Class Trip

Class Trip The author of Babysitter s Nightmare offers a tale of suspense on a class outing After a storm destroys their canoes Angie Parker and her classmates discover they re stranded on isolated Shadow Islan

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  • Title: Class Trip
  • Author: Bebe Faas Rice
  • ISBN: 9780061067310
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • The author of Babysitter s Nightmare offers a tale of suspense on a class outing After a storm destroys their canoes, Angie Parker and her classmates discover they re stranded on isolated Shadow Island One by one, the kids meet horrible deaths And soon, only the murderer and the final victim will be left on the island.
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    • Lucy Banks says:

      Tee hee! I was busting a gut a while back, trying to remember what the hell this book was called, then it suddenly came to me (so I thought I'd leave a review). I used to love this book. Of course, this was prior to me reading Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None' - whose plot this book heavily borrows from. As a young teen, I completely devoured this; I loved the whole 'poor little nerd girl gets her revenge' storyline and it was highly satisfying to watch all the characters get bumped o [...]

    • Joanne McGirr says:

      Okay this isn’t the best book in the world . By far really far ! But I absolutely loved it . As I have a love for VHS and terrible old slasher movies , this was like all that but in book . A very easy read and everything you’d want from a nightmares paperback . Cabin on an island . Shadow Island in fact , group of friends , all with a slight back story , chaperones bail , madman on the loose who has escaped from an asylum , stolen canoes , trapped on Island . In a storm .e class trip to Sh [...]

    • Lisa says:

      The author of Babysitter's Nightmare offers a tale of suspense on a class outing. After a storm destroys their canoes, Angie Parker and her classmates discover they're stranded on isolated Shadow Island. One by one, the kids meet horrible deaths. And soon, only the murderer and the final victim will be left on the island.

    • Gareth Reeves says:

      Really liked this when I read it waaaay back in 1996, but I have zero intention of rereading it. In hindsight, I think the twist ending was pinched from Agatha Christie.

    • Chris Velazquez says:

      Well, this was yet another disappointment. What is it with me and choosing these books that sound good?This book is basically a slasher whodunnit. Clearly done for a YA audience, as there is no cursing and very little gore. Seven teenagers from the popular crowd of their high school set out for a canoe trip to stay at a cabin in an island in the middle of a huge lake when their chaperones become sick and the kids decide to go on their own, ultimately finding themselves trapped in the island with [...]

    • Paul Kim says:

      It's basically "And Then There None" with teenagers as both settings take place in isolated area, one by one people died until two are left which at least one of them is the true killer, and the characters/victims are involved in a crime that takes someone's life.Despite the premise not being original, it's still a fun book with slasher premise and I thought the twist was good since it makes sense and isn't too typical for this type of genre.Main character, Angie, was eh. She does make some funn [...]

    • Yax says:

      I think I remember picking up the book from my book shelf bc dad told us to get off our iPods and do some reading or watch the news. I wasn't expecting the book to be as good as it was. I've read it multiple times before, and read it again last night. It is a GREAT book, it's not like those stupid 'teen horror' books which are so flimsy and fake, too much explicit gorey detail about the intimacy between the characters blah, blah, it really was convincing and a plot twister. It had me actually fr [...]

    • Shayla Bowler says:

      This was the first 'mystery' book I ever read. I found it tucked away at my grandmothers house in a collection of my aunts old things and oh my god! Pretty sure I devoured it in a day and them immediately went back for more. I ended up stealing the book. The ending totally took me by surprise, a brilliant read. Still would recommend it to my friends, (even after the few I have leant it to predicted the ending from like, the third page) Probably best suited for youngish teens (14 maybe?)

    • Sophia F says:

      This is one of my all time favorite books! I have read it multiple times, and each time I get sucked back into the world of Angie and her 'friends', desperately fighting for their lives and to find a way off a mysterious island.The ending is the absolute best ending I have ever read, and I don't think I have ever read a more complete and exciting book as this one.I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in mystery and twisted plot endings.

    • Jessica says:

      I am writing this review as my 15 year old self because that it when I read it and my feelings toward it at that time: Actually Rating 4.5Even though I am fully aware of the fact that this is a direct rip off of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, I loved it. I was fully shocked by the twist at the end and I truly didn't see it coming. This would make a great movie if done properly.

    • Meghan Farley says:

      This was the first murder mystery I ever read. I was really really good. Had me guessing until the very end.

    • Jody Werth says:

      I would read it again if I knew where my copy was.

    • Desiree Pineda says:

      great for young teenagers that like murder mystery. has a surprising ending! loved it when i was young. read it when i was ten.

    • Korina says:

      I LOVE this book.It's one of the earliest books I cam remember going "Whoa" to.

    • Alexandra says:

      I read this in grade 7 for fun! Nerd!

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