Death Before Wicket

Death Before Wicket The sassy Phryne Fisher sets the seamy side of Sydney alight in her tenth adventure Phryne Fisher has plans for her Sydney sojourn a few days at the Test cricket a little sightseeing and the Artist s

  • Title: Death Before Wicket
  • Author: Kerry Greenwood
  • ISBN: 9781865081007
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The sassy Phryne Fisher sets the seamy side of Sydney alight in her tenth adventure.Phryne Fisher has plans for her Sydney sojourn a few days at the Test cricket, a little sightseeing and the Artist s Ball with an up and coming young modernist But these plans begin to go awry when Phryne s maid discovers her thoroughly respectable sister has left her family for the murkThe sassy Phryne Fisher sets the seamy side of Sydney alight in her tenth adventure.Phryne Fisher has plans for her Sydney sojourn a few days at the Test cricket, a little sightseeing and the Artist s Ball with an up and coming young modernist But these plans begin to go awry when Phryne s maid discovers her thoroughly respectable sister has left her family for the murky nightlife of the Cross And Phryne is definitely not the woman to say no when two delightful young men come to her on bended knees, begging for her help in finding their friend innocent of theft Phryne s plans for a simple day or two of pleasure are postponed for good.It all sounds simple enough as Phryne sets investigations into motion, but when greed and fear are the motivating factors, people become ruthless and Phryne finds herself enmeshed in blackmail, secrets, lies and the dangerous influences of deep magic.
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    • Nikki says:

      I’m not sure why I didn’t review Death Before Wicket when I read it, in the correct order, before Away With the Fairies. Not that it really requires solid anchoring in the continuity: most of the usual characters are missing from this book, and Phryne is totally out of her usual context. It’s, not coincidentally, not the most engaging of the books.The worst thing, for me, is that there’s this whole magic and mysticism plot where Phryne pretends to be Isis and breaks a magical/hypnotic ho [...]

    • Marijan says:

      Phryne changes scenery. Involving herself in unsavory university politics, and shady underworld of The Capital, even taking the role of a goddes, she is brilliant as ever. And Ms. greenwood once again manages to prove how deep her work is immersed in the historical period it uses as setting. Bravo!

    • Nikki says:

      Death Before Wicket takes Phryne away from her home turf of Melbourne, bringing her instead to Sydney — where despite her promises to Dot, several mysteries await. This isn’t one of my favourites, as I found it rather slow and over-sensational; the whole mysticism angle didn’t work for me, particularly not when it actually helped solve the mystery. I did enjoy Dot’s subplot, involving finding her sister and reuniting her family. It shows that she’s a good soul at heart, despite her jud [...]

    • Nancy says:

      This is my Phryne Fisher summer. I have been binging on Kerry Greenwood's books as well as the PBS Mystery Series (on Netflix). I am a huge admirer of Greenwood's character--a striking, savvy, smart girl who is more than a teeny bit naughty. But, a lot of Phryne Fisher's charm was missing in this book:I missed the elaborate descriptions of her beautiful clothes;I missed her devoted butler and their household routines; And, most of all, I missed her repartee with Inspector Jack Robinson.So, a lot [...]

    • Renae Pérez says:

      This was definitely one of my least favorite Phryne Fisher novels. Greenwood has always had a lot of literary/cultural allusions in her books, but this time she took it so far as to be pretentious, not to mention indecipherable to the common lay reader (even a rather well-read one, such as myself). I felt like this book was dealing with subjects only known to academics, and as the author made absolutely no effort to invite the reader into this world, it was difficult to engage in the text. I was [...]

    • Kim says:

      I get that Phryne is supposed to be this nonconformist free new woman. I'm about the most rabid liberal I know. But I'm getting a bit tired of the over the top sex stuff. I mean really, jerking off a college student at a nightclub? And then keeping the handkerchief around your neck as an amulet? Ick.

    • Marlene says:

      Originally published at Reading RealityI’ve been reading the Phryne Fisher series, in publication order, as time permits. Meaning whenever I either need a comfort read or discover that I’ve otherwise bitten off more book than I have time to chew, as happened this week.Most of the books in the Phryne Fisher book series were used as inspiration for episodes of the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Death Before Wicket is one of those that were not filmed. (The others, for those keeping score, s [...]

    • Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) says:

      I was dissatisfied with this book, as Ms Greenwood brought far too many things to the table and tried to include them all. It reads like a ragbag full of jumbled scraps and bits instead of a patchwork quilt where everything fits together in a satisfying whole. Too many characters, too many burning issues, too many rants and not enough of a light touch.Dot's sister has gone missing and Phryne wants to find her. Two university students beg her to find out who emptied the Dean's safe of valuable ar [...]

    • Ashley says:

      Originally posted at Nose in a BookIn her 10th novel Phryne goes on a trip! To Sydney! It was nice to leave Melbourne for awhile, and there was a cricket back story and even a story involving Dot, Phryne’s companion. Yet this story could not be saved for me. It was dry, it was dull, it was boring. I missed the usual pizazz that is Phyrne Fisher in this story. Part of her is still there, but at the same time she changed a lot from the previous stories. Maybe that is because her lover, Lin Chung [...]

    • Sarah says:

      This book really gets 3 1/2 stars. As one of the longer Phryne Fisher mysteries, there are a number of crimes Phryne must investigate. She moves out of Melbourne for the time being & goes to Sydney to investigate the disappearance of a sacred papyrus, jewelry, and an indigenous axe from the university there. To compound the problem, Dot's sister has gone missing & is suspected to be involved in (gasp!) prostitution. This one is a little different from the others because the occult plays [...]

    • notyourmonkey says:

      Thoroughly enjoyable little academia-set mystery, but it turns out my ability to give a shit about Cricket Games In Posh-Set Mystery Novels Between The Wars is limited to one, and that vacancy has already been filled. Thankfully, flipping through those pages rapidly had little to no bearing on the rest of plot. But still, yergh. No faster way to kill the action than to put a detailed description of a sporting event that has zero effect on the plot in the first quarter of your book.

    • Anna S says:

      I do love and would definitely recommend the Phryne Fisher series and have read almost all of them but if you are planning to add this one to your collection - give it a miss. The narrative is typical of the series but in this case the conclusion of the mystery was implausible and unsatisfactory and the side or B story annoyed me personally but I won't spoil the ending if you are going to make the mistake of reading.

    • Kate says:

      As usual, Phryne has an interesting mystery to solve, this time a theft from a university safe and Dot's missing sister. I didn't love the mystical elements (Phryne channeling Isis? She seems too hard-headed for that) but the research is apparent, and I know more about Aleister Crowley, academic life, cricket, and Sydney in the 20's than I ever expected to.

    • Kathryn says:

      Always a pleasure to listen to Stephanie Daniels narrating a Phryne Fisher mystery. This one involved some cricket, which is certainly not one of my favourite sports, so the parts of the book spent watching cricket matches were rather tedious, but thankfully not too long.

    • Tory Wagner says:

      Death Before Wicket by Kerry Greenwood is the 10th in a series featuring amateur detective Phryne Fisher. As the title implies, there is much discussion of cricket, a sport for which I have no familiarity. I found myself quickly scanning those scenes, but enjoyed the parts that dealt with the mystery. I'm not sure of the exact time period, but it appears that the British Empire is still in existence. Phryne is in Australia and becomes involved in a mystery surrounding a theft at a local college. [...]

    • Tracy Smyth says:

      Enjoyable read

    • Linda says:

      Another great mystery solved by Phryne!! She was on vacation and didn't want to solve any crimes butts talked into helping out!!

    • LJ says:

      First Sentence: Sydney struck Phryne Fisher, quite literally, in the face.Phryne Fisher is off to Sydney for a bit of cricket, sightseeing and to attend the Artist’s Ball. She is barely off the train when two young men, students at the University of Sydney, ask for her help. Exams have been stolen from a safe in the dean’s office and their friend has been accused. Phryne is also soon asked by Dot, her maid, to find her sister who has disappeared leaving behind two small children with Dot’s [...]

    • Mashael says:

      This book doesn't focus on the Phryne Fisher that we know and love, it adds in a lot more which is not that interesting. The university setting for Phryne feels like a fish out of water scenario and maybe that's why it's not that fun. I skimmed over the cricket bits because I found them boring and there was also too much about the history of Sydney, even though some bits were interesting. I found the use of real magic off-putting, it seemed strange to have the plot hinge in places on magical ven [...]

