Slow River

Slow River She awoke in an alley to the splash of rain She was naked a foot long gash in her back was still bleeding and her identity implant was gone Lore Van Oesterling had been the daughter of one of the wo

  • Title: Slow River
  • Author: Nicola Griffith
  • ISBN: 9780345395375
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • She awoke in an alley to the splash of rain She was naked, a foot long gash in her back was still bleeding, and her identity implant was gone Lore Van Oesterling had been the daughter of one of the world s most powerful familiesd now she was nobody, and she had to hide Then out of the rain walked Spanner, predator and thief, who took her in, cared for her wound, anShe awoke in an alley to the splash of rain She was naked, a foot long gash in her back was still bleeding, and her identity implant was gone Lore Van Oesterling had been the daughter of one of the world s most powerful familiesd now she was nobody, and she had to hide Then out of the rain walked Spanner, predator and thief, who took her in, cared for her wound, and taught her how to reinvent herself again and again No one could find Lore now not the police, not her family, and not the kidnappers who had left her in that alley to die She had escapedbut the cost of her newfound freedom was crime and deception, and she paid it over and over again, until she had become someone she loathed.Lore had a choice She could stay in the shadows, stay with Spannerd risk losing herself forever Or she could leave Spanner and find herself again by becoming someone else stealing the identity implant of a dead woman, taking over her life, and creating a new future But to start again, Lore required Spanner s talents Spanner, who needed her and hated her, and who always had a price And even as Lore agreed to play Spanner s game one final time, she found that there was still the price of being a Van Oesterling to be paid Only by confronting her family, her past, and her own demons could Lore meld together who she had once been, who she had become, and the person she intended to be
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    • Kelly says:

      Oh, where to begin with this one. I liked this book a lot, but I don't think it was good. Which is fine. Except I think the author was probably much more interested in the book being good versus enjoyable.Two summers ago, I think, I read Solitaire by Kelley Eskridge. I told several people about how the book was enjoyable but kind of ridiculously self-indulgent. It's a book that's supposed to be about virtual reality prisons that is actually about how awesome it is to have your super power be PRO [...]

    • Lex Kent says:

      This is a tough book to read. Really hard subjects: sexually abused children, sexually abused adults, kidnapping, suicide, this is not an easy read at all. But I do have to point out that Griffith, really is a brilliant writer. Every book I have read by her, make me think and feel. And while I can't say that I actually liked this book, I can appreciate it, if that makes any sense. I didn't like a lot of the subject matter, but it's a well written, well imagined book.This book take place in the f [...]

    • Nikki says:

      I don't think I read the summary of Slow River when I bought it. It wasn't familiar at all when I started reading it, anyway. And I kind of liked that. Everything was a surprise. I loved the careful unfolding of the threefold narrative, the careful bringing to light of secrets you begin to feel you should've known all along. And I loved that LGBT relationships were normal, just taken for granted. I loved that the main character learns all sorts of things about privilege and the lack of it.I even [...]

    • Bandit says:

      This was an author I've been meaning to try out and an award winning book seemed like a good place to start. What I've come away with from this reading experience is sort of a mixed bag, but generally somewhat underwhelmed. SpecificallyI enjoyed the quality of writing, it's always nice to see a strong heroine, especially one so young, but then there were detractors. For a scifi story it wasn't particularly immersive as far as world building goes, the novel is set some time in the future, althoug [...]

    • Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship says:

      This is one of those very rare science fiction books that I actually enjoyed (and yes, I love fantasy. If you think they are interchangeable, we need to talk). And there’s a lot of science here – futuristic eco-friendly wastewater treatment is a major part of the plot – but the real story is about character growth, coping with and recovering from trauma, and relationships.Slow River has a fairly complicated structure, following its protagonist, Lore, through three different parts of her li [...]

    • Lynn says:

      An amazing blend of genres and ideas. I love sci-fi that doesn't make a big deal about straight vs. queer. Nicola Griffith can even make water treatment plant science interesting. So glad I went to the effort to get this book.

    • Lit Bug says:

      Nicola Griffith’s Nebula Award and Lambda Award-winning second novel Slow River is a very near-future SF lesbian story focusing on a young woman’s journey to self-discovery and establishing her own identity, told across three time-frames, spanning from her privileged childhood as the potential heiress of the van Oest family who controls waterworks that provide clean drinking water in an age where untreated water is no longer drinkable, to her abduction and her family’s unexplained silence [...]

