When Fall Fades

When Fall Fades Sadie Carson is an expert on unfinished business Five years after the derailment of her dreams she s just barely existing using her job as a hospice nurse to give others the one thing she can t seem

  • Title: When Fall Fades
  • Author: Amy Leigh Simpson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 424
  • Format: ebook
  • Sadie Carson is an expert on unfinished business Five years after the derailment of her dreams she s just barely existing, using her job as a hospice nurse to give others the one thing she can t seem to find closure So when her elderly neighbor Charlie, a brilliant conspiracy nut known for harassing the FBI, is murdered, Sadie suspects Charlie might ve been onto somethinSadie Carson is an expert on unfinished business Five years after the derailment of her dreams she s just barely existing, using her job as a hospice nurse to give others the one thing she can t seem to find closure So when her elderly neighbor Charlie, a brilliant conspiracy nut known for harassing the FBI, is murdered, Sadie suspects Charlie might ve been onto something and intends to make sure someone solves the mystery of her friend s death, even if it s her The feisty little blonde may have found the victim s body, but FBI Special Agent Archer Hayes has no intention of letting some nosy civilian interfere with his investigation The guilt he feels is bad enough The last thing Archer needs is another distraction to haunt him Especially one as beautiful and beguiling as the girl next door But throw in a mountain of hoarded evidence and suspiciously coded journals and the case takes a puzzling turn toward a decades old conspiracy cover up from World War II one only the victim s closest confidant can help untangle Sadie and Archer reluctantly join forces to decode the riddle of secrets Charlie carried to his grave Or did he Someone is after a dangerous truth But to uncover it or bury it is a question that leads the unlikely pair on a quest for redemption that lands Sadie in the crosshairs of a desperate killer And when the dangers of the past and present collide Archer must fight to save the life of the woman he s falling for only to discover he might be the one in need of saving.
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    • TeriLyn says:

      **When Fall Fades generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**4 "No perfect blue print." StarsThis debut romantic suspense novel from Amy Leigh Simpson was quite enjoyable. Told from the third person point of view, Simpson's writing flowed easily and eloquently. I felt connected to the story from the very beginning and my investment in it never wholly faded. The suspenseful and mysterious plot wove through Simpson's words creating an almost haunting sens [...]

    • Colleen Phillips says:

      At 8 or 9 I was allowed to ride my bike solo to the library and to check out twice the allowed number of books. I have always chased after books that pull the shades down around me, totally obscuring the real world. I found one in "When Fall Fades" by Amy Leigh Simpson. The only thing from the real world that broke through into Sadie and Archer land was my toddler's complaints of hunger. When the story ended, all that was left was the hallmark sign of a book thoroughly enjoyed, a dull confusion [...]

    • Faouzia says:

      I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for this copy.When Fall Fades is the story of a murder that brought two people together. Charlie, an old man obsessed with conspiracy, is found dead, most likely murdered. FBI Special agent Archer Hayes steps in for the investigation, and that's when he meets Sadie Carson, the girl next door, a young and beautiful hospice nurse who happened to be Charlie's friend and was the one who found him.As the investigation goes on, the relationship between [...]

    • Beth Erin says:

      Full review on Faithfully Bookish wp/p7ngfE-xDSweet Sadie Carson has been living in limbo since her world came tumbling down around her five years ago. Even though she feels broken on the inside, she is a force to be reckoned with when push comes to shove (or kick). Tough as steel, Archer Hayes prides himself on his razor sharp focus and complete dedication to his work. He keeps his distance from any and all distractions, not allowing himself the benefit of friendship or any semblance of a relat [...]

    • Karen Falbe says:

      When it ALL fades! Please excuse the play on words; I couldn't help myself. However, it does describe what happened when I read this book. I ignored the cooking, the cleaning and according to my fiance him. I actually gauge a book by how engrossed I become. From the current state of my house, this is a GOOD one.When Fall Fades is a magical blend of romance and mystery. The romance is all steam without the smut and the mystery is all whodunit without the he did it. Simpson's characters were beaut [...]

