Fatal Pursuit

Fatal Pursuit A pair of murders a romance and rivals in pursuit of a long lost vintage car of unfathomable value Bruno chief of police is busy in another mystery set in the beautiful Dordogne At the annual f te

  • Title: Fatal Pursuit
  • Author: MartinWalker
  • ISBN: 9781101946787
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A pair of murders, a romance and rivals in pursuit of a long lost vintage car of unfathomable value Bruno, chief of police, is busy in another mystery set in the beautiful Dordogne At the annual f te in St Denis, Bruno s biggest worry is surviving as a last minute replacement navigator in a car rally race The contest and a classic car parade are new to the festivities anA pair of murders, a romance and rivals in pursuit of a long lost vintage car of unfathomable value Bruno, chief of police, is busy in another mystery set in the beautiful Dordogne At the annual f te in St Denis, Bruno s biggest worry is surviving as a last minute replacement navigator in a car rally race The contest and a classic car parade are new to the festivities and draw a spate of outsiders with deep pockets, big city egos and, in the case of a young Englishman, an intriguing story It s the tale of a Bugatti Type 57C, lost somewhere in France during World War II Among the most beautiful cars ever made, one of only four of its kind Ralph Lauren owns one it is worth millions and drives its pursuers mad with greed In the midst of the festivities, a local scholar turns up dead and Bruno suspects unnatural causes After a second death, there is mounting evidence that the events in St Denis are linked to international crime.To make matters even complicated, a family squabble over land brings to St Denis a comely Parisienne who turns Bruno s head As usual, Bruno s life offers its challenges but there is always time for a good bottle and a home cooked meal.
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    • Margitte says:

      A vintage car, the most sought-after Bugatti in living memory, vanished during WWII. A vintage road show enthralls the town of St. Denis and during the festivities a murder is committed, seemingly unrelated to the event. "Natural causes", is what the doctor wants to write on the death certificate of the retired archivist, but recalling a recent, serious faut pas in this regard, the doctor hesitates. Bruno, Chief Of Police, smells a rat, and the mix is on Therefor, another compelling, adventurous [...]

    • Ellinor says:

      This book is all about cars and car races, especially about a Bugatti 57s Atlantic, the world's most valuable vintage car. I enjoyed Bruno as a co-driver in a car rallye, but overall I'd say that this is one of the weaker installments in the series. From the first time the Bugatti was mentioned it was obvious where this was leading and also who the murderer was - of the second murder I mean; the first one was never really solved or did I miss something? The terrorist plot also seemed very constr [...]

    • Sharon says:

      The 9th in the series and a truly enjoyable read from start to finish. Absolutely love these books, characters, plots, format. Mixture of interesting storyline that varies each book with the fabulous recurring characters, nature, cuisine, culture are simply wonderful. Each time some measure of resistance France and today's criminal world interwoven expertly. Wish for many more good reads in such good company.

    • Suzy says:

      Walker is back in form with this entry into the Bruno, Chief of Police murder mystery series. I thought he had become stale in the last book The Patriarch - too much like the other books plus a rushed, preposterous ending. But Fatal Pursuit held my interest with the things I love about these books. History, food, wine, love (or perhaps lust), horses, politics, the Dordogne region of France, tourism and, of course, murder. And at the centerpiece of this story is a car - a rare Bugatti that went m [...]

    • Ken Fredette says:

      I can't wait until you read this book because it was filled with mysteries of murder, mayhem, and a car that was lost since WWII. We had rich people and poor people and lovers and horses and dogs what more can a reader want. Just maybe Bruno has met a woman but she's a real independent business woman out for number one, but just maybe. Get your grubby hands on this book and you will be carried away to France.

    • Susan says:

      Fatal Pursuit:wineroad rallysuspicious deathtroublesome teensgood foodBalzac - the hound, rather than the authorHector - the horselocal friends and colleagueswinevery good foodfamily feudformer love interestsvintage carwineromancehonking geesewinemoney for terrorismamusement parkelectric carswineand an abrupt conclusionDid I mention the wine?

