House of the Rising Son

House of the Rising Son Now released for the first time as a standalone e story House of the Rising Son previously published in the Dark Bites story collection from New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon The

  • Title: House of the Rising Son
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9781250095756
  • Page: 500
  • Format: ebook
  • Now released for the first time as a standalone e story, House of the Rising Son, previously published in the Dark Bites story collection from 1 New York Times bestselling author, Sherrilyn Kenyon.The eldest son in a family of three boys, Aricles had no desire to be a soldier, even though his fighting skills were among the best in the world He was than content on hiNow released for the first time as a standalone e story, House of the Rising Son, previously published in the Dark Bites story collection from 1 New York Times bestselling author, Sherrilyn Kenyon.The eldest son in a family of three boys, Aricles had no desire to be a soldier, even though his fighting skills were among the best in the world He was than content on his small Atlantean farm, living a quiet, uneventful life But when his brother is determined to don a soldier s uniform, Aricles joins him with a promise to their father to bring his brother home in one piece What he never counts on is how much their new lives will forever change them, or what the risk of a forbidden love will ultimately cost him.
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    • Sophia Triad says:

      Aricles (human) and Bathymaas (Atlantean goddess)If you have read Styxx, you will already know that Styxx and Beth are soulmates. If you haven't read Styxx, it does not matter because this book is a standalone story.This is basically how Styxx and Bethany met in a previous life as Aricles and Bathymaas, the Atlantean goddess of all justiced how Aricles/Styxx swore that he will always find Bethany/Bathymas in other lifetimes.It is a sad sad story. When you read it you will realise that no matter [...]

    • Vashti says:

      Before Styxx and Bethany,there was Aricles and Bathymaas,still my heart broke.

    • CC says:

      Well that was fucking depressing!

    • Aly is so frigging bored says:

      I have no idea why I do this to myself

    • The Book Junkie Reads . . . says:

      I found this one to be a great introduction to the past. This dark hunter romance will set the pages aflame. I loved it.

    • Tash says:

      Have you ever read something you really LOVED but HATED the way it ended? Well, this is one of those for me. OMG, Aricles has got to be the most PERFECT warrior/famer out there and if anyone deserved a "happily-ever-after" ending, it was definitely him!!! I loved how he stepped up and took care of his Dad, his brothers and their farm when it was needed. I loved how always tried to do the right thing. I loved the patience he had with Bathymaas. I mean, what is there NOT to love about Ari. This wa [...]

    • Annie Al Saher says:

      3-3,5 ☆☆☆Příjemná novelka , ale vzhledem k tomu , jaký bookorgasm mi přinesl Styxx to bylo celkem slabé.Dodatek: nenávidím Apollóna , i když už to všichni ví, tak ho opravdu hodně nenávidím. . Asi nejvíc ze vsech postav z celé série. Tak jsem moc ráda za jeho skvělý konec ve Styxxovi , který si taaak zasloužil.

    • Chera says:

      House of the Rising Son is a short back story to Styxx. Before Styxx and Bethany, there was Aricles and Bathymaas. This short story was also in the anthology Dark Bites. Aricles is a simple farmer, wanting only to work the land and provide for his father and two brothers in ancient times; he wishes to stay out of the wars between the gods and their pantheons. The goddess Bathymaas and her general arrive at the farm looking for Aricles brother to offer him as spot in her personal guard but mistak [...]

    • Elayne says:

      After reading this book in the totally wrong place/order I've had some things explained to me about Styxx's book. Having said that I could have missed this book altogether as it was irrelevant at this time! I wasn't greatly impressed by it, it seemed a bit naive compared to what I call "the big books"! I've given a four star rating because I do admire the author. This book once again proves Apollo to be an arrogant, perverted evil character, who likes to cause animosity and grief to others!

    • Megzy says:

      Aricles and Bathymaas story before they were reborn as Styxx and Bethany.It should be read before Styxx but it isn't necessary. I finally understood why Apollo was delivered as he was to Apollymi.

    • Nalini Deonarine says:

      I screwed up the reading order and read this after Styxx. But it still broke my heart especially as I saw similarities with their love life. It answered a few things about Sttxx's book like how Bethany liked to fish and Styxx being such an excellent fighter.Loved this!

    • Archer says:

      Nice back story on Styx and Bethany. Glad it was written it adds more depth to Styx and his life.