    • Julia Reffner says:

      As a reviewer for a large magazine, my home bookshelves have become one large slush pile with too many titles to compete for my attention. A novel needs to be impossible to put down and When Fall Fades fits the bill. Simpson's sassy spunky heroine Sadie Carson takes the reader along on a roller-coaster ride of emotion and thrilling suspense with more than a dash of heart. This debut author has mastered the balance between lyrical poetic writing and nail-biting suspense. Throw in historical intri [...]

    • Shida says:

      I could have done with more action/suspense/mystery, and less praying and repetitive descriptions of Sadie's hips & lips and Archer's caramel brown eyes and his broody stare. Gag me. The synopsis and reviews sounded promising, but this novel fell short for me. Also, I'm allergic to insta-love silliness. And the reason for Charlie's death & who dunnit? How disappointing. I was expecting some huge revelation.

    • Iola says:

      Review coming.

    • S. R. Lewis says:

      Very enjoyableI read a lot and I loved this book. The characters were wonderful, flawed, broken yet strong people. I loved the plot, suspense, and the dialog. The Christian message sprinkled in was an added blessing. I will read more by this author.

    • Gail Hollingsworth says:

      When you take a Hospice nurse named Sadie, an FBI agent named Archer, place them in the middle of an unsolved murder, you truly have a riveting novel. I'm still reeling with the idea that When Fall Fades is Amy Leigh Simpson's first novel. She has truly been given an exceptional gift from God. I read this book in two short days. It grabbed me and wouldn't let go. Sadie and Archer were two very flawed people, each with pasts that were keeping them enslaved, so much so that they couldn't seem to l [...]

    • Teresa Snyder says:

      Good storyline. Good characters. However, the book did drag a little, primarily in the first half. It felt --- fluffy. Weighted down. Removing 50-75 pages would make the book much better, in my opinion. I was disappointed by the lack of an epilogue. The presumed happily-ever-after ending. Hopefully we'll see more of Archer and Sadie in book two, including a happily-ever-after ending (wedding) for them. I would also caution the Christian readers that this is not your typical Christian G rated boo [...]

    • Casey says:

      When Fall Fades certainly does not lack for spark and sass with this spicy romantic suspense from a new and promising voice in publishing. Sadie and Archer are nothing if not dynamic on the page, drawing the reader in for a wild and romantic ride to find out who has killed Sadie’s beloved neighbor, Charlie. The novel blends romance and suspense well with plenty of both to wet this reader’s appetite for more. Archer’s character journey and the realism behind what has taken this man from har [...]

    • Krista Phillips says:

      I. Loved. This. Book.Seriously, Amy is one of those people who choreographs words into this beautiful melody that keeps you gripped from page one through *sniff* the last page that you almost hate to come to.Yet -- I'll be honest. USUALLY books that are written "pretty" as I like to call it lack a bit in plot, but that was the exact opposite in When Fall Fades! The story kept me just as spellbound as the melody! Side note-- I usually only review CBA books, but this one was written for the genera [...]

    • Pepper Basham says:

      Brooding, intense hero? check. Feisty, intelligent heroine? check. Nail-biting suspense and breath-taking romantic tension? Double-check.Amy Leigh Simpson's debut, When Fall Fades, is an unique and intense novel about overcoming old-wounds and broken dreams with the healing power of love. Set within the framework of a compelling, and sometimes chilling, mystery, Archer and Sadie create an unlikely pair to solve a murder that, not only puts them in jeopardy of losing their lives, but also their w [...]

    • Jill Buteyn says:

      This book is thriller/mystery meets heated romance. Simpson's characters are sassy, memorable, and tough. The mystery had me guessing til the end. She weaves phrases together beautifully, and the conversations are definitely real life, as are the character's thoughts. I love the spunk that comes through the pages. Prepare yourself for a spicy romance and give yourself a few hours to finish this one. You won't want to put it down!