    • Andy says:

      A solid story for Bruno fans, this time with a focus on off-road racing, antique cars and money-laundering. Not as interesting as the others from a political/historical perspective, but crafted better than the previous one. Not a good place to start the series. And what is it with Isabelle; I mean dumping Bruno for Paris is one thing, but for The Hague? (Just kidding, Dutch people.)

    • Margaret says:

      I want to live in St Denis - as long as I am in Bruno's circle of friends invited to food and wine extravaganzas. The countryside sounds as filling visually as the food and Bruno does it again. I was a bit surprised at whom the murderer turned out to be but I should have applied the Peter Principle.

    • JulieDurnell says:

      This Bruno tale was wonderful, I enjoyed it so much! The story of a missing Bugatti from the WWII era, one of only four made, was so intriguing. The characters involved were interesting and well drawn. Bruno's love live goes merrily along, as usual, as well as his fantastic ability to cook. His relationships with the townspeople are warm and friendly, and he goes out of his way to help others. A real hero, Bruno!The Chateau de Rastignac that was a possible hiding place of the missing race car is [...]

    • John Johnstone says:

      Sometimes you just wish you could read a book without any stress or reflections of life today. This book gave me this, whilst still a murder mystery it was a pleasure to read, very gentle and compelling. Bruno the rural French policeman is well known in his community and it struck me that he is living in a French Midsomer. Murders all the time, but no one thinks it is strange that such a small place has a murder rate to compete with big U.S. Cities. The plot is very good with some twists and ove [...]

    • Binchen says:

      Ein typischer Bruno - ich liebe es im Perigord mit ihm zu leben - es gibt Fälle - aber für mich ist es eher ein Roman à la - Wie Bruno sein Dorf sanft auf den rechten Weg führt - Er mag die Menschen, die mit ihm leben, er mag das Essen, das Zusammensein - das merkt man überall - und das macht diese Bücherserie aus- mir gefällt es

    • Juliana says:

      Fantastic storyline full of twists and turns. Will be searching another one of these books

    • Cora says:

      I don't know what I'm going to do when I finish all of these Bruno books. There's only one more to read (although a new one comes out this summer, so that makes two), and they have been the perfect escape reading for me.

    • Michael Brown says:

      Bruno has in this book and the last had a hunch about a death. This had led to his questioning everyone and everything related to them. We also have very domestic themes here and with the Patriarch. Family issues, politics, the economy of St. Denis and some international bits thrown in. And through it all Bruno again becomes very close to a woman and this effects his actions.

    • Pauline Liu-Devereux says:

      A disappointmentI've read the previous Bruno books and mostly enjoyed them but found this to be the worst. It's not until at least half way through the book that the real narrative begins. The endless details about the market stalls of St. Denis were just tedious and I felt the author was trying just a bit to hard to pad out a rather dull story. I think this will be the last Bruno outing for me.

    • Elaine Tomasso says:

      I would like to thank Netgalley and Quercus for an advance copy of Fatal Pursuit, the 9th instalment of Mr Walker's charming Bruno, Chief of Police series set in the fictional small town of St Denis in the Dordogne.The novel opens with Bruno being called away from a classic car parade to a suspicious death, well, suspicious death to Bruno, heart attack to the wife and doctor. Who would want to kill a retired researcher and what was he working on that would pay him €6 000 and get him killed? In [...]

    • Alan says:

      A fine return to form for Bruno, Chief of Police.Bruno seemed a bit off his game in the previous book The Patriarch (U.S. edition) aka The Dying Season: A Bruno Courrèges Investigation (U.K. edition) so I am happy to report a return to form in the latest in the crime series on the rural policeman of St. Denis in the Périgord region of France.The regular Bruno supporting cast all make guest appearances including lost-love Isabelle who is now with EuroJust and is chasing international money laun [...]

    • Kath says:

      I have read the majority of this series, I think I have missed out a couple but that didn't mar my enjoyment of this latest offering. So, in this book we have quite a lot going on story-wise but this, as always, is well complemented by all the delights of the Dordogne - both the landscape, the lifestyle and especially the food. Boy reading these books always makes me hungry!Bruno is looking after the organisation of a classic car parade / rally but, before the parade can start, he is called away [...]

