A Taint In The Blood

A Taint In The Blood Thirty one years ago in Anchorage Alaska Victoria Pilz Bannister Muravieff was convicted of murdering her seventeen year old son William The jury returned a quick verdict of guilty believing the pr

  • Title: A Taint In The Blood
  • Author: Dana Stabenow
  • ISBN: 9780312985653
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thirty one years ago in Anchorage, Alaska, Victoria Pilz Bannister Muravieff was convicted of murdering her seventeen year old son William The jury returned a quick verdict of guilty, believing the prosecutor s claims that she had set fire to her own home with both her sons inside William died and the other, Oliver, narrowly escaped Victoria was sentenced to life in priThirty one years ago in Anchorage, Alaska, Victoria Pilz Bannister Muravieff was convicted of murdering her seventeen year old son William The jury returned a quick verdict of guilty, believing the prosecutor s claims that she had set fire to her own home with both her sons inside William died and the other, Oliver, narrowly escaped Victoria was sentenced to life in prison without parole, and though she pled not guilty at the trial, she never again denied her guilt.Now her daughter, Charlotte Muravieff, has hired Kate Shugak to clear her mother s name Her daughter has always believed in her innocence, and now that Victoria has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, Charlotte wants her free Kate is the only p.i Charlotte can find who s willing to take such a long shot case Kate, on the other hand, is only willing because she s suddenly a single parent to a teenager, a teenager she hopes will decide to go to college Besides, it can t be bad to do a favor for the Bannister family, one of the wealthiest and most prominent families in Alaska s short history.As Kate begins an investigation, Victoria protests, refusing to cooperate But soon it seems she isn t the only one who wants to leave the past in the past In this spell binding novel, Kate s confrontation with thirty years of secrets and regret and murder in one of Alaska s most powerful families shows award winning crime writer Dana Stabenow at the top of her game.
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    • Kelly ... says:

      I enjoyed the storyline involving Jim. Kate is rejoining life and enjoying herself again - 2 years after losing Jack. Her flirtation with Jim - her enjoyment of the playfulness of their sex life - is a fun part of this book. It allows the reader to escape the grief that has been so integral to the story for several books.However, the story here takes place in Anchorage. This means that Bobby is completely absent, as is the character of Alaska. My favorite part of this series is its glimpses into [...]

    • Robin says:

      Loved every minute of it. Just waiting for Jim to get his brains unscrambled. :)

    • Ape says:

      This must be in my top five Kate Shugak books thus far. Really good crime mystery in this one. And it's probably one of the more accessible books if someone wasn't wanting to read the entire series from the start. As the crime happens in Anchorage, she's not in the park that much in this book, so there's not so much about the ongoing back stories of characters and more about the mystery of the day. It felt like a good old twisted tale of power corrupts and the evil love of money going, as well a [...]

    • Mike Finn says:

      "A Taint In The Blood" is the most lighthearted, optimistic, Kate Shugak novel since "Breakup" (which was book seven - way back in time).I liked the humorous start to the book, with Kate offering I-hate-owing-people-anything motivated "help" to the people who rebuilt her home at the end of the last book and driving them crazy in the process.I also liked that Kate has now come out of her trauma-induced hibernation and is ready to toy with Jim Chopin, the habitual womanizer who keeps telling himse [...]

    • Dianne says:

      This is my umpteenth re-reading of this series and I still come away amazed at how this author can write a mystery. I love how the author can take Kate (us really!) out of the park and plop Kate in the city and have it be a smooth transaction this time. For those of us that have already read to the last book published, we have seen how Kate has grown, has become a bit of a player and has learned to use her strengths and not always her brute strength and Mutts snapping teeth! Although in this boo [...]

    • Deb says:

      I was disappointed in this installment of the Kate Shugak series. Kate is hired to clear a dying woman's name of a deadly arson conviction from 30 years past. She heads to Anchorage to investigate which is where the book takes place. She is accompanied through most of the book by Jim Chopin. The mystery was only mildly engaging, and I missed the park and wilderness setting in this one. I also felt like the book's purpose was more to develop the sexual relationship between Jim and Kate than to in [...]

