End of Story

End of Story Aspiring author Ivy Seidel accepts a part time position teaching writing to a group of convicted criminals hoping the experience will add depth and darkness to her own work But in the haunting writing

  • Title: End of Story
  • Author: Peter Abrahams
  • ISBN: 9780061130342
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aspiring author Ivy Seidel accepts a part time position teaching writing to a group of convicted criminals hoping the experience will add depth and darkness to her own work.But in the haunting writings of charismatic inmate Vance Harrow she discovers a talent possibly greater than her own And in the startling, disturbing stories Harrow has to tell, Ivy finds a dangerous nAspiring author Ivy Seidel accepts a part time position teaching writing to a group of convicted criminals hoping the experience will add depth and darkness to her own work.But in the haunting writings of charismatic inmate Vance Harrow she discovers a talent possibly greater than her own And in the startling, disturbing stories Harrow has to tell, Ivy finds a dangerous new purpose and a terrifying temptation that lures her into an inescapable world of shadows.
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    • Will Byrnes says:

      Ivy is an aspiring writer, working as a waitress and dreaming dreams of literary glory. When a writer friend hits a jackpot he offers her a chance to take over a teaching job he had been doing, teaching a writing class at a state penitentiary in upstate New York. Although it is a frightening experience, it is also stimulating. There is one inmate who captures her interest with the richness of his writing, and Ivy feels that he can have a future as a real writer. From details in the stories he su [...]

    • Melanie says:

      This book is about a struggling author who is offered a part time job teaching writing in a men's prison. She becomes interested in the case of one of the prisoners in her class and thinks he is innocent of the crime he was prosecuted for. She investigates and gets in WAY over her head.I thought the book was o.k. A good thing was that I wanted to find out how everything would end. Another good thing; at just past the halfway mark I thought I had the ending all figured out. (I thought it would be [...]

    • David Carr says:

      Ivy, MFA, young naive New York bartender and aspiring writer, takes a job teaching writing to murderous, psychopathic male prisoners. This is A BIG MISTAKE. And, alas, it is such an obvious mistake to the the reader that he begins to wonder about the praise given to this writer and this book. It is almost enough to cause one to lose faith in Stephen King, who calls the author his "favorite American suspense novelist." Could this be true?Or the Chicago Tribune, who called this not just "astonishi [...]

    • Shiela says:

      Bar tender by night, struggling writer Ivy Seidel wants nothing more than for her stories to be published. To help her gain depth and darkness in her work, she agrees to teach a writing class to a group of inmates in a high security prison. In the midst of pandemonium and murder, Ivy encounters inmate Vance Harrow, a man who possesses great literary promise. As her relationship with the inmate becomes more involved, Ivy becomes convinced that Vance pleaded guilty to a crime he never committed. S [...]

    • Lori says:

      I got such a kick out of this book.Ivy Seidel is a writer. And honestly, we quickly realize she's not very good. In fact, she's not all that smart. But Abrahams lets us come to both conclusions on our own.Still, though, she's likable. And even though you can see her disastrous decisions coming from the instant she starts teaching at a prison -- but not so far in advance as to be annoying -- you want her to take the wrong path. Because it's a hell of a lot more interesting than the right one.

    • Gail says:

      Though this was somewhat of a slow read the ending sure made up for it. I love it when an author actually surprises me and doesn't take the easy way out, tying up all loose ends and "saving" the main character.Characters were believable especially Ivy who just can't seem to make the right decision.

    • Tillie says:

      Okay, so I like mysteries/suspense, and I liked that the main character in this one is a woman. Sure, she was a little direction-less, but she was smart and independent, and not your typical damsel in distress type. And it was a little first-season-of-Prison-Break-esque (cue Michael Scofield fantasies). All good things. So I loved the first 3/4 of the book. Then (view spoiler)[Abrahams turned her into your classically stupid, blinded by love idiot. Not to mention that the plot turns completely r [...]

    • Maureen Sharon says:

      Per other reviews, many readers have identifies this novel as having a weak main character that seems to lose credibility as the plot continues. I found it intriguing for a completely different reason. As a former teacher with students exhibiting severe behavioral challenges I continually identified with the inmates in the novel and saw terrifying connections between them and my struggling students. It refocused me on how I worked with them and for that reason I chose 4 stars. Fiction has a way [...]

