Robert Black: The True Story of a Child Rapist and Serial Killer

Robert Black The True Story of a Child Rapist and Serial Killer This book contains photos and graphic statements that some may find very disturbing Given up for adoption by his mother at only a few weeks old Robert Black is placed with physically abusive foster p

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  • Title: Robert Black: The True Story of a Child Rapist and Serial Killer
  • Author: C.L. Swinney
  • ISBN: 9781517624156
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book contains photos and graphic statements that some may find very disturbing Given up for adoption by his mother at only a few weeks old, Robert Black is placed with physically abusive foster parents setting the tone for who, and what, he d become a pedophile and serial killer Starting at the age of five, he recalls being sexually curious and began placing items iThis book contains photos and graphic statements that some may find very disturbing Given up for adoption by his mother at only a few weeks old, Robert Black is placed with physically abusive foster parents setting the tone for who, and what, he d become a pedophile and serial killer Starting at the age of five, he recalls being sexually curious and began placing items in his anus at the age of eight He d sexually assault hundreds of little girls before committing his first murder Sadly, as law enforcement stumbled along with no leads or evidence, Robert Black would strike repeatedly destroying families and preying on innocent little girls in the United Kingdom Chris Swinney is the bestselling true crime author of Robert Pickton The Pig Farmer Killer The Killer Handyman The True Story of William Patrick Fyfe He is also the author of the action thriller Bill Dix Detective Series Book 1 Gray Ghost Book 2 The Cartel Enforcers Book 3 Sin City Assassin Swinney is an active Police Officer Homicide Detective in the Oakland, CA area He donates most of his royalties to various organizations such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation JDRF , Cancer research, and PTSD Military support groups The proceeds from The Cartel Enforcers go to Koti Fakava s family who passed away leaving his wife and five children.
    • [PDF] ↠ Free Read ↠ Robert Black: The True Story of a Child Rapist and Serial Killer : by C.L. Swinney ↠
      284 C.L. Swinney
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Free Read ↠ Robert Black: The True Story of a Child Rapist and Serial Killer : by C.L. Swinney ↠
      Posted by:C.L. Swinney
      Published :2018-07-12T07:40:26+00:00

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    • Andrea says:

      First of all thank you to the author for giving me this book on my Kindle,I remember the murder of Caroline Hogg in Portobello not far where I live,this book gave a good insight of Robert blacks life,and how he got away with abuse,rape and murder for a long time and how the police new all the murders we're connected but trying to prove it.Its a hard story to read,but I always wander want goes on in a mind of a serial killer to feel nothing no feelings for the victims or there family remorse in w [...]

    • chucklesthescot says:

      I had no idea the book was so short when I bought it and I had it read in less than an hour. The details of Black's depravity are a fascinating read but there is not enough depth to the book especially the unsolved murders that Black was linked to.The scary thing about Robert Black for me is that he is known to have been in the area where two girls vanished back around 1982 very close to where I live. The thought that I could have been passed by this evil man in his van completely freaks me out. [...]

    • Elaine Mclachlan says:

      An interesting readVery good read but I'm am sure he was implicated in more murders obviously there wasn't enough evidence for it to be concrete enough for this book but still a very interesting insight into the man and his crimes

    • Vicky Carruth says:

      Another GREAT READ!! Author C.L Swinney did a great job in telling the story of Robert Black. He covered Blacks life from birth through his convictions for the murders of several young girls. The book was factual without getting bogged down in the legal detail of the trials like some books do, making it easy to read in that sense. However, reading what Robert Black did to his young victims was not so easy!!

    • Veronica says:

      This was a very short and fast account of a child rapist and serial killer who should never have been allowed to roam the streets. There were so many warning signs and arrests that there really is no excuse for what happened. It is well written but I wish that there had been a bit more background on the victims, the time period and more detail on the culprit.

    • Mary Daniels says:

      WOW!! Great Book!Can't say I have ever read anything about Robert Black! It is very well written and detailed! I like details they help a lot with understanding how people become serial killers! Another, must have for any True Crime library!

    • Gail Brown says:

      Well writtenI gave it three stars cause he made excuses for Roberts deeds. I give no excuse for murdering little children.

    • Eve Deakin says:

      Interesting insight Detailed recollection of Black, his life and his crimes. A very interesting read for anyone with a curiosity for crime.

    • ruth sanders says:

      Good read little emotional infhological information on Robert blacki would recommend this to anyone who likes true sto rd ies.Good read little emoti oval information on Robert BLACK, WOULD recommend this to any reader s this genra, just right length

    • Linda Marie Marsh says:

      This book literally gave me the shivers. The creep factor truly made me wish i could reach on in to Swinneys words and personally strangle the criminal Robert Black myself. Sad, incredibly so, because like Ted Bundy he should have been nabbed long before he wasould have been forced to 'fess up about others with similar modes of abduction and death.These days we are blessed with computers and national data bases so perhaps.but for those little girls just a couple of decades ago? This twisted perv [...]

