The Dog That Whispered

The Dog That Whispered Bestselling author Jim Kraus returns with a heartwarming tale about a dog who has people convinced he can talk Wilson Steele is a single professor and Vietnam veteran who likes living alone insisting

  • Title: The Dog That Whispered
  • Author: Jim Kraus
  • ISBN: 9781455562565
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bestselling author Jim Kraus returns with a heartwarming tale about a dog who has people convinced he can talk.Wilson Steele is a single professor and Vietnam veteran who likes living alone, insisting it s too late for him to have a family His mother disagrees When she impulsively adopts a rescued black lab mix, she insists Thurman is special, and has whispered of the coBestselling author Jim Kraus returns with a heartwarming tale about a dog who has people convinced he can talk.Wilson Steele is a single professor and Vietnam veteran who likes living alone, insisting it s too late for him to have a family His mother disagrees When she impulsively adopts a rescued black lab mix, she insists Thurman is special, and has whispered of the coming of grandchildren Wilson brushes the notion off as fantasy When his mother learns of her retirement community s no pets policy, she forces Wilson to take the lovable dog Wilson notices Thurman s growls do sound like words, but he knows he s just projecting his own thoughts on the animal If Wilson is talking to neighbors on their walks, and spending time with Emily, a widow with three children, it isn t because Thurman encouraged him After all, everyone knows dogs can t talkn they
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    • jb Byrkit says:

      This was a very heartwarming story.

    • Sherrill says:

      This was a great read. I loved it. Wilson thinks his dog can talk but thinks maybe he is just projecting that. Hazel comes into some money and decides to just quit her job and travel. She finds Wilson and he confesses he is her father. He also has a sweet future with Emily who he discovers. He looks to be having a better future because he let his mother talk him into taking Thurman. Thurman is the star of this book. It was a sweet read.

    • Kaylyn says:

      Every time I read one of Jim Kraus' books I think it's the best. I loved the interaction Thurman (the dog) has with Wilson, his owner. This story was very powerful in focusing on PTSD for veterans and their families of the VietNam War.The dual storylines came together perfectly, without a rush, at the end.

    • Tamie says:

      Interaction between characters (human or canine) is well written and fun to read. Thurman the dog is so spot on for lab excitement. A heartwarming story.

    • Joan says:

      Do you talk to your dog? Does your dog talk to you? Kraus has created another delightful novel about an insightful dog who talks. Well, Thurman sort of growls but some people can understand exactly what he is saying. That would include Wilson Steele. He's an English professor with a past that includes horrors from Viet Nam. He'd made such a mess of his life back then that he is convinced God would never forgive him. He is certain too that he must live in solitude, not deserving a family. But his [...]

    • Zee says:

      Meh, I used to like these novels back when my English level wasn't good enough and I was lacking books to read but right now, I got through the book just because a friend gave it to me and I wanted to finish it. The premise itself is interesting and the plot is nice, but the writing wasn't as good as I expected it to be. (Thank you, Dean Koontz and Ted Dekker, for making it harder to enjoy books that aren't as good as yours)

    • Mindy says:

      A friend picked this out for me. I love dogs, and I love to read. This book was destined to be a success. It isn't a literary masterpiece, but it is a really great book. I loved the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and family. They are all themes I needed to read right now, and the fact that a dog was one of the main characters was icing on the cake.

    • Karen R. Dickson says:

      A delightful quick read centered around an adorable rescue dog and the people whose lives he touches. Faith, old wounds, God's promises and entwining stories come together to a satisfying conclusion. Great summer read!

    • Angela Kinnett says:

      Interesting book. The "talking" dog was a little weird. I liked the plot and the characters. Wilson's struggles with his military duty during the Vietnam war was heartbreaking.

    • Cheryl says:

      I was hoping for more from this book. The first 50 and last 50 pages were really good but the middle part fell short. Wilson is a lonely unlikeable character who complains about his job and the students. I didn't like the random $50 words thrown in. Just because you know them doesn't mean others do. I loved Thurman and his dog dances, wiggles and swims. Gretna and Hazel are good characters but I feel like I didn't really get to know Emily.

    • MARY RODGERS says:

      The Dog That Whispered: A NovelAnything a dog has to say is important. Dog people need to read this book and learn to speak 'dog'.

    • Linda Tuplin says:

      This was a delightful, easy winter read. It was a bit preachy in a couple spots but, overall just a lovely story featuring a very ‘happy muppet’.

    • Theresa says:

      Very sweet book that used a dog talking to solve emotional issues. I enjoyed it.

    • Jayne Bartrand says:

      Super cute, well written. Hopeful message of faith. Loved the characters individually and how their stories came together. And, who doesn't appreciate a "talking" dog!

    • Angela Good says:

      Read this for bookclub. It was ok.

    • Mary Gramlich says:

      If we ask for forgiveness, forgiveness will be givenDr. Wilson Steele is a man haunted by the past, guarded in the present with no trust in the future. He loves and cares for his mother who independently resides in a skilled facility where apparently no dogs are allowed, even the one she just adopted. Well to be honest Thurman told her to adopt him because he was going to be Wilson’s salvation. Wilson did not believe Wilson spoke to anyone especially his mother about needing a home but he will [...]