    • Peggy says:

      Too much sex!!! Kate is hired to solve a 30 year old murder that the employee's mother, Charlotte Muravieff, is convicted of. The daughter believes her mother could not have set their house on fire with her two sons inside (one is killed in his sleep, having been drugged) for insurance money. But Charlotte, in jail, insists she is guilty. Then everyone associated with the case starts dying.

    • Melvin Brown says:

      I loved this book it is a very good story. My reason for rating it so high is the fact that I lived in Alaska for thirty years. I read books about Alaska that you can tell the author knows nothing about the state. Not so with Dana Stabenow she defiantly knows of what she speaks. Not just geography she knows the people and the lifestyle which makes her writing real and a pleasure to read.

    • Barbara ★ says:

      There's nothing I like more than returning to Alaska with Kate Shugak. This one showcased a totally different side to Kate - a sexy, seductive side. Boy did she ever show Jim Chopin a good time again and again and again. Hmmm you go girl! Poor Jim doesn't know what hit him and he's still in denial. I can't wait to see his reaction when he realizes Kate's the only one for him.

    • Nancy says:

      My first Kate Shugak--although Dana Stabenow's books have been recommended many times. I usually like to read a series from beginning to end, at least roughly in order, but the library had this one in, and available on CD. Lots of sassy writing and a nicely plotted mystery. This won't be my last Kate Shugak--I like Stabenow's style.

    • Alison says:

      Stabenow has really matured into a very good mystery writer as her Kate Shugak novels have progressed. I like this series because I love a good mystery AND I like learning about Native Culture, Alaska (geographically, environmentally, politically, and way of living). It makes it interesting.

    • Lois Blanco says:

      Kate in Anchorage - Jim Chopin hot on her doorstep - great put-down at swanky party

    • Amanda says:

      Good as per usual, but a bit heavy on the romance which I'm hoping will start to be relegated to the background a bit more.

    • George says:

      This, the 14th installment in the series, is set in and around Anchorage. Kate's hired to search a 30 year old murder. As always, the book's about Alaska; but, in this case, it's more about Kate. Her relationship with Chopper Jim evolves and becomes quite sexy--one wonders where Stabenow gets this stuff. Also, Mutt plays a big supporting role, almost human. Oh, and there is a plot too. Happily, I move on to #15.

    • Michelle Melfi says:

      Truly love this series!One of my good friends recommended this series and I can't stop reading about Kate's adventures and even 14 books in the frenzy to see how Kate handles the next murder of mystery of both is worth any price.

    • Hope says:

      I am really enjoying this series! ☺It's the perfect blend of Alaska info, mystery, crusty characters, murder and mayhem! 😄I've enjoyed every book in the series that I've read so far. I'm excited to start the next one!

    • Lindsay says:

      I loved this entry in the Kate Shugak series! Stabenow is such a talented writer. I was worried that the longer the series went on the higher chance of it dragging not true in this case. It's always so much fun to be able to return to Kate Shugak and Mutt's world!

    • Lynne says:

      Not my favorite, and that was largely because Stabenow's editor was clearly on vacation. There were so many typos and misquotes from literature or common usage errors that I was distracted.

    • NanceryQueen says:

      Stabenow is a new author for me. I will read some more of her books.

    • Christine says:

      Kate Shugak is always a good muder and then the whoo dun it keeps you going until the very end. Sorry no spoilers.

    • June Ahern says:

      A Taint In The Blood by Dana Stabenow was a first time read for me. From what I've read this is one in the series of Alaska's Private Detective Kate Shugak. Since I've not read many books that take place in the Alaskan wilderness I began the book with great interest (plus I love a mystery). Both aspects were satisfied. There were many plots and themes in this book and I add, a lot of sex parts too. Ms. Stabenow brings the new reader up-to-date from previous stories with Kate's past such as the d [...]

