The Golden Barbarian

The Golden Barbarian From the halls of a palatial prison to the hot sands of an endless desertHere is a timeless story of love and adventure set among hills of gold warring tribes and fabled kingdoms the story of a fear

  • Title: The Golden Barbarian
  • Author: Iris Johansen
  • ISBN: 9780553296044
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • From the halls of a palatial prison to the hot sands of an endless desertHere is a timeless story of love and adventure set among hills of gold, warring tribes, and fabled kingdoms the story of a fearless princess and a barbarian sheikh.She was a ravishing pawn in a game of politics and passionFlaunting the oppressive destiny decreed for her by the kingdom of TamrFrom the halls of a palatial prison to the hot sands of an endless desertHere is a timeless story of love and adventure set among hills of gold, warring tribes, and fabled kingdoms the story of a fearless princess and a barbarian sheikh.She was a ravishing pawn in a game of politics and passionFlaunting the oppressive destiny decreed for her by the kingdom of Tamrovia, Princess Theresa Christina Rubinoff struck a sensual bargain with a handsome barbarian chieftain She vowed to play his seductive game, surrendering herself to his will, all the while determined to fight for her independence in a land that considered women only as playthings.Mysterious as the desert night, rich as Midas, Galen ben Rashid swept Tess away to his palace in exotic Sedikhan, offering her freedom in exchange for the marriage that would join their kingdoms A man surrounded by enemies, he would make her a slave to his passion in order to bind her to his side, little knowing that when he took the captivating princess as his bride, he would lose his heart.
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    • Alex is The Romance Fox says:

      I have kind of gone off sheikh romances and not exactly mad about historical romance…. why I decided to read this book ?????….I have no idea!!!Perhaps it’s that the author, Iris Johansen, is one of my favorite romantic suspense writers. I think I have read most of her books but somehow missed this series. But right now, I am so happy with this find…in fact I amnda feeling like thisWhy I found this story so fascinating was the fact that it’s not your usual cheesy sheikh meets virginal h [...]

    • AgentScully says:

      This is the most intelligent and non-cheesy Sheik romance that you're ever likely to find. Set around 1800, it's the story of Princess Tess of a fictional Balkan country who marries Galen Sheik of a desert tribe. The marriage takes place pretty early in the book, so this may count as a marriage-of-convenience plot if that's your thing (or not). Tess is no unwilling victim - she's given the chance to exert some control over her life and future and she goes for it. Galen has his own schemes but fi [...]

    • Mojca says:

      Princess Theresa "Tess" Rubinoff and Sheikh Galen Ben Raschid first met when she was twelve and trying to save her dog from the smelly bogHe ended up saving her and the dog.That night, his last night in the kingdom of Tamrovia, Tess came into his chambers begging him to save her two dogs from being snuffed by her tyrannical father, promising him anything in return.Six years later the time came for her to keep her promise. Galen needs a wife to secure an alliance between Tamrovia and his homeland [...]

    • Chitra *CJ* says:

      "The Golden Barbarian" is the story of Tess and Galen.The couple meets when the h is merely 12 and the H saves her and her dog from drowning. She then gives him her pets to save them, and time moves onMany years later, while she's returning from her convent, she is approached by Galen- who wants to marry her to unite her kingdom Tamrovia with the Sedikhan- something her father opposes to.She agrees, in exchange of contract marriage and freedom.But love and fate have other plansAbsolutely wonderf [...]

    • Lover of Romance says:

      This timeless love story starts out with the willful and independent Princess Theresa Christina Rubinoff has been in a convent for quite some time now. When her cousin Sacha gets her out, she is relieved to say the least. However she doesn't want to have to go back to court and face her father once again. Tess and her father have always rubbed the wrong way to say the least, since Tess is a free spirit, her father has always been a bit harsh with her. However when Galen Ben Raschid convinces Tes [...]

    • Alex says:

      This book really surprised me. From the cover and the title I thought it was going to be really campy and just kinda fluff with some smut thrown in. However I really enjoyed both the story and the characters and although it does kinda loose the story and the intrigue towards the middle it defiantly doesn't disappoint.

    • Regan Walker says:

      1st in the Sedikhan Series is a Keeper!This is the first in Johansen's Sedikhan series and it's a good one. If you like strong, resourceful heroines, handsome desert Sheikhs and stories set in exotic places, you'll love this one. As with all Johansen's historical romances I've read, she takes pains to weave a complex tale with wonderful characters and believable sexual tension.Tess Rubinoff, Princess of Tamrovia (somewhere in the Balkans) first meets Galen Ben Raschid Sheikh of Zalandan (think d [...]

    • Jamie says:

      Theresa and Galen: I haven't read this in about ten years but I just picked it up again and reread it and I remember everything I love about it. If it still holds true 10 years later it is a must read!!! This sweet couple meet while she is a child and a plan forms for Galen. In an effort to offer theresa a way out of her life of being beaten by a husband that might not love her and a means to an end of war for him and his people he makes her an offer. With a fantastic cousin and her knack for tr [...]

    • Jane says:

      What drew me in at first was the prologue. I thought that both the heroine Tess and the hero Galen seemed really interesting and while there is a pretty big age difference of 15 or so years (I think) at hand, I thought that they might prove to be just the people for one another. It's just that their relationship didn't really play out in the way I imagined at firstMy thoughts on this book continue in my book blog The Book Challengers HERE.

    • Nancy says:

      An oldie but goodie. A princess and a desert sheik join in a marriage of convenience that turns into a hotbed of passion.

    • Barb says:

      I just love Iris Johansen~ This one is no exception. Another 5 stars!

    • Zoe says:

      I had a huge conflict of values while reading this book. And I found the heroine stupid, especially in the second half of the book. A reviewer said there is little romance in this book. I have to agree. It is a lustful book with few tender feelings. It was an interesting idea to have a sheikh as the hero, that is to say, I have never read a book with a sheikh. I have to say the tribal life doesn't agree with me. The story takes place somewhere in a dessert with characters from fictional (I think [...]

    • Heather says:

      Princess Theresa Christina Rubinoff aka Tess is first seen as a 12 year old girl hugging her dog in quicksand. She is rescued by The Golden Barbarian, Galen, and her couisn Sacha. She is bold, loyal and strives for adventure. Then it jumps 6 years and Tess has been in a convent awaiting her father's orders that he has arranged a husband for her. Galen has Sacha lure Tess to him for a proposition. She is to marry his, unity his kingdoms, bear him a child and then he will grant her what she wants [...]

    • Yona says:

      This was an amazing story, since i heart that there is desert and sheik and a kingdom so far away I just fall in love with the storyline. But the end disappointed me a lot, because it was a nice end and the things are supposed to be this way, but with Sasha leaving I felt and still feel sad and until the last 3 pages a was smiling and couldn't stop reading, so the end of the book just broke the whole magic of the book and the whole book I don't know how Iris Johansen always do that, she writes a [...]

    • Brittany says:

      I love this book! It was so neat! I love the old days in England where they were the long dresses and the guys wore those clothes. It was a really decent book to me! The only thing that I honestly didn't like was the age difference between Tess and what ever his name was! I like how spunky Tess is, it made the whole book flow! I recommend this book to teenage girls who like romances!

    • Mayumimiel says:

      good story! i love iris johansen!

    • Wild_irish_rose says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Iris Johansen book.

    • ~Megan~ says:

      Re-read of an oldie.enjoyed it so much this time I upped the rating!

    • Elifobeth says:

      predictable but very cute story

    • Shanna Jones says:

      I thought this book was really cute.

    • Tina says:

      Good romance book.

    • Julie says:

      great book really enjoyed it

    • Chelsea Ramdeen says:


    • Maura Finkelstein says:

      This is the best book ever written.

    • Sherry says:

      HOw does she just keep writing these???

    • Maria says:

      I have always loved the work done by Iris, they maybe simple romance to some, yet they have an enjoyable storyline. Uniting two countries together of different race and beliefs. The responsibilities held by Galen, the sheik and Tess, a young Tamrovian woman. Simple and wonderful at it's best. As always, I do not spoil alert. Simply, great story, great read and will read again, originally read in paper form. Just as good in ebook form.

    • Duaa says:

      swoon. Okay i loved the feminism aspect in it. a lot. brb. feels going on. //raging review to come//

    • Erin says:

      Bookbub deals are such a problem for me! Bring on the trashy romance novels!

    • Steph says:

      Not bad for my first Iris Johansen book.

    • Jennifer says:

      UMMM, well what to say about this book. I dont know. It was odd. I dont know why I finished it. I liked the characters mostly, but the hero in this one was weird. He kept having weird bouts of "I am a savage", "no I can control what I do" which left me feeling like, UHHHHHHH okay? We can all control what we do buddy. Just weirdness. I should have put it down. But I didnt.

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