    • Laura says:

      Now THIS is a damned good Abrahams book!I fell in love with Peter Abrahams about 15 years ago. Each book was better than the last.Somewhere along the way, I lost track of him. When I started to catch up, the newer books just weren’t doing it for me. And at some point he started writing for kids.I still dig up his older books when I can, & I came across this one in a used book store a few months ago. And I’m so glad I did. It’s classic Abrahams: modern noir, with twists just out of your [...]

    • Jim Thomsen says:

      Wow! Peter Abrahams delivers yet another lean, mean, hairpin-corner thrill ride and does it again with ordinary people in ordinary settings. The latter is the key to making suspense novels like "End Of Story" take off for the reader, who can relate to characters like barkeep/aspiring author Ivy Seidel and small-town ne'er-do-well Vance Harrow much more than they can to New York socialites or foreign intelligence operatives, for example. Main character Ivy is an everywoman, not especially ideali [...]

    • Monique says:

      Eh, disappointing read for my twentieth this year, sigh where is my touch for finding the gems I need and love to read! So far a truly bleak start to my year-heads up friends I WILL read something great soon-but this wasn't itI have read this author before with his novel The Tutor and I wasn't really the biggest fan of that book either after rereading that review LOL but I tried this one sight and review unseen and tried really tried to get into this but it got super unbelievable and I did not h [...]

    • Christie says:

      I cut my teeth on mystery novels when I was about eight. Every gift-giving occasion, my uncle would give me two brand new Bobbsey Twin books- hard covers. I loved following Bert and Nan, Flossie and Freddie as they solved mysteries in and around their home town, Lakeport. My daughter has those books I managed to save through numerous moves.Anyway - I still love a good mystery and I finished a new one this morning. Peter Abraham’s new book End of Story. I added this book to my ‘must read’ l [...]

    • Dev Adams says:

      This book came as a recommendation from my library's book club. I've always enjoyed reading suspense novels and I appreciated that this one featured a female lead character.Then, I read it.The entire book has a strange, duck-footed pacing (just like one of the characters) that I found completely off-putting. The author also chooses to insert strangely worded sentences into the book in such a way that feels forced and pretentious.To call this novel suspenseful would be doing suspense as a genre a [...]

    • Christine Roberts says:

      A good suspense novel, full of ambition, bold moves, and a hunger for more."End of Story" was my first Peter Abrahams novel, and I couldn't help but notice that this particular author has a Stephen King stamp of approval. I was interested right from the start, partially because of the story itself, but partly because the novel is so well-written the reader cannot help but jump right in. "Always leave them wanting more" would be the tagline on the poster if this gem was ever made into a film, bec [...]

    • Marc says:

      Peter Abrahams' plots are the opposite of "high-concept." End of Story takes a real-world situation-- a young, struggling writer inherits a friend's teaching gig at a prison writer's workshop--and tracks it as, one misunderstanding, bad judgment call, and unconscious wish fulfillment at a time, it spins out of control. Abrahams' characters--his minor characters as well as the protagonists--are vivid, memorable, and utterly believable. You know these people, and may be uncomfortably like them. He [...]

    • Crystal Craig says:

      I was some what disappointed with this book. The synopsis sucked me right in. I thought the idea of a young women going into a prison to teach criminals how to write was a interesting plot idea. I figured it would be the perfect backdrop for some mysterious, rather shady, well-written characters. I was wrong. The characters had about as much depth as the shallow end of a swimming pool made for ants. Having said that, it wasn't all bad. There was something that kept me intrigued; the charming and [...]

    • Claudia says:

      I found this book very interesting. Specially because, from the very beginning Ivy - the main character - starts taking all the paths I would have never chosen to take. And I keep wondering: Will she be able to pull it off in the end? That feeling kept the pages easily turning.The very end of the story came somewhat as a surprise but I'd say I enjoyed it, in twisted wayI will give this author another try even though he is categorized as mystery writer, which is not my favorite genre ("End of Sto [...]

    • Karen says:

      End of Story. "Always leave them wanting more," (Professor Smallian's advice to writers.) More is what I want at the end of this book but there is no more, it's the end of the story. This story follows Ivy's life, a boring, non-published bartender. When her best friend moves away he hands her his teaching job at the prison. Then Ivy's life takes off. She taking chances and doing things in order to free an innocent manOr is she writing her own best seller. Peter Abrahams did a fantastic job weavi [...]