    • Tammy says:

      As with all of Sherrilyns books I loved this story. It gave me more insght into some of the characters we have already met through other books and CON series.

    • Lita Acevedo says:

      This was exceptionally good. Set way, way, way back in 12,ooo BC it takes place before the Dark Hunters, during the Chthonian wars. Bathymaas, Egyptian goddess of justice creates a band of warriors to fight against the Greek gods and calls them her Eperon. She has no heart and no emotions qualifying her to determine what is just because her decisions cannot be clouded by emotion. Among the warriors is a Atlantean farmer who doesn't want to be a warrior but agrees reluctantly. The two of them are [...]

    • Tobborah says:

      This short story gives us the origins for Styxx and Bethany whom you read about in Styxx, book 22. It was a good read and is like the whipped cream topping on your dessert. The origin story mirrors the completion story in Styxx and while not needed, you don’t need whipped cream, it definitely enhances the Dark Hunter world and feed the appetite of the reader who wants to know it all. It answers questions left from previous books and also leaves you with an even bigger ‘awww how sweet’ feel [...]

    • Melissa says:

      I read this story in Dark Bites.This is the prequel to Stixx & Bethany's story and it explains some things that happen in the book Styxx. I liked it and thought it was sweet even though it seems to have a sad ending.

    • Ivonne says:

      Before Styxx and Bethany we find the story of Aricles and Bathymaas and how love can change everything it need to be read before the story of Styxx and Bethany to truly understand what happed.

    • Janet Johnson says:

      Awesome! Somehow I had missed the history of Bathymaas & Aricles. It's a necessary part of the Dark Hunter story. Yes, I'm a fan! Can't wait for the next one. Dark Hunter, Nick's story or the League series!

    • Annette says:

      OMG!! What a story. I absolutely loved it. So achingly sweet and heartbreaking. A must read for all Dark Hunter fans. This is the story of Styxx's ( Aricles ) very beginning and his beloved Bathia ( Bathymaas / Bethany ). One of the sweetest love stories I have ever read.

    • Sky says:

      Tragic story!

    • Princesita_1786 says:

      Feliz de conocer un poco más de la historia de Beth y Styxx

    • Chris Hutchinson says:

      Quick readEngaging from the start. Could not put the story down. Devoured it in one Sitting. I do enjoy her stories

    • Carmen Davalos says:


    • Victoria says:

      It is a great book to read

    • Karen says:

      4.5 stars

    • Michele (WeReallyDig Romance Novels) says:

      A good addition to the storytelling of the Dark-Hunters. Although shorter than I would like (I love the Dark-Hunters and believe most characters should have full length novels)

    • Jen says:

      Bathymaas, the goddess of justice has tasked Caleb Malphas with finding the best fighters to form her Eperon to fight the Greeks in war. The best fighter they recruit is Aricles, a simple farmer who has no interest in war. When Aricles sees Bathymaas he's immediately drawn to her. A goddess without emotions, Bathymaas has no idea what the feelings Aricles inspires in her are, but as they grow closer, she learns to love him and they become two halves of one whole. Jealous of the relationship sinc [...]

    • Kristen says:

      House of the Rising son is a prequel of the book Styxx. It is a new story, first time in print. If you have read Styxx then this story should make a lot more sense to you. It is about Styxx and Bethany's past life as Aricles and Bathymaas. I liked the love story in this short story. It was very sweet and romantic. However I should warn those who want to know, that in this short story rape is mentioned. If you have read Styxx then you will understand when I say Apollo is in this story. I can not [...]

    • PepperP0t says:

      The tragic love story of farmer Aricles and powerful goddess Bathymaas. While somewhat interesting that left room for somewhat boring since this reader felt the highlights were covered when the pair was re-incarnated as Styxx and Bethany. The small gaps were filled but this reader was satisfied with the information in Styxx. I'd recommend this outing for completists only.Rating: 4stars

    • Sandy Morris says:

      WowI'll admit, I haven't read one of her books in a long time . They used to be among my favorites. I lost interest along the way, her writing change things got redundant , and I developed other interests . This book was amazing , and has rekindled some of what I used to love about her books . I had introduced my son to the Chronicles of Nick , perhaps it's time for me to go back and enjoy the books that started it all . I'm so glad I read this book . What an amazing love story

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