    • Vicky Carruth says:

      Loved it!! I was stepping out of my usual genre of true crime when I decided to get this book and I am SO HAPPY that I did!!! This had romance and crime and A LOT of action! I found it was refreshing to have a "clean" romance too! The book was exciting and I barely put it down from the time I started reading until I finished! I'm already looking forward to next book in this series! GREAT job Author Amy Leigh Simpson!

    • Janice Boekhoff says:

      What an amazing new novel in the sweet but steamy category! Archer and Sadie have so much chemistry, their romance leaps off the page. Simpson offers a unique and sassy voice that was fun to read. This is still a clean read, but probably best for ages 13 and up because of the fiery romance. I highly recommend this as a fun romance novel with complex characters.

    • Nike Bentley says:

      The plot was really engaging and hard to put down. The descriptions of the main female character became over used and annoying. It got to the point if I read "curvy little figure" one more time I was going to stab my eyes out, but the rest of the book was *so good* I forgave the overused descriptions.

    • Lindsey says:

      I have to say I never give 5 stars. Ever. This book just did it for me. The suspense, the slow burn of the romance, the realness, the story line, the romance that was clean but not preachy and prudish. The romance was perfect for me. That's why it's 5 stars for me. Can't WAIT to read more by this author!!!!!!!! I would love to read about her friend Or Sid or Finn!!! Loved them all!!!

    • April says:

      Simpson's debut novel is a thrilling read! Packed with steamy romantic tension, all the while remaining a clean read. Well paced, engaging characters and page turning, When Fall Fades will keep you glued till the last page.4+ Stars*This is not a Christian fiction novel - But does have elements of faith in it.

    • Will Chalmers says:

      Fall Never FadedPoetry is my favorite genre. I find it especially rewarding when a prose piece turns out to be pure poetry. My definition of poetry - images wrapped in metaphor - is a perfect caption for your nearly perfect prose poem. Congratulations!

    • Carole M. Acosta says:

      A really good readThere isn't one thing about this book I didn't like . The characters were interesting, funny, and just grabbed your heart strings. The story was good, well written and kept you interested from start to finish. Just a really good book.

    • Susan Mason says:

      Wonderful DebutWhat a delightful read!! If you enjoy mystery with a huge helping of romance, you'll love this book. A dreamy FBI hero and a feisty heroine - these two will stay with you long after you put the book down. Highly recommend!

    • Cynthia says:

      Mystery coupled with romance makes easy readingA clean romance with action, even though not totally believable. A good escape. Some insights for happiness and living. I read it after book two, and still enjoyed it.

    • Cindy says:

      Great romantic suspense book. Interesting characters, great plot twists. I finally understood the title but don't know that it really reflects what the book is about. Really interesting, complex mystery story.

    • Fran says:

      2-1/2 stars. The story/author have some promise but this debut was a little bit of mystery/action thrown among MANY pages of high-school-like sexual tension. Then there was the whole spiritual reawakening aspectjust a little too much "stuff" and not enough "meat".

    • Megan Besing says:

      I will be reading more from this author. :)

    • Alice Carter says:

      Great book, looking forward to reading the next in the serieswhen it comes out.

    • Sherrie says:

      I love the cover you used for the book. I really enjoyed this book and wow it was honestly better than I expected. I hope you have another book in progress because you have a fan!

    • Shona says:

      I loved this book and would have read it in one setting if sleep hadn't eventually got the better of me. It had all the hallmarks of a great romance - male and female leads who have traumatic events in their pasts which affect their ability to build relationships with others. Archer is an FBI agent who has to interview Sadie when her next door neighbour, Charlie, is found dead in his car. The mystery was well thought out and captivating. This is a Christian romance but if you're not one then ple [...]

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