Nevermore What s all this ready for Tizzie asked Is someone coming No Davy answered It s always like this No one ever comes It feels like the house is waiting That s because it is Always waiting Tizzie s chang

  • Title: Nevermore
  • Author: Linda Newbery
  • ISBN: 9781842555477
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What s all this ready for Tizzie asked Is someone coming No, Davy answered It s always like this No one ever comes It feels like the house is waiting That s because it is Always waiting Tizzie s changeable life has brought her to Roven Mere, a mysterious, rambling house, deep in the countryside She s curious to meet Lord Rupert, the owner, and his dau What s all this ready for Tizzie asked Is someone coming No, Davy answered It s always like this No one ever comes It feels like the house is waiting That s because it is Always waiting Tizzie s changeable life has brought her to Roven Mere, a mysterious, rambling house, deep in the countryside She s curious to meet Lord Rupert, the owner, and his daughter Greta, who Tizzie hopes will be the friend she longs for But Roven Mere seems like a museum, and no one knows when Lord Rupert and Greta will come home As she explores the rooms and passageways, Tizzie makes a startling discovery about why she s been brought to Roven Mere
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      240 Linda Newbery
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    • Maninee says:

      'It feels like the house is waiting.' 'That's because it is, always waiting.' Tizzie has never known life as anything remotely stable or continous. She lives with her mother, Morag, who's a chef. Tizzie's mom never sticks to any job for very long and so they travel all over London, changing apartments and renting houses till one day Tizzie's mom suddenly decides to leave the city for the country side and stay there in the house-or rather mansion-of Roven Mere. It's a beautiful place. The large h [...]

    • Ricarda says:

      I didn't really like this book. Too predictable in itself with unbelievable characters who change too much too fast or not at all. Two stars solely because it's not badly written and because of some loving details here and there.

    • Amalia says:

      I have started Nevermore before. This time I finished it! There is just enough of a mystery here to keep the pages turning, but not enough to scare me. I scare very easily, which is probably why I put this book down the last time I borrowed it from the library. I had worked out much of the mystery by the end of the book, but was still in for a little surprise, that someone else probably would have figured out.Tizzie has spent her life moving from one house to another, from one school to the next [...]

    • Amelia says:

      Nevermore is a gothic mystery for the middle grade set. It's the kind of book I would positively have devoured when I was 8-12 ish, but I'm not too grown up to enjoy it even now! There's nothing in it that is likely to upset a child of this age or up (some vague - and totally false - rumours about murderous deeds are as scary as it gets), but there is a rather surprising answer to the mysteries of Roven Mere - one that kept me guessing right up to the very end.This is a rather charming little bo [...]

    • Alice says:

      This book is about a girl and her mother who are constantly moving house, and finally, the mum gets a job as a cook in this huge house called 'Roven Mere'. But, there is a surprise in this house that will change their lives forever

    • Ellesha says:

      What's all this ready for? Tizzie asked "Is someone coming?""No" Davey answered "Its always like this. No-one every comes.""It feels like the house is waiting." "Thats because it. Always waiting"

    • Selene says:

      This children's book promised loads but didn't deliver! It could have been brilliant but lacked oomph! What a shame.

    • LH Johnson says:

      I always feel with Linda Newbery that I read her stuff on a slightly different level. She has such grace with her writing, such precise and skilled use of tone and of shadow and of light, that sometimes it can feel like an education in how to write books and how to write books that are somehow more than books. Nevermore is something quite lovely. Quite mysterious, too. Tizzie and her mother aremoving to Roven Mere. It's a house full of secrets and everyone is waiting for the owner and his daught [...]

    • Christie says:

      Nevermore is the kind of book I would have loved as a young reader. Plucky heroine, manor house in the English countryside, an intriguing mystery. The problem for me, of course, was that I solved the mystery early on – but that doesn’t mean the book wasn’t fun to read.Twelve-year-old Tizzie and her mother, Morag, have moved to Roven Mere, where Morag has taken a job as a cook. The huge estate is a constant source of intrigue, especially for Tizzie, who hopes that for once Morag will give u [...]