    • Cathy Cole says:

      Long one of my favorite series, Martin Walker's Bruno, Chief of Police mysteries could be guaranteed to make me speak with a French accent while hungering for the meals so lovingly prepared in the village of St. Denis. Unfortunately some of the sparkle is wearing off this series. Bruno is becoming a bit stale and formulaic. There will be a current crime that ties into a bit of French World War II history. Bruno will go out riding with his basset hound following along. Bruno will long for a commi [...]

    • miss.mesmerized mesmerized says:

      It’s time to race. The Perigord region is the place for a motor race and Bruno has to be part of it. But the adrenaline does not only come from speeding through the region, the drivers’ love for quest for old cars also bring troubles to Bruno’s idyllic region. A disappeared Bugatti and its search leaves more than one person dead behind, a family feud is on the verge of running out of control and also some teenagers seem to have lost their senses. Much to do for Bruno who – in the middle [...]

    • Joan says:

      In this, the ninth Bruno, chief of police novel, Bruno Courrèges finds himself serving as navigator in a rally car race; the accompanying classic car parade has attracted many tourists, including two men searching for a rare Bugatti that vanished near St. Denis during the Second World War. In addition, Bruno finds himself mediating a family feud and overseeing the rehabilitation of a young man, Félix, who was caught shoplifting. But the auto aficionados’ interest in the missing Bugatti, one [...]

    • Mary says:

      Bienvenue aux Dordognes where everyone is farming, fishing, riding and racing antique sports cars when they're not cooking or enjoying cafe au lait at la boulangerie. You will get hungry reading this book. And you will bemoan the fact that your larder and wine cellar are. not as well stocked as theirs are. But you will have sketches of their recipes. For this is a delicious mystery. Bruno has a new love Martine even as his old flame Isabelle is back on a new terrorism case. Prof. Hugon is found [...]

    • Victoria Miller says:

      After the previous book, this was a real breath of fresh air. A big classic car show and race in St. Denis, including an extremely rare Bugatti! Problems with some of the older people, and some of the younger people. Then there is Bruno doing his job, riding his horse, enjoying the company of his dog, enjoying the company of friends, and of course enjoying a lot of wonderful food. And a dash of romance. Just enough. International intrigue. Local intrigue. A wonderful read, particularly for summe [...]

    • Michaela says:

      I love France and the french lifestyle. So of course this series is one of my favorites. Reading about the everyday life in St. Denis, the gossip and food let me remember vacations in rural France. Bruno is a very likeable policeman which makes the books an easy and fun read. Lots of the characters in the book are the same as in previous books of the series and sometimes I had difficulties remembering details of their back stories. But the book can be read as standalone. Nevertheless I recommend [...]

    • Debi Murray says:

      After a disappointing entry in the Bruno series with The Patriarch, Martin Walker at his best is back with this latest edition! Love Bruno and all his friends in the Perigord! While this book won't be out until June 2016, you will find it well worth the read! I don't normally read Walker in a pre-publication format and I'm a little disappointed that I'll have to wait that much longer for the next Bruno book, but the story was engaging and fun and I'm definitely looking forward to more.

    • Chris Conley says:

      Bruno is a good, good man. He lives and works from his own personal code and manages to solve crimes of all kinds without wavering. This story which, as usual, intertwines several different takes, is full of interesting history of the Perigord region. As usual, I find myself more and more entranced by this part of France.

    • Sarah says:

      I get the feeling that Mr Walker is a bit tired of this series: the writing seems a little stale and the plot formulaic. Perhaps it is also because I'm really not interested in classic cars that I can't get excited about this latest instalment of Bruno Chef de Police.

    • Cathie says:

      As usual, a thoroughly enjoyable mystery, with fabulous French food discussions, and some unknown history of the Perigord.

    • Paul says:

      Wonderful Series, wonderful author

    • John Kidman says:

      Quickly drawn into the factual and fictional world of small town life in southern France. Fine food features and characters are nicely drawn. I found out that Aragula is actually rocket. Felix may be a bit of a problem. Sylvestre and Freddy seem like a couple of sharpies. The setting begins as olde world until electric cars are in the parade. I was drawn to check out features through google and delighted to find out so many facts I did not know about Renault electric cars and the Tesla. I was th [...]

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