A Deeper Sleep

A Deeper Sleep th book in the Edgar winning series with Alaskan investigator Kate Shugak

  • Title: A Deeper Sleep
  • Author: Dana Stabenow
  • ISBN: 9780312343224
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 15th book in the Edgar winning series with Alaskan investigator Kate Shugak.
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    • Paromjit says:

      I have read many in the Kate Shugak series but not in order. I love the series for many reasons including the strong sense of location in frozen Alaska, the community who I have got to know and adore, including the ne'er do wells, and for the kick ass Kate with her yellow eyed, loyal, half wolf, Mutt. Here, Kate and state trooper, Jim Chopin's relationship is in the process of becoming more solid as Jim bows to his inner feelings that Kate is not going to be another casual sexual encounter.The s [...]

    • Betty says:

      This Kate Shugak book focus on domestic violence and exploitation of the earth resources. The Native American community of Niniltna. Louis Deem who has been a trouble maker for a long time is found not guilty of murdering his wife again. Two murders occur at the Roadhouse and there is an eyewitness to Louis being the murderer but he has an alibi. There are enough twists and turns to kee your guessing. this series has graphic violence and sex.

    • Patricia Williams says:

      This was a really interesting story. It was a mystery but to me it was never really solved. It was solved in your mind because you were reading what other people were thinking but never solved for the people in the town where it happened. Partly because the policeman was trying to protect a special needs relative of his girl friend which I guess was the right thing to do, maybe later in another book this all comes out since this is a series. Lots of local information about Alaska and the locals [...]

    • Mike Finn says:

      Although "A Deeper Sleep" is the fifteenth Kate Shugak novel, it caught me by surprise from the beginning and kept surprising me throughout the book.The first surprise was that "A Deeper Sleep" was narrated by Bernadette Dunne, rather than Marguerite Gavin, who has been the narrator for all the other books. I thought Bernadette Dunne did a great job. She caught every nuance of the story, but, after listening to fourteen novels with Marguerite Gavin's voice in my ear, she just didn't sound like K [...]

    • Clare O'Beara says:

      Set in a National Park in Alaska, this series captures the isolation and at the same time, the sense of community in this place, where towns are damp, potlatches are held to remember the deceased, and moose marrow broth is the base ingredient in French onion soup.Kate Shugak, the central character, is a Native Alaskan who is a PI and former police officer. Like the rest of the park residents she is outraged when Louis Deem, a smooth man who has had the misfortune to lose two young wives, is acqu [...]

    • Kelly ... says:

      I have no idea why M. Gavin was not back to narrate this installment of the Kate Shaguk story but it was terrible disappointing. If Ms. Dunne had read the previous novels I probably would have like her, but she suffers in comparison. Ms. Gavin is Kate. She is the perfect voice for the strong, loyal Aleut woman we love.Now, as to the story. This one is not my least favorite. Nor is it in the top favorites either. It is a decent mystery, with a incomprehensible crime. The antagonist was a bit too [...]

    • Laura Belgrave says:

      The truth? Much as I adore Dana Stabenow’s “Kate Sugak” series, I didn’t think this was one of her strongest. It was -- and pretty much remained -- slow-paced, and the focus was far less on Kate than customary. Sure, Alaska as a backdrop is an enticing environment. It is in this story, too. But I buy the Kate Shugak books because I want to be caught up in Kate’s life. And though character is paramount to me, if I’m reading a mystery, I want it to move along. That isn’t the case in [...]

    • Carolyn Wallis says:

      This is my first book read of this series and by this author. I could follow the story line even though it's in the middle of the series. Ms Stabenow is a clear enough writer for this type of story and I appreciated the Alaskan landscape and culture. I found the characters, on which so much of the story rests, to be shallow. It really isn't my type of story. I did not think it lived up to being a thriller and a mystery (unless it the mystery was keeping up with the sleeping partners).

    • Monty says:

      I seem to be eating these Kate Shugak books up. I just finished A Deeper Sleep, which focuses a lot on The Park and its people/culture. The murder mystery was quite complex though it looked simple on the surface. Kate and Jim's lover life at times seems likes it's rolling right along, and then something comes up to cause some backwards steps. The book ends with several strings dangling, and of course I will be reading #16 in the series, Whisper To The Blood.