    • Lynne says:

      Having had the privilege of working with Linda Newbery a few years ago, it was with some interest I came to this. A quick read, concerning 11 yr old Tizzie and her nomadic mother's arrival at the mysterious Roven Mere in Gloucester as cook to the absent Lord Rupert Evershall. Most of the characters are sketches rather than detailed portraits and I have to say, the resolution was rather too neat for my rather gothic palate. Granted this is written primarily for children/early teens, it's understa [...]

    • Madge says:

      Maybe it's not really a story for teenagers who love mystery. Yes, the house of Roven Mere itself is a mystical place, together with its owners Lord Rupert and his family. This book was quite predictable. Of course there are some twists that I did not expect. The events did not really surprise me, though. I had a glimpse. At first I thought, Greta was just a name and they're seeking someone to embody her every year or in every generation. I think it would be better it ended like that. An it woul [...]

    • Nomes says:

      This book started out very well, with some interesting mystery building up through the story. But I was disappointed in the ending. It was abrupt and I really didn't feel that there had been any indication leading up to the revelations - I almost felt like the mother had gone from being a person with Asperger's to a fraudster. She wasn't, but it really felt like that in the way the climax was presented. It was further explained in the aftermath, but the changes that happened were really far too [...]

    • Sharni Benson says:

      This is a simple novel, reminiscent of The Secret Garden, for a younger teen if not late primary. It is fanciful without being reality suspending. I thought I picked the twist but there was another one that blew half of it out of the water so I was very impressed at that. I had more respect for the book after that point.A story of a girl trying to make do with what she can get while living an almost gypsy lifestyle led by her mother who just can't seem to settle.

    • rachel says:

      Ich will eingentlich nicht so viel zu dem Buch sagen, da es ein Büch für "Jüngere" ist. Also 10-12 würde ich sagen.Das Cover finde ich sehr ansprechend, der Inhalt auch. Die ganze Gestaltung des Buches gefällt mir, vor jedem neuen Kapitel ist ein kleines Bild gemalt worden! Empfehlenswert, spannend und geheimnisvoll! (Ja, ich bin faul aber ich habe das Buch vor einem Monat gelesen, da fällt einem nicht mehr so viel ein.)

    • Joanna says:

      I think this book is a very simple story but with a great depth to it. Once you've read the first page you will be wanting to read more! I would reccomend this book to ages 8-13 year olds as it has an easy storyline. I would definately reccomend you read this book. However, if you read it the second time it will spoil your enjoyment and it shall be a waste of time.

    • Liz Yardley says:

      A wonderful book. Beautifully written and with a gentle pace, yet the plot remains interesting.Afterwards I realised this was the same writer of 'The Firefly Gate' - another wonderful book.Writing like this makes me think of Art. There are some adult hooks, as well as interest for younger readers. I hope Newbery keeps writing & writing.

    • Jasmine says:

      It was okay, It took me long to read as I was reading other books and this one was put on hold. This book is good but it moved very slowly which I didn't enjoy. It was an okay book, about a girl who moves into this house and finds secrets about what happened. I actually thought that from the title it would be some related to Edgar Allen Poe, but whatever, it's a good read.

    • Lauren says:

      I really liked the mystery and intrigue that came with this book, trying to figure out what will happen next. However the book was very short and I therefore finished it very quickly, I really wish it could have been a little longer

    • Heather says:

      What a great read! Very magical in a way.

    • Spongebob says:

      love it :)

    • Holly says:

      I may add a longer review laterStarted well. The ending was a bit of a let-down.

    • Amina says:

      Donno y the heck m reading such kiddish books But now dat I have, welll, it was cute. Nice moral. And the little mystery is good. Recommend to younger readers.

    • Rose says:

      A warm tale which explores the concept of 'family'. Happy ending!

    • Jacqui says:

      Good little mystery

    • Ruby says:

      Rather boring. That's all I can say, really. It wasn't bad, it wasn't extremely predictable, but I didn't care at all for anything or anyone. And it was just rather boring.

    • Mariajacky says:

      i liked the twist at the end. because it made me think about how most of us are always looking or waiting for someone when that person is right in front of us. oh bless

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