    • Jeanne says:

      I just love this series and I don't understand why she's not better known. Kate Shugak is one of the most real characters I've ever encountered and the Alaska setting is also a great character. This story takes Kate to Anchorage to investigate a 30-year-old murder and the only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because it takes place in Anchorage and I missed the regulars - Bernie, Bobby and Dinah and the like. Mutt is wonderful as always.

    • Sylvia McIvers says:

      That's a weird set-up: clear my mom of the murder she admitted to 30 years ago.And then Kate Shugak finding out that the mom is quite happy in jail? she's running the education program and doesn't want to leave. Staying on the job means time away from her family adopted son Johnny Morgan & sort-of boyfriend Jim Chopin. Mutt stays with Kate, though. Stay on the job? Go home? Then politics is mixed in, and some really nasty rich people. (but Dana Stabenow has shown in other books that poor pe [...]

    • Kristin Gleeson says:

      Actually this is more a 3.5 and probably because it's about Alaska and it features an Aleut woman so that pushed it beyond a 3. This is one of Dana Stabenow's mysteries featuring the Aleut private investigator, Kate Shugak. This is my first foray into Stabenow and it certainly follows the mystery/thriller formula laid down by so many before, Chandler being at the top of the list. Kate is engaging as a character and her backstory is interesting, though coming in the middle of the series, I do fee [...]

    • LJ says:

      A TAINT IN THE BLOOD (Private Investigator-Alaska-Cont) – VGDana Stabenow – 14th in seriesSt. Martin’s Minatour, 2004 – HardcoverKate Shugak is hired by wealthy Charlotte Muravieff to prove her mother, Victoria, innocent of the crime for which she has served 30 years in prison, the arson death of her son. But Victoria isn’t making it easy when she tried to fire Kate and no one else in this influential Alaskan family is willing to help.*** Kate is one of my favorite characters; she’s [...]

    • Joy says:

      30 years is a very old case. Victoria was convicted of the murder by arson of her teenaged son, and after she spends 30 years in prison, her daughter Charlotte hires Kate Shugak to prove she didn't do it.Victoria is the daughter of one of Alaska's most powerful families. Considering all the unscrupulous maneuvers made by the family's patriarch, why did they ever let her get convicted? I knew who committed the original crime within the first few chapters, but that didn't stop me from relishing th [...]

    • Sally says:

      The Kate Shugak series by Dana Stabenow is always well plotted and full of the details of Alaska life. In this one Kate is asked to try and free a woman who was convicted 30 years ago for the murder of her son in a fire. She is from a very rich family, one that is connected to Alaskan pioneers. As Kate tries to make some sense of the woman's conviction, several other murders are committed which not only lead to believe that the woman is innocent but that the perpetrator of the crime is still ali [...]

    • Sue Wargo says:

      This is # 14 in the series of the Shugak books. My mystery book group chose this to read and learn about Dana Stabenow. The over all feeling was that out of 5 points that we gave the book a 3.8. The catch for us is that most authors giive you back story so that if you jump into the middle of a series but this one does not. While it is an interstng plot, you definitely get the impression throughout the book that you are really missing key background on people, places, and things. I found the rela [...]

    • Marjorie says:

      Kate Shugak is a wild woman!!! She is also a pretty good detective. It is interesting to read about the Native Alaskan beliefs, which seem to me to be quite similar to Native American. I am far from an expert on either, so I could be wrong. I think it could be difficult to have one foot in the native world and one foot in the Judeo-Christian white world. Native people are referred to as Black in the book, which puzzled me. I had always only thought of that being a reference to the Negro race. I [...]

    • JC says:

      I love Dana Stabenow's writing, but most especially her Kate Shugak novels. She writes incredibly quirky characters - even the smallest bit parts are memorable. She describes Alaska so vividly and with great love - her stories could not be picked up and placed anywhere else. But it's Kate Shugak most of all that keeps me reading. Possibly the only Native Alaskan female PI in all of the fiction world, she's tough as nails and stubborn as an ox - once she's on a case, she will not be deterred. A T [...]

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