Girl Got Game, Vol. 1

Girl Got Game Vol Enjoy a comedy romance graphic novel from the popular Tokyopop collection See what happens when a girl is disguised as a boy so she can play on a famous boys basketball team Kyo may want to date a boy

  • Title: Girl Got Game, Vol. 1
  • Author: Shizuru Seino
  • ISBN: 9781591826965
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • Enjoy a comedy romance graphic novel from the popular Tokyopop collection See what happens when a girl is disguised as a boy so she can play on a famous boys basketball team Kyo may want to date a boy instead of becoming one, but she s not entirely unhappy when she also becomes roommates with her rival on the courts
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      341 Shizuru Seino
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    • Jenifer says:

      This was the first Manga book I've ever read. I got used to the style (reading backwards) pretty easily and I read the entire book in one sitting.I read this as a preview for my 9 year old niece, however, I don't think it'd be wholly appropriate for her yet. There are some older teen topics in it. Plus if I found the narration and characters confusing in this, I can only image that she would as well and probably even more so. I might continue on in this series as it was entertaining to me but I [...]

    • Julie says:

      I'm rereading manga to try to get myself out of this reading slump. This one I haven't read in a while. It was one of my favorites cause it was ridiculously funny and includes a gender bender where the girl is disguised as a boy which is an auto buy subject for me. It's still funny and cute, but it's definitely cheesier than I remember but it has been at least 6 years since I last read it

    • Jessi says:

      Girl Got Game starts with Kyo's father announcing that he has enrolled her as a boy at a new school so that she can play on the male basketball team. He wants to live vicariously through his daughter. She, pretending to be a he, ends up sharing a dorm with one of her male teammates, Chiharu. They drive each other crazy and have to learn to get along for the good of the team and their own sanity.This series as a whole is mediocre. It starts off strong but gets weak. I started to notice it with th [...]

    • Mike says:

      I'm not even sure why I read this. I pretty much knew it was going to be bad from the very beginning. And yeah, it was about as bad as I suspected, not many surprises in store. The romance is badly-written, the artwork is confusing, the scene transitions are terrible, and there's just a lack of structure. I guess the main character was alright, but on the whole, there's very little to like here.

    • Bryn (Plus Others) says:

      I'd thought this was going to be a sports manga, but it seems to be more cross-dressing romcom, which is okay but I have already read a lot of that genre & am not really interested in more unless it does something New and Interesting.

    • Teetee says:

      This used to be one of my favorites series!!

    • Samantha Bustos-Hubeny says:

      Cute but silly. Are there not competitive female basketball teams in Japan?

    • Katie says:

      see full review @ Katie's Corner Hello, everyone and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Today I have another work by Seino Shizuru. The first one I covered was Love Attack and you can find the review on my blog. I’ll be covering 2 more works, but that’s for future. However, let me tell you one thing that I have found out about Seino Shizuru’s works. All of them or mostly all of them are linked. If we take this one as a core, then its spin off is Love Attack and that has a sequel of its own, [...]

    • Kristy Buzbee says:

      Girl Got Game is a series I collected and read a year or two ago. Now I'm in the process of re-reading it, so I'll add the volumes as I read them now. :)It's another gender-bender, because I'm a total sucker for them. And, like most gender-benders, it has its own unique hook. Kyo is excited to be attending Seisyu High, because their girls' uniforms are notoriously cute. Imagine her surprise when it arrives and it's a boy's uniform. :oTurns out her dad, who wanted to play professional basketball [...]

    • Karaoke OK says:

      [Series Length: 10 volumes / Read: volumes 1-5]The biggest problem with this series is that it's written by a mangaka with very little personal knowledge or expertise about basketball, and yet she is basing the whole story on a gifted female basketball player who wants to play with the boys (and not surprisingly, disguises herself as a boy).As a result, most of the series takes place outside of the basketball court, and deals much more with relationships rather than sports action. So those reade [...]

    • Winny Yang says:

      This book is about a girl named Kyo who is now pretending to be a guy at a highschool famous for the men's basketball team. Not for her, but for her dad, the one who wants her baby girl to achieve his dream. I decided to start reading this book because it was another manga series about a sport I love. After reading Crimson Hero, I realized that I enjoy reading manga about sports more than they types of manga.The reason why I decided to complete this book is because I wanted to discover what happ [...]

    • Sereneblaze says:

      So girl loves to play basketball. Enrolls in a high school that doesn't have a female basketball team. What does her father do? Enrolls as a boy so she can play basketball that she doesn't know about until she receives her uniforms and she's going to live a the boys dorm you know where this is going to go.A girl pretending a boy among boys is kinda a staple of shoujo manga. This one does pretty well. The art is good and the manga is rather humorous as well. It doesn't unfortunately have anything [...]

    • Megan says:

      One of the first manga I read. What makes this work isn't the plot, which has been done (better) elsewhere hundreds of times. It's not really the characters, either, although I do have a soft spot for Kyo and Chiharu. Instead, it's the sheer over-the-top-ness of everything that makes it work. Watching Kyo maneuver around the crazy shenanigans while trying to maintain her cover has sort of the irresistible appeal of watching a train wreck--only for the train to somehow bounce over whatever it was [...]

    • Stevie says:

      This is a great gender bender (those are always funny) with a nice mix of romance, humor and sports (basketball, my personal favorite sport). There were multiple parts where I laughed out loud and really felt for the characters. I love the main character, she's funny, determined and has (overall) a great personality. The relation ship between her and Kyo is cute and funny. The arcs in the story are great and well developed (and a bit silly). I recomend this book to anyone who loves a good 'ol fa [...]