    • Lisa Johnson says:

      Title: The Dog that WhisperedAuthor: Jim KrausPages: 336Year: 2016Publisher: FaithWordsMy rating is 5 stars.I read another novel by Jim Kraus titled, The Dog that Saved Stewart College and really enjoyed the story, so when I saw The Dog that Whispered I knew what awaited a reader…a good novel. As I kept reading the book, it quickly became apparent that there was more to the story than the titled suggested. Of course, that is what makes a book fun for me, the joy of discovering the tale!The Dog [...]

    • Barbara Talbott says:

      A really cute book about a black lab who talks to his owner, Wilson Steele. And Wilson talks back. He is an Army vet who served in Vietnam and repressed all his feelings for 40 years. Thurman helps him change and acknowledge what he did and opens up a whole new life for him. It was amusing but also very serious, so funny when Thurman was doing what he did.

    • Anita says:

      You've probably heard of animal whisperers, but this might be the very first time that you've heard of a dog that does the whispering. Truman, a mixed lab, was adopted by Gretna, who lives in a retirement community which does not allow dogs. To solve the dilemma, she persuades her son, Wilson, into taking care of the dog until the problem can be rectified (i.e. finding a new home for Truman). Wilson is a professor and a Vietnam veteran, who is distant and somewhat reclused, living through the em [...]

    • Bonnie says:

      Maybe more like 3.5 stars. It was enjoyable, a quick and easy read, very heartwarming. Wilson's mother impulsively adopts a dog named Thurman, then asks her son to take care of it as pets are not allowed at her retirement home. Wilson is a troubled war veteran and he discovers what his mother already found out and believed in full faith. Thurman can talk. And this special dog leads Wilson on a soul-searching journey. A second story, running concurrently, involves Hazel, whose mother has recently [...]

    • Crittermom says:

      Christian fiction is not usually my thing. Often it is badly written and overly pedantic.  (I am for religion but against bad writing of any kind) I made an exception for The Dog that Whispered, and I am glad I did.  Thurman, the dog central to the plot, is quite a charmer, and it is a pleasure to see how his good nature and guidance transforms Wilson Steele's life. We often forget or outright ignore the suffering our vets go through.  Even those without physical injuries have to endure the [...]

    • Misfits farm says:

      Thurman is rescued from the pound by Wilson's mother, who says that the dog talks to her. Wilson is looking after Thurman until another home can be found for him, a temporary arrangement so he thinks. Meanwhile across the other side of the country Hazel is having a yard sale of her deceased mother’s effects when she accidentally and fortuitously finds something that changes her life. This is a book that is about so much more than a man and his dog. About life, people, regrets, wishes and hopes [...]

    • Sandi says:

      I love Jim Kraus' books. His stories always entertain me. If you like dogs or not, this is a great read.

    • Karen & Gerard says:

      The Dog That Whispered by Jim Kraus centers on Wilson Steele who is a professor who likes living alone. One day he has to take in his mother's black Lab rescue dog because of a "no pets" policy at her retirement center. little does he know how much the dog will change his life! I got a free copy in exchange for an honest review and was pleasantly surprised when this book was so much better than I thought it would be! This is a people book, but the dog does play a role in it too. I enjoyed all th [...]

    • Teresa Reid says:

      Well, okay, before this book, I was simply not aware that there was a genre called Christian Lit. And as someone who has studied library sciences, and even works in a library, I feel pretty stupid admitting that. But after the third or fourth character in this book started talking about their faith, I twigged to the fact that this book was deeply religious. As an Atheist, I admit I was a little turned off, but it really didn't stop me from reading a cute little book about a talking dog that brin [...]

    • Ann says:

      I want a Black Lab like Thurman. He convinces a family that he can talk and help them with their problems. The Steele family does have their share of problems. Gretna Steele lives in a senior community and one day she sees a commercial for the local animal shelter. She goes and picks out Thurman. When the head of the home tells her she can't have a pet she gets her son Wilson to take Thurman. Wilson is a Vietnam vet who still has a few issues. This is Christian fiction at its very best. Not too [...]

    • Debby says:

      Cute quick read! Except for some misplaced words- which had no purpose except to confuse the reader. Or the author was working on expanding his vocabulary? Now, the good part: very adorable book dealing with serious issues. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), suicide and the elderly are a few of the issues that this "dog" book focuses on. I'm not a dog fan but I adored Thurman. Pretty predictable, though enjoyable and perfect for a light read, dealing with serious issues. My favorite characte [...]

    • Miriam says:

      The theme is pretty predictable. Single man with dog companion (found by his mother), and a young woman who's just lost her mother and finds a photo labeled "our wedding." The man, Wilson, is searching for peace and perhaps a companion other than the dog, the woman is searching for her father. You guessed it, the stories connect.There's a strong religious undertone that morphs into "do you have Jesus in your life." Other than that, the story was nice, the dog does whisper perhaps, and the charac [...]

    • Liz says:

      This was a fun little read. I didn't catch the publishing house's name initially which would have clued me in that there was a religious cant to the story. God guided Thurman, the dog, as well as others to the happy conclusion of the story. Still, it never got preachy as some religion-based novels will do, and the story was cute. A lonely man acquires Thurman, and then slowly goes about becoming less lonely.

    • viemag says:

      I enjoy books that have dogs as a central part of the story. I also enjoy books that have storylines about characters who take charge of their lives and heal their lives. This book has all of that. It wasn't hard for me to believe the dog could whisper because as a dog owner, I know my dog talks too. :-) Usually books like this have female characters who are struggling and although one of the subplots is about a female character the main character who heals his life is male.

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