    • Rob says:

      Slow River is one of those novels that left me unable to pick up another book for several days after I finished it. It is a very impressive work of science fiction. Lore's trials are not easy on the reader. For most of the novel she is searching for herself, grasping to understand the relationships within her family and the complexity of their company. It would seem that she is more at ease with systems design than with the infinitely complex structures of human relationships. She learns though. [...]

    • Anthony Ryan says:

      Hard to believe it's almost two decades since I read this, but Nicola Griffith's coming of age tale remains as relevant today as ever. The socially alienating effects of privilege lie at the heart of this near-future tale of a young woman cast adrift from her wealthy family by a kidnapping gone wrong, finding love, friendship and a sense of social justice in the process. Anyone expecting a post-cyberpunk mish-mash of martial arts and weapon enhanced mercenaries will be disappointed; Griffith pre [...]

    • Ben Babcock says:

      On one hand, I love science fiction that examines how new technology can completely disrupt society. Few people, two centuries ago, could envision the way we live today, so many of us spending our time punching buttons on the side of a flat box so that words show up on a screen a few centimetres away. Technological advancement is driven by and drives changes in society. On the other hand, it’s always nice to see books that dial back the disruption to focus on what doesn’ change. In the case [...]

    • Anna says:

      ‘Slow River’ is an unusual sci-fi novel that reminded me of China Mountain Zhang. Both focus on the lived experience of a queer main character in a future world, without any grand plot arcs in which civilisation collapses or the universe is in peril. When skilfully done, such quiet tales can be an excellent way to examine the consequences of speculative social and technological changes. While ‘Slow River’ didn’t have the same depth of world-building as China Mountain Zhang, it was just [...]

    • Sarah says:

      Read for the 2017 POPSUGAR Challenge prompt Bestseller from a Genre You Don't Normally Read6/2 - The main character in this book is a SEWERAGE TREATMENT PLANT SPECIALIST. How many other books can say that?! My dad designs and builds sewerage treatment plants (although he tells me that the industry refuses to use the word 'sewerage' in any way because it puts people off drinking the perfectly clean water that comes from a sewerage treatment plant, his title is Principal Engineer specialising in W [...]

    • Paul ataua says:

      It was quite difficult to get into the story with its three intertwining narratives taking in place in three different time periods in Lore’s, life, and it was complicated further by the fact that two of these were from a first person point of view while the third was from a third person point of view, which was also confusing. I kept reading, hanging in there, spurred on by my interest in the story taking place in the sewage cleaning plant, and was finally rewarded as the three parts came tog [...]

    • Julieta Steyr says:

      Supongo que nadie califica porque Río Lento es una de esas historias que hay que ser muy pragmático o muy tolerante para leerlas ya que hay partes que los lectores ultra sensibles no estarán nada cómodos.El libro nos quita de la zona de confort. Se lee en primera persona únicamente en tiempo presente, intercalando con la segunda persona en el pasado. Es la historia de Frances Lorien "Lore" Van de Oest, una millonaria en el pasado que ha sido secuestrada y escapa, en medio de truculentos hec [...]

    • Blaise Pascal says:

      I liked this book. It started off feeling slow, but quickly came to pace where it was hard to put down and I was stealing reading time from other things I should have been doing. I will use the momentum from reading it to tackle the next book in my (virtual) pile.The book is told in three intermingled parts, each detailing a phase of the protagonist's (Lore) life. By the end of the book all three parts are completely connected, with the paleo-Lore part ending where the meso-Lore part begins, and [...]

    • Nick Fagerlund says:

      It was really hot out, I didn't have the juice for anything but sitting around and reading, and I wanted some near-future non-dudely sci-fi with a lot of grime in it. And sewage treatment definitely counts as grime. (So does child abuse, so be ready for that.)I liked this a lot. It was well-written, lurid, and unusual. And also extraordinarily '90s, but in a subtle and actually really kind of refreshing way! Hard eco-fi is coming back, mark my words. TANGENT. What are we all thinking about the t [...]

    • Phoenixfalls says:

      This is a deeply impressive novel. It is exquisitely crafted: the pace is measured, but sure; the metaphors are used delicately; and the control over perspective (shifting between first person, tight third person, and loose present-tense third person for the three different timelines) is both absolute and absolutely necessary to the emotional arc being told. It is a novel to mull over, savor.It is also an incredibly intense experience, or at least it was for me. I read it slowly partly so that I [...]

    • Elaine Burnes says:

      Really 3.5 stars but we don't get that option. I was heading for three stars for much of the book. Literary porn came to mind. But in the end, Griffith won me over with character. Lore gets under your skin (pun intended) and I liked her too much to not be a little generous. This is Lore's story, told in three ways: 1) her childhood in third person, present tense, 2) her present in first person, past tense and 3) her recent past in third person, past tense. Sounds like a recipe for disaster and i [...]

    • Benjamin says:

      Privilege, responsibility, sewage treatment, drug addiction and sexualized violence in a near future written just long enough ago that it is about our present and so dead on that it seems more like realism than SF, except they keep calling the tablets 'slates' and the bank cards are surgically implanted. I especially liked the bits about finding your place at a new job where the work is intense and long, and the sense of camaraderie when you do get your groove at work like that. Bonus points for [...]

    • Katie Kadwell says:

      This is one of my all time favorite books. In this intricately detailed speculative thriller the protagonist, upon leaving her girlfriend, builds a tiny garden out of a postage stamp yard filled with rubble outside her apartment, while in the midst of an intrigue involving her work on the use of genetically engineered flora in cleaning up water systems.

    • Wolverina says:

      This is a fucking good book. Lesbians, identity theft, some proto-bio punk type issues and the social effects type of cyberpunk that I like. All about the wominz overcoming shitty things and making choices.More people need to read this.

    • Wealhtheow says:

      Too much cyberpunk is all about the Net and the Virtual World and omg, hackers are so cool!Slow River is definitely cyberpunk, but it's also full of meaty characterization and realistic relationships.

    • Boris says:


    • J. Dorn says:


    • Jon says:

      An excellent book that I thoroughly enjoyed. The tension slowly ratcheted up through the use of three timelines that merged into one by the end of the book. Much of the story deals with the personal travails and growth of the main character, much like in Nicola Griffith's previous novel Ammonite. The writing seemed to me to have markedly improved from Ammonite. My only complaint, and it's a small one, is that the ending felt a little rushed. I wish that a couple of the conflicts were played out [...]

    • Elise says:

      This sounded like a fast-paced cyberpunk novel, but it's slow and light on SF elements. The structure of three timelines woven together is neat, but only the main character is fleshed out sufficiently. The examination of abusive relationships held promise, but epiphanies came too easily and abruptly.

    • Bryan says:

      Took a few days to mull over this one, before writing the review.Nicola Griffith is a good author. I enjoyed her style and she told her story well. Her writing is very good at evoking images so I felt I was able to "see" the people and places she was describing easier than with some other authors.I found the story to be intriguing, yet I kept wondering where it was going. When it finally got there, I was a bit disappointed and everything seemed to wrap up much too nicely. The story itself wasn't [...]

    • Marlo says:

      I really like something - I'm not 100% sure what - about Griffith's storytelling. I know this because this is the third book of hers I've read, and they are all about completely different things, but I've been totally engrossed in all of them. She has a love of nature and science and sapphic love that pervades all her work, so that might be one reason why. I am looking forward to reading the next Hild book, and searching for whatever else she has written.

    • Bogdan says:

      “Rîul linistit” a fost publicat pentru prima oara in anul 1995. Acesta este al doilea roman al scriitoarei, premiat in 1996 cu Nebula Award, avand printre contracandidati nume ca Neal Stephenson cu “The Diamond Age” sau Robert J. Sawyer cu “Starplex“. La noi a fost publicat de editura Millennnium Press in anul 2005, fiind, din cate am inteles, prima traducere majora a doamnei Roxana Brînceanu.Romanul ne introduce intr-o lume a viitorului in care se acorda o atentie deosebita etapel [...]

    • Si Barron says:

      A strange and enchanting book- however NOT really sci-fi. It seems to be set in a future, but only just. Although, it was written in the 90s, so I should take that back because it seems almost contemporary. What I mean is there is no big sci-fi concept here. The protagonist is just operating in a near normal world; there are no aliens, no time-warps, no explosions, no thriller action. It is almost a quiet novel, but not quite because big events do occur: there is a kidnapping, prostitution, dece [...]

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