    • Ape says:

      Yikes, this was a bit dark, particularly by the end when all the threads were being drawn together. This is a tale of miscarriages of justice, and a community's frustration at a criminal getting away with it time and again due to lack of concrete evidence, clever lawyers and manipulated juries, when everyone and his dog can see that no only is the man very guilty, but needs locking up for the future safety of society. And with time and the repeating disappointment of these not guilty verdicts, p [...]

    • Gabriel says:

      I would rate it 2.75 if fractional ratings would be availablefor me it was my first book by this author and I personally don't think I'll follow this author, unless I hear something better in the futureI wasn't impressed with the plot, nor the characters, nor the dialog, or with anything else for that matter - it took me quite a lot of patience to kind of wait and see what is going to happen, if anythingbut, hey, it's maybe just me, I'm very picky and used with super-action suspense and mystery [...]

    • Marie Flanigan says:

      One of the things I love about Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak series is the ambiguity some of the characters occasionally feel about their jobs. In A Deeper Sleep, this ambiguity is on full display and Stabenow is at her best writing about the murder of a known bad guy and how the community as well ask Kate and Trooper Jim Chopin react. This is so well done and Bernadette Dunne reads it so compellingly that I listened to the whole thing in just a couple of days. I had the book on Overdrive on my ph [...]

    • Jeanne says:

      How many times can I say how much I love this series about a former DA investigator who returns home to live and work on her homestead in Alaska? You really get to know the characters as they all return in future books and Kate Shugak is one of my heroes for her courage, her fortitude, her toughness and her kindness. This time a local who has a "habit" of abusing and killing his wives gets acquitted again and the locals are NOT happy about it. I'll say it again. READ THIS SERIES!

    • Connie says:

      This is book 15 in a series ( I think) My first time reading her. I enjoyed the story. Liked the main characters. Think it is my first book with native Alaskan peoples as the major characters. It is a murder mystery/police drama. I loved that she baked bread when upset. That dough got a work out.

    • Ellen Thielen says:

      By far one of my favorite series! The Alaskan setting was especially fun being I read this on an Alaskan vacation. Kate Shugak really stands for the victims in "the park" wether they share her Aleutian heritage or not. She and "chopper Jim", the park's local law enforcement are trying out their new relationship and the complications that come with their professional and personal lives.

    • David says:

      Kate Shugak is investigating a double murder within the park. They have leads, and think they know who was responsible, but was it really?

    • Hope says:

      I loved this book! 😄I've enjoyed all the Kate Shugak books but I really liked reading this one! ☺

    • Peg says:

      Dana and Kate can still manage to surprise me

    • Lois Blanco says:

      Mutt shot - Kate vs serial wife abuser/murderer cummunity celebrates his (unsolved?)death

    • Morgan says:

      A Deeper Sleep: A predator is set free to strike again*_**_*Kate Shugak's life is going pretty well, she has house, a adopted son, and a handsome sheriff she is going to catch one of these days whether he likes it or not. She's also happy that one of the lose ends that no one could ever seem to pin anything on should be going to jail on a murder charge that will put him away for a long, long time. Louis Deem is one of the craftier criminals that hung around the town, the biggest trouble with him [...]

    • Sylvia McIvers says:

      Guy's 3rd wife is dead - is Lois Deem going to jail yet? Nope. He's laughing all the way out of court. He hasn't been convicted of any of his other crimes, either, because he is a mean mean man and everyone in the park is afraid of him. Even when he's locked up awaiting trial.Kate Shugak's aunties are mad at her because this guy is still walking around. Why didn't he, say, break a leg in bear country? or fall into a river? So many ways to die by accident, Katya, why is this bad man still breathi [...]

    • M says:

      Masterful whodunit by Dana Stabenow. Louis Deem embodies all that is vile and insidious, a villain that is easy to loathe. The story begins with Louis on trial for murdering his third wife--not enough evidence to convict him of the other wives murders--and he is found not guilty mostly because of jury intimidation but also the incompetence of the prosecutor. Kate and Jim and the PC of Ahtna are besides themselves at the miscarriage of justice. Louis Deem has plans and they include the eldest dau [...]

