Murder on Washington Square

Murder on Washington Square Turn of the century New York City midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Molloy are thrust into a twisted case of murder when a seductress falls victim to her own charades

  • Title: Murder on Washington Square
  • Author: Victoria Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780425184301
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Turn of the century New York City midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Molloy are thrust into a twisted case of murder when a seductress falls victim to her own charades.
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    • Melisa says:

      The most predictable whodunnit of the series thus far, however the details were all a surprise. The author continues to astound me with her atmospheric and detailed accounts of turn of the century New York City. She even mentions in her author's note that she included an actual, factual historical character into this book after doing some research. The character development continues to be very good and I really like where the two main characters' story is FINALLY headed! The conclusion is a cli [...]

    • Christina/ The Blog for Teachers, Readers, & Life! says:

      Murder on Washington Square By: Victoria Thompson Series: Gaslight Mystery #4 Publisher/Year: Berkley Prime Crime, 2003Setting: New York, (turn of the century)Historical Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, FictionAdult themes and contentPlus(es): Multiple suspects kept me guessing to the endCourageous heroine Sarah Brandt is gaining notoriety as being able to solve murders. Therefore, it was no surprise to readers when her dear friend/neighbor (Mrs. Ellsworth) lassoes her into helping clear her son’s [...]

    • Cathy DuPont says:

      Ahhhh. Some progress on the Mrs. Brant and the Detective Malloy romantic front. And I'm not sure how Malloy could solve these murders without mid-wife Brant's keen eye and ability to encourage people to open up with critical information. This cozy mystery series is better than good with a strong storyline and it's relaxing to me by my not having to constantly think about every little tidbit of information. Also, I do enjoy reading about NYC around 1895 when President Theodore Roosevelt was the p [...]

    • Linda says:

      This time around Sarah Brandt needed to help her neighbor, Mrs. Ellsworth, when her son got himself innocently involved with a devious woman and blackmail. And we finally start to see some odd development with the Irish-Catholic widower and father, Detective Sergeant Francis Malloy and Mrs. Brandt, a widow and midwife. Malloy, with his crusty attitude, and Sarah with, most of the times, the patience of a saint, searched for some clues to resolve Nelson Ellsworth's innocence. The camaraderie, che [...]

    • Lauren says:

      Murder in Washington Square4 StarsWhen Nelson Ellsworth, the mild-mannered son of her nosy next-door neighbor, is accused of murder, Sarah Brandt enlists the aid of Detective Frank Malloy to help her clear Nelson's name and find the real killer. As in the previous installments, the mystery is simple and easy to figure out. Nevertheless, the historical background, and growing attraction between Sarah and Frank make this a fun read. Thompson's research and attention to detail is excellent. The his [...]

    • Tammie says:

      Turn-of-the-century New York City midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Molloy are thrust into a twisted case of murder—when a seductress falls victim to her own charades. Murder on Washington Square was another enjoyable installment in the Gaslight series. One thing I have noticed is that the mysteries in these books are pretty easy to figure out. I do wish Sarah and Malloy weren't so slow sometimes. Maybe I feel this way because I'm comparing it to Anne Perry's books. I really th [...]

    • Amanda McGill says:

      The Gaslight mystery series is the perfect blend between historical fiction and mystery. I'm loving it!You may remember Sarah's nosy neighbour, Mrs. Ellsworth. In the 4th novel of the series, it is her son that is in trouble. Nelson Ellsworth is in love. However, the woman that he wants to marry wants to quietly take their unborn child away and needs Nelson to give her money. Nelson can't afford to pay her and becomes the number one suspect once she is found murdered.I loved the relationship bet [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      The 4th in the Gaslight Mystery series. Sarah's midwife skills are called on once again when her neighbour's son, Nelson Ellsworth, fears his mistress may be carrying his child. Sarah goes to talk to the woman but finds her attitudes strange and confusing. The meeting turns into the mistress (Anna) accusing Sarah of being an abortionist and Sarah can't seem to convince her otherwise. The next day Anna is brutaly murdered and the police are convinced Nelson is to blame. Sarah once again teams up [...]

    • Mo says:

      I read several of the Gaslight books years ago, and unfortunately, I read them out of sequence. This time I am going to read them all in order.This one was new one to me. I'm enjoying the deepening relationship between the two main characters.

    • Shorty says:

      Things are -finally- starting to get interesting between the two lead characters. And Malloy finally has a lead on her husband's death.d the library doesn't have anymore of this series.

    • D. Wickles says:

      Love this series! Each and every one.

    • Danielle Gonzalez says:

      I am enjoying this series so much. Nelson Ellsworth, the son of Sarah's nosey neighbor, comes to her for help. He has apparently gotten himself into a touchy situation with a girl. Sarah meets the girl with him, and later that night the girl is murdered. Nelson is immediately the suspect. This story had very interesting characters, and the regular characters were really showcased. Because of this problem, Sarah is helping Nelson and his mother. Mrs. Ellsworth has always been a supportive fan to [...]

    • Bill says:

      Murder on Washington Square is the 4th book in the Gaslight mystery series by Victoria Thompson. The series stars New York midwife, Sarah Brandt who finds herself involved in various mysteries over the course of her travels and who partners with, albeit not always voluntarily, with Police Detective, Frank Malloy.In this 4th book, the son of Sarah's neighbour, Mrs. Ellsworth, is arrested for the murder of a young woman. It seems she has been blackmailing him, after he got her pregnant, and her de [...]

    • StacieHaden says:

      Great series. Victoria Thompson does a great job of taking you back 120 years.New York 1896

    • Jeanette says:

      I enjoyed reading this book. I like the characters and story. I will read more of this series.

