایی که در دوران نوجوانی خواندم. انصافا خیلی قشنگ بود. می خواهم دوباره بخوانمش.توصیه می شود، البته کمی فضا نوجوانانه است.

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