    • Andrew says:

      Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak series occasionally takes a step aside from the "traditional" (if such can truly be defined) murder mystery. Every few novels in, we spend more time doing character studies and personal updates with some of the individuals that inhabit "The Park" and its environs. Sure, there's a murder or two - I suspect Stabenow's contract with the publisher demands it - but it feels like an afterthought, shoehorned in around the other stuffIS novel was different. It was both. What [...]

    • Susan says:

      A Deeper Sleep by Dana Stabenow is the 15th book of the Kate Shugak mystery series set in contemporary Alaska. Native Alaskan (Aleut) Kate lives with adopted teenager Johnny and wolf dog Mutt on a homestead in "The Park". Kate works as a PI for the Anchorage DA, while the Aleut "Aunties" pressure Kate to take her place as a tribe elder. Kate and Alaska State Trooper Jim Chopin are eager to see monster Louis Deems, vicious murderer of three wives, finally convicted and sentenced. But the monster [...]

    • Marlène says:

      Meurtres en série et acquittement pour un natif du Park, lointain cousin à l'aura maléfique omniprésent dans la vie de Kate et toujours impuni.Un tome qui progresse dans une atmosphère de plus en plus sombre et lourde, annonçant un changement essentiel dans la vie de Kate: elle cède aux "Four Aunties" et prend la place que sa grand-mère, Emma, Park Elder respectée et figure emblématique de l'Association Native locale à l'influence encore bien plus étendue, avait préparée pour elle [...]

    • Joy says:

      It's an intolerable situation. Louis Deem has gotten away with the murder of his third wife. He loves killing, and it's especially gratifying to kill each wife when he tires of her. Other people are being murdered, too. The Park can't do anything about it, because whenever Louis goes to trial he threatens the families of the jurors. Acquitted and free, Louis hooks up with a newcomer named Smith whose means of dealing with laws he doesn't like -- such as protecting wildlands and wildlife -- is to [...]

    • Janice says:

      Pretty good. Not the best of the Shugak series, but it does move things forward.Beginning has Kate and Trooper Jim heading to court where they hope a park rat will be convicted of the murder of his third wife (the other two died probably under his influence). The jury comes back with a not guilty verdict of Louis Deem. He revels in his win (which may have come about by jury tampering). He also seems to not be afraid of Kate.Back to the park, Bernie's wife and son are murdered during a break-in. [...]

    • LJ says:

      A DEEPER SLEEP (Suspense-Alaska-Cont) – G+Stabenow, Dana – 15th in seriesSt. Martin’s Minatour, 2007- US Hardcover- ISBN: 0213243221*** Kate Shugak and Trooper Jim Chopin are after Louis Deems. They know Deems has killed, but they’ve never been able to convict him. Once again, a woman and her son are murdered, Deems is the prime suspect, but they lack evidence. Now Demms has turned up dead. *** This really is a Kate and Jim Chopin book. While always enjoyable, it did seem less than her p [...]

    • Deb says:

      Louis Deems is a bona fide bad guy and everybody in the Park and law enforcement know it. He's also smart and when he's acquitted of his wife's murder, Kate Shugak and Jim Chopin are determined not to let him evade a conviction when he's arrested in conjunction with a double murder. Deems is identified by eyewitness Johnny Morgan, Kate's teenage ward. On one level, the conclusion of the book is somewhat unsatisfying, but it is a very realistic denouement, so that makes up for the "untidiness." K [...]

    • Deborah D. says:

      Simply put - Louis Deem is a disturbingly bad guy. And just does not seem to be convictable by the state's legal system. Deem tried to attach himself to the Smith family which is a decidedly unusual family - more than a dozen kids, extraordinarily 'devout' and closed off from the community in most respects.Until they become suspects in a few events in town.Kate Shugak, Sgt Jim Chopin (Chopper Jim) and the Aunties are major figures in this one.A surprising end to a villain who tends to use people [...]

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