    • Nisha says:

      I read and re-read this series, especially when I want something really cute (without being chibi).If you haven't read the back cover, its a simple gender-bender about a girl who is somewhat forced to dress up as a guy to play basketball. She ends up rooming with the cute star forward, and clearly, they are meant for each other. Its not really a complicated story. We've all read, heard, watched many version of this same concept. My biggest problem with this book is how quickly Aizawa falls for C [...]

    • Rachel says:

      A gender-bender, this is where a character pretends to be a member of the opposite sex for some "rational" reason. In this case Kyo's father enrols her in the program to live out his dream. While in school, Kyo has to face all the trials of being a female while hiding the fact that she isn't male. Bonds are formed, basketball is played, and although the circumstances may be unusual love is found. The series suffers a bit from not having a firm plot, but it consistent in its development otherwise [...]

    • anenko says:

      This series is something a guilty pleasure. The humour is juvenile, and often hits my embarrassment squick. Mid-series, the story takes a sudden and completely unexpected detour into dark-and-dangerous territory, only to quickly veer back towards romantic cross-dressing hijinks. The conclusion to the series was a bit abrupt, and decidedly odd. Girl Got Game is far from the most polished series I’ve read, but I found it charming enough to ignore most of the rough patches (or at least, not to co [...]

    • Elena says:

      Of course there always has to be that one book that everyone reads at least once, the same story line I mean, where a girl dresses up as a guy, Which is what this book is about! I thought it was really good even though it's a really cliche plot because I mean it is pretty annoying how everyone has used this at least once but still the characters were funny and great and the way she concealed her identity was pretty well thought out as well, I would recommend this book to anyone that just likes t [...]

    • Aileenhu says:

      Girl Got Game (also known as Power!) was a really good in my opinion. I wouldn't say that the art is the best (but it is better). When it comes to manga, I really like the idea of a girl crossdressing for some reason, into another school as a boy (I don't mind if it's co-ed or all-boys).I would say that I love the facial expressions. Particularly Kyo's. It's like really dramatic.Later in the series, the humor lessens as the romance takes part, but there is still some truly good laughs.

    • Mmmhhmm says:

      This is one strange but really sweet manga. But when reading it, get one thing clear: this manga is NOT about basketball. I've read plenty sports manga and while Girl Got Game has sports elements to it, the majority of the story revolves around the drama between all the characters. The beginning of the series and the end are easily the best ones, but the middle is a complete mess of random events and characters.Still, the interactions between our main love interests is one of the most believable [...]

    • Diana says:

      To sum this manga up, at least from the first volume, it's basically hana-kimi with basketball. To the point that I spent the entire manga thinking, "oh, this happened in Hana-kimi too!"What's worse is, while this is a matter of personal taste, the characters in the manga aren't that attractive looking so there isn't even any fanservice to fall back on.I probably will not be reading the next one.

    • Treasure says:

      I really enjoyed this one, which surprised me, as I thought the basketball thing would throw me off. While I think kids who are into basketball will enjoy that part of the story, I liked the main character's attempts to masquerade as a boy while trying to repair relationships around her. I think both boys and girls will enjoy this story-- it is funny, about sports, and has just a touch of sex (nothing too exciting not yet, anyway).

    • Megan Leong says:

      I'm just going to say this for all the rest of the other books in this seriesISPLETELYESOME.People who are fans of Romance,Drama,Comedy,and Basketball should totally read this.It was so funny that I probably read this whole entire series once every month.It was that good.If you have nothing to do during the summer,this series is the one for you because it gets you hyped up and going to play basketball or to just go out and hang with friends instead of staying indoors.

    • Francine says:

      I didn't like this as much as I seemed to like it last year (when I gave it 4 stars). I'll hold onto this book for nostalgia's sake, and because it's the only sports manga I own. Still, I'm kinda curious how the story continuous from here: will it stay run-of-the-mill or will I be surprised once again? The series appears to have concluded, so I'll see if I can find it anywhere. It's out of print, so wish me luck!

    • Kat Evans says:

      Reminiscent of She's All That, this book is very funny and goofy. The fact the girl is so against it at first but then throws herself into it is endearing. You feel a little sorry for her but then she shines and you are left in awe. I was surprised that her secret came out so fast. I look forward to reading more of this series.

    • Casey says:

      This is the first manga I've read cover to cover and highly enjoyed the Teen romance/cross dressing/basketball theme. I wish Aizawa wasn't over stereotyped ("I'm used to playing with girls! it's a miracle I've been able to keep up at all!) but it was still fun to read and I plan on continuing the series.

    • Cathy says:

      A modern day gender bender. Kyo Aizawa's father wants her to fulfill his dream of becoming a champion basketball player so she pretends to be a boy in order to play on the boy’s basketball team. But this means living in the confines of the boy's campus and making a rival thinkhe’s falling for a guy? Wicked.

    • Eka Masih SMA says:

      Hmmm.Gimana ya bagus, sih tapi nggak bikin excited bacanya. Ceritanya HanaKimi banget.Terutama untuk seri 1 hampir sebagian besar #plek banget sama plot dasar HanaKimi. Cuma bedanya ini tentang Basket. Kalau HanaKimi tentang Lompat Palang.

    • J8anna Rockenrollqueen says:

      This manga is just tooooo weird to me.The characters are really strange and don't make sense.It's not romantic or even nice as they fight all the time with no apparent reasons and the mangaka tries to save that but she/he fails.This is not a love story.It was not fun reading this.

    • Gaby says:

      This book is really great! I read all their series and not once did it ever got boring. Shizure Seino is a manga genius. If you want to start reading manga, start with this book, you'll never regret it!

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