    • Sarah says:

      Schon lange wollte ich mal wieder einen Band der Reihe um Sarah Brandt und Frank Malloy lesen. Im vierten Band der Krimiserie um die Hebamme und den Polizisten, die in New York einmal mehr, einmal weniger zusammenarbeiten, um Mordfälle zu lösen, geht es um eine junge bürgerliche Frau, die ermordet wurde. Annas Mörder ist auch schnell gefunden – Nelson Ellsworth, Sarahs Nachbar, hatte Kontakt zu der jungen Frau und sollte ihr Geld beschaffen, das er selbst nicht hatte. Doch ist Nelson wirkl [...]

    • Elaine says:

      A quote from my last Gaslight Series review:“Three down and only fifteen Gaslight Mystery novels to go! I’m just going to say that my feelings for the first two books have definitely carried over to book three. I just love everything about them. If Victoria Thompson’s writing style remains the same throughout her next fifteen novels, I’m sure I will love those as well.”I’m going to make this review very short by just saying four down and only fourteen more to go! And yes, I loved Mur [...]

    • Veronica says:

      The mysteries in this series are always interesting though they are not usually difficult to figure out by at least the half-way mark. That's okay though because it's fun to follow Sarah and Frank through the process of solving the case and there are still usually one or two surprises thrown in. I can't help but think how much faster they could solve the case if they just had cell phones, lol. At this point however, I am definitely reading this series as much for Sarah and Frank's evolving relat [...]

    • Judy Goodnight says:

      I'd give this one 3.5 stars if I could. Interesting premise for the story and a chance for some minor characters to get developed more. But I knew who the killer was half way through the book & was getting irritated that it was taking Sarah & Malloy so long to figure it out.On the positive side, the relationship between Malloy and Sarah is progressing.

    • D says:

      Fits nicely into my current obsession with historical mysteries that contain more charm than harm. But I'll be back to baseball books soon.

    • Elizabeth (NC) says:

      A nice mystery. I may go back and start the series from the beginning--or may just pick up from here.

    • Simone says:

      I’m so glad I came across this series; I’ve enjoyed every installment so far.Unlike many other reviewers, I did not figure out whodunit right from the start and I had absolutely no guesses this time around – it was a really riveting mystery.I am especially glad to see the Frank & Sarah story line heating up! Finally a kiss! I hope the cliff-hanger ending was not just a tease and that Book 5 will concentrate on (and resolve) the mystery of Sarah’s late husband. I think while that ques [...]

    • Sue says:

      Sarah Brandt receives a message asking her to meet with Nelson Ellsworth, the adult son of Sarah’s neighbor. She wonders why he’s being so secretive until they meet and he explains that he has gotten a woman, Anna Blake, “in the family way”. He has offered to marry her but she has refused. If she truly is pregnant, would Sarah meet with her, please? Sarah agrees but when she does, she senses that Anna isn’t the innocent girl she’d played herself to be to Nelson. Two days later she’ [...]

    • Julie Trapp says:

      Sarah's neighbor Nelson Ellsworth is arrested for the murder of Anna Blake. She was a poor girl down on her luck and needed someone to lend her money. Enter Nelson. Seems he was lending her money for rent and food and thought he seduced her and got her pregnant. When she was found dead, he was blamed. Turns out that she had pulled this stunt on a number of men letting them think she was pregnant, then blackmailing them into giving her money to disappear and have the baby. Only Nelson wanted to m [...]

    • Paula says:

      Sarah's neighbor Nelson asks to meet Sarah about a delicate matter. He takes her to a boarding house where a woman lives and says that Nelson has put her in a compromising condition. Anna Blake has a fit when she see's Sarah with Nelson so Sarah leaves. Later when Anna is found dead and Nelson is arrested for her murder, Sarah is on the case with Detective Malloy.Very good story. I love how Thompson describes Victorian New York and it's people. I can't wait to get to the next one in the series.

    • Karry says:

      Sarah's neighbor and has found herself in a pickle when her son is accused of killing his mistress. Sarah knows that he just couldn't have done it and the more she talks to him, the more she realizes that the mistress was less of a mistress and more of a con. She probably couldn't have even been pregnant since she'd drugged him, yet she did die so someone must have done itThe ending was great and I didn't even guess the whole thing! Great read.

    • Melissa says:

      This author does a good job of setting the scene. I love the atmosphere and the historical details of New York during that era. I also enjoy the tension between Mrs. Brandt and Malloy, and how they navigate cases together, and even though I have predicted the murderer in one or two of Ms. Thompson's novels so far, still she has not failed to surprise me with how the ending plays out in all of them. This was a very good book.

    • marlene brannon says:

      EngagingThis is a quick and engaging read. Despite the grit and grime of the underbelly of turn of the century NYC, this series has its charm. Not great literature, but oddly addicting. A pleasant read for an easy afternoon. I love the development of Mrs. Ellsworth as a viable character in the series. Malloy's and Sarah's cautious tippy-toe towards romance is a fun side story.

    • Dianne Landry says:

      When Sarah Brandt's neighbour's son gets caught up with a woman of questionable morals (i.e. a blackmailer) who ends up murdered, Sarah and Frank investigate.I am still loving this series. I love the way Sarah and Frank annoy each other. I love the nosey neighbour, Mrs. Ellsworth. I love Sarah's parents. I love everything about this series.

    • Kristin says:

      Storyline DevelopmentI've enjoyed this series and especially the relationship between Sarah Brandt and Detectve Sergent Frank Malloy. This story developed their "will they, won't they" relationship and left me anxious for the next book. The fact that Sarah's neighbors were a key storyline was a great addition too. On to the next one

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