    • Mary Fleming says:

      Just discovered this writer thanks to Stephen King. Fast paced and suspenseful, an exciting read with lots of twists. Didnt care for the setting.Will definitely read more by him

    • Stephanie says:

      At first, I was a bit skeptical about this book. I had chosen it as an experiment to see how borrowing e-books worked from my local library and how to get them on my Kindle. I went to the last page of e-book selections, and this was the first one on the last page. With that alone, I was thinking that maybe this book wasn't going to be the best. Why else would it be on the last page of e-books? Nevertheless, it was categorized as a mystery/thriller and I love those books. So I decided to actually [...]

    • Jodell says:

      A young girl named Ivy was trudging along in life, trying to become a writer. When Ivy was within sight of her destination, she heard a rustle at her feet. The rustle was a snake named Vince Harlow.Harlow spoke to Ivy. He said, "I am suffering, I am innocent. Please help me, get me out of here and take me with you." "No," replied the Ivy. "I know your kind. If I help you up, you will bite me, and your bite is poisonous." "No, no," said the Harlow. "If you help me, you will be my best friend. I w [...]

    • Will Plunkett says:

      I cringed reading this on multiple occasions, and mostly could not read it at night time (I guess that's a good thing, when it comes to mysteries/suspense stories); reasons were due to the thoughtless, careless decisions protagonist Ivy makes. For being a "teacher," she rarely learns from the good advice she receives and misses the obvious clues to avoid disaster. For me, the ending of the story (last chapter) actually weakened the book overall.p.s. I found it interesting that a dog in this stor [...]

    • Jul says:

      this book was so lame its laughable-not worth your timeere is a review from David- please read it- its perfect!

    • Chuck Wallace says:

      Great ending!

    • Susan Oleksiw says:

      I don't normally read thriller/suspense novels but I was on a panel with Peter Abrahams and I found him so interesting that I bought his book. Ivy, the main character, has recently earned her MFA, which as she acknowledges does not necessarily mean she's a writer. To help make ends meet, she takes a job filling in for a friend as a teacher in a prison. She drives up every week, teaches, and drives home. One of her students turns out to be remarkably talented and helps her rewrite her recently re [...]

    • Trish says:

      Another fun thriller from Abrahams, author of Oblivion. This time our protagonist is Ivy Seidel, a wannabe author with an MFA and a stack of rejection letters. Her friend Joel sells a screenplay and is off to Hollywood, so he bequeaths his job teaching writing to prisoners at Dannemora to Ivy. Ivy is impressed with the writing skill demonstrated by one student, Vance Harrow, and sets out to find out more about the man's background. As she pokes around, she begins to doubt that Harrow is guilty o [...]

    • Linda Smith says:

      I first became aware of Peter Abrahams when I read his young adult trilogy - The Echo Falls Series. The only reason that I bought the first of those books was the blurb from Stephen King on the cover. All three were good stories and I will read any subsequent entries he publishes. But I thought that I should try an adult book by this author. It didn't take long to realize why Stephen King likes Peter Abrahams so much. End of Story felt like something that King might have written himself. Of cour [...]

    • Bookmarks Magazine says:

      The Washington Post calls Abrahams "one of those writers you tell your friends about." Name-checked by literati as diverse and prolific as Stephen King and Joyce Carol Oates, the author of the juvenile Echo Falls series, Oblivion and The Fan, seems to have put his best stuff into his latest outing. Examining questions well beyond the conventional whodunit, End of Story is a riveting, clever examination of prison life, the writing life, the gossamer boundaries between truth and fiction, and the p [...]

    • itpdx says:

      A fun suspense read. Although I kept challenging the main premise of someone teaching writing in a prison. Having read Crossing the Yard: Thirty Years as a Prison Volunteer, an amazing book by Richard Shelton about his experiences teaching writing in an Arizona prison and having heard about the experiences of someone who has taught writing at San Quentin, the set up in this story does not ring true. But maybe they do things differently in New York.

    • Darin says:

      The first Abrahams book I've read, I picked it up based on Stephen King's blurb and the fact that Joyce Carol Oates is a fan. Fans of fast thrilling reads won't be disappointed, I finished it in 2 days, postponing sleep to continue reading long into the night to find out what happened next. The story: struggling writer takes a part-time job teaching creative writing to inmates at a state prison. She begins to suspect that her best student may be innocent of the charges for which he has been impr [...]

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