    • Tess says:

      Unfortunately this was probably my least favourite Phryne Fisher book of the 18 I've read and I skipped over it previously. This is likely due to the fact it's impossible to get me to care about cricket.

    • Suzanne says:

      It is, in short, a hot mess. It seems to want to be an homage to Dorothy Sayers crossed with -- whoever was writing supernatural mysteries at the time. There are too many characters, too many subplots, and far too much padding. For the first time, I was bored. Too many instances of "suddenly for no reason," too many coincidences, too many gratuitous and vulgar sex scenes trying too hard to be innovative. At the same time, the detailed descriptions of Phryne's period clothes, which were one of th [...]

    • Donna says:

      I've been loving the Phryne Fisher mystery series, but this one left me a little disappointed. For one, the story takes Phryne away from Melbourne and all of her delightful family and companions except for Dot. The lack of those fun characters really took something away from this book. It was interesting to read about her going to Sydney, but I'm sure it would have been even better had I known a bit more about the city. Also I hated every dull passage about cricket, which is a completely incompr [...]

    • Maggies_lens says:

      I love this series. But I hated this book. Not sure what was going on in Greenwoods life at time of writing but I assume something very distracting. None of the usual cool, crisp, clean writing with excellent style here. And the scene where Phyrne jerks off a guy in a bar? Where the hell did THAT come from. I'm no conservative but that was just foul and unnecessary to the story at all. The only interesting part were about Dot's sister. Do yourselves a favour and skip this one, don't ruin the ser [...]

    • Anastasia says:

      Death Before Wicket by Kerry Greenwood is the 10th book in the Phryne Fisher Mystery series. Phryne is holidaying in Sydney to attend the cricket and is asked to look into a safe burglary at the University and to find Dot's sister who has gone missing. Another interesting book in the series, although the usual supporting characters are missed. It just doesn't seem as fun without them. Otherwise it was still entertaining and Phryne still came out on top, although she seemed to miss all the others [...]

    • Tony Hisgett says:

      In this book Phryne and Dot journey to Sydney leaving all the usual crew in Melbourne. I much prefer these stories when there is the full supporting set of characters. There were several different sub-plots to the story, most of which I enjoyed. I particularly like the search for Dot’s sister and I quite enjoyed the historical cricket references. However, I wasn’t as keen on the whole magic and mysticism bit and although at the end, the robbery was solved, I wasn’t completely happy with th [...]

    • Gillian Murrell says:

      This was a rather odd story where Phryne is in Sydney with Dot. Dot discovers her sister is missing so Phryne decides to investigate at the same time she is approached by 2 students who enlist her help in proving their friend did not break into the schools safe and steal the exam papers along with a mystical artefact. Phryne was possessed by Isis at one point, throw in some random sex scenes in fact Phryne is obsessed with having sex or thinking about if she would consider having sex with most o [...]

    • Kathleen Huben says:

      Phryne Fisher is off to Sydney where she solves the disappearance of a number of items from a collge safe at the University of Sydney and helps Dot locate her missing sister. I usually enjoy Phyrne Fisher but I really could not get into all the cricket discussion. There were simply so many play-by-play descriptions of the cricket games that I lost interest in trying to follow the other stories and characters.

    • Deanne says:

      Phryne takes a trip to Sydney, so a lot of the usual characters are missing. Miss Fisher has two mysteries to solve, a break in at the university and a missing person.Lots of fun, though I was concerned about Phryne for a while, normally she's been to bed with one of the men in the book within the first 20 pages, maybe it was the heat in Sydney.

    • Margaret says:

      This book sort of dragged. On the plus side, it is set in Sydney instead of Melbourne, but I found some of the plot pretty grotesque (semen soaked amulets?). I don't mind that the "death" part comes later - for the first time there is no murder - but it seemed to take an unnecessarily long time to get to any resolution.

    • hayls says:

      A mystery set in my hometown, with a bit of test cricket, Egyptology, and Sydney Uni college chatter included. Also a good couple of paragraphs on one of my favourite Sydney suburbs, Glebe, and how much Phryne likes it. So obviously, this is my favourite in the series so far.

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