    • Rose Collins says:

      An authoritative non-fiction title detailing the depraved crimes of one of the UK's most prolific serial killers, a sexual offender targeting little girls. Robert Black: The True Story of a Child Rapist and Serial Killer is written by a serving police officer and based on a true story. Meticulously researched, very insightful and easy for a novice crime reader to follow. This book sent shivers down my spine; with creepily realistic in-depth descriptions of the perpetrator, his background and som [...]

    • Asma says:

      I think this was amazingly written. But it was disgusting to know it was a true story and not fiction. It made me feel sorry for the families of the victim's in which Robert Black was found guilty in and of the victim's families who still have not found their beloved girls. I really hope (since he is still alive) that he confesses to his doings, so that the families get some form of closure However, overall the book is simply top quality written in my opinion as for me it's really hard to find b [...]

    • Miss R Million says:

      Disappointing readI downloaded this book after reading the reviews. It didn't take long to read and I felt like I was being rushed along. There is no great depth to the writing of this book and have to disagree with other reviewers that it is well written. There is a massive amount of information surrounding these crimes and I feel as though the author has written a quick summary of events. Sorry but not recommended.

    • Deanna says:

      Informational and Interesting Read I enjoyed this book. I had never heard of Robert Black. What horrible events took place at the hands of this man! He had a horrible childhood, which no doubt had an impact on his behaviors. He favored young girls. He carried on his acts of abuse for years before he was finally caught. The author has a writing style that is easy to follow--it flows well. The book has a few grammatical errors. I definitely recommend reading this book.

    • Dan Meador says:

      Interesting Interesting read good information and detective work the story reins true to similar demeanor of characteristics of individuals whom prey on the younga sick minded individual that had a rough beginning starting out and just never able to get on the right track so sadden to read the tragic stories of the victims families

    • Teonne Ogden says:

      Fell shortQuick read. Expected more. Such sad stories and I feel so deeply for these families. I feel like the beginning set you up for real answers to this demented mind and it fell short. Kept waiting for the part where police received information from the killer only to find out not only do we not get answers but he was found guilty on circumstantial evidence. Disappointed.

    • Aliki says:

      Fascinating and sad.I chose 5 stars because I'm happy with how hard all those officers, and locals, witnesses, and families worked. Such a staggering amount of information they gathered and they never gave up. My heart aches for those children and the families. I do hope that Robert comes out and admits to the murders. The families deserve more closure.

    • leslie says:

      InformativeI thought this book was well written. The first pre-chapter, if you will, is a bit confusing, though after the first actual chapter it ironed out and became engrossing. I wish there was more info on his life growing up, though. I always seem to crave more knowledge about the earlier years of the perpetrators!

    • John R. Lindbergh says:

      Interesting story , written poorlyThe author's poor writing, grammar, and storytelling ability detract from this interesting subject. The sentence structures are in need of refinement.

    • Barbara says:

      The true story of a child rapist and serial killer in England. A short, but chilling account of the children Robert Black killed and the hunt for the killer. Hard to even imagine that there are people like this.

    • Andrea says:

      A good book until three quarters of the way through and then it just repeats everything that was written at the beginning. It does shed a lot of light on the difficulties of policing without computers.

    • courtney morris says:

      Very eye opening.It was good book. I like the details of the killer how he lived and the horrible life he had . It's very heart breaking to know someone could do such things to children. I'm glad he is in jail.

    • Theresa says:

      True murderShort concise book about Robert Black. It took place in England by this book was better written than a lot of books by English authors that I have read recently have been written.

    • Jlsimon says:

      This book gave a bit of insight into Robert Black, and some information about the crimes and victims. I would have been good to get more information about the investigation and the individuals involved. For a short book, it was very well done.

    • Regena Rogers says:

      Great read. Robert Black was a sick person who loved to prey on young girls. This had to be hard for the author to write. At times it was bothersome for me to read but I think it was well written. My heart goes out to the families who were affected. I'm glad this sick pervert was put away

    • Katherine McCarthy says:

      Review to come

    • Suzie Macedo says:

      Decently written. Book was good. I would have liked them not include cases that were irrelevant to Mr. Black. But over all good book.

    • E says:

      Apparently if you want to get away with murder (or receive a ridiculously small sentence) go overseas.

    • Elizabeth Heagy says:

      It's okThe book jumps around a lot and at times reads like radio instruments. I won't be reading it a security time

    • Noreen Fredriksen says:

      Although the content was sad to read, it was well written with pictures of the victims. It is not safe for children to go anywhere by themselves even if we feel like we live in